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Key facts

  • Meter carries between rounds, so meter management is incredibly important.
  • Everyone but Berserker can double jump, but nobody can airblock. Superjumps always go forward in Fate. You can turn around midair during superjump by hitting your RG button. Holding down during a jump will make you fast fall at the apex.
  • This is a 3 button fighter with A/B/C. Buttons gatling in one direction; no reverse beats.
  • Every command normal is forward+button (called 6A/6B/6C). 6B tends to be an overhead if the character has an overhead; not all characters do.
  • 236X, 214X, and 623X are the commands for specials. 22X, 421X, 646X and 360X are also used by specific characters
  • Launchers are jump cancellable on hit, but not on block.
  • Jump startup is special cancellable. Perform a tigerknee motion (special command ending in an up direction - ex: 2369X), but hit the button before leaving the ground and you’ll perform a tigerknee cancel; this technique is how you can extend combos.
  • 623C is universal dragonpunch (except for Caster, bow mode archer and spear mode Gil): costs 1/3 of 1 bar, the last hit does half a bar of meter damage if it hits.
  • Real combos show a red hit count, untrue combos are blue. Tech by pressing any button.


Throws are 6+A+B and come out on frame 4. You cannot grab an opponent in jump startup or in the air.


Backdashes are frame 1 invincible and can be cancelled into throws, specials, super or sidestep.

Forward dashes

Forward Dashes are usually runs with almost no recovery before you can block or attack.


Performed with B+C to travel away from camera and 2+B+C to travel towards camera. Sidestep rarely dodges physical attacks.

Reflect guard/RG

Reflect Guard as a Parry

RG is a universal parry. It costs meter, but the meter is refunded upon successfully parrying an opponents attack. It can be used vs frame traps.

Reflect Guard Cancel

Reflect guard can also be used as a cancel that can cancel anything on startup, hit or whiff except for supers. It can cancel into offensive moves, but not defensive actions like block/backdash. It has cooldown, costs half a bar of meter and locks you out of meter gain for a short period of time.


Supers cost 100 meter generally, most are on the motion: 236236A/B. You can cancel normals into supers and specials, but you generally cannot cancel specials into supers, unless you are activated.


By pressing A+B during blockstun, you will use pushblock and can create distance between you and your opponent. This is intentionally weaker if either character is against a wall/corner. It costs 25 meter and has no cooldown, but does replace your remaining blockstun with 20 frames of blockstun. Versus high blockstun moves, this can cause you to be actionable sooner instead of later.

Guard Cancel

By pressing 6+B+C while in blockstun you will spend 1 bar and do an invincible attack that does no damage, but forces the opponent off of you. This can be blocked and punished.


Activate is performed with A+B+C. If done during neutral, it will heal you and launch enemy backwards; if done while attacking it will be a cancel. Meter drains to 0 after doing this. Supers will drain your meter as usual as well, but you lose access to 623C/ Heavy DP’s meter draining effect.


By pressing A+B+C in block or hitstun, you can spend 200 meter, and get the opponent off of you with burst. You cannot burst while activated, even if you have enough meter.

300 meter activate

Every character has a unique ability that can only be used by activating with 300 meter (some of them have additional requirements too)

Holy Grail

The Holy Grail fills by people taking damage. Once filled, one player can activate with 300 meter to gain access to a powerful super that does 4k (half opponent’s life).

System Specifics
Saber Alter
Zero Lancer