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Cut Content in EN-Eins Perfektewelt

EN-Eins Perfektewelt, despite being a fully function and finished game, has its fair share of content that was cut at some point in development that remains in the code. This includes a song, characters, and colors for these characters. None of these can be accessed by normal means, and require the use of Cheat Engine in order to use them.


Mycale's theme, Transmigration, is still in the game, although it will never play without hacking the game. The song is exactly the same as it is in ABK, and seems to have only been cut since Mycale was also cut from the roster.


There's a surprisingly high number of characters left in the code. Most of them are simply AA iterations of a character, but one is a full-fledged unfinished character. Every single character also has their own set of six colors. By going through the code, it was found that every character in the cast had a code name, presumably during development, including the unusable ones. For reference, these are all the code names (these are ordered the same way they are in the code, which is presumably by the order they were developed since this ordering of characters is consistent across every part of the code).

Code Name | Character
    AKA   | Akatsuki
    MAR   | Marilyn Dajie
    ANO   | Anonym (not Anonym Guard)
    KAN   | Kanae
    FRI   | Fritz
    SAI   | Sai
    WEI   | Dawei
    SOL   | Elektrosoldat
    ADL   | Adler
    MUR   | Murakumo
    MYC   | AA Mycale
    PER   | Perfecti
    TAN   | Blitztank
    LUF   | Tempelritter
    DEN   | Unknown Character (Robo Akatsuki)
    KAT   | Kati
    PSY   | EN-Eins
    UFO   | AA Blitztank
    MY2   | AA Mycale again
    BAR   | Valkyria (Final Boss)
    AN2   | Anonym Guard

Judging by the way the characters are ordered and named, it seems that the original Anonym was made early on in development, with Anonym Guard being a last minute change. Interestingly, when the original Anonym is played, her model is the same as Anonym Guard's, just with her original colors, rather than her AA model. However, she lacks any of the additions in EE, such as a dash attack or a double jump, and her attacks and animations are all the same as her AA incarnation, rather than being like Anonym Guard's. Anonym Guard's positioning in turn suggests she was a last minute addition, or at least added late in development, as she was developed after Valkyria. However, as stated, Anonym lacks Anonym Guard's attacks and animations, so its a bit unclear what happened. Differences in the images below are because they're in different states of their idle animation.

Original Anonym in EE.
Anonym Guard's model for reference.

Weirdly, despite not being in the game, Mycale has two appearances in the code. Additionally, both of them are identical, and are just the AA version of Mycale. Her placement seems to suggest she was considered for a full character at some point, and her song being in the game may also suggest that. However, she has even less progress on her than Anonym does, as while Anonym has a unique model and the D button functions with her, Mycale is just straight up the AA version, and doesn't even function with the D button. Seems to suggest she was dropped fairly early on, or was just added to serve as a reference for Kati or something like that. As for why there's two Mycales, that's unknown.

Both Mycales in the code. Their animations are all identical.

The AA Blitztank in the code is a complete mystery. It has the code name "UFO", but whether that literally means "Unidentified Flying Object" or is short for something is unknown. Maybe its possible there was going to be another Blitz machine in the game, maybe a flying one, but its all just guesses. It's completely unchanged from the AA version.

AA Blitztank in EE. Has no apparent differences from the AA version.

Unknown Character

The unknown cut character, better known in the community as Robo Akatsuki, is by far the most interesting of the cut characters from EE. He's not a returning character from AA, and the coding order suggests he started development during the same time period as the other new characters. Most of his sprites are reused from Akatsuki, and seem like placeholders, as many of them are functionally different from the move it uses the animation of. He also has his own sprites, and while they are few, they seem to be fairly detailed. Its unknown what his code name means. Its been suggested that maybe DEN is short for "Denko", lightning in Japanese, but nothing is certain. He also has a working moveset (see below), with double jumps, a dash attack, and a full set of specials. He's practically a fully functional character, with the only things missing being his own sprites.

How Robo Akatsuki looks in game. His idle animation only has one sprite.
How Robo-Akatsuki looks on the character select screen.


  • This doesn't have frame data or damage, as he won't ever really be played, but this is all his moves
  • Normals
  • 5A - Uses Akatsuki's 5A

EE Robo Akatsuki 5A.png

  • 5AA - Uses Akatsuki's 5AA

EE Robo Akatsuki 5AA.png

  • 5AAA - Uses Akatsuki's 5AAA

EE Robo Akatsuki 5AAA.png

  • 5AAAA - Uses Akatsuki close 5B with a unique effect

EE Robo Akatsuki 5AAAA.png

  • 5B - Somewhat unique animation. Borrows sprite work from Akatsuki's 66X but has some of its own

EE Robo Akatsuki 5B.png

  • 5BB - Uses Akatsuki's close 5C

EE Robo Akatsuki 5BB.png

  • 5BBB - Unique punching animation

EE Robo Akatsuki 5BBB.png

  • 5C - Uses Akatsuki's 5C

EE Robo Akatsuki 5C.png

  • 5CC - Uses Akatsuki's 5CC

EE Robo Akatsuki 5CC.png

  • 2A - Uses Akatsuki's 2A

EE Robo Akatsuki 2A.png

  • 2AA - Uses Akatsuki's 2AA

EE Robo Akatsuki 2AA.png

  • 2B - Uses Akatsuki's close 5B

EE Robo Akatsuki 2B.png

  • 2C - Uses Akatsuki's 2C. Pressing C again will do 5BBB, making it the only 2C with an autocombo chain. It can only do this when used raw, not when used in a chain.

EE Robo Akatsuki 2C.png

  • j.A - Uses Akatsuki's 66X

EE Robo Akatsuki jump A.png

  • j.B - Uses Akatsuki's first attack in chesto, or 214A

EE Robo Akatsuki jump B.png

  • j.C - Uses Adler's j.C

EE Robo Akatsuki jump C.png

  • Command Normals
  • 6B - Like Akatsuki's far 5B but he steps forward, making it a step kick. Can't be canceled out of. Functionally similar to Adler's 6B. Can be linked into the throw input for a kara throw.

EE Robo Akatsuki 6B.png

  • 6C - Like Akatsuki's 6B, but it doesn't ground bounce. Instead, if you press C again, he does the 5BBB animation. Low reward overhead.

EE Robo Akatsuki 6C.png

  • j.2C - A unique animation. A divekick that goes really high up, before coming down. Crosses up on block and knocks down on hit. Generally is punishable by jabs on block.

EE Robo Akatsuki jump 2C.png

  • Specials
  • 236 - This move is actually a reference to the Tekken Mist Step. When you input 236, you slide forward. From the slide you can either do an attack with A, B, C, or D, or you can hit back to go into 214 (see below), or hit down to cancel it into nothing. Because his hurtbox is so small during the slide, he can avoid most attacks in the game while he does it, including most projectiles. The cancel could presumably be used to catch scared opponents off guard with a throw.

EE Robo Akatsuki 236.png

  • 236A - This move is literally the Wind God Fist. An uppercut that launches. Depending on your timing, it'll either launch relatively low, and lead into a mediocre combo, or launch really high with a spinning launch, as well as having less recovery. This leads into a bigger combo. Second image is normal, third image is the strong version.

EE Robo Akatsuki 236A 1.png EE Robo Akatsuki 236A 2.png EE Robo Akatsuki 236A 3.png

  • 236B - Ghetto Devil Sweep. Robo Akatsuki does a low kick, then if B is pressed again he does another low hitting kick that knocks down. Either hit can be canceled into an EX move. Presumably would be used for stagger mixups and high lows in tandem with 236C.

EE Robo Akatsuki 236B 1.png Second hit

  • 236C - Does the second and third attack in Akatsuki's 214C. The second hit is an overhead. Presumably to be used in mixups in tandem with 236B. Also a useful combo ender in midscreen.

EE Robo Akatsuki 236C 1.png EE Robo Akatsuki 236C 2.png

  • 236 EX - Jumps up and does an extra strong j.2C. Time is frozen for a good amount of time during the startup of the move, so it comes out much faster than it appears. Not fully invincible on startup but because he moves so far back and upwards it'll avoid most moves and punish them. Can be used as a combo ender or long-range punisher.

EE Robo Akatsuki 236D.png

  • 214 - Similar to 236, 214 causes Robo Akatsuki to slide backwards, from which he can hit A, B, C, or D for an attack. However, this doesn't slide as far as 236, and you can't hit down to cancel it or forward to go into 236. He doesn't low profile during it like in 236.

EE Robo Akatsuki 214.png

  • 214A - A short forward dash with a reflector. Basically a way to get a reflector in when an opponent does a laggy or predictable move, but you're not in range to reflect it. Also possibly could be used to punish a bait, since 214 already goes backwards, and this move goes forwards a bit. On activation, it does a unique reflector attack that isn't his standing or crouching reflector. This leads to a decent combo.

EE Robo Akatsuki 214A.png

  • 214B - Uses the same animation as 5BBB. A dash forward punch. Not very good, as it has years of recovery and doesn't do great damage. Possibly could be used for whiff punishing by doing 236 into 214 to bait an attack.

EE Robo Akatsuki 214B.png

  • 214C - Presumably Robo Akatsuki's main combo finisher. Does six hits so it scales well and seems incredibly safe on block. Doesn't dash forward so it can't be used like 214A/B for a punish and it's hard to route into in midscreen, but very good otherwise. Leads to combo extensions in the corner.

EE Robo Akatsuki 214C 1.png EE Robo Akatsuki 214C 2.png

  • 214 EX - Presumably his main metered combo finisher. Does 13 hits, so it scales incredibly well, dealing almost 3000(?) when used as an ender for a full combo. Also surprisingly safe like 214C.

EE Robo Akatsuki 214D 1.png EE Robo Akatsuki 214D 2.png

  • 22X - Robo Akatsuki's invincible(?) DP. Also works as an anti-air projectile, although it has a lot of recovery. Can also be used for OTG damage since it hits grounded opponents. Can be canceled into EX 214 or 236 to reduce lag. Can be comboed off if it hits a high up opponent or anti-airs and is canceled into 236EX.

EE Robo Akatsuki 22X 1.png EE Robo Akatsuki 22X 2.png

  • 22A - Has least recovery, least damage.
  • 22B - Moderate recovery, moderate damage.
  • 22C - Most recovery, most damage.
  • 22 EX - Pretty much the same as the other versions of the move, but it launches even higher and does more damage. Might come out faster too. Has a huge amount of recovery and can still be used for OTG damage.

EE Robo Akatsuki 22D.png

  • Universal Mechanics
  • Dash Attack
  • 66X - Uses Akatsuki's 5AAAA with purple instead of blue lightning

EE Robo Akatsuki 66X.png

  • Throws
  • Forward Throw - Same as Akatsuki's A+B but with purple lightning. Doesn't put the opponent into shock effects.

EE Robo Akatsuki A+B.png

  • Air Throw - Same as Akatsuki's. Can lead to OTG damage with 22X if gotten low to the ground.

EE Robo Akatsuki jump A+B.png

  • Reflectors
  • Standing Reflector - Uses his 5B. Launches really far and wall splats opponents if they're close to a wall

EE Robo Akatsuki Stand Reflector.png

  • Crouching Reflector - Uses his 5B animation but crouching. Launches really far and wall splats opponents if they're close to a wall

EE Robo Akatsuki Crouch Reflector.png

  • Jumping Reflector - Uses Akatsuki's j.A. Launches really far and wall splats opponents if they're close to a wall

EE Robo Akatsuki Jump Reflector.png

  • Super Move
  • A+B+C - Morphs into E-Soldat and hits the opponent with Soldat's 5CC animation. Seems to be imitating the Kamen Rider kick. Launches really far on hit, and wall splats. Has guard point (think Marilyn's 214X) from frame 1. Just like Marilyn's 214X, it can be hit low unless you do the low guard bug. Because of this property, it still takes chip damage, hit freeze, and pushback when hit by attacks. Can be used to blast through projectiles and normals. It can potentially trade against especially invincible moves or moves with longer startup, but this will almost always be a favorable trade. Incredibly unsafe on block. Hits very hard on raw hit but scales heavily if comboed into. Seems like it would've been used as a hard-hitting reaction punish.
EE Robo Akatsuki A+B+C.png
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