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What's the Difference between Phantom Breaker: Extra and Phantom Breaker: Omnia?

As of right now, this info is still be compiled. What we Do know of is

  • "Extra" style has been replaced with "Omnia".
  • The UI has been overall with addition to a Hitstun bar and Damage Value Indicator.
  • New Character Portrait and Remixe Themes.
  • Two new characters Specifically for Phantom Breaker: Omnia. (yet to be revealed)

What System is PBO available for? and date

PC via Steam, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch. While no set date has been given, Publisher states PBO should be available in 2021.

Is there any game to compare Phantom Breaker to?

Phantom Breaker is considered the Spiritual Successor to Asuka 120% series. The Asuka 120 Series is mostly known for pioneering many established Anime fighter mechanics such as Air controllable jumps, clashing, and Burning (unlimited meter).

The Spinoff Phantom Breaker Battle Ground control and mechanics are near identical with the exception of few mechanics such as out-of-range, Shadow attack, air-dash attack.


What is the Tier list?

Due to the minimal presence of PBE competitive environment, there is no definitive Tier list recorded. We're attempting to gather information and community knowledge for now.

However it's suggested by a majority that Kurisu is the strongest and that Shizuka is the weakest. Everyone else is unranked.

What do "Styles" do?

Styles will argument your character states and modify base mechanics properties. under here you'll find an Over View of the three Styles "Quick, Hard, Extra".

(This is only a simplify note of the three styles and suggests you review Styles in the System section of this wiki.)

Quick Style

Emphasize on speed and sports the highest number of cancel options in PBE. Grants players access to Slipshift versatile mechanic that slow down time considerably. Offensively Slip Shift Cancel allow follow-ups from the counter burst. Defensively its Slipshift Dodge force whiff punish scenarios while being pressured. Additionally, dashes and hi-jump become gaurd cancel option in this style.

Hard Style

Gear towards passive play by outclassing the other style in power and endurance. Solid Amour reduces guard gauge damage significantly and Protection give certain specials guard points. Critical and Set Burst are an unblockable attack with the later also having the ability to shut down tension mode.

Extra Style

Balance of the other two styles. Extra allow the player to mix and match certain mechanics of the other two style while also giving more burst meter to work with and unique Counter burst and overdrive. The player is able to use both Offensive and Defensive emergency mode at the same time.

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