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Melty Blood/MBTL/Ciel/Combos

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Notation Help
Disclaimer: Combos are written by various writers, so notation may differ slightly from this notation.

For more information, see Glossary and Controls

X+Y Buttons "X" and "Y" must be input simultaneously.
X/Y Input "X" or "Y" can be used.
dl.X There should be delay before inputting "X".
w.X Attack "X" should whiff and not hit the opponent.
j.X Button "X" is input while jumping or in the air.
dj.X Button "X" is input after a double jump.
jc Jump cancel the previous action. Usually will be omitted due to being obvious.
md.X Perform a micro-dash before performing "X".
TK.X Indicates the motion "X" is input immediately after leaving the ground. Stands for tiger knee.
(X) Input "X" is optional. Typically the combo will be easier if omitted.
[X] Input "X" is held down. Also can be known as "Increase" or "IC" for short. Depending on the character, this can indicate that this button is held down and not released until indicated by the release notation.
]X[ Input "X" is released. Will only appear if a button is previously held down.
{X} Button "X" should only be held down briefly to partially charge the attack, instead of the full increased version.
X(#) Attack "X" should only hit # of times.
X~Y This notation has two meanings.
  1. Use attack "X" with "Y" follow-up input.
  2. Input "X" then within a few frames, input "Y". Usually used for option selects.
5?5X5X Where ? is A, B or C, this indicates Rapid Beat auto combo.
CH The first attack must be Counter Hit.
FC The first attack must be Fatal Counter.
MD Perform a Moon Drive, which is inputted by pressing 5B+C.
Heat Perform Heat, which is performed by inputting A+B+C.
AD Perform an Arc Drive, which is performed by inputting 236B+C. Characters with more than one Arc Drive will have theirs notated by input.
LA Perform a Last Arc, which is performed by inputting A+B+C+D or successfully Shielding in Blood Heat.

Getting Started

Combo Theory

Ciel's Midscreen routes mostly revolve around getting 236B-B into combos for corner carry and damage (Typically after 2C 5[C]).

Major Midscreen Routes

  • ETC > 2C > 5[C]4C > 236BB > etc

The easiest route to pilot and works the best in terms of damage scaling.

  • ETC > 2C > IAD j.B/C > land 5B > 5[C]

A more difficult route that has higher damage scaling due to the use of an IAD mid combo. However it has the most corner carry and is also confirmable if you’ve already used 5C in your string somewhere.

  • ETC > 5XXX/3C/5D~A > j.AB > j.214A > 2B(1) > etc

Combo route for when you accidentally mash out auto combo to confirm a random hit or use 3C early by mistake. This is also your best route when using Shield Counter A followup.

Ending the combo with BC Airthrow and preserving the double jump allows Ciel to go for better Oki, such as IAD j.C to fake an overhead into immediate empty low in 2A, or AT -> j214A for a reversal-safe projectile setup in the corner.

Near corner route

  • ETC > 5[C]dl4C > 623B > etc

Near corner you want to carry with the 623x to improve damage. Usually ends up with ...>623B > 66 >623A >... as a staple.


The corner allows Ciel chain her important specials and moves together easily with her typically juggling with 214[A], 6C > j.214A, 623A/B, and 5[C] afterwards. Keep in mind SMP applies to her specials and normals but 623B and 623A will not trigger SMP. The highest damage corner loops generally use several variations of 623X for wallsplats. Keep the 3 wallbounce limit in mind so that the combo does not drop.

  • ETC > 6C > j.214A > etc

In the corner you get the most damage by adding the j.214A usually when you used all the wallbounces. Depending on the starter it'll be done more or less close to the end of the combo. On very high scaling starter, like j.236B, it won't be possible and you can instead and the route with 6C > 214BBB > j.236C.

Ex : Starter > 2c > 5[c] > 623B > 5B > 623A > 2B > 6C > j.214A > 2C > 3C > jbc > AT

Metered Enders

Air enders
  • j.B> jc > j.C > j214BBB > J236C

The most damaging ender Ciel has from the air, will drop if the scaling is too high.

  • j.BB > j.22B > j.236C > Arc Drive (if in Heat or Awakened)

You want to hit this while your opponent is level with you.

  • j.B(C) > j.6BC > Arc Drive/Ground EX

You have to be above them for 6BC to hit consistently. Easier to hit if you only used the j.B after the launcher. Using J.2BC before j.6BC can help increase damage at the cost of a bit more execution.

  • 214B~BB > 214C

Nets the most damage. To have a safejump after it you need to delay the second keythrow to hit the opponent slightly higher.

  • 623X > MD > Last Arc

For easy corner combos into Last Arc if you really want to use last arc.

Starter Combos

A midscreen, corner and OTG string to get started. Stable and should help getting to understand how the combo theory works

Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location

Also works on high scaling starters like iad or 2AA. Metered ender for more damage can be done with J.BC > J.22B > J.236C (3665) or J.B > jc > j.C >j.214bbb > j.236C (3853)

Also works on high scaling starters like iad or 2AA.

General OTG string used after a 623C midscreen or a 236C raw punish. nets out a lot more damage and a nice corner carry. You can also jumpcancel iad forward during the otg to get land behind them if they tech up.


A Starter

Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location

j.6BC will sideswap

you can do j.22C ender instead if you want to squeeze a bit more damage to kill.

B Starter

Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location

Instead of airthrow can perform jc > j.CC > j.236C to get 3175

Perform the air throw by simply jumping and air grabbing them as they bounce off the wall.

C Starter

Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location

requires deep dash for the 5B or you can just do 5BB for 3387 damage instead. Can replace AT with dj > j.CC > j.22B > j.236C to get 3946 damage

Special Starter

Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location

Opponent must have back close to corner. 623C can connect from midscreen distance to start the combo with a wallbounce. Combo can be started with 3BC instead for ~688 less damage. If done during Heat, can add in Last Arc cancel after j236C for extra damage.

the initial delay is optional for j.214A and only listed to make combo easier. However the 5[C]4C must be delayed but the timing is fairly easy. Can perform j.C > j.236C instead of AT to get 4057 damage

214C > 236C only works when done fullscreen.

Confirm from ¾ of Screen away.

Must be close to connect.

Dash 2C can be difficult, sometimes dash 5B is easier or use a falling j.B after Moon Drive if you're close enough/cancel fast enough.

Corner confirm for keys.

Easy confirm from air keys.

Meterless confirm for air keys into moon drive. Perform at normal jump height with opponent 45 degrees below her. Somewhat difficult.

Meterless confirm for air keys into moon drive. Perform at double jump height with opponent directly below her.

Confirm off of key okizeme in the corner.

A Flashkick starter midscreen that only works off of anti-air. Counter hit not needed.

A Flashkick starter corner that only works off of anti-air. Counter hit not needed.

Moon skill flashkick confirm. Goes Midscreen to corner.

Moon skill flashkick confirm that uses A Dive whiff to reposition.

IAD Starter

Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location

Shield Followup Starter

Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location

CH Starter

Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location

Fatal Air-to-Air starter.


Basic BNB Guide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trNipsNPh1k

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