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KF2 Bomb.png


Bomb (Unlocked at Fighters Rank 1)
Lamp oil, rope...?

The Bomb copy ability is one of, if not the most versatile characters in Kirby Fighters 2. Each of Bomb's tools are deceptively simple, allowing you to create your own path to victory with the opponent as your unwilling canvas. At any one time, Bomb can threaten almost the entire screen, keeping the opponent in a box with brutal setups that let you easily control the pace of a match. Bomb does best in situations where the opponent is forced to approach, as it's one of the best characters at keeping the opponent out. However, Bomb tends to struggle against characters that can beat out bombs with projectiles/disjoints, or characters whose gameplay doesn't rely on approaching at all.


Bomb Prep
5B (Air OK)
KF2 Bomb Bomb Prep.png
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
- - 8 -
  • Kirby pulls a bomb out of thin air.
  • While holding a Bomb, Kirby can still move, jump, block, and grab.
  • Kirby only has access to one jump while having a Bomb in hand.
  • If Kirby successfully grabs the opponent, Kirby drops the bomb on the ground behind him.

Bomb Throw
5B during Bomb Prep (Air OK)
KF2 Bomb Bomb Throw.png
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
13 - - -
  • Kirby tosses the bomb forward with an arc.
  • Whiffs against standing opponents point blank (execept Dedede.)

Target Throw
5[B] (Air OK)
KF2 Bomb Target Throw.png
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
13 9 - Crouch avoidable
  • An arrow appears which allows Kirby to alter the trajectory of the thrown bomb.
  • Throwing a bomb with Target Throw gives extra distance in comparison to Bomb Throw.
  • Crouch avoidable, even if angled downwards.
  • To get the most out of Target Throw, press B and immediately flick your stick towards the angle that you want to throw your bomb before releasing the button to throw an angled bomb without bringing up the aim-assist, allowing you to be more ambiguous with your bomb angles. This really only works when throwing a bomb at a high angle, as you'll need to hold the button for low angles to avoid accidentally performing a Bomb Bowl.

(Air OK)
KF2 Bomb Self Destruct.png
KF2 Bomb Self Destruct2.png
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
13 608 - -
  • If the bomb isn't thrown in time, Kirby will start flailing around before the bomb explodes.
  • Deals 13 damage to both Kirby and the opponent.
  • Hits on both sides of Kirby.
  • Kirby can self-KO himself if at low enough health.

Bomb Bowl
66B (Air OK)
KF2 Bomb Bomb Bowl.png
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
15 16 - -
  • Kirby rolls the bomb on the ground which comes to a stop after a set distance.
  • If the bomb doesn't make contact with the opponent, it stays in place as an active hitbox until it shortly explodes.
  • Bowling a new bomb causes the old bomb to prematurely explode.

Bomb Drop
c.B (Air OK)
KF2 Bomb Bomb Drop.png
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
14 1 - Unblockable
  • When close to the opponent, Kirby gently places a bomb on the opponent which prevents them from acting.
  • The bomb shortly explodes on them afterwards.
  • Can only be done if Kirby doesn't have a bomb in hand.

Bomb Set
2B (Air OK)
KF2 Bomb Bomb Set.png
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
13 10 - -
  • Kirby sets down a bomb on the ground which has an active hitbox.
  • Placing down a new bomb causes the old bomb to prematurely explode.
  • Can only be done if Kirby doesn't have a bomb in hand.



Bomb generally wants to wall the opponent out, claiming stage control until you have the opponent cornered with nowhere else to go. Aerial Bomb Bowl (66 > j.B) is what you should mostly be using at long range, but it can be used at any range due to how fast it is. Grounded Bomb Bowl (66B), normal throw (5B), and any angled throws (5[B]) are great at mid range, and at close range using Bomb Set (2B) or Bomb Drop (c.B) is great, both aggressively and for getting out of the corner. Feel free to get creative with combinations of bomb setting, bomb bowling, and angled throws, which can have devastating effects if spaced correctly.

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