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What's the Difference between Phantom Breaker: Extra and Phantom Breaker: Omnia?

  • "Extra" style has been rebranded as "Omnia".
  • The UI has been overall in addition to a Hitstun bar and Damage Value Indicator in matches.
  • New Character Portrait and Remixe Themes.
  • Two new characters Specifically for Phantom Breaker: Omnia. (yet to be revealed)

What System is PBO available for? and date

PC via Steam, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch. While no set date has been given, Publisher states PBO should be available in 2021.

Is there any game to compare Phantom Breaker to?

Phantom Breaker is considered the spiritual successor to the Asuka 120% series.

The Spinoff Phantom Breaker Battle Ground control and mechanics are near identical with the exception of few mechanics such as out-of-range, Shadow attack, and air-dash .


What is the Tier list?

there is no recorded tier list of PBE or PB.

What do "Styles" do?

Styles will augment your character states and modify some of Phantom Breaker Core mechanics properties. For example, Quick style will give players the ability to Double jump while Hardstyle grants players an unblockable attack if they charge Counter Burst. Extra/Omnia is a technical style that doesn't have access to Phantom Breaker but gets to have a Meter gauge that can build up to 4 stocks as opposed to 2 from the others.

Phantom Breaker: Omnia



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