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KF2 King Dedede.png


King Dedede (Unlocked after completing the Final Chapter of Story Mode)

King Dedede is the self proclaimed king of Dreamland and comes to battle wielding a trusty hammer. The king comes equipped with a moveset similar to Hammer Kirby but trades size and speed for reach and power along with 3 more moves and an extra 30 health. The main gameplan of the king to get in close and use his disjoints to keep his foes trapped in a corner and deal massive amounts of damage before they can capitalize on his slow movement and large hurtbox to take him down.

For information about King Dedede's other Kirby appearances:

Strengths and weaknesses

Strengths Weaknesses
  • Has an extra 30 health allowing him to take more punishment
  • Great damage on each hit
  • Good Range on most of his moves
  • Quick burst options that have combo potential
  • Great corner pressure
  • Has a huge hurtbox making him combo food
  • Slower run speed and airspeed than the rest of the cast
  • Most combos only exist in the corner
  • Hammer throw is his only projectile and it often files over opponents
  • Slow frame data
  • No hats


KF2 Dedede Hammer Swing.png
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
22 12 33 -
  • Dedede Swings his hammer over his head slamming it into the ground.
  • The move is active from the peak of the swing until it hits the ground
  • If you guard a move that does knockback, let go of guard and press 5b all knockback will be stopped. If you guard directly after doing 5b you will continue to slide away making it a good escape option. This is known as "Slamslide"

Hammer Twirl
2B (Air OK)
KF2 Dedede Hammer Twirl .png
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
10 (First hit) 8 (Consective hits) 9 51 -
  • Dedede twirls his hammer beneath him.
  • Final hit will do knockback on guarding opponets.

Giant Dedede Swing
KF2 Dedede Giant Swing.png
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
41 (8,5,5,5,18) 18 63 -
  • Dedede spins around like a tornado while moving.
  • If down is held during the move until it ends the endlag will be reduced greatly.

Dedede Hammer Throw
668B or 66B > 8B
KF2 Dedede Hammer Throw.png
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
35 (No Giant swing) 24 (with Giant swing) 58 78 Crouch avoidable
  • The move has two ways of activation, it can be activated midway through Giant Dedede swing (66B > 8B) or before the move starts (668B).
  • If you use 668B to start the move up it is more likely the hammer will connect but it still isn't true.
  • Does do knockback on guarding opponets.

Giant Swing
KF2 Dedede Other Giant Swing.png
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
24 14 26 -
  • Dedede spins around in a circle once.

Ultra-Giant Swing
66 > j.B
KF2 Dedede Ultra Giant Swing.png
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
32 (19, 13) 14 28 -
  • Dedede rapidly spins around in a circle mutiple times.

Dedede Hammer Flip
KF2 Dedede Hammer Flip No Charge.png
KF2 Dedede Hammer Flip Half Charge.png
KF2 Dedede Hammer Flip Full Charge.png
KF2 Dedede Hammer Flip Stick.png
Version Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
First charge 36 30 - available to frame 80
Second Charge 48 89 - available frame 81 to 130
Third charge 76 139 - available frame 131 to 550
Overcharged 8 558 - available 551 until release
  • Dedede puts his hammer above his heads and it ignites.
  • All Versions of Dedede Hammer Flip hit behind Dedede.
  • Each flash indicates a new level of charge.
  • While priming the move Dedede moves slower and only jumps two tiles high.
  • The move can not be started while airborn but can be swung while in the air.
  • If it is swung while dedede is airborn it will keep him there for a bit.
  • Charge level 1,2 and 3 will do knockback on guarding opponets, overcharge will not.

Head Slide
KF2 Dedede Head Slide.png
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
24 (Non combo hit) 7 (Combo hit) 10 74 Crouch avoidable
  • Dedede jumps forward and slams his whole body onto the ground.
  • Will generally only land one hit on crouching opponets but can whiff on crounching opponets entirely.

Super Dedede Jump
KF2 Super Dedede Jump Rising.png
KF2 Super Dedede Jump Falling.png
KF2 Super Dedede Jump Landing.png
Version Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
Rising 17 (First jump), 22 (Second Jump), 25 (Third Jump) 16 - -
Falling 30 (First Jump), 44 (Second Jump), 48 (Third Jump) - - -
  • Dedede jumps high into the air and then comes slamming back down.
  • While falling you can airdodge out of the jump
  • To get spinning repeat the inputs before the attack ends.
  • You can get two spins before you need to reset the jump combo.
  • The falling hitbox will do knockback on guarding opponets.

Recoil stars
KF2 Recoil star.png
Damage Startup Total Frames Attributes
13 - - -
  • Stars that spawn when Dedede does 5B or 28B extending that moves reach
  • 5B will spawn a single star in front of Dedede if the move collids with solid ground
  • 28B will spawn a star on both sides of Dedede if he lands on the ground

Strategy & Combos

First and foremost, Dedede is pretty much a glass cannon, taking and dealing high amounts of damage. Generally, your dash options will be your best bet due to their fairly quick startup (In terms of Dedede) and combo potential. Those being 66b, 668b, 662b, and 66j.b. j.b works as well. Your main focus as with any character, but especially Dedede, is to get into advantage state. Be patient, and wait for the right time to strike with any one of the moves listed above. Dedede excels at corner combos, and several of his moves can shove his opponents into the corner. If you ever find yourself out of disadvantage, you NEED to get out quick, you will take heavy damage if you don't. In terms of other moves, 5b is barely used due to its low mobility and damage, 2b is good, but mostly reserved for corner combos, 8b is seldom used due to its high startup, but can occasionally be a good high damage anti-air/plat, and 28b is also a great anti-air, and also can be used in combos. As for combos, we have a list of them that will be updated regularly. (Keep in mind some of these may be escapable with DI, but for the most part they're good, or can be used as mixups)

  • 662B > 2B (Corner)
  • j.5b > 5B (Corner)
  • 66j.b > 66b/668b (Corner)
  • 66j.b > 662b (Corner)
  • j.AB > j.AB > j.5b
  • 66b > j.2b (Corner)
  • 662b > 28b (Corner)
  • j.5b > 28b (Corner)
  • 66j.b > 662b > 28b (Corner)
  • 66b > j.ab > 5b (Corner)
  • 66j.b > 2b (Corner)
  • 5b > 2b (Corner)
  • 66j.b > j.ab > j.ab > 2b (Corner)
  • 66j.b > j.ab > 5b (Corner)
  • 662b (second hit only) > 2b (Corner)

All in all, you'll want to do whatever you can as dedede to get advantage and avoid disadvantage. Play safely, but don't be afraid to get brash sometimes. Try and force your opponent into a corner, and get some mean damage on them. The 30 extra health you start with generally doesn't matter in the long run, so don't act like it makes any difference.


Dedede already has his crown, what other hats could he possibly need?

Bandana Waddle Dee
King Dedede
Meta Knight