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Gameplay Glossary

Cancels - Actions can "cancel" into each other by replacing the endlag of one action with the startup of another. Each action can only cancel into specific other actions as labelled as U (Unique), N (Normal), S (Special), J (Jump), R (Reflect Guard) and A (Activate)

Unique Cancel - Many attacks are required to be executed before more committal, often stronger moves are available. A good example of this are rekkas where specials can cancel into one another, but only in a specific order.

Normal - an attack that is performed with only a direction (including neutral) and a button. Normals can cancel into each other, specials and supers in FUC.

Special - an attack that is performed with a sequence of directions and a button. Specials can cancel into supers during activate.

Jump - jumps can go forward, neutral or backwards by pressing up and the corresponding direction. Superjumps are performed by pressing down before up; superjumps always jump forwards. Attacks that are jump cancelled may only jump cancel on hit, not on block.

Reflect Guard - An "empty" cancel button with a very short animation. This may only be performed while grounded. See System Specifics for more details.

Activate - By pressing A+B+C you can laglessly empty cancel. This will cost no meter immediately, but will begin draining your meter down to 0 rapidly after it is executed. This may be performed while grounded or airborne. See System Specifics for more details.

Supers - a type of special that costs meter in FUC. Supers generally cost 100 meter in FUC.

Anti-Air - an attack that can reliably hit opponents out of the air.

Chip Damage - damage incurred to a player's life meter when blocking a special or super. Chip damage cannot kill in FUC.

Combo - a series or sequence of attacks such that when the first hit connects, the subsequent attacks cannot be blocked or avoided.

Juggle - a special type of combo that allows the player to combo the opponent while they are airborne.

Overhead - an attack that must be blocked while the character is standing.

Low - an attack that must be blocked while the character is crouching.

Tick Throw - a maneuver used to throw an opponent immediately after their hit stun or block stun has ended.

Throw Break - a common technique, that allows a player to escape opponent's ground throw after it's been initiated; is performed with the same input as opponent's throw.

Unscale Glitch - by hitting with another projectile after the superflash but before the super hits, the game will incorrectly award full damage to the super as if it hit in neutral. This is used to tack 2k+ damage onto combos. Typically done by supercanceling a projectile while activated.

Tiger Knee (tk) (aka instant jump special (ijs)) This is a trick in many anime fighters including this one where you input the jump input after the special motion. It is important in this game that when you want to do this that you press the attack button after entering the air, as jump startup is special cancelable into grounded specials.

Tiger-Knee Cancel (tkc) - (also known as jump-cancel-cancel (jcc), instant-jump-cancel (ijc)) In Fate/UC, jump startup is special cancelable, and so by inputting jump right before hitting the attack button you can cancel jump startup with the special. This is incredibly useful as many launching specials are jump cancelable on hit. Because Tiger Knee (tk) and tiger knee cancel are both important mechanics, and useful in combos, we notate tiger knee special as "tk" followed by the motion, (example: tk 236X), and tiger-knee-cancel as the recommended motion to do on the ground to tkc into that special (ex 2369X).

System Specifics
Saber Alter
Zero Lancer