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Extremely aggravating keepaway queen. Nanako flat out denies quite a few characters of their normal gameplans because of how dense her spam is and how amazing her anti-rushdown melee bits are. For characters who cannot deal with her beam sniping behind her ballistic density, frequently the only option is to attempt to get close to her to hit her. Her melee bits make this difficult.


Nanako is basically this games puppet character, having none of her attacks come actually from her but instead from her 7 bits. Nanako has insane pressure and combo power on top of good meter gain and speed.

At the current moment shes broken in every sense of the word being easily the best character in the game. So picking her will usually get you counterpicked in little to no time, if you know what you're doing on her at least.

Even though she is strong i'd actually advise you to not pick her up at the moment except you really like her and/or just don't care because nerfs for her are pretty much unavoidable and might change how she plays entirely.

Difficulty: Hard

Power comes at a price and in Nanako's case this price includes fully learning how her bits work on top of mastering her combo and pressure game, all while keeping good awareness of where your opponent is so you can call your bits back should they try and attack you. Despite being super strong Nanako is actually very far from an easy character to master, which is why, if you're new at least i'd advise you to not go for her. In the time you take to learn her she might get nerfed in a way that changes everything she does at the moment making all your efforts pointless.

Normal Moves

  • Bit order starts with the bit furthest away from the opponent, then goes counter-clockwise.
  • If you don't have enough Energy for an attack, then bits towards the end of the order won't fire. This is the same even for moves that fire simultaneously.


Tentacle Ray

  • WA [Beam]
    • Damage: 120×n
    • Ammo Use: 7%×7
    • Seven small, rapid-firing shots. Fires in bit order.

Tentacle Needle

  • Hold WA [Beam]
    • Damage: 100×n
    • Ammo Use: 7%×7
    • Fires seven beams towards the opponent simultaneously.

Tentacle Mine

  • Dash + WA [Beam]
    • Damage: 50×n
    • Ammo Use: 2%×49
    • Each bit fires seven slow moving balls that dissipate in about a second. Fires in bit order.


Ether Leaf

  • WB [Ballistic]
    • Damage: 150×n
    • Ammo Use: 8%×7
    • Each bit fires a single triangular projectile that arcs around.

Ether Bug

  • Hold WB [Ballistic]
    • Damage: 150×n
    • Ammo Use: 4%×25
    • Each bit fires four mines that slowly travel in a straight line. This move will drain all your B meter, it is also one of the densest moves in the game.


Bit Spread

  • Hold SP
    • While holding the button, the bits spread out.

Shell Shoot

  • SP + WB [Direct]
    • Damage: 30×n
    • Ammo Use: 0%
    • Sends out two bits to attack the opponent. The bits sent out will be the pair that are second-closest to the opponent.

Shell Shoot (Held)

  • Hold SP + WB [Direct]
    • Damage: 30xn
    • Ammo Use: 0%
    • Sends out four bits to attack the opponent. The bits sent out will be the pairs that are second and third-closest to the opponent.

Hyper Attacks

Hyper A: Tentacle Breath

  • Hyper [Direct]
    • Damage: 50×n
    • Each bit fires a powerful beam off in order, like Nanako's [A]. Each beam can hit up to three times.

Hyper B: Tentacle Breath (Single Fire)

  • Dash + Hyper [Direct]
    • Damage: 80×n
    • All bits fire off a powerful beam in a spread. Each beam can do up to four hits.

Hyper C: Flower Crown

  • WB + Hyper [Beam Ball, Ballstic Mine]
    • Damage: 50×n (Ball), 150×n (Mine)
    • A combination of Nanako's DA and [WB].

Hyper D: Tentacle Sting

  • SP + Hyper [Beam]
    • Damage: 100×n
    • Each bit flies toward the enemy first then fires off two beam attacks. Fires in bit order.

Accel Hyper: Spring Storm

  • SP + WB + Hyper [Direct Laser, Beam Ball]
    • Damage: 120×n (Beam), 50×n (Ball)
    • Fires six beams and numerous balls outward from Nanako. Beam and ball direction is the same regardless of opponent's position. The beams can hit up to seven times.

Star Breaker