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Attack explanation

See Fight of Animals/Controls for the basic button explanation. Every character has the following attacks:

  • Standing and crouching attacks for Light and Medium buttons (5L/M and 2L/M)
  • Jumping Light and Medium buttons (direction does not matter). Crowrilla has a unique jumping button in 6S.
  • 5S is universal overhead. All overheads have the same startup time.
  • Skills are performed with 4S, 2S or 6S.
  • Super Skill and Burst on the Super button. Some Super Skills do not continue the animation if they whiff (Crowrilla), while others always play out (Mighty Fox)

Combo system

FOA DashCancel.png

Fight of Animals follows a few simple rules:

  • Light attacks can chain into eachother (2L into 5L or viceversa)
  • Light attacks can chain into medium attacks
  • Medium attacks can chain into Skills except for universal Overhead

Fight of Animals' primary combo model is juggling. At the moment it appears juggle limits are specific to characters, but more research is needed.

Dash Canceling

Long combos in Fight of Animals rely on the Dash Cancel mechanic. Perform any skill (except universal overhead) and quickly double tap forward (66) on hit to cancel the recovery of the move with a forward dash.

Gauge explanation

The gauge is used for two functions: Super Skill or Burst. Press the Super button when you're not blocking to execute the Super Skill.

Press the Super button when you're in blockstun, hitstun or juggle state to burst. Bursts are a single hit of 0 damage that forces the opponent back on block or hit. After bursting, your character is airborne in a unique animation and cannot block for a short time. If your opponent blocks the burst they are not forced very far away and you can be punished.

Since the burst counts as an attack, it can be countered with a burst! In that situation, the counter-burst always wins the trade since you cannot block for a short time. Walking Cat is able to parry bursts with his licking skill.

Defense explanation

Fight of Animals' defensive game revolves around blocking high or low and left or right. Hold back on your controller to block standing, hold down back to block crouching. As always, blocking standing does not block crouching attacks and blocking crouching does not block overhead attacks. You cannot block in the air. When you are blocking and have your gauge full you can press Super to use your burst.

Chip damage and chip kills exist. Light attacks cannot cause chip damage but Heavy, Skills and Super Skill will cause chip damage on block.

Fast Recovery

FOA FastRecovery.png

When your character hits the ground (after the initial bounce effect), press Light, Heavy or Skill for the following recovery options:

  • Quick Rise: Press the button with no direction when you hit the ground to rise faster.
  • Tech roll: Press a direction forward or back when you hit the ground for a recovery roll. The first few frames appear to be invulnerable.

Power Hook Dog
Mighty Fox
Walking Cat
Magic Squirrel
Muscle Beluga
Slender Cat
Egg Dog
Tricky Fox
Bad Dog