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How do I unlock Bad Dog and Tricky Fox?

Complete the Arcade mode once on any difficulty to unlock both characters.

What is the online play like?

Fight of Animals ships quality rollback netcode with 8 player lobbies and easy spectating.

Is there crossplay?

Not at this time.

Does the PC version work on Linux?

Fight of Animals works out of the box on Debian or Ubuntu based distributions with Steam Play (including Linux Mint or SteamOS) but you will have to enable this functionality in Steam since the game is not whitelisted manually by Valve.

To get started, click the Steam menu at the top-left of the main Steam window, and select 'Settings' from the dropdown. Then click 'Steam Play' on the left side, make sure the the box that says 'Enable Steam Play for supported titles' is checked, and check the box for 'Enable Steam Play for all other titles'. The latest release of Proton should be selected for you automatically and you can install the game and start playing.

Bad Dog
Egg Dog
Fluffy Sheep
Kungfu Dachshund
Magic Squirrel
Mighty Fox
Muscle Beluga
Power Hook Dog
Slender Cat
Tricky Fox
Walking Cat