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Melty Blood/MBTL/Kouma Kishima/Combos

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Notation Help
Disclaimer: Combos are written by various writers, so notation may differ slightly from this notation.

For more information, see Glossary and Controls

X+Y Buttons "X" and "Y" must be input simultaneously.
X/Y Input "X" or "Y" can be used.
dl.X There should be delay before inputting "X".
w.X Attack "X" should whiff and not hit the opponent.
j.X Button "X" is input while jumping or in the air.
dj.X Button "X" is input after a double jump.
jc Jump cancel the previous action. Usually will be omitted due to being obvious.
md.X Perform a micro-dash before performing "X".
TK.X Indicates the motion "X" is input immediately after leaving the ground. Stands for tiger knee.
(X) Input "X" is optional. Typically the combo will be easier if omitted.
[X] Input "X" is held down. Also can be known as "Increase" or "IC" for short. Depending on the character, this can indicate that this button is held down and not released until indicated by the release notation.
]X[ Input "X" is released. Will only appear if a button is previously held down.
{X} Button "X" should only be held down briefly to partially charge the attack, instead of the full increased version.
X(#) Attack "X" should only hit # of times.
X~Y This notation has two meanings.
  1. Use attack "X" with "Y" follow-up input.
  2. Input "X" then within a few frames, input "Y". Usually used for option selects.
5?5X5X Where ? is A, B or C, this indicates Rapid Beat auto combo.
CH The first attack must be Counter Hit.
FC The first attack must be Fatal Counter.
MD Perform a Moon Drive, which is inputted by pressing 5B+C.
Heat Perform Heat, which is performed by inputting A+B+C.
AD Perform an Arc Drive, which is performed by inputting 236B+C. Characters with more than one Arc Drive will have theirs notated by input.
LA Perform a Last Arc, which is performed by inputting A+B+C+D or successfully Shielding in Blood Heat.

Getting Started

Starter Combos

The combos listed below are basic BNBs and relatively easy combos to use. You can also go into Mission Mode to try his combo trials, but those aren't as well developed.

Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location
  • Universal BNB. Easy to use and ends in hard knockdown.
  • You can get by just using this combo alone if you wished, it does everything you need.
  • You can add up to any amount of 2A's before the 2C for an easier confirm, but for less damage.
  • You can also convert into this from an IAD j.C by doing 2A right after it.
  • Video reference


Kouma, while having several different ways to extend combos, generally wants to get the opponent high enough for a rekka extension then go into one of his multiple enders that can either prioritize okizeme or damage. This is generally done by comboing into 2C then two subsequent normals, generally 5C > 5B.

Thanks to having consistent combos into his 214A, he has meterless access to amazing okizeme unlike most of the cast. Because of this, his combos aren't meter dependant and he can save it up for reversal purposes or for Arc Drive.

He also has ways to extend his combos off situational starters, such as 6B+C from a long range confirm, j.6B+C from shield launcher, 22B when ground bounce is used, 214A~A near the corner, and j.236C from DP.


What do I do after X starter?

2A can be any other low/CH air starter for bnb or any normal starter for 6B+C or IAD. Additional normals before 2C will reduce the damage.

Why end with 214A?

This damage is made up by the advantage you get after it: a safejump that can be a 5-way mixup.

Why do my normals/rekka whiff/come out too late mid-combo?

If anything whiffs - you are mashing when you have to time it.

Why does Rekka not cross up?

A) You finished with 4X
B) You delayed it too much
C) You are using the wrong one On higher ranges you have to switch 236A for 236B.
D) j.[C] 5C 2[C]: you need some space between you and your opponent for it to work. You create it by doing 8jc (jump upwards instead of diagonal), delaying normals or you add 2B after 5B for a bit of damage loss, but a stable B-rekka confirm.

2B link is too hard! Can I replace it?

Yes, you can replace it with 5A > 5CC > 214A. This will give up a lot of damage, though.

I can’t connect anything after j.[C] after 3B+C, my opponent just techs!

Start charging j.C when falling, not rising. 3B+C has a lot of hitstun.


Kouma has strong combo enders that allow him to pick between okizeme and damage. This will be listing the enders after rekka specifically, as other combo starters will require specific enders even if they still get to pick between damage and okizeme.

Combo Cost Location
  • Meterless, but gives incredibly strong oki. A key part of Kouma's gameplan.
  • Tosses the opponent to the other side of the screen and gives a lengthy knockdown, allowing you to use Moon Charge to gain some extra meter/moon icons or giving you serviceable oki.
  • High damage meter burn ender. Gives worse oki than 214A, but does much higher damage.
  • Arc Drive ender. Huge damage at the cost of pretty lackluster oki.
  • For when you really need that extra damage to kill. In the corner, you can let all 3 hits of 236C connect, giving higher damage.

Close to Corner After Sideswitch

Combo Cost Location
  • Fairly easy command grab extension ender. Adds a nice bit of damage.
  • 3 Bar ender with the command grab extension. Does great damage.
  • 4 Bars with command grab extension. Does a bit more damage.


2A Starters

Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location
  • BNB. Good combo option that's consistent and easy to confirm.
  • Corner variation. Works off of 2A>2A>2A, so don't worry too much about proration
  • Near corner combo that requires you to land the crossup rekka. Adds a good amount of damage and also looks cool.
  • High damage midscreen meterless combo. Difficult, but works great at any part of the screen.
  • Optimal meterless combo.

Divekick combo. Very tricky to pull off.

2B/5B Starters

Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location
  • Requires you to be close to the opponent when you do 6236B. You don't have to be quite point blank, but it's inconsistent otherwise.

High damage and good corner carry combo.

Variant for in case you reach the corner.

Corner combo.

Shield Starters

Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location
  • Main shield launcher combo. Uses Moon Skill falcon kick for an extension, making it pretty damaging.
  • More optimized version of the combo above.
  • Harder but slightly better damage shield combo.
  • Moonskill and meter combo.
  • Moonskill and meter combo, corner version.
  • Moonskill and meter combo for the corner. Slightly higher damage than the above, but requires a delay.
  • Unlike A/C confirms, requires CH, but highly rewarding for it. Will be used mostly in Sheld Wars™
  • More damage for a more risky starter and a bit of resources.

Anti-Air Starters

Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location
  • Non counter hit 2B anti-air combo. Effective for what it is.
  • Counter hit 2B anti-air combo. Does great damage for an anti-air but isn't easy to confirm.
  • Optimal counter hit 2B anti-air combo. Does a little more damage.
  • Counter hit 5A anti-air. Damage changes exponentially depending on your ender, so it's more worth using meter with it.

j.[C] Starters

Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location
  • Combo for the rare j.[C] starter. Great damage when it lands.

236X ~ X ~ CH 4X Starters

Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location
  • On the occasion you get a counter-hit 4X from rekka, this is the combo to go for. Neat way to get more damage out of it.

214X ~ 4X Starters

Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location
  • When you land a command grab while in or near the corner.
  • New, optimal 214A4A combo now that 236[B] exists.

Air to Air CH Starters

Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location
  • Air to air conversion. Fairly typical.
  • j.A combo.
  • j.B combo.
  • j.C combo. Does less damage than the j.B combo, hilariously enough.

236[B] starters

Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location
  • Basic 1 bar midscreen 236[B] combo.

Similar to the above combo, but in the corner and without a dash. Not optimal, but very easy.

Highly damaging combo of 236[B] but is slightly tricky to perform

Moonskill starters

Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location
  • High Damage 2B+C combo.
  • 2B+C corner combo.
  • Corner 6B+C route.
  • Difficult, but provides great corner carry.
  • Corner 3B+C route. You want to get it low enough so you can do 236[B]
  • j6B+C route.
  • Corner j6B+C route.

Moondrive Combos

Combo Damage Cost Meter Gain Location


Kouma 214A Okizeme Primer

RED's Week 1 Kouma Guide (Info Potentially Outdated)

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