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EN-Eins Perfektewelt/Adler

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Adler's official profile image


"An officer once belonging to the Third Reich's Ahnenerbe. He is resurrected as a soldier of the New Order of Knights Templar by means of reincarnation that was handed down by the Perfecti Cult."


Adler is a high aggression character, wanting to be in the face of his opponent as much as possible to apply as much pressure as he can. Adler has strong tools to do this too, with attacks like 6B having good range and being safe. Additionally, he has strong corner carry, very good corner combos, and decent neutral game. However, for Adler to be pushed to his potential, he needs to be in the opponents face for his best combos to land, and requires a very reactionary playstyle. Furthermore, he can't get anything off his overhead besides 22X OTG damage, hurting his mixups.

  • Armor Ratio = 1.025 (second highest)
  • Forward Speed = 5.5 dots/f (fourth fastest unbuffed)
  • Backwards Speed = 4.5 dots/f (third fastest unbuffed)
  • Jump Startup = 3F (second fastest unbuffed)
  • Backdash Duration = 24F (fourth longest)


  • Strong offensive pressure thanks to his toolkit being made almost entirely for it
  • Fast normals
  • Good combo damage especially in corner
  • Good corner carry
  • Has the best level 3 in the game with lots of utility
  • OK neutral
  • OK movement


  • Doesn't get anything off his overhead
  • Requires a lot of experience to know what to do in specific situations
  • Needs to be in the face of the opponent for his best combos to land
  • Lower armor rating
  • Mediocre defensive options, needs to spend meter for reversals

All damage values below were tested on Akatsuki with 1.000 armor ratio, full life on both sides, and power level 0 (remember about "Health difference", "Guts", and "Power Level" systems)

Normal Moves

EE Adler 5A.png
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
500 High/Low 4 0 0

Typical 5A, hits somewhat high

EE Adler 5AA.png
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
300 High/Low 4 -4 -4

Typical 5AA

EE Adler 5AAA.png
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
300 High/Low 4 -4 -4

Not particularly great, doesn't have much range

EE Adler 5AAAA.png
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
300 High/Low 7 KD -4

Has good range and can be linked to 2A in corner, giving subpar but still good combos.

EE Adler 5B.png
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
1000 High/Low 6 -2 -4

Pretty good, has a deceivingly large amount of range

EE Adler 5BB.png
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
300 High/Low 7 -10 -12

Pretty good, goes fairly far forward, making it slightly easier to confirm into 214A

EE Adler 5BBB.png
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
300 High/Low 7 -4 -8

Bad finisher, shouldn't ever be used.

EE Adler 5C.png
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
1200 High/Low 12 KD -9

Mediocre move, has decent range but won't see too much use

EE Adler 5CC.png
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
840 High 20 KD 0

Pretty good since it's even on block unlike most 5CCs. Also hits overhead.

EE Adler 2A.png
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
400 High/Low 4 0 0

Fairly tyical 2A.

EE Adler 2B.png
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
800 Low 7 -3 -5

Pretty good, has good range.

EE Adler 2C.png
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
1000 Low 8 KD -10

Has good range on a sweep.

EE Adler 2CC.png
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
400 Low 18 KD -8

Good for adding extra damage on 2C, can also occasionally be used to add one more low hit to a combo than was expected.

EE Adler j.A.png
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
525 High 4 +0 +0

Works as a crossup aerial and works as a safe jump. Short range though.

EE Adler j.B.png
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
1050 High 5 VA VA

Has long range and is good for both landing and air to airs.

EE Adler j.C.png
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
1575 High 7 VA VA

One of the fastest j.C in the game, but also one of the shortest ranged. Very good for air combos, and also catching opponents in the air. Can also be used for landing but isn't great at it.

Command Normals

アルヒバルト - Archibald
EE Adler 4B.png
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
900 High/Low 7 -4 -6

A long ranged kick. Hits further than most of Adler's moves. Good as an anti-air and can be special canceled, although not into much meaningful.

ヒュープシュラウバ - Hubschrauber
EE Adler 6B.png
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
1000 High/Low 13 -2 -4

A forward moving kick similar to Soldat's 6C. However, it doesn't bounce back on block or launch opponents. This makes it useful for pressuring opponents and getting small amounts of damage in neutral. It also has very good range, and is completely safe even on block against most of the cast. Goes over most lows. Can be canceled into.

ズィヒェル - Sichel
EE Adler 4C.png
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
1400 High 27 KD 0

Adler's overhead. A mediocre move overall in a vacuum, but fairly strong in his kit. One of the slowest overheads in the game and only gives a knockdown on hit, however combined with 236 EX pressure and it being even on block Adler can get away with throwing it out more often than other characters, sometimes even 2 times in one block string if done early enough while 236 EX is out. Can be canceled into.

Special Moves

ブリッツクーゲル - Blitzkugel
236A/B/C/D (Air OK!)
EE Adler 236A.png
A version
A version
EE Adler 236B.png
B version
B version
EE Adler 236C.png
C version
C version
EE Adler 236D.png
EX version
EX version
EE Adler j.236A.png
Jumping version
Jumping version
EE Adler j.236B.png
EE Adler j.236C.png
EE Adler j.236D.png
- - - - -

Adler's projectile. Decent for neutral and stopping other projectiles, and 236C/D are good for oki setups. EX 236 is also one of Adler's main tools in for pressure, neutral, and combos.

Version Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
A 1000 High/Low 12 (11 on j.236+A) -5 -9
  • Small fast projectile. Best projectile in neutral as it goes the farthest, although still not that good.
B 1100 High/Low 19 +3 -1
  • Moderate size and speed projectile. Least used projectile since its not as good in neutral or oki, although it can stop an approach from an overly aggressive opponent.
  • Can be used to end a block string safely but runs the risk of being interrupted.
C 1200 High/Low 28 (27 on j.236+C) +7 +11
  • Large slow projectile. Used in oki situations since it lingers so long and deals a huge amount of stun on hit or block.
  • Aerial version lasts for an incredibly long time, much longer than the grounded version.
EX 600 x 4 High/Low 9 KD +18
  • Very good move, and very important move in Adler's kit.
  • Launches opponents upwards, allowing Adler to get high damage combos off it
  • Can keep an opponent in a blockstring, allowing Adler to do a full block string, go into this move, then continue the blockstring with another full string. Can lead to guard breaks.
  • Can be used in neutral to stop the opponent from approaching or to cover an approach, some characters have no tools to deal with this and have to respect it.
フラクトリット - Flak Tritt
EE Adler 214A 1.png
EE Adler 214A 2.png
A version
A version
EE Adler 214B 1.png
B version
B version
EE Adler 214C 1.png
C version
C version
EE Adler 214D 0.png
EE Adler 214D 2.png
EX version
EX version
- - - - -

Adler's main combo tool, and also an occasional whiff punish.

Version Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
A 800 x 2 High/Low 7 KD -3
  • Adler's main combo move since it launches the opponent up on the second hit
  • Has short range so you're required to be close to the opponent to land it, meaning there are situations where you have to use a different move for a combo
  • Has a slight gap in-between the first and second hit, so while it's completely safe on block the second hit can parry or reversal before the second hit
B 900 x 2 High/Low 7 KD -10
  • Least used version.
  • Doesn't have a gap in the middle but is also unsafe on block
  • Can be safe if spaced so the second hit lands late, allowing it to be used in neutral occasionally
  • Can't be comboed out of, but does less damage than 214C.
C 1000 x 2 High/Low 7 KD -14
  • Main meterless finisher.
  • Does the most damage
  • Used when he isn't close enough to combo into 214A
  • Can't be comboed out of and is very unsafe if not spaced
EX 800 x 9 + 1000 High/Low 4 KD -20

Adler does a 214X but flies high into the air with 9 kicks instead of one.

  • 5F of invincibility
  • His highest damaging EX move
  • Hard to combo into as it will drop after two or more hits on an opponent in a juggle.
  • His best EX for reversals
  • Hard for some characters to punish since he flies across the entire screen before landing
ブリッツボンベ - Blitzbombe
EE Adler 22A.png
Normal version
Normal version
EE Adler 22D.png
EX version
EX version
- - - - -

Adler creates an electric shock similar to Elektrsoldat's A+B+C. Mainly used for OTG damage and an anti-air. Has high pushback on block so it can be hard to punish if not parried.

Version Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
A 800 x 2 High/Low 5 KD -15
  • Weakest version.
  • Comes out the fastest, making it the best to use on techable attacks for OTG damage
B 700 x 3 High/Low 9 KD -12
  • Least used version.
  • Isn't particularly slow but not particularly safe or fast either
  • Doesn't do as much damage as C version.
  • Has some use as combo filler for extra damage over using 22A
C 600 x 4 High/Low 13 KD -8
  • Second most used version.
  • Deals the most damage
  • Very slow startup
  • Has the most range, allowing it to occasionally be used as an anti-air
  • Good for OTG damage on untechable situations
EX 500 x 9 High/Low 9 KD -21

Adler creates an extra big electric shock, that hits many times

  • 8F of invincibility
  • Scales well due to having so many hits
  • Is practically safe on block since it has so much push back, but can be parried on reaction for a full punish
  • Mainly used for getting extra OTG damage and occasionally a reversal. Also can be used as a combo ender on occasion

Universal Mechanics


Forward Throw
EE Adler A+B.png
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
2000 N/A 5 KD N/A

Adler grabs the opponent and pummels them several times before kicking them down in front of himself. Very good throw since it keeps the opponent very close to him. Adler can use it for 22X damage if the opponent misses the tech, but more importantly, even if they get the tech, he has enough time to get a 236X to setup an oki situation.

Air Throw
EE Adler j.A+B.png
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
2000 N/A 4 KD N/A

Adler lifts the opponent above his head and slams them into the ground. This throw is untechable, and while they get thrown far away from him, in corner, they don't get thrown away from him at all. This means he can get assured OTG damage, including 22X, as well as have time to setup 236X oki.


Standing Reflector
EE Adler Standing Parry.png
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
800 High/Low 7 KD -2

A strong reflector. This has a number of ways to combo after it, including 214A, 5B, and 22X. This means Adler has a lot of combo options off his reflector.

Crouching Reflector
EE Adler Crouching Parry.png
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
600 N/A 7 KD N/A

Has slightly less options, but can still go into 214A and 22X, making it still strong.

Jumping Reflector
EE Adler Jumping Parry.png
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
700 N/A 6 KD N/A

Can basically combo into any juggle from this, very strong reflector.

Dash Attack

EE Adler 66X.png
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
1000 High/Low 7 KD -10

A very good dash attack. Covers a huge amount of range and is very active, making it a good option to occasionally throw out when an opponent wouldn't be expecting it. Has an easy time comboing into it thanks to 236 EX, part of what makes his corner combos so scary.

Super Moves

ブリッツガイスト - Blitzgeist
EE Adler A+B+C 1.png
Yes, that's a T-pose
Yes, that's a T-pose
EE Adler A+B+C 2.png
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
1000 x 10 High/Low 6 VA VA

Adler creates a spinning ball of energy that follows him wherever he goes

  • 7F of invincibility
  • It can be comboed into, and if you're skilled enough, he has loops with it that lead to massive damage and full corner carry
  • Possibly the best reversal in the game as the opponent is forced to block and not just go in recklessly, and its fully invincible during startup.
ベルクブレッヒャー - Bergbrecher
EE Adler Bergbrecher 1.png
EE Adler Bergbrecher 2.png
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
3000 + 2500 High/Low 9 KD -18

Adler dashes forward and hits the opponent twice with a downward slash and a punch.

  • 10F of invincibility
  • Adler has consistent ways to combo into it with 236 EX.
  • Can be comboed off of a tiny bit if hit on a standing opponent, but not enough to make it worth going for when it's so unsafe.

General Strategy


Adler wants to try to find a way to get in while keeping up his pressure. This means his neutral mainly involves the use of 236X to cover an approach or slightly pressure opponents in order to cover an approach. Additionally, moves like 6B and 214B are completely safe when properly spaced, and can be used to get chip damage and keep opponents on their toes.

Combo Game

Adler has a very strong but somewhat limited combo game outside of corner. In midscreen, his best corner carry combo is meterless, and doesn't do as much damage as his meter combos. However, as stated, his midscreen meter combos don't carry as far, and you may want to conserve the meter for his corner combos or corner pressure. His corner combos however, are some of the best in the game. He gets tons of damage off them and assured oki situations which he can use to keep up his offensive pressure. This makes Adler one of the most dangerous characters in the game in corner, as he doesn't need much to do a lot of damage in corner.

Offensive Pressure

Adler has incredibly strong offensive pressure, as while he may not be able to combo off his overhead, 4C, his overhead, is even on block, and still poses a threat since he can chain into it from any attack besides a C attack. His two lows are also both pretty good, having decent range. Additionally, 6B and 4B allow him to pressure from a decent distance, making him an active threat at almost all times. Most dangerous however is his corner pressure. In corner, Adler can do a true block string, do 236D, which will hold the the opponent in block, then do another full block string. This allows him to do 2/3 or more of the guard bar, and in many situations, confirm a guard break. This makes Adler incredibly dangerous to block against in corner, and greatly increases his offensive pressure.


Adler has fairly strong oki, as he can shoot a 236C while an opponent is grounded to force the opponent to block and create a 50/50 situation. From here he can go for 2B, 2C, or 4C for a high/low mixup, all of which will setup into another oki situation if they land. Additionally, he can always open up with a landing j.C, which he can use for tick throws or simply a normal blockstring. Additionally, he can setup into a max guard damage block string that he can send into a 236D if a player thinks they can get a guard break.

Reversal Options

Adler has rather weak reversal options comparative to the rest of the cast, at least without meter. Without meter, he has no true reversal, and the closest thing is 22A, which doesn't really work as one. With meter, he can use 214D, which is fully invincible on startup, making it a true reversal. As a plus, even if its block its assured to get him out of corner. Finally, he can use A+B+C as one of the best reversals in the game, as its fully invincible on startup, forces the opponent to block, and effectively reverses the situation into Adler's favor. Additionally, if it hits it can lead into one of the highest damaging combos in the game. However, this comes at the obvious cost of all your meter.


Overall, Adler is a character with excellent pressure and excellent combos. However, this comes at the cost of weak defensive options, and while his pressure and combos are great they're not exceedingly strong like Sai. This comes together to make Adler a solid member of the high tiers, with some great strengths but also clear weaknesses.

Other Resources


This is outdated and is in need of an update

  • Note: Some of his combos won't work unless you let 22A/B hit a specific number of times

Midscreen Combos

  • 5A > 5B > 5BB > 214A > 5A > 5B > 5BB > 214C > 22X > 22X
  • 5A > 5B > 5BB > 22A > 214D > 22X > 22X
  • 5A > 5B > 5BB > 214A > 22A/B > 236BC > 66X
  • 5A > 5B > 5BB > 214A > 22A/B > 236BC > 214C > 22X > 22X
  • 5A > 5B > 5BB > 214A > 5A > 5B > 5BB > 22C > 22D
  • 5A > 5B > 5BB > A+B+C > A+B+C hits first time > 5B > 5BB > 6B > A+B+C hits > 5B > 5BB > 6B > A+B+C hits (ends) > 5A > 5B > 5BB > 214A > 5A > 5B > 214C > 2B > 22X > 22X

Corner Combos

  • 5A > 5B > 5BB > 22A (one hit) > 236BC > j.B > j.C > 66X > 5B > 5BB > 22X > 22X
  • 5A > 5B > 5BB > 22A (one hit) > 236BC > j.B > j.C > j.A+B > 2B > 22X > 22X
  • 5A > 5B > 5BB > 214A > 5A > 5B > 5BB > 236A > 236BC > j.A+B > 2B > 22X > 22X
  • 5A > 5B > 5BB > 214A > 5A > 5B > 5BB > 236A > 236BC > 66X > 5B > 5BB > 22X > 22X
  • 5A > 5B > 5BB > 214A > 5A > 5B > 5BB > 236A > 236BC > A+B+D > A+B+D

Frame Data

KD - Knockdown
VB - Variable
*UV - value(s) marked with "?" in the table is/are unverified
x~yF - a period from frame "x" till frame "y"
N/A - not applicable
WB - wall bounce
WS - wall splat/stick
GB - ground bounce

                            |     Frames      |  Frame Advantage  |
                    Attack  | Total | Startup | On Hit | On Block | Notes
      Universal Mechanics  ---------------------------------------
                4/5/6+A+B   |  25   |    5    |   KD   |    N/A   |
              j.4/5/6+A+B   |  VB   |    4    |   KD   |    N/A   |
                  5+B+C/D   |  36   |    7    |   KD   |    -2    |
                  c.B+C/D   |  36   |    7    |   KD   |    N/A   |
                  j.B+C/D   |  VB   |    6    |   KD   |    N/A   |
                      66X   |  32   |    7    |   WS   |    -10   |
                  Normals  ---------------------------------------
                      5A    |  15   |    4    |   +0   |    +0    |
                      5AA   |  19   |    4    |   -4   |    -4    |
                      5AAA  |  19   |    4    |   -4   |    -4    |
                      5AAAA |  N/A  |    7    |   KD   |    -4    |
                      5B    |  23   |    6    |   -2   |    -4    |
                      5BB   |  N/A  |    7    |   -10  |    -12   |
                      5BBB  |  N/A  |    7    |   -4   |    -8    |
                      5C    |  36   |    12   |   KD   |    -9    |
                      5CC   |  N/A  |    20   |   KD   |    +0    |
                      c.A   |  15   |    4    |   +0   |    +0    |
                      c.B   |  25   |    7    |   -3   |    -5    |
                      c.C   |  33   |    8    |   KD   |    -10   |
                      c.CC  |  52   |    18   |   KD   |    -8    |
                      j.A   |  15   |    4    |   +0   |    +0    |
                      j.B   |  VB   |    5    |   VB   |    VB    |
                      j.C   |  VB   |    7    |   VB   |    VB    |
          Command Normals  ---------------------------------------
                       4B   |  28   |    13   |   -2   |    -4    |
                       6B   |  26   |    7    |   -4   |    -6    |
                       4C   |  42   |    27   |   KD   |    +0    |
                 Specials  ---------------------------------------
                    236+A   |  37   |    12   |   -5   |    -9    |
                    236+B   |  46   |    19   |   +3   |    -1    |
                    236+C   |  46   |    28   |   +11  |    +7    |
                  j.236+A   |  VB   |    11   |   VB   |    VB    | 14F landing recovery
                  j.236+B   |  VB   |    19   |   VB   |    VB    | 16F landing recovery
                  j.236+C   |  VB   |    27   |   VB   |    VB    | 18F landing recovery
                    214+A   |  41   |    7    |   KD   |    -3    | 
                    214+B   |  49   |    7    |   KD   |    -10   | 
                    214+C   |  45   |    7    |   KD   |    -14   |
                     22+A   |  42   |    5    |   KD   |    -15   | 
                     22+B   |  46   |    9    |   KD   |    -12   | 
                     22+C   |  50   |    13   |   KD   |    -8    | 
               EX, Supers  ---------------------------------------
                  236+D     |  26   |    9    |   KD   |    +18   | 0F invincible
                j.236+D     |  VB   |    7    |   KD   |    VB    | 0F invincible, 14F landing recovery
                  214+D     |  88   |    4    |   KD   |    -20   | 5F invincible
                   22+D     |  109  |    9    |   KD   |    -21   | 8F invincible
                  A+B+C     |  16   |    6    |   N/A  |    N/A   | 7F invincible
                  A+B+D     |  58   |    9    |   KD   |    -18   | 10F invincible


  • The real Third Reich Ahnenerbe (Ancestral Heritage Organization) was tasked with studying the German racial identity and ancient Germanic traditions and language. The agency sponsored archaeological expeditions in Germany, Scandinavia, the Middle East, Tibet, and elsewhere to search for evidence of Aryan roots, influence, and superiority. [1]

Arcade Story

  • Opening
 In the year 20XX AD a secret society, the New Order of Knights Templar, began a worldwide invasion.
 During this military operation a man from the Order's private army suddenly fainted.
 Upon regaining consciousness he murmured thus "I... am...... A... dler......".

  • VS Generic
 This body is in good condition... Reincarnation is indeed a great thing.

  • VS Valkyria
 If you are a God then I should be known as Super Adler.

  • First Interaction
 Suddenly, piercing the South Pole's permafrost, the form of a huge structure appeared.
 I heard the rumors... but I never expected such a thing being hidden.
 Oooh, it's that dear old face. You've grown a little bit, How's it going?

  • Second Interaction
 Are you Adler?... So you admirably mastered the principle of reincarnation and overcame the boundary between life and death.
 Have you come looking for answers? Don't you want to become an omniscient and omnipotent Perfecti?
 All of this wisdom lies beyond here inside "Neuland", the New World.

  • Ending
 So this means that beyond here the legacy of an extremely ancient civilization has been sleeping...
 Valkyria, I will get my hands on the wisdom of you Gods.
 Adler turned his back to the bursting incandescent magma and vanished somewhere...

Cut Content
Marilyn Dajie
Anonym Guard
System Specifics