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Support hilda.jpg


Hilda Support Meter Consumption

Hilda's moves provide combo potential, cover, and oki, though her damage is somewhat mediocre. Despite originally being hard to get, she isn't broken.

Move List

Support hilda 5d.jpg On Hit Damage
- 20 * 3
Hilda makes 3 black butterflies that hover for a bit then turn into scissors falling at a diagonal. If the attack is performed towards the corner, the scissors will deflect off the wall. This attack has some startup and the area the scissors cover is not very large but they do combo and have some stun. Good oki. Can hit even after a Support Counter provided the scissors are already fully formed.

Support hilda 6d1.jpgSupport hilda 6d2.jpg On Hit Damage
First Hit: Spin
Second Hit: Knockdown
50 +15
Maya and Kaya who hover above Hilda's shoulders grow bigger and perform 2 hits. The first hit launches the opponent while the second has a smaller launch. This will combo at the right range but will whiff at point blank. It is easy to combo with this move but you have to be careful that you are at the right range. The second hit has a tendency to miss even if the first hit lands.

Support hilda 3d1.jpgSupport hilda 3d2.jpg On Hit Damage
Ground Bounce 55 +26
Maya and Kaya perform a 2 hit combo. This time hitting only when very close. The first hit launches while the second hit causes bounce. If the first hit misses, the second hit won't land even if the opponent jumps right into it. This is very easy to combo similar to 6D and does a bit more damage too. Whiffs crouchers.

Support hilda 2d.jpg On Hit Damage
- 20 * n
Hilda jumps up into the air and fires a laser that causes a barrage of explosions. Can hit up to 4 times but doesn't do all that much damage despite all the explosions. Good cover. Can hit even after a Support Counter.

Support hilda 4d.jpg On Hit Damage
- -
A normal proxy guard.


Her 3D and 6D are easy to combo with melee charters and she gives good oki and cover. Doesn't work too well with keep-away styles.

Frame Data

Move Start-up Duration Recovery Total Hitstun Blockstun
5D 108 [46] - 86 49 70
6D: 1st Hit
2nd Hit
22 125 Down
3D: 1st Hit
2nd Hit
17 104 Down 39
2D 100 17 12 129 Down 46
4D 1 13 46 60 - -

Vanguard Princess

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