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EN Update History[1]
Game Version Date Notes
Ver.1.7.9 21/2/2021 Fixed a bug where character costume would be displayed when hiding character selection online.
Frame data is now disabled by default on training and replay.
Added Sound Effects for when building meter; each level has its own Sound Effect.
Quarantined Rapport 3 has been added to Hall of Fame, congratulations to the winners!
Ver.1.7.8 30/1/2021 New avatar and avatar background based on Quarantined Rapport added to the unlocks!
Quarantined Rapport 3 tournament logo added to the main menu.
Grey Background, an accessibility feature, is now available as a universal setting.
Social media buttons now open in browser instead of overlay.
Unversioned hotfix 17/1/2021 Updated Heat Up! tournament banner.
Ver.1.7.7 13/1/2021 Casual Hime and Sumika costumes are now available for owners of the Acceleration of SUGURI 2 - Guardian Casual Costume Pack.
Fixed an issue with Saki's wB and dash B hitbox.
Changed the color of P2 Saki projectiles.
Unversioned hotfix 6/12/2020 Updated the Heat Up! logo.
Ver.1.7.6 1/12/2020 Added Social Media, Mizuumi and "Heat Up!" buttons on Online menu.
Added Input History functionality to training mode and replays. You may choose between Variable (Displays only buttons pressed) and Static (Display all buttons) mode, as well as display for how many frames each input was pressed.
Unversioned hotfix 8/11/2020 Removed Heat Up! 20 Logo.
Added Heat Up! 20 tournament to Hall of Fame.
Unversioned hotfix 6/11/2020 Added banner for Heat-up 20 - 1 year anniversary edition tournament to the game!
Ver.1.7.5 4/11/2020 Added toggle to turn on and off Spectators icons online.
Added toggle to turn on and off menus popping up at the beginning of training and replay.
Tournament mode now locks Handicap at 100%.
Handicap is no longer fixed for training. You can adjust it on the character select screen.
Fixed an issue with Kae's death animation.
Changed the behaviour of time control for replays to be the same as training mode (this is due to a bug where the game would sometimes crashes at frame 8092 of time control).
Ver.1.7.4 2/10/2020 Ver.2 costume for Suguri has been added for free to all players.
High contrast mode toggle has been added to training and replay. It does not affect global settings.
Added a toggle on Config menu to turn on and off the "Hold button to pause" feature.
Happy Halloween! A special event is in effect, earn double particles by playing the game online throughout October.
Unversioned hotfix 29/8/2020 Fixed an issue where the game would crash after clearing Arcade mode.
Ver.1.7.3 25/8/2020
Ver.1.7.2 30/7/2020
Ver.1.7.1 10/7/2020 Added "Can Dash Cancel" section to frame data.
Added a "Can Dash Cancel" Icon to the UI.
"Leader" Icon now appear at all times and when you are not the Leader it displays in grey.
Ver.1.7 14/6/2020
Unversioned Hotfix 22/5/2020 Fixed minor issues with Chinese languages.
Fixed a character credit on the CEOtaku19 Hall of Fame.
Ver.1.6.8 21/5/2020
Ver.1.6.7 30/4/2020 Added support for Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese languages.
A new option from the pause menu now lets players enable/disable a display for hitboxes while in Training or Memory mode. This lets you see collision areas for attacks, characters and other objects.
Ver.1.6.6 21/3/2020 Added a toggle to turn display of titles on or off during online matches (found under Profile).
Fixed an issue where trying to leave the titles screen with "None" selected using the "Cancel" button would cause the game to crash.
New event active: earn double the particles in every online match!
Unversioned Hotfix 11/3/2020 Added Latency Display to online matches, you can now see how many ms of lag there is during the match.
Fixed an issue where the initial title for old AoS2 save files started on "None" instead of "Hello World!"
Fixed an issue where the game would crash if you tried to press up on the first row of titles while having "None" selected.
Unversioned Hotfix 8/3/2020 Fixed a visual issue with titles being partially hidden during a match in 4:3 resolution.
Minor fixes to title names.
Ver.1.6.5 7/3/2020
Ver.1.6.4 14/1/2019
Ver.1.6.3b 13/9/2018 Fixed a bug where player 1 would start to control both units in local play after round 1.
Ver.1.6.3 21/6/2018
Ver.1.6.2 15/4/2018 Spectator mode added. While waiting in a lobby, you can join any ongoing game to observe the results of the match. **You will join at the start of the match (if round 1 hasn't started yet), or at the next round's beginning.
Ver.1.6.1b 14/3/2018 Arcade and Story mode character select screens now show 1CC clears as gold stars.
Fixed a minor problem in Sumika's command list in Japanese.
Ver.1.6.1 13/3/2018
Unversioned Hotfix 7/3/2018 Minor text fixes
Fixed story-related achievement conditions
Ver.1.6 7/3/2018 Added in-game manuals in Japanese and Simplified and Traditional Chinese.
(Demo Only - Demo now uses a separate save folder called "AoS2 Demo". All previous savedata including replays are found in the previous folder, which the full version of the game will use.)
Fixed same lobby being listed multiple times if it had multiple friends in it.
Ver.1.5.9 28/2/2018
Unversioned Hotfix 22/2/2018 Improved Japanese text.
Ver.1.5.8 22/2/2018
Ver.1.5.7b 28/1/2018 Fixed replay names not working in some saved replays.
Updated Characters & Techniques .pdf file.
Ver.1.5.7 24/1/2018 Chat has been added to the multiplayer lobby screen.
New key and button binds for chat have been added on the Config screen.
A new avatar option, "Silhouette", is now available on the player profile page.
Ver.1.5.6 23/1/2018 Star Breaker, Hime and Sumika are now playable.
Added support for Traditional Chinese.
Fixed profile avatar item descriptions not updating when language was changed.
Ver.1.5.5 15/1/2018 Kyoko and Nath are now playable.
All stages and BGMs are now available for everyone to use (for the duration of the closed beta).
Fixed a bug that caused replays with infinite timer to store an incorrect game duration, resulting in the playback ending instantly. Old replays affected by this bug will remain non-functional.
Fixed Hyper gauge being drawn incorrectly in some resolutions.
Ver.1.5.4b 9/1/2018 Added a check to make sure auto-battles don't start too quickly to determine optimal input delay (which could cause abnormal input delay)
There's now a visible counter for the internal logic's FPS in the bottom-right corner. It should stay around 60 for optimal multiplayer experience. This counter is temporary, and you can use it to determine if you should lower your graphic details for online play.
Slightly adjusted the logic for automatic frame skipping in multiplayer when FPS is low.
Ver.1.5.4 9/1/2018
Ver.1.5.3 Improved sound handling during multiplayer rollbacks.
Improved replays if the opponent left in the middle.
Ver.1.5.2 2/1/2018 2 more characters are now playable: Mira and Iru.
Text field inputs now only react to left and right arrow keys.
Ver.1.5.1 1/1/2018
Unversioned Hotfix 31/12/2017 Fixed XInput stick occasionally not getting recognized in menus.
Unversioned Patch 30/12/2017 Player names are now drawn at the top of the screen in multiplayer matches
Player 2 hyper counter now draws half-orbs on the correct side of the orb
Rewritten DirectInput support
Controllers now show (generic) names in config menu
Sumika avatar and a new background color are available in Profile screen
Fixed a few controller issues in lobby list password input menu
If Dash or Primary Weapon share binds with menu OK/Cancel binds, OK and Cancel are given priority in menus
Players can no longer move the text input caret with a controller
Sounds now play on rollback frames too
JP Update History[2]
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