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(1) - Super Meter

When this meter is full you can perform each character's respective Liberty Art (super move). It is filled by CONNECTING normal attacks, throws, special moves, and assist attacks. You also gain small amounts of meter when you are on the receiving end of any of those. Successfully reflecting an attack will increase your meter by ~28%, plus another ~10% for using an attack after the reflect. Using your super move depletes the gauge entirely.

(2) - Assist Meter

This meter fills own its own at a pace specific to the character you use. Using assist attacks will deplete this gauge with the amount depending on the move used, as will blocking any attacks. This meter becomes 'broken' if you take damage while your assist is attacking, or if your guard is broken. A broken meter disallows any use of the assist for a brief period. Assists may use any attack so long as the meter is above 2 stock or more. Even an attack that consumes 3 stock while the assist meter reads 2.

Chart here!

(3) - Calcium Break

This is your guard meter. Different attacks will deplete it at different rates. It will flash red after blocking many attacks, then you will be put in the Calcium Break state. Your guard gets broken and you go into a standing spin stun - you are open to attack, and any attacks are considered a counter hit. Your assist meter is also broken for a short period.

(4) - Stun Meter

Unblocked hits will cause your stun meter to rise. When it is close to breaking it flashes red. The next hit leaves you in a stunned state; you are completely defenseless and open to attack in this state, and assists are unusable. This meter recovers over time, and different characters are stunned at different rates.

(5) - Match Count

This displays an icon for each match won per player.

(6) - Life Bar

It's your health. It depletes when you are hit by any attack. Blocking special moves will result in taking miniscule amounts of chip damage; you can still be killed by this, however. In Practice mode a ruler will display above the second player's life bar. It has notches marked for every 10% of health. Having it deplete entirely means you are dead. Round over. Lose twice and the match is over. Good game.

(7) - Grab Meter

While this is flashing, grabs won't connect.

(8) - Round Timer

The amount of time you have before the round is up.

(9) - Misc.

Some characters use "ammo" for some moves which will be displayed in this area.

Vanguard Princess

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