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Fight of Animals Basic Strategy

If you are new to fighting games, you may consider using the Assistant Mode for each character when you pick them so you can learn basic ideas such as blocking correctly and movement. If you are experienced with fighting games, you might find this game very easy to learn.

The most important difference that Fight of Animals changes to the traditional fighting game formula is removing throws. Because you cannot walk up to the opponent and throw them to break their guard, you must instead force them to guess between blocking high or low, and left or right.

Study what your character can do while your opponent is blocking to understand what sequences (known as blockstrings) will make your opponent guess between high or low blocking. Some characters have very subtle overhead animations that might trick your opponent (Mighty Fox) while others have long-reaching overheads (Muscle Beluga).

Some characters have much better air buttons than others. Most characters only have 2 air buttons, so learn which one is best and how you can use it to make the opponent block the wrong direction, known as a cross-up.

Character Combos and Strategy

Visit your character page for general game plan and combos to learn. If you want to discuss your character with the community, join the Digital Crafter discord and check out the character channels. If you want to see how other players play Fight of Animals, visit the Links page for tournament or match footage.

General Fighting Game Strategy Videos

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Power Hook Dog
Mighty Fox
Walking Cat
Magic Squirrel
Muscle Beluga
Slender Cat
Egg Dog
Tricky Fox
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