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Juliet Support Meter Consumption

A very slow but powerful assist, Juliet can add some welcome substance to combos and discourage approaches. However, she tends to rely on the point character to land her hits due to her poor speed.

Move List

Support juliet 5d.png On Hit Damage
- 80
Juliet drops her flail in front of her. It's not very fast and has poor range but deals rather decent damage for a 5D.

Support juliet 6d.png On Hit Damage
Spin 175
A telegraphed jump followed by a hard strike from the flail. Very slow but very powerful for an assist move. The window to combo after the hit is small. Despite it's appearance, this move does not have a very large hitbox or duration. It has decent range but has a large dead zone and so can't be used for close combat.

Support juliet 3d.png On Hit Damage
Air: Knockdown 60 + 60 (2Hits 117)
Juliet advances a short distance while twirling her flail. It doesn't deal much damage compared to her 6D and 2D, but it's one of her fastest attacks and allows for many more follow-up options. It also deals impressive stun and has a large meaty hitbox that stays out for a good amount of time. Easily her most useful move.

Support juliet 2d.png On Hit Damage
Spin 165
Juliet creates a ball of energy in front of her, spins around in the air and then slams her flail into it causing an explosion. The hitbox is fairly large and the attack itself is powerful but not as much as 6D. It causes a spin on hit and strikes in place, making it a good move to deal with advancing opponents. Can hit even after a Support Counter. One of her more useful moves.

Support juliet 4d.png On Hit Damage
- -
A normal proxy guard.


Aside from a couple characters, Juliet doesn't work well with characters so much as she works against opponents. Juliet is geared more towards discouraging approaches and eating up space.

Frame Data

Move Start-up Duration Recovery Total Hitstun Blockstun
5D 50 10 28 88 53 39
6D 74 4 80 158 Down 39
3D 39 49 46 134 57 57
2D 56 9 71 156 Down 41
4D 1 11 48 60 - -

Vanguard Princess

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