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Kae is a character with a hot-headed, energetic personality and fire-based attacks. Kae is the only character that has a direct benefit of having high Heat, and can also manipulate her opponent's Heat level easily. Being an absolutely volatile character, all of her matches should last 30 seconds or less win or lose. If you have more than a single health bar left at the end, you dominated that match. It's just how Kae is!

Normal Moves

  • Note: At 200% Heat, Kae bursts into flames, her minimum Heat level becomes 200% for a few seconds and a couple of her attacks are different. The [heat] sign means that the following move can only be used when Kae is in this mode.

Weapon A

Beam Slasher

  • Press A [beam]
    • Damage: 30 x 5
    • a straight line of waves is shot from Kae, if pressing up or down it will make a small fan pattern.

Arc Shots

  • Dash + A [beam]
    • Damage: 30 x n OR 40 x n
    • smaller but more fan shaped version of Beam Slasher. They farther away your opponent is, the more each shot does but probably less will hit.

Flame Burst

  • Dash + A [heat]
    • damage: 25 x n?
    • a short range burst of fire flies out from Kae's hand. For every hit your opponent takes, it raises their heat by 3%

Weapon B

Solid Shot

  • Press B [ballistic]
    • Damage: 40 x 6
    • a straight line of fast moving projectiles fly at your opponent. If they miss they will bounce off the edge of the stage once. Pressing up or down while firing will make them spread out in a fan shape (controllable shots).

Solid Fan

  • Hold [B] [ballistic]
    • Damage: 40 x n
    • about 20 of the solid shots fly out in a random fan shaped pattern. They will bounce off if they don't hit something.

Flame Well

  • Hold [B] [heat]
    • Damage: 10 x n
    • a large fireball about the size of Kae's aura is formed where she is. When an opponent steps in there they take a hit about every 1/4 a second. Each time they get hit it adds 6% to their heat.

Special 1

Immolation Claws

  • Press sA [melee]
    • Damage: 140 + 70 x 2 + 110 = 390
    • a four rush melee combo, the first strike makes Kae dash forward a bit

Special 2

Heat Mirage

  • Press sB [melee]
    • Damage: 140
    • Kae summons a copy of herself which hangs around for 1 second before it preforms the first strike in the Immolation Claws.
    • When under [heat] she summons two copies

Hyper Attacks

Hyper A1: Force Edge

  • Execution: Hyper [melee]
    • Damage: 50 x 4 + 105 x 2
    • Kae lunges a short distance into your opponent. The closer you are the more of the hits you'll get them with.

Hyper A2: Homing Edge

  • Execution: Dash + Hyper [ballistics]
    • Damage: 25 x 16
    • 16 solid shots fly out from Kae. When they reflect off the edge they will angle themselves at the opponent.

Hyper B: Heat Stroke

  • Execution: B + Hyper [melee]
    • Damage: 40x 8 + 110
    • 8 copies surround Kae in a circle and instantly slash at the opponent followed by Kae's slash.
    • If [heat] is on Kae and all of the copies will form a Heat Well when each clone slashes.

Hyper C: Spontaneous Combustion

  • Execution: sHyper
    • Damage: 0
    • Kae will instantly ignite, her minimum Heat sets to 200%, and knock back your opponent if they are within the size of a Heat Well.
    • She will remain in [heat] mode for 15 seconds.

Hyper D: 10,000 Claw Immolation Wall

  • Execution: sHyper + [heat]
    • Damage: 85 x 7 + 175
    • Kae will rush forward and grab the opponent, beating them repeatedly.
    • Note: Kae does not have to use Spontaneous Combustion to use this move. Just normal [heat] mode works as well.

Accel Hyper: Ultimate Mountain Breaker

  • Execution: A + B + Hyper or sB + Hyper
    • Damage: 800
    • Damage[heat]: at least 1839
    • Description: Kae rushes forward and grabs the character. She then proceeds the snap the opponent back in two.
    • if under [heat] your opponent gains 123% heat first then the attack.


You will not win with Kae by blindly rushing at your opponent; you will only end up back at the character select screen in 10 seconds or less.

Try to always keep a shield handy when going melee, you're going to need it!

Kae's darts and shadows are a great setup tactic to start meleeing people with her claws, but don't do them too often as they have a bit of startup and can leave you vulnerable to quicker attacks, as well as have low durability. Mix in some of her normal projectiles as well, and play a little on the defensive side so as to build meter. Then, while the enemy is on the offensive, get in a little closer and then Force Edge them. Kae's A Hyper is both very fast and covers a wide area that allows her to begin meleeing people, just don't try to use it on a target already moving or you'll likely end up punished for it.

Kae's Solid Shot can be dash canceled very quickly and the move becomes significantly more useful when you control to shots to spread it out and dash cancel it, adding a quick spray of ballistic shots.

When engulfed in flames, she has the ability to manipulate her opponent's Heat with the dash A fireballs. They're also not grazeable, so hitting with one set can allow you to follow up with another if you guess right on the next direction your opponent will move to, which leads to heat gain, which leads to you Lunging straight into their face for a good life bar.

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