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EN-Eins Perfektewelt/EN-Eins

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EN-Eins' official profile image


"A mysterious young boy who was standing stock-still above the rubble at the site of a large-scale cave-in incident in the Tibetan Tsangpo Canyon. A user of psychokinesis, he goes after the New Order of Knights Templar."


As the main character of the game, EN-Eins at first may seem like a shoto. However, he's much more rushdown and aggression in terms of playstyle. EN-Eins has good movement and quick frame data, with some of the easiest combos in the game. In addition, he has good tools for almost every situation you can think of. His only true weaknesses are his low defense, bad mixups, and lack of zoning capabilities. However, these aren't major, and with good play one can find ways to work around these issues. This all comes together to create one of the strongest characters in the game, while also being one of the easiest to learn.

  • Armor Ratio = 1.025 (Second lowest armor value)
  • Forward Speed = 6.0 dots/F (Second fastest unbuffed value)
  • Backwards Speed = 5.0 dots/F (Fastest unbuffed value)
  • Jump Startup = 4F (Second slowest value)
  • Backdash Duration = 23F (Fourth shortest value)


  • Good movement, including a double jump that goes full screen
  • Good frame data
  • Tools for any situation
  • Decent damage combos that he can go into from most moves
  • Easy to learn
  • Safe, long, and spammable moves
  • Cloned from God


  • Bad mixups with only one bad overhead and very reactable crossups, relies on frame traps and throws
  • Will lose the projectile war against most characters
  • Lower defensive value
  • He's a sad boy

All damage values below were tested on Akatsuki with 1.000 armor ratio, full life on both sides, and power level 0 (remember about "Health difference", "Guts", and "Power Level" systems)

Normal Moves

EE EN-Eins 5A.png
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
450 High/Low 4 +0 +0

Typical jab. Has ok range, but will whiff on some crouching characters and low profile moves. Can be used as an emergency anti-aur.

EE EN-Eins 5AA.png
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
300 High/Low 4 -3 -3

Typical 5AA, same as 5A but with more recovery and forward movement. Used in stagger strings and specific corner routes.

EE EN-Eins 5AAA.png
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
300 High/Low 7 -3 -1

An ok 5AAA, has good range and can be converted into a full combo but shouldn't really be used ever.

EE EN-Eins 5AAAA.png
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
300 High/Low 7 KD -7

Typical A finisher, knocks down but leads to nothing and has bad damage. Shouldn't be used.

EE EN-Eins 5B.png
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
950 High/Low 7 -3 -5

An energy wave with more range than it looks. Can be used as a poke or combo filler.

EE EN-Eins 5BB.png
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
300 High/Low 10 -3 -5

Typical 5BB for combo filler and confirming.

EE EN-Eins 5BBB.png
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
300 High/Low 6 KD -8

A better B finisher than most since it knocks down, but still shouldn't ever be used.

EE EN-Eins 5C.png
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
1450 High/Low 10 KD -5

EN-Eins' main anti-air. Despite how it looks, it also hits crouching opponents. Can lead to juggles if it hits high up opponents.

EE EN-Eins 5CC.png
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
400 High 20 KD -8

A typical C finisher. Hits overhead like most, but is slower than others. Doesn't have much use since it's a worse ender than rekkas or DP.

EE EN-Eins 2A.png
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
350 High/Low 4 +0 +0

Typical 2A, has decent range.

EE EN-Eins 2A.png
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
200 High/Low 4 -3 -3

Same as 2A with more recovery.

EE EN-Eins 2B.png
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
750 Low 5 -4 -6

Incredibly good normal. Hits low while having above-average reach. On top of that, it low profiles for most of its duration. Its hitbox and low profile also mean it reliably anti-airs, making it incredibly valuable for countering jump in reflectors. Great poke to throw out in neutral, especially since it can be buffered into 214A for a full combo.

EE EN-Eins 2C.png
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
1150 Low 10 KD -14

OK sweep. Has slightly more range than 2B but is very unsafe. There aren't many situations you'd want to use it where 2B wouldn't do the job better.

EE EN-Eins j.A.png
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
472.5 High 4 VB VB

OK for air to air situations but almost impossible to land with.

EE EN-Eins j.B.png
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
997.5 High 6 VB VB

EN-Eins' crossup aerial. Outside of that utility, there's not much use for it compared to j.C.

EE EN-Eins j.C.png
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
1522.5 High 9 VB VB

One of the best jump-ins in the game. Has a massive hitbox that works great for landing and air to airs. Used often in neutral.

Command Normals

ENテレポートアッパー - EN Teleport Upper
EE EN-Eins 6C 1.png
EE EN-Eins 6C 2.png
EE EN-Eins 6C 3.png
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
1200 High/Low 40 KD -13

EN-Eins teleports behind the opponent and does a high launching uppercut. If the opponent is in corner or it's done too far from the opponent, the move won't side switch. While it looks cool and leads to good combos, this move is basically useless. The startup is completely silent but it takes so horrendously long to hit that it's more likely to be interrupted or blocked. On top of that, it's incredibly unsafe so every character gets a full punish on block. The crossup isn't even that effective because of auto-block. Might work if it catches an opponent literally sleeping.

Special Moves

ENパイロキネシス - EN Pyrokinesis
EE EN-Eins 236A.png
Dab on the haters
Dab on the haters
EE EN-Eins 236D.png
- - - - -

An SNK-style ground projectile. Not amazing, but can occasionally help in neutral.

Version Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
A 900 High/Low 10 -5 -9
  • The slowest moving version, can be followed behind.
B 1000 High/Low 13 -1 -5
  • Faster moving projectile.
  • Can be used to pressure an opponent at long range but is more often used for ending blockstrings due to its safety.
C 1035 (600 x 2) High/Low 16 KD -10
  • C version launches both the A and B projectile in quick succession.
  • Theoretically provides both functions of the two above, but the large amount of recovery makes that unviable.
  • Mainly used for OTG damage
EX 2429~ (1400 + 1400) High/Low 10 KD Safe
  • EN-Eins makes a geyser of fire, then throws it at his opponent.
  • 4F of invincibility
  • Wall bounces on hit, used for 2 bar combos in midscreen.
  • Can be used after a DP on block but this is a knowledge check. The first hit comes out immediately but there's a gap before the second hit, allowing the opponent to reflect and punish the move.
ENレヴィスラッシャー - EN Levi-Slasher
EE EN-Eins j.236A.png
Aerial dab
Aerial dab
EE EN-Eins j.236D 2.png
- - - - -

A bizarre move that's hard to find uses for. EN-Eins creates an energy blade, then flies forward to hit the opponent before flying back. Doesn't have much use, as its not good for landing and leaves EN-Eins in a counter hit state for the entire recovery. Most of the time it's minus on hit. Can be used to end air to air confirms but landing and going for an extension of just using j.C is always better. All versions have 9F of landing lag.

Version Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
A 800 High/Low 11 KD VB
  • Lowest damaging version, has almost no forwards movement.
B 900 High/Low 13 KD VB
  • Does better damage than A version and goes forward farther.
C 1000 High/Low 15 KD VB
  • Does the most damage and covers the most distance.
  • Can be hard to punish for a few characters, but not most.
EX 1864 (800 x 3) High/Low 7 KD VB
  • Hits three times while having extra blockstun
  • Low damage for an EX move
  • 6F of invincibility.
  • Can be used to make an otherwise unsafe 22X mostly safe on block, unless you're in corner.
  • Can be used after a 22C on a grounded opponent to add extra OTG damage
ENテレポートレイダー - EN Teleport Raider
214+A/B/C/D > Same button > Same button
EE EN-Eins 214A.png
A version
A version
EE EN-Eins 214B.png
B version
B version
EE EN-Eins 214C.png
C version
C version
EE EN-Eins 214D 2.png
Welcome to the clone zone
Welcome to the clone zone
EE EN-Eins 214D 1.png
- - - - -

EN-Eins' rekka. This is his main combo tool and one of his most important moves. It's used in almost all of his confirms and pressure. Each rekka is unique and has its own properties and distinct uses. Any hit on any rekka can be super canceled, allowing for easy confirms. When doing a follow-up rekka on block, it takes significantly longer to come out than on hit. This makes them harder to stagger with since opponents have enough time to whiff a jab and still block a follow-up, although this can still catch heavier buttons. You cannot switch between rekka versions mid rekka, you're locked onto the one you started with.

Version Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
A 800 High/Low 11 KD -6
  • EN-Eins leaps forward and thrusts out his palm
  • Most used version, it leads to easy high damage combos, side switch combos, and is safe on block at most ranges, making it a good buffer and blockstring ender.
  • Can link into 2A in corner, leading to high damage juggles.
A > A 600 High/Low VB KD VB
  • Combo filler. Usually canceled into 22D.
A > A > A 700 High/Low VB KD VB
  • Finisher for meterless combos, won't see use otherwise.
B 700 High/Low 13 KD -17
  • EN-Eins leaps forward with a high hitting kick.
  • Has a decent anti-air hitbox and can even lead to juggles on higher up opponents, but is a bit slow and hard to space.
  • Whiffs on crouching opponents, so while it leads to slightly more damage than 214A, it doesn't get used as often.
  • Mainly finds use in reflector combos where you know it will always hit.
  • Less consistent in juggles than 214A.
B > B 700 High/Low VB KD VB
  • Pure combo filler. Untechable for some reason so it's often used for side switch combos.
B > B > B 800 High/Low VB KD VB
  • Finisher when 214B > B doesn't drop, normally canceled into 214BC.
C 800 High 20 KD -18
  • EN-Eins leaps up and does a slow overhead kick.
  • EN-Eins' only overhead besides 5CC.
  • Not great as while the startup sounds fast, the animation is very obvious. On top of that, it's incredibly unsafe.
  • Leads
C > C 800 High/Low VB KD VB
  • Mainly combo filler.
  • Wallbounces, and because 214C is so unsafe, you actually use this sometimes.
C > C > C 900 High/Low VB KD VB
  • Ground bounces, making it a workable starter. Can also be canceled into 22BC for ending a combo.
EX 3244 (1200 x 5) High/Low 11 KD -12
  • EN-Eins dash forwards with energy, then teleports around while hitting the opponent.
  • 7F of invincibility.
  • Untechable for some reason
  • Used as a combo ender when22BC wouldn't work. However, the oki and damage is worse.
  • Has very little whiff recovery so it can be used after 22C for extensions.
  • Can reaction punish some moves but it's on the slower end for that kind of utility.
ENレヴィテイター - EN Levitator
22+A/B/C/D > A/B/C
EE EN-Eins 22A.png
EE EN-Eins 22XA.png
A followup
A followup
EE EN-Eins 22XB.png
B followup
B followup
EE EN-Eins 22XC.png
C followup
C followup
EE EN-Eins 22D 2.png
EX version
EX version
- - - - -

EN-Eins' DP. One of the few meterless reversals in the game as well as a good combo tool. It has three-followups, but these can only be done on hit.

Version Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
A 1000 High/Low 4 KD -25
  • EN-Eins flies straight up with psychic energy.
  • Weakest version. Invincible 3F.
  • Used for extra OTG when 236C wouldn't work. Also will catch some fake safejumps.
  • Can be used to anti-air but the hitbox isn't great.
B 1100 High/Low 5 KD -36
  • EN-Eins slides along the ground a little before flying up.
  • Least used version as it lacks the speed of 22A and the range of 22C.
  • Invincible 4F.
C 1200 High/Low 6 KD -48
  • EN-Eins slides along the ground about half the screen before flying upwards.
  • Invincible 5F
  • Goes really far really fast, allowing it to catch distanced meaties, go through projectiles, and punish normally safe options.
  • Used for for extra damage on OTG when combined with the B followup to reduce the recovery and side switch
  • Launches opponents incredibly high, meaning that when combined with 214D or 236D, it can lead to extensions.
A/B/C > A 600 High/Low NA NA NA
  • Kicks opponent down into the ground.
  • Used when when the move hits and you don't want to cross-up, or when using 22A for the OTG damage.
A/B/C > B 600 High/Low NA NA NA
  • Same as the A follow-up but it teleports behind the opponent before kicking them down.
  • Tracks the opponent, meaning if you use it while an opponent is on the ground, EN-Eins will teleport to the ground to hit the opponent. This allows you to greatly reduce the recovery and get extra OTG damage.
  • It will whiff on OTG unless the opponent is in corner, but will still reduce the recovery.
A/B/C > C 600 High/Low NA NA NA
  • EN-Eins does an aerial turn kick, sending the opponent flying away.
  • Gives most corner carry of EN-Eins' meterless combo moves, so it can be used for that. Also can be used to create space between you and the opponent.
EX 3530 (1200 x 6) High/Low 5 -48 -
  • EN-Eins hits the opponent with a levitator, then unleashes an air combo before hitting them down.
  • Has 7F of invincibility.
  • Untechable for some reason
  • EN-Eins' main meter finisher as it does good damage and leads to assured OTG damage. Since it's considered a hit grab, it always will get full the connect.

Universal Mechanics


Forward Throw
EE EN-Eins A+B.png
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
2500 N/A 5 KD N/A

EN-Eins grabs the opponent and shocks them. For no apparent reason it does 500 more damage than average. Due to this extra damage EN-Eins' tick throws are more dangerous than the rest of the cast. However, the oki afterwards is mediocre.

Air Throw
EE EN-Eins Air Throw.png
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
2000 N/A 3 KD N/A

EN-Eins grabs the opponent and kicks them into the ground. This throw cannot be ground teched. Can be comboed into OTG 22A if gotten close enough to the ground.


Standing Reflector
EE EN-Eins Standing Reflector.png
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
800 High/Low - KD -

Average standing reflector. Mainly used to combo into 214B.

Crouching Reflector
EE EN-Eins Crouching Reflector.png
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
600 N/A - KD N/A

Relatively big crouching reflector. Also mainly used to combo into 214B.

Jumping Reflector
EE EN-Eins Jump Reflector.png
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
700 N/A - KD N/A

Relatively big air reflector. Kicks opponent into the ground with a ground bounce. Can be used to go into a full air juggle.

Dash Attack

EE EN-Eins 66X.png
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
1000 High/Low 7 KD -9

Average dash attack. Has good range and is pretty active, but there's very few situations where this is useful over another option.

Super Moves

ENサイコキネシス - EN Psychokinesis
EE EN-Eins A+B+C 1.png
EE EN-Eins A+B+C 2.png
Aye, that's the game's logo
Aye, that's the game's logo
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
5040 (1200 + (1000 x 10)) High/Low 12 KD Safe

EN-Eins hits the opponent with a beam, then takes control of their body and lifts them into the air, before exploding(?) them.

  • 14F of invincibility.
  • OK for a level 3, has good range and many ways to confirm into it.
  • Does good damage and scales well since it's a multi-hit.
  • Won't be used much in favor of just doing a typical combo with 22BC/D and 214BC/D, but it's cool to end games with.
ENエクスキューショナー - EN Executioner
EE EN-Eins Executioner 1.png
EE EN-Eins Executioner 2.png
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
5850 (3000 + 3000) High/Low 10 KD -34

EN-Eins creates a levitator in his hand and hits the opponent with it twice.

  • 11F of invincibility.
  • A weaker Kanzen Shinsatsu. It's not especially fast or safe while dealing an average amount of damage.
  • Despite it not being the greatest Kanzen Shinsatsu, he has consistent confirms into it with his 236BC/D. Still, this is rarely useful.

General Strategy


EN-Eins has a very strong neutral, as his very good movement combined with fast, long ranged normals gives him very good footsies. His best normals in the neutral are 2B, 5B, and '5C', all of which have good range and good frame data. Having a projectile helps him out a lot too, as it allows him to apply pressure and cover an approach. Finally, 214A can be thrown out from time to time, as its completely safe on block, and leads to good damage if it hits. Good neutral with EN-Eins generally requires a good balance of his double jump, 2B, 5B, 214A, and 236X.

Combo Game

EN-Eins has a very strong combo game. EN-Eins has 4K-6K combos from any part of the screen, which normally end with 22D, which is untechable, leading to extra OTG damage and an assured oki situation. Making it even stronger is that, while he has his fair share of hard and complicated combos, you can very easily get by with his easier combos, as they still deal good damage and give an oki situation. His only weakness combo wise is that his meterless combos are relatively low damage. However, because meter builds up so fast in EE and EN-Eins is particularly good at building meter, he rarely doesn't have meter to burn. This gives him some of the best combo game in the cast, only being beaten by a few other characters like Sai and Adler who have good meterless combos.

Offensive Pressure

EN-Eins, while not having great mix, has pretty good offensive pressure. A lot of EN-Eins' pressure comes from the fact that his block strings are completely unpunishable except in specific situations, since he can always end a block string with 214A, which is -3 on block, and he can't be hit by a frame 3 move since it pushes opponents too far away from him. This basically means that once he gets in, he can keep pressuring opponents repeatedly, and while his mix isn't the best, if someone's stuck blocking too long eventually they'll get hit by a 2B or a 214C if he decides to go for a mixup and eat a full combo. This makes his offensive, while certainly not the best, very strong in its own right.


EN-Eins doesn't have the greatest okizeme options, due to his mix not being particularly good. However, he can still mixup 2B and 214C on oki to make the opponent guess low or high, or just like any other character, he can go for a throw. More often though, EN-Eins players will mash 2As and then go into either 2B or 214C from there. Additionally, EN-Eins can just do a regular block string that's safe if he wants. Overall, this means his oki is one of his only weaker aspects, but its still alright.

Reversal Options

EN-Eins has some very good reversal options, mainly due to his DP. EN-Eins' can do 22C on wakeup, and if it hits, he can do 236BC to convert into full combo. However, making this stronger is that if the opponent block the 22C, he can still do 236BC and it will be safe since 236BC is safe on block. Additionally, if you're too slow and you go into the air, then you can do j.236BC which is also safe on block. And if a player wants to, they can do A+B+C as a more risky reversal, although there's no good reason to do this. This all gives EN-Eins very strong and very safe reversal options, which adds to what makes him such a strong character.


Overall, EN-Eins is one of, if not the strongest character in the game, with very good neutral, very strong combos, ok mix, and very stroing reversal options. This makes it so that there's no aspect of gameplay EN-Eins is particularly bad at, and in addition to this, he's not that hard to play either.

Other Resources


On the A+B+D combos, the timing on activating Kanzen Sekai needs to be very tight in order to get the correct launch angle. Damage numbers not listed due to variability. Additionally, A+B+C can be implemented into almost every combo, but isn't listed as such to be concise.

Combo Starters

  • 5A/2A > 5B/2B (> 5BB)
Basic starters for most of his combos, although 2B tends to be the one used the most.
  • 214C
EN-Eins' only standing overhead combo starter, although it only combos into itself after the first hit.
  • 6C
The cross up launcher, rarely hits but leads to good damage when it does.
  • Anti-Air 5C
Doesn't lead to much but good to know what you can get from it.

Midscreen Combos

  • Starter > 214A > A > (A) OR (22BC/D > (22C > B for side switch) OR (236C for same side))
EN-Eins basic midscreen combo. Can add on 1 bar for 22BC/D to heavily increase the damage. 22BC/D gives a hard knockdown so it leads to assured OTG damage.
  • Starter > 214B > B > B (> 214BC/D)
Another basic combo, although it does slightly more damage meterless. Can add a bar to use 214BC/D, although this does less damage than the above combo due to 22BC/D adding a ton of damage. 214BC/D also gives a hard knockdown but launches the opponent too far away to lead to much.
  • Starter > 214B > B > 236B
Meterless side switch combo. Does low damage but is useful for when you need it.
  • Starter > 22C > (B) OR (C) OR (22BC/D > (22C > B for side switch) OR (236C for same side))
The C follow-up gives the most corner carry of his meterless combos but does low damage and launches the opponent far away from him, not a great combo option. The B follow-up gives a side switch, which has its uses, but still not a preferred combo. Can also be comboed into 22BC/D if inputted quickly enough to increase the damage a good amount.
  • Starter > 22C > 214BC/D (Whiff) > 5B > 214B > B > B (> 214BC/D)
High damage one bar side switch combo. 214BC/D can be added to the end although it's not very meter efficient.
  • 214C > C > C > 22BC/D > (22C > B for side switch) OR (236C for staying same side)
Overhead starter combo. The only possible combo to get from 214C besides just doing it meterless, even in corner.
  • 6C > j.A > j.B > 5BB > 214B > B > B (> 214BC/D)
Main 6C conversion. Does high damage but is somewhat difficult. Can add a meter for 214BC/D.
  • Anti-Air 5C > 22C > (B) OR (214BC/D)
Anti-air combo, the opponent needs to be somewhat close to you for the 22C to connect but does very high damage when a bar is added on, but can be risky.
  • Anti-Air 5C > 2B > 214A > A > (A) OR (22BC/D > (22C > B for side switch) OR (236C for same side))
More advanced anti-air combo, and can only be done if close enough to the opponent when 5C hits or versus Blitztank.
  • Anti-Air 22A > 2B > 214A > A > (A) OR (22BC/D > (22C > B for side switch) OR (236C for same side))
A combo for the odd occasion you get an anti-air 22A. Needs to hit the opponent while they're pretty high up to get the combo to work.
  • Starter > 22C > 214BC/D > 5B > 214B > B > B (> 214BC/D)
A fairly high damage but harder meter combo, that can also have another meter spent on it to do even more damage. For one bar it is pretty damage to meter spent efficient, although important to note, this combo side switches.
  • Starter > 22C > 236BC/D > 214A > A > (A) OR (22BC/D > (22A for same side) OR (22C > B for side switch))
More advanced meter conversion. Not really worth going for unless you're going to spend the second meter for 22BC/D, which causes it to deal high damage. The opponent is in launch state long enough that after the hard knockdown from 22D, they won't stay in OTG long enough to combo into 236C.
  • Starter > 214B > B > B > A+B+C
Highest damaging option for using A+B+C in midscreen. Does less damage than going for the above two bar conversion so not really worth it, but is cool to end a match with. A+B+C also gives a hard knockdown but puts the opponent too far away to allow for anything.
  • Starter > 22C > 236BC/D > A+B+D > A+B+D
Very advanced Kanzen Shinsatsu combo. As mentioned timing the Kanzen Sekai after 236BC/D can be very difficult, and this also isn't especially rewarding when you get it. However, it's really cool, and can be used to style on an opponent. Only real situation where it's the best option is when it would kill and you don't have enough meter to do the two bar conversion.
  • Starter > 214A > A > 236BC/D > A+B+D > A+B+D
An alternative the the other Kanzen Shinsatsu combo, although it's slightly more difficult. Does around the same amount of damage and has the same uses.

Corner Combos

  • Starter > 214A > 2A > 5B > 5BB > 214A > A > A
Typical meterless corner extension, 214A can be comboed into 2A' in corner leading to most corner combos. Doesn't deal a huge amount of damage but is important to know since most of his corner combos stem from this.
  • Starter > 214A > 2A > 5B > 5BB > 214A > A > 22D > 22C > B
Relatively easy corner meter combo. The same as the meterless one but with 22D added. In corner, the B follow-up to 22X will hit the opponent on OTG rather than whiffing like normal, allowing for slightly more damage, although EN-Eins can't get a safe jump when this is done.
  • Starter > 214A > 2A > 5AA > 2A > 5AA > 2B > 214A > A > 22BC/D > 22C > B
Slightly higher damaging combo route than the one above. Not much harder to do.
  • Starter > 214A > 2A > 5A > 5B > 236B > 2A > 2B > 22C > 22BC/D > 22C > B
More advanced but higher damaging corner route. Does only a bit more damage than the above route so not worth trying for if you're not consistent with it.
  • Starter > 22C > 214BC/D > 5A > 5B > 236A > 5A > 5B > 5BB > 214A > A > 22BC/D > 22C > B
Advanced two bar corner combo. Not especially difficult but isn't easy. Does high damage so it is worth learning, but you can get by with the one bar conversions.
  • Starter > 22C > 214BC/D > 5A > j.A > j.B > j.C > 2A > 2A > 2B > 22C > 22BC/D > 22C > B
Very advanced two bar corner combo. One of EN-Eins' hardest corner routes, but also his second highest damaging combo. Not exactly worth learning due to it's high difficulty along with it only dealing somewhat more damage than the other two bar route, but it feels great to pull off.
  • Starter > 22C > 214BC/D > 5A > 66X (> j.A > j.B > j.C) > (5A > 5B > 22C > B) OR (22C > 22BC/D > 22A for same side) OR (22C > B for side switch))
An alternative corner meter route, also pretty advanced. If you can get the aerial chain then it will deal very good damage, but otherwise isn't really worth it.
  • 6C > 66X > j.A > j.B > j.C > 2A > 5B > 5BB > 22C > B
A combo for the rare situation where you get 6C at or near corner. Does high damage if you land it.
  • Starter > 214A > 2A > 5B > 5BB > 214A > A > A+B+C > 22C > B
Optimal A+B+C corner combo. His highest damaging combo, but not very meter efficient, best used for closing out a match or styling on the opponent.
  • Starter > 22C > 236BC/D > A+B+D > 2A > A+B+D
Corner Kanzen Shinsatsu combo. Slightly more difficult than the midscreen ones while doing slightly more damage, but still not worth it unless there's no better options.

Far Side of Screen Combos

  • Starter > 22C > 214BC/D (Whiff) > 5A > 66X > j.A > j.B > j.C > 5A > 5A > 22C > (B) OR (22D > 22C > B)
Advanced side switch combo to use when EN-Eins is getting pressured in the corner. Very tight combo but absolutely worth the damage and side switch when there's an opportunity to do it.
  • Starter > 22C > 214BC/D > 22C > 236BC/D > A+B+D > 2B > A+B+D
Two bar side switch Kanzen Shinsatsu combo. The hardest and highest damaging of the Kanzen Shinsatsu routes, but still not really worth it outside of closing a round.

Reflector Combos

  • Reflector > 214B > B > B > 214BC/D
The general reflector combo for any reflector in any situation.
  • Corner Reflector > 2B > 236B > 2A > 5B > 5BB > 214A > A > 22BC/D > 22C > B
A somewhat difficult combo for if you get a grounded reflector on the opponent in corner. Does pretty high damage for a reflector combo.
  • Air Corner Reflector > 5B > 236A > 5A > 5B > 5BB > 214A > A > 22BC/D > 22C > B
A difficult combo for the rare occasion you get an air reflector with the opponent in corner. Does very high damage for a reflector combo, but you will rarely get an opportunity to use it.

Frame Data

KD - Knockdown
VB - Variable
*UV - value(s) marked with "?" in the table is/are unverified
x~yF - a period from frame "x" till frame "y"
N/A - not applicable
WB - wall bounce
WS - wall splat/stick
GB - ground bounce

                                |     Frames      |  Frame Advantage  |
                        Attack  | Total | Startup | On Hit | On Block | Notes
        Throws and Reflectors  ---------------------------------------
                    4/5/6+A+B   |  32   |    5    |   KD   |    N/A   |
                  j.4/5/6+A+B   |  VB   |    4    |   KD   |    N/A   |
                      5+B+C/D   |  36   |    7    |   KD   |    -2    |
                      c.B+C/D   |  36   |    7    |   KD   |    N/A   |
                      j.B+C/D   |  VB   |    6    |   KD   |    N/A   |
                          66X   |  32   |    7    |   WS   |    -10   |
                      Normals  ---------------------------------------
                          5A    |  15   |    4    |   +0   |    +0    |
                          5AA   |  19   |    4    |   -3   |    -3    |
                          5AAA  |  25   |    7    |   -1   |    -3    |
                          5AAAA |  30   |    7    |   KD   |    -7    |
                          5B    |  26   |    7    |   -3   |    -5    |
                          5BB   |  29   |    10   |   -3   |    -5    |
                          5BBB  |  30   |    6    |   KD   |    -8    |
                          5C    |  31   |    10   |   KD   |    -5    | 
                          5CC   |  54   |    23   |   KD   |    -8    |
                          c.A   |  15   |    4    |   +0   |    +0    |
                          c.B   |  25   |    5    |   -4   |    -6    |
                          c.C   |  40   |    10   |   KD   |    -14   |
                          j.A   |  VB   |    4    |   VB   |    VB    |
                          j.B   |  VB   |    6    |   VB   |    VB    |
                          j.C   |  VB   |    9    |   VB   |    VB    |
              Command Normals  ---------------------------------------
                           6C   |  49   |    20   |   KD   |    -13   |
                     Specials  ---------------------------------------
                        236+A   |  44   |    10   |   -5   |    -9    |
                        236+B   |  43   |    13   |   -1   |    -5    |
                        236+C   |  61   |    16   |   KD   |    -10   |
                      j.236+A   |  VB   |    11   |   KD   |    VB    | 6F landing lag
                      j.236+B   |  VB   |    13   |   KD   |    VB    | 6F landing lag
                      j.236+C   |  VB   |    15   |   KD   |    VB    | 6F landing lag
                        214+A   |  32   |    11   |   KD   |    -6    | 
                    214+A > A   |  32   |    VB   |   KD   |    -18   | 
                214+A > A > A   |  32   |    VB   |   KD   |    -17   | 
                        214+B   |  46   |    13   |   KD   |    -18   | 
                    214+B > B   |  46   |    VB   |   KD   |    -17   | 
                214+B > B > B   |  46   |    VB   |   KD   |    -11   | 
                        214+C   |  54   |    20   |   GB   |    -14   | 
                    214+C > C   |  54   |    20   |   WB   |    -11   |
                214+C > C > C   |  54   |    20   |   KD   |    -18   |
                         22+A   |  44   |    4    |   KD   |    -25   | 3F invincible
                         22+B   |  56   |    5    |   KD   |    -36   | 4F invincible
                         22+C   |  69   |    6    |   KD   |    -48   | 5F invincible
               EX, Supers  ---------------------------------------
                      236+D     |  96   |    10   |   WB   |   Safe   | 0F invincible
                    j.236+D     |  VB   |    7    |   KD   |    VB    | 0F invincible, 6F landing lag
                      214+D     |  37   |    11   |   KD   |    -12   | 7F invincible
                       22+D     |  67   |    5    |   KD   |    -48   | 7F invincible
                      A+B+C     |  39   |    12   |   KD   |   Safe   | 14F invincible
                      A+B+D     |  77   |    10   |   KD   |    -34   | 11F invincible


  • Stylistically, many of EN-Eins' moves seem to be based off of Iori from the KoF series.

Arcade Story

  • Opening
 In the year 20XX AD in the Tibetan Tsangpo Canyon, there was a large-scale cave-in incident.
 There was only a young boy who stood above the rubble, his name was En-Eins.
 "This voice calling me... I have no choice but to go that place".

  • VS Generic
 Superhuman? (*1) No... We are nothing more than humans like all of you.

  • VS Perfecti, Valkyria
 Isn't it the culmination of isolation?

  • First Interaction
 Energeia Eins (*2), the "Form of God's Reality". How admirable of you to come.
 By taking the place of the legacy that sleeps here you will become God.
 Sorry to disappoint... I won't do as you wish.

  • Second Interaction
 EN-Eins... Why do you oppose the world that is to become yours?
 The archaic humans have certainly fulfilled their role... but that is not a pretext for their obliteration.
 Such failure... well then, you shall be disposed right here together with the archaic humans. (*3)

  • Ending
 The New World, "Neuland"...
 The Gods legacy is sleeping below here.
 I am alone... all my brothers from the experiments are dead...
 At least I can live on with the remaining people.
 EN-Eins crushed the permafrost and the incandescent magma poured underground.
  • Translation Notes
  • (*1) In his victory quote EN-Eins uses 超人 (choujin) (1) superman; (2) Übermensch (Nietzsche's ideal man of the future) [1]. I used superhuman since EN-Eins explains that his kind is not above humanity (they're just an evolved form). But in Japanese there's the added reference to Nietzsche's Übermensch.
  • (*2) Perfecti refers to EN-Eins as Energeia Ein. エネルゲイア = Energeia, from Aristotle's principles of Potentiality (δύναμις, dunamis) and Actuality (ενέργεια, energeia and ἐντελέχεια, entelecheia). [2]
  • (*3) The term Valkyria uses to refer to humanity is 旧人 (kyuujin) paleo-anthropic man (e.g. Neanderthal) I felt it was too technical and used Archaic human as more general term. [3]

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