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Name:   Shiki Nanaya (七夜 志貴)  —  Nicknames:    Satsujinki

Voiced by:   Kenji Noshima (野島 健児)  —  Type:   Human, Demon-Hunter   —  Gender:   Male

Birthday:   Oct 15   —  Height:   169cm  —  Weight:   57kg

Eye Color:   Black  —  Hair Color:   Black


A nightmare version of Shiki Tohno created by TATARI and kept in existence by White Len. He is a manifestation of Shiki Tohno's murderous intent and lives only for his next kill. Nanaya is smooth, confident, and treats life (And death) casually.

Players that choose Nanaya will find a character that players similar to Tohno Shiki, but with a couple more tools for mixup and movement. He may be less straight forward than Tohno, but he excels at tech punishes and stacking reverse beats, so advanced players will feel right at home.

Stage: Starlight Crossing

Starlight Crossing.PNG

BGM: Lurk

Crescent Moon

They see me slidin'...they hatin'

A very solid character that relies heavily on fundamentals, especially in neutral. His zoning is decent at best against most of the cast regardless of his A normals, so he can really test your patience and understanding of neutral. However, once Nanaya gets in, he can run his shit for days, and is extremely pressure based.

Normal Moves

5A [Mid]

This 5A is mashable and empty cancellable. This is not quite the same 5A as from MBAC, as it has about of frame more of start up. Also, because of the new Anti-A Armor system, it is really hard to use it as an anti-air. Now, the main uses for it is for reverse beats and to punish certain moves or guard breaks. You get a good bit of untech-time after it hits so you can follow it up with a j.B or 623C for a combo.

5B [Mid]

Still has clash like in MBAC, but has been changed a bit. 5B is great for wreaking opponents low shield. Since it is quite risky to use 5A as an anti-air now, it might be good to use this every once and a while now... but if you clash you'll end up losing a lot of other moves. But, the hitbox has been expanded to hit crouchers on hit and on block so it can tag people from a bit of a distance away. You are not really at a disadvantage after hitting on block, so this move is also great for blockstrings.

5B -> B [Mid]

This is the follow up to 5B, it launches the opponent on hit. This move has auto-HJC and is chargeable. There really is not any use for this move outside of combos as you cannot cancel it on block. You could use this for combos after a 2C (->2B 5BB [Air]), and you can cancel it any way after hit, but on block you'll definitely eat a counter hit from any move with a bit of reach.

The high jump cancel works by pressing up right after hitting with the follow up 5B, just slide the stick up after hitting. You cannot do it by holding up.

5B -> [B] [Overhead]

If you charge it to the max, 5BB becomes an overhead. You can special cancel it on hit on block. Because of that, you should cancel into 22C to make it safe on block, or follow up with an air combo since the opponent cannot air tech it. You can't cancel it into another move like a low for a high low so all the opponent has to do it block high.

5C [Mid]

A chargeable stab that has moves forward quite a good bit, making it easy to push the opponent to the corner of the stage during blockstrings. Using 5C to shorten the gap between you and your opponent, then reverse beating for a good bit of +frames works on most characters and is still staple Nanaya play. It moves a good bit forward, so you could aim for your opponent's landing as a somewhat reliable anti-air.

5[C] [Overhead]

The charge version of 5C comes out about the same time as the flash effect now, AND it is a bit faster, making it harder to see than in MBAC and a good overhead. You can also be creative with the move, making high-low mixups with things like 5{C} -> 2B. The follow up for this overhead can be 5B, 236A then an EX cancel, or just a jump cancel, all into air combos.

2A [Mid]

A mashable knife-hand to the legs. This move is good for combos, pressure, and mashing out in general. The placement of the hit box is pretty high so you could use it to hit the opponents landing recovery. You'll also be using it to pick up air counter hits as fast as possible.

2B [Low]

A long-reaching leg shank. Great for throwing a quick move in, killing mash-outs and high Shields. You might as well be swinging the hand of God with this move as it has excellent speed and a great hitbox. You can only connect to 5C when you hit the opponent with the end of 2B so you need to be aware of your distance from the opponent.

2C [Low]

A slide with really good horizontal movement. It is much like the 2C from MBAC, but because of the landing recovery now, you can aim at the opponent's landing and you should whenever you can. You can even add your dash momentum to the 2C and aim for landing recovery even if they are far away from you, but be careful about moves that have cross-up hitboxes. It also has some functionality as a mash out and for escaping air-to-ground dive moves. Your tech punisher of choice, use it anywhere if you smell a tech: chances are this will catch it.

j.A [Mid]

Cannon balls to force people down in the air don't work anymore so don't even try it. Also, because you decelerate when you use air moves after a super jump, cannon ball is REALLY ineffective.His only air move that has a decent horizontal range, but because it's an A attack, don't expect miracles.

j.B [Overhead]

A two-hit air swipe, you can cancel the first hit of the move into anything. The best place to use this move is right in front of the opponent, with the tip of the move. For air-to-air, you should cancel the first hit into j.C, so that if you get an air CH you can re-jump into an air combo. You can also easily use this move after IAD and fuzzies.

j.C [Overhead]

An air knife thrust with decent range. This move won't lose to much because of the anti-A system. This move has decent start-up and vital to Nanaya's zoning. This move has a good hitstun so you can follow up with a combo easily.

Ground Throw

Nanaya can now ground throw in any direction,but the damage of his throw has been reduced. Even though it may not look like it, a well-timed superjump->fastfall can cross-up opponents if you throw them in the corner, this essentially gives him a which-way.

Air Throw

Nanaya's airthrow has a few +frames on it, but if you and your opponent are not in the corner, the match goes to neutral.

Special Moves

Sensa・Hattenshou 「閃鞘・八点衝」

236 + Button - Nanaya takes a stance and proceeds to doing a series of quick slashes. 8

  • (A version) : This is the version you will use the most. It has fast startup, a good hitbox, and is -1 on block; a staple of Nanaya's pressure. It tends to trade a lot with attacks/specials and has a deceptively large hittable box. EX cancellable so if you can confirm it into 623C you can continue into a combo.
  • (B version) : The B version has more start-up but more hits and damage than the A version. No real use for this move except screwing some shield timings.
  • (C version) : Comes out decently fast, and does very good damage for a standalone EX, but there's nothing this move can do that the A version can't do better. The main use of this move is making your DP's safe (EX cancelling DP's into this move). It's negative on block, so don't think you can do anything after it.

Sensa~ 「閃鞘~」

214 + Button - These are Nanaya's 'offensive' teleports.

  • (A version:Hassen) : After a fairly long start-up, Nanaya teleports to the opponent and slashes their throat. This move hits overhead. Fairly safe on block.
  • (B version:Nanaya) : (far) Nanaya preforms a half-screen slash. Main use of this move is in his long-range combos. Extremely punishable on block.
  • (B version:Nanaya) : (close) Nanaya slashes through the opponent, launching them upwards. The opponent cannot air tech. Can be followed up with 2a into an aircombo.
  • (C version:Hitokaze) : After a fairly long start-up, Nanaya teleports near the opponent and throws them. This is a command grab.

Sensou・Suigetsu 「閃走・水月」

22 + Button - Another set of teleports, these are more zoning related.

  • (A version) : Nanaya does an horizontal teleport, can be deceptively fast, not very useful for avoiding attacks though, can be good to end blockstrings once in a while with this, to keep your opponent on their toes.
  • (B version) : Nanaya does an vertical teleport, you are in a neutral jump state after this move and have all your air options after this move. The charge version of this move causes Nanaya teleports behind the opponent, no matter where they are on the screen. As before you have all your air options after this move.
  • (C version) : Nanaya assumes the teleport stance....and does nothing. This is the teleport feint, very useful in pressure for baiting reactions to the offensive teleports. One frequent use for this move is to reduce the recovery of Nanaya's 5B[B].

Fastfall - j.22

This the Nanaya exclusive fastfall. It is used in a lot of mix-ups, high/low/throw and cross-ups. One well known set up is a super jump into a fastfall after a thrown into the corner for a left/right mix-up.

Sensou Rikuto 「閃走・六兎」

623 + Button - These are Nanaya's dragon punches (dragon kicks are more like it)

  • (A version) : Upper body invincibility. Can be useful to counter hit opponents out of the air, since it only hits airborne opponents once. EX cancellable.
  • (B version) : Full body invincibility. This is your reversal of choice. EX cancellable.
  • (C version) : More invincibility frames than the B version. No real reason to use this as a reversal, since B version gets the job done very well. Main use is in combos.

Note - Hitting a button at the end of the move will cause Nanaya to perform an airthrow type move which will send them back to the ground. Think of this like how Shiki Tohno's 623A/B/C series was in MBAC with a knockdown ender. It will throw the opponent behind you. So a example would be that you did a 623 facing right, your final throw ender will send them back to the left.

Arc Drive

41236 + C in [HEAT or MAX]

Sensa・Meigokushamon 「閃鞘・迷獄沙門」 - Nanaya slows time and does an arcing jump followed by a knife slash much like Tohno's Arc Drive. Hits mid provided that you do not hold 1, 2 or 3 for the lower version. Fully invincible during active frames. Can be blocked and is very slow. Only real use it has is if you read a laggy move, since this will past through it and hit them.

1/2/3 Extension - Hold any down motion during the arc drive causes the move's start-up and damage to decrease. It will also hit low during the Arc Drive.

Another Arc Drive

41236 + C in [BLOOD HEAT]

Sensa・Meigokushamon 「閃鞘・迷獄沙門」 - Nanaya assumes the same pose as his AD, but now creates a clone of himself that travels with him in order to cover a very large area if space on the screen. This is completely unblockable but is easily evaded by dodging. Could possibly be useful against Full Moon characters since they cannot dodge, but it is very risky otherwise.

Last Arc

Standing or crouching shield [In BLOOD HEAT]

Kyokushi・Nanaya 「極死・七夜」 - Nanaya does a cool pose, then throws his knife at the opponent while teleporting behind their back and twisting their neck whist the knife hits. Does more damage the more heat gauge you have.

Combos and Strategies

Basic beginner bnb: 5A/2A, 2B, 2C, 5C, j.BC, j.BC, AT

Far range bnb: (2A/j.C), 2B, 5C, 214B

Close Range bnb: (5A/2A/j.C), 5C, 2C, 2B, 5BB, j.BC, j.BC, AT

Corner combo(requires 100% meter): (2A/5A,j.B/C), 5B, 5C, 2C, 2B (slight delay), 623C, 2A, 5BB, j.BC, j.BC, AT

More advanced corner combo,yields more damage (2A,j.C), 5B, 5C, 2C, 2B (delay) 214B, 2A 214B, 2A 5BB, j.BC, j.BC, AT

A meter version of the above (2A/5A,j.B/C), 5B, 5C, 2C, 2B (delay) 214B, 2A 5B 623C, 2A 214B, 2A 5BB, j.BC, j.BC, AT

The 214B wallslam combos do not work on Tohno, Nanaya, Ryougi, Miyako, Kouma, Ries, Roa, Warc, Len, and W.Len

  • Near the corner,opponents cannot airtech the 214B, so Nanaya gets a techpunish/OTG setup. Good timing of 2C can cover up all tech options as well as being able to start the OTG if they choose not to tech. The standard string is 2C 2AAA 2B 5C 22C. If opponents decides to tech after your OTG, you can catch forward (out-of-corner) techs with a 2A, and neutral/back techs with a 2B (which leads into the 2B 5C 214B setup again).

Nanaya's general playstyle is playing patient in neutral and using his backdashes, 2A, j.A, and j.C properly in order to get in. He has problems in neutral against most of the cast, but once he gets in it's his turn. His pressure is based off a small amount of normals, and rely heavily on staggers, so pressuring well with Nanaya will test a player's brain and mindset.

Half Moon

They see me kickin'...they hatin'

One of the easiest characters to pick up. H-Nanaya is simple rushdown character with many ranged pokes and a fast dash. He can tech punish off most setups or go for a very damaging combo.

Normal Moves

5A [Mid]

A straight jab. Very fast move but whiffs on most crouching characters. Can be used as an anti-air but keep in mind that the opponent can anti-A armor through it if they time it right.

6A [Mid]

Second part of the 5A 6AA, a palm thrust to the opponent. Moving him forward, this move is a good to use sometimes to stay in.

6AA [Mid]

Third part of the 5A 6AA, a slice that moves far forward. Air untechable on hit. Unsafe on block so make sure you cancel into a special. This move makes his own character box disappear for a few frames so if done close to the opponent, it will cross-up.

5B [Mid]

Straight long-ranged kick. A very good-ranged poke since it also moves forward a bit.

5C [Mid]

A roundhouse kick that has a huge hit box and extends to parts above him. Even though it does move him forward, it does not move him very far.

2A [Low]

A low hitting crouch kick. Slowest 2A of all styles. Good move but beware of mashing.

2B [Low]

Low knife thrust. Great range for a poke. It is a staple low to use for its range, speed, and that it moves him forward. Hit confirm to 236B 214C at max range for full benefit.

2C [Low]

A slide sweep kick. One of his best moves overall. It moves very far and goes under many things. Be sure to hit confirm this for optimal damage when hit.

j.A [Mid]

A very fast air jab. It is your prime air-air move for how fast it is. Be sure to confirm counter hits off this.

j.B [High]

A downward horizontal slash. Unlike Crescent, this move only hits once. The horizontal range for this move makes it a great move to hit deep. Good to use as an air-ground.

j.C [High]

An angled downward stab. The hitbox on this move is massive, making its use as a air-air (make sure they are under you for this) or air-ground. Don't be too predictable with this move though since it is slower than j.B.

Special Moves


While moving forward, he will begin doing a wide range series of slashes. Be very careful as to when to use this move because it will whiff crouchers. This is a rather fast move to use if you want to cover some air space in front of you.


Moving even further than 236A, pretty much looks the same but more hits. This version is not as fast but can be used against crouchers. Great zoning tool or to anticipated people jumping out of your pressure.


The EX version being only more hits. It is advantageous on block, so it's good for continuing pressure without fear of retaliation. It is best used after his 5A 6A 6A sequence.


He does a kick angled upwards. Has some invincibility start-up and a clash on it but is air blockable so using this move is rather voided besides needing a clash and cancel to an EX.


Similar to 623A, though this move is actually air unblockable but loses its clash frames. Your basic rinse and repeat DP of choice since it also has more invincibility frames.


Your EX DP of choice but it is air blockable again. The main attraction to this move though is that it makes a clone appear behind your opponent no matter where they are. Can be used as a fullscreen punish and will setup a tech punish setup if it hits.


A fast moving kick that travels quite a nice distance. Causes a techable ground knockdown so be prepared to tech punish after this hits.


Slower kick than 214A. It does not have much uses as it is very unsafe on block.


The charged version of 214B with more start-up is one of the two ground overheads that H-Nanaya has. It will wallslam on hit and is possible to combo after. This is a lot safer than the non-charged version.


A two part EX move. First part would be a kick like 214A/B but more hits. Then the second part makes an angled upwards kick. Causing an untechable knockdown on a grounded opponent, try to do 236B 214C after any far-ranged poke that cannot be capitalized off with an air combo. This is his other ground overhead to use as a gimmick.


Does a crouching stance then teleports about half a screen distance. The distance is shortened if you hit the wall. Since your hitbox disappears during this, you can use as a cross-up in some situations including blockstrings.


Does a crouching stance then teleports a jump height above the same spot. After the teleport, you can use an attack, double jump, or airdash.


Goes into the same crouching stance as 22A/B but after a brief moment will return to normal. Used as a feint for 22A/B or a move to cancel into for less recovery.


Very fast kick that moves far in the air. This move is good to get around fast or a fast air range hit. Possible to get a CH off this into 5A relaunch.


Slower kick than j.214A. It will wallslam on hit. Better to use as combo ender for meter but will put you in neutral again.


The EX version kick. This move has two parts to it. Part one is that it would do a kick like j.214B where it will wallslam but does more hits. Part two would be a kick going upwards right after which will catch the first part fast enough. The second part also counts as a wallslam in the corner but will just let them fall midscreen. Using this move in the corner counts as 2 wallslams. Adding on a huge amount of damage as a combo ender, this is the best choice to maximize damage rather than j.214B or an airthrow. Can setup a corner tech punish but the air punish is a little harder.


This is his fastfall input. There is no need to hit a button for this to happen. It is used in a lot of mixups, high/low/throw and crossups.


The Arc Drive. Goes into slow motion then, unlike his other styles where he jumps slowly over and is blockable, he makes a clone of him that goes higher while there is another under him like his Blood Heat version in Crescent and Full. This Arc Drive is an unblockable move but it is possible to dodge it. For Full Moon characters, they can just dash through you instead and it will make them backdash the Arc Drive. Another situation to stop it would be to airthrow the top Nanaya. This move is a lot faster than its MBAC Blood HEAT version counterpart.


Basic Combo Variations

(2A) 2B 5B 2C 5C air combo

(2A) 5B 5C 2C 2B air combo

(2A) 2B 5C 2C 5B air combo

(2A) 2B 5B 5C 2C 5A 6A air combo

(2A) 2B 5C 2C 5AAA 214A 5A air combo

(2A) 2B 5B 5C 2C 236A 5A air combo

(2A) 2B 5B 5C 214A

Tech trap variation. Punish using 2B, 5C, or 2C.

5A 6AA Combo Variations

These combos will switch sides with the opponent most of the time mid-screen, adjust yourself to them when needed.

2A/2B/5B 5C 5A 6AA...

For some mixup purposes.
...2C 2B/5B air combo
Most damaging variation. Use to punish blocked unsafe attacks(i.e. DPs, Ciel's EX hiero, etc) or whiffs.
...22C 2B/5B 5C air combo
...2C 236A 5A air combo
...2C 5B 214A 5A air combo
Corner only

214[B] Combo Variations

For these combos, the j.214C ender will be unfinished and you will not get a tech punish. Go with airdash AT ender instead.


...5C air combo
...236A 5A air combo
...5AAA 214A 5A air combo
All the 2C variations are for corner or near corner situations.

Dash 5A air combo

A dash length at max, used when near the corner and too far for 2C.

land 623C

Used when too far for dash 5A, can tech punish after.

Shield Counter Combo Variations


For some mix-up purposes.
...5C air combo
...236A 5A air combo
...5AAA 214A 5A air combo
...236A 5A air combo
...214A 5A air combo
...2C 5C air combo
...2C 236A 5A air combo
...2C 5AAA 214A 5A air combo
All 214[B] variations are to be done in the corner or near corner. Also might side switch if done close.


For some mix-up purposes.
...236A 5A air combo


For some mix-up purposes.
...2C 5C air combo
...214A 5A air combo

Other Combos

2B 236B 214C

The hit confirm for a fairly long ranged 2B hit. It will cause an untechable knockdown and enough time to do whatever you would like.

Air Combo Variations


When done in the corner it lets you setup strong meaties.(ie. 2B, 5B, 5C)

j.BC dj.BC airdash AT

BnB ender

j.BC dj.BC214B

Wallslam but no initiative.

j.BC dj.BC214C

Damage ender, best used in corner for tech punishing.(5C covers most directions, air and ground)


General Strategy

A rushdown game revolving around simple pokes into hit confirms for massive damage or tech punishing. Having far range normals, he can tag characters at safe distances while keeping momentum. Utilizing his ability to whiff cancel normals when needed or his fastfall during his air pressure can make openings easier to appear in the opponent.

Meter Management

In this style, he has very easy meter management since you do not have to worry about circuit sparking. Having only 200%, the meter will fill up very fast for some great variety of uses. Using 214C while the opponent on the ground after any hit confirm can lead to some nasty mix-ups. Having j.214C can setup tech punishing and causing a lot of damage, should be used whenever you are in heat for max damage. Then having 623C you can punish the opponent's reckless zoning from the other side of the screen while setting up another tech punish setup, but do NOT use it against air opponents since it is air blockable. Then there is his bunker that can get you out pressure if timed right.

Tech Punishing and OTGs

After certain moves, Nanaya is allowed to punish tech directions. These moves are...

For ground techables:
Third part of 5A 6AA
Any air counter hit
After an OTG

For ground techs you will be using a well timed 2B, 5C, or 2C. If punished right then they can not block it and you will get a free combo of choice.

For air and ground techables:

For this move is special for having tech points in the air and ground. For the air tech punishing, you will use 5C only but the timing is different on each tech so practice that. For ground techs refer to the above.

Off the Ground (OTG) is when you either use 2C for a knockdown or get a tech punish setup and they don't tech, you can then get some hits while they are still on the floor for another tech punish setup or go into mix-ups. The two OTG strings used in the corner would be:

2C 5AAA 5B 5C 22C
2A 5AAA 5B 2B

You would usually want to use the first one since it will cancel and you can punish with any punish normal or throw. The second one you can just use delay 2C to catch all directions and go into 5C for an air combo.

Throw Setups

There are many things you can do with this throw. Most commonly would be to do 2A dash throw as a tick throw. Another way is to do 2C delay 5A whiff then throw but will only work if your pressure is respected.

After his ground throw you have many options like a meaty 2B or an IAD j.C or even 2A dash throw. It's possible to even whiff a normal before the opponent gets up. His throw actually is even better when used in the corner because he has ways to cross-up. Using the superjump TK fastfall, you can actually set it up to land behind or in front of the opponent depending on how fast your canceled the superjump to fastfall. A gimmicky way to cross-up a corner opponent after a throw would be to use 214A right after but beware that you can be mashed from doing that.


Some gimmicks to list would be:

Blocked 236B to 214C overhead
Blocked 236B to Arc Drive - unblockable
Whiffing 2A 5B, 2B, 5B, 5C, or 2C after a throw then throw again
Mid-screen blocked 2C at close range into 5A 6AA and cross-up
Corner throw 214A cross-up

This will show most of it:

Full Moon

They see me divin'...they hatin'

Normal Moves

5A [Mid]

Elbow poke. Horrid range, not really much use for it besides breaks in 2A staggers into tick throws or catching air counter-hits. It is advantageous on block though.

2A [Low]

Crouching elbow poke. Mediocre range but it hits low, is VERY fast, and is advantageous on block.

5B [Mid]

Has good horizontal range but isn't too fast. Moves forward a bit. Aside from blockstrings and poking for a Rekka set-up at max range, you'll be using this to catch air counter-hits into the standard air combo (j.BC j.BC airthrow).

2B [Low]

Standard low sweeping stab all the Nanaya moons share. This has the furthest horizontal reach in F-Nanaya's moveset and is fundamental for poking and keeping pressure. If you're fishing for a hit, remember you need to account for the distance from you and your opponent. To play it safe when attacking from afar, you can hit confirm with the first hit of 236b then fall back or finish the Rekka.

5C [Mid]

A forward-moving axe kick. Has decent horizontal range and surprisingly good vertical range. This is one of F-Nanaya's safer anti-airs and can net you good damage off of a standard air combo.

5[C] [Overhead]

Chargeable overhead variant of the kick. It combos into any special including 623BB into aircombo.

2C [Low]

Nanaya practically lies on his side and nudges a bit forward when doing this. The movement is negligible compared to Crescent Moon and Half Moon 2C slides but this makes his hitbox smaller.

j.A [Overhead]

Tiger Knee kick in the air. Very fast and chains into itself but has poor range. Full Moon characters can cancel j.A's into an airdash, and so this is good for the occasional air poke. Use it sparingly for pressure while in the air to mix it up with other aerials otherwise it's rather easy to mash out of.

j.B [Overhead]

Identical to H-Nanaya's j.B. It's a horizontal slash that hits once. Decent air-to-ground move.

j.C [Overhead]

The downward stab shared by all Nanaya moons. It has notable start-up but its hitbox is respectable and is key to Nanaya's zoning and pressure game. Once the hitbox is out, it won't lose to much in air-to-air combat so as long as the opponent is below you.

j.2A/B/C [Overhead]

The infamous "Warui ne?!" dive kick. Angle of the kick fluctuates depending on the button. j.2A is equivalent to about 80 Degree Angle. j.2B is equivalent to about 60 Degree Angle. j.2C is equivalent to about 40 Degree Angle. Can only be done at the apex of a neutral or forward jump and neutral or forward superjump. Pretty much F-Nanaya's best move. It's fast, crosses up, beats out tons of anti-airs, beats ANYTHING in air-to-air if you are above them and will trade with most horizontal attempts to kill it. It is also an overhead! If you did a jump-in with a move, and have one more jump left to spare you can jump cancel your previous move and use a dive kick. This also applies to IADs. The move is punishable if the opponent blocks it at a certain height above ground though.

Special Moves

Sensa・Yotsutsuji 「閃鞘・四辻」

236+Button - Rekka slashes. Nanaya lunges forward and does a series of slashes dependent on the user's input.

  • (A version) : moves you slightly forward. The first 2 slashes are safe on block and have pretty late cancel windows. You can execute the Rekka in quick succession, and upon the first 236+Button input, the second hit only needs for you to press A again for the follow-up. The second hit also knocks the opponent down if the opponent is airborne. The third hit requires you to input 236A/B (either one; they're identical) again. The final hit is not safe on block, but will cross-up. If it hits, it forces knockdown and allows you to setup an OTG to tech punish or mix-up. All 3 slashes move forward a bit, and are EX cancelable into 623C at any point.
  • (B version) : Nearly identical to the A version but lunges you farther toward the opponent. Useful for following up full-range 5B or 2B hit confirms. Also useful for staying in during blockstrings so as long as you do not commit to the third hit.
  • (C Version) : EX knife slash. The move starts with two Rekka slashes into Sensa Hattenshou but it ends with the final Rekka hit giving him an okizeme setup with good damage. You'll be using this a lot in combos, but the final hit won't connect on an airborne opponent. Using 236C over the A/B Rekkas gives you higher damage output while maintaining set-up ability. It is purely up to you whether you want to use this to end ground strings or not, but do note that this does quite a surprising amount of damage and is a good way to easily kill someone off should you have 100% meter to spare, or if you need to simply burn some meter in MAX / HEAT / Blood HEAT.

Sensou Rikuto 「閃走・六兎」

623 + Button - Nanaya's Dragon Kick. Standard reversal move that happens to be EX cancelable on the first hit (except for EX DP itself).

  • (A Version) : 623A can be fastfall-canceled on whiff or hit to make it pretty safe but the range is poor. It does have good proration should you combo from it though (from an air counter for example).
  • (B Version) : The usual DP of choice. 623B an be canceled into a flip-kick at the end of it by pressing B again. The flip-kick is jump cancelable, leading into an air combo. It can also be EX canceled from the initial ground hit but prorates poorly.
  • (C Version) : 623C is the same as Crescent Moon EX DP; you can still do links off it too.

Sensou・Suigetsu 「閃走・水月」

22 + Button - Nanaya's teleport set, largely for mix-ups and pressure. F-Nanaya's are identical to H-Nanaya's for reference.

  • (A Version) : teleports you forward and is good for cross-ups if your opponent respects your pressure.
  • (B Version) : teleports you into the air above where you were standing and is identical to H-Nanaya's. You are allowed to attack, double jump, airdash, or fastfall after this move.
  • (C Version) : great for F-Nanaya as it allows him to cancel normals for blockstrings and okizeme to keep up the pressure while being relatively safe. You're going to be using the hell out of 22c since you can't whiff cancel in Full Moon.

Sensa~ 「閃鞘~」

214 + Button - Offensive teleports identical to Crescent Moon Nanaya's.

  • (A version: Hassen) : Overhead slash that forces them to tech. Has fairly long start-up but can be used in conjunction with the rest of his teleports to keep the opponent guessing. Has roughly -5 frames advantage on block so you are taking a calculated risk with little reward unfortunately.
  • (B version: Nanaya) : A half-screen slash and either wallslams (if you attack "far") or launches them upwards (if you attack "close"). The wallslam version is extremely unsafe on block but can be used in height-specific combos near the corner. The close version crosses up with the opponent on block and is slightly safer. Both versions are mainly used in positioning combos near the corner.
  • (C version: Hitokaze) : A command throw. It won't see much use except when your opponent is scared to jump out or backstep from your pressure.

Fastfall - j.22

Nanaya's signature fastfall. Use it for cross-ups, high/low guesses, which-way guesses in the corner, and is essential to Nanaya's mix-up game.

Arc Drive

41236 + C in [HEAT or MAX]

Sensa・Meigokushamon 「閃鞘・迷獄沙門」 - Nanaya slows time and does an arcing jump followed by a knife slash much like Tohno's Arc Drive. Hits mid provided that you do not hold 1, 2 or 3 for the lower version. Fully invincible during active frames. Can be blocked ,and is very slow. Only real use it has is if you read a laggy move, since this will past through it and hit them.

1/2/3 Extension - Hold any down motion during the arc drive causes the move's start up and damage to decrease. It will also hit low during.

Another Arc Drive

41236 + C in [BLOOD HEAT]

Sensa・Meigokushamon 「閃鞘・迷獄沙門」 - Nanaya assumes the same pose as his AD, but now creates a clone of himself that travels with him in order to cover a very large area if space on the screen. This is completely unblockable but is easily evaded by dodging. Could possibly be useful against Full Moon characters since they cannot dodge, but it is very risky otherwise.

Last Arc

Standing or crouching shield [In BLOOD HEAT]

Kyokushi・Nanaya 「極死・七夜」 - Nanaya does a cool pose, then throws his knife at the opponent while teleporting behind their back and twisting their neck whist the knife hits. Does more damage the more heat gauge you have.

Combos and Strategies

Basic Combo Variations

5B 2B 2C 623BB dj.BC airthrow

Standard Bread-and-Butter air combo.

5B 2B 2C 623BB dj.22 623BB sdj.BC airthrow

A bit harder. Only nets about 500-600 more damage but gives you a lot of meter. TK the j.22 in the air to make it easier and Super Double Jump the last flip kick as late as possible to make j.BC connect.

OTG Set-ups

(2A) 5B 2B 5C (236A/B x3) / (236C)

Standard Rekka setup.

(2A x 3) 2B 236A/B x3

Variation of the previous combo. Allows you to commit to a full OTG combo.

(2A x N) 5B 2B 2C 22C

OTG combo. Cancel into the 22c feint to tech punish. Settling for three 2A's is generally a safe bet, but it is character specific. For example you can get off five 2A's on Mech-Hisui and still do the complete OTG combo.

For some characters it is extremely difficult to complete the full OTG combo. In this case, just omit the 5B.

214B Corner Combos

Rather situational but typically yield above-average damage and favorable positioning. It's best to learn them for when the opportunity arises.

Back on corner, facing opponent

(2A) 5B 2B 2C 214B [launcher] 214B [wallslam] 5A 5C j.BC j.BC airthrow

Use this if you get a hit confirm while in the corner. You need to be close enough to the wall on the 214B wallslam to connect to 5A without any dashing to connect the full combo.

(2A) 5B 2B 2C 214B [launcher] 214B [wallslam] 5A 5C 623BB j.BC airthrow

A variation that nets slightly more damage but the increased height from the 623BB makes it so you end up in a neutral situation with the opponent upon landing.

Facing corner, near opponent

(2A) 5B 2B 2C 214B [launcher] 2C 623BB j.BC airthrow [backthrow]

(2A) 5B 2B 2C 214B [launcher] 5C j.BC j.BC airthrow [backthrow]

Basically you're free to experiment with following up the 214B with any normal since the wall will greatly reduce the recovery on the 214B.

5B 2B 2C 214B [launcher] 2C 623BB j.22 623BB sjc.BC airthrow [backthrow]

You'll be set to neutral with your opponent due to the height you attained and the horizontal distance traveled, but the combo nets roughly 5000 damage if you can pull it off.


(On Block) (236A/B x3) / (236C) AAD cancel

Situational as it requires for you to go into Blood HEAT. An AAD gimmick that is can be difficult especially for Full Moon characters to escape.

5B 2B 2C 236A/B x1 (slight delay; wait until the opponent recoils in the air at an apex) 623C 2A 5C j.BC j.BC airthrow

Standard 623C link. For F-Nanaya this does sub-par damage with no real advantage after the airthrow. Beyond showboating, it's always better to use your meter on 236C over a 623C combo.

Stupid Combo 236A/B x3 IH 623B 41236C

You Rekka through the opponent, Initiative Heat cancel the last Rekka hit to cut recovery time, hit them with the ground hit of 623B from behind and cancel into 41236C.
Looks funky and is useless!

General Strategy

Basic gameplan for F-Nanaya - Zone around with j.C and pressure with j.2A/B/C's. If you get an air counter hit either confirm it into 2C -> Rekka setup or a 623BB combo. Once you land a Rekka or get knockdown of any kind, you can start what he's best at: okizeme. j.2's can ambiguously crossup very easily on oki, and he also has his fastfall into 2a/throw to mess people up even more. When you're just pressuring your opponent, be aware that all of your non-A normals do move you forward quite a lot, but both of your A normals have +frames on block! On top of that, your 22c pretty much makes you the only Full Moon character who can whiff cancel! Abuse the hell out of it and use it in a similar manner as other Nanaya pressure. Doing repeated j.2A/B/C's is hard to punish, but mix it up with your teleports and fastfall.

I haven't listed any Initiative HEAT combos for the most part because frankly, F-Nanaya has no real need for them beyond showboating. He still can't net very good damage even if he does use it. Your primary focus on using it should be to use it on mixups from a high/low game or at the end of his Rekka ambigiously to make it safe. You can also use it to make any of your DPs safe. Initiative HEAT will mostly be used to recover red health instantaneously without any risk of punishment on your end.

Meter Management

Full Moon Nanaya meter management is slightly more conservative than C-Nanaya meter management. Since MAX depletion resets you to 100% meter over 200%, it's best to settle around 100%-200%+ meter but not go into MAX unless it's for Initiative HEAT / Blood HEAT / Circuit Break. This isn't difficult as 236C is a great EX move with decent damage and set-up. Generally, F-Nanaya should always make it as easy as possible to go into MAX as he does not have the best defense and will eat a lot of damage from a combo.

Frame Data

Crescent Moon :


Notation First active Duration Recovery Advantage
5A 5 4 8 ±0
5B 8 4 5 ±0
5BB 10 4 30 -16
5B[B] 28 4 30 -16
5C 10 4 25 -11
BE5C 27 4 25 -11
2A 5 4 8 ±0
2B 8 6 16 -7
2C 11 9 15 -9
JA 6 4 11 -
JB 7 2×2 2 on landing -
JC 10 6 2 on landing -
Ground throw 3 - 25 -
Air throw 2 - 12 on landing -


Sensa・Hattenshou Start up Duration Recovery Advantage
A~ 11 22 19 -1
B~ 16 47 24 -6
C~ 4+7 68 23 -5

Sensa・Rikuto Start up Invincibility
A~ 7 Full 1~4; Upper5~8
B~ 6 Full 1~15
C~ 3+1 1~16

Sensa~ Start up Duration Supplement
A~Hassen 33 2 -5 on hit; 66F on whiff
B~Nanaya (far) 14 3 Dmg: 900; Prorate: 60%
B~Nanaya (near) 9 3 Dmg: 1600 Scaled; Prorate: 80%
C~Hitokaze 31 2 Recovery: 28; 60F on whiff

※ The second "Nanaya" is when you are really close the the opponent

Sensou・Suigetsu Start up Invincibility
A~ 35 12~23
B~ 30 10~23
BEB~ 40 21~34
C~ 19 -

Sensa・Meigokushamon Start up Duration Damage
AD 2+56(2+22) 81(27) 2800
AD (12or3) 2+19(2+9) 123(41) 2100
AAD 3+~ 197 2500+3500

※ The AAD has a massive damage buff from the MBAC version due to the absolute prorate on the second hit (7000 : 50%)

Win Quotes



No. 1 Default

No. 12: Yu Narukami (Persona 4)

No. 15: Aizawa Eiichi (G-senjou no Maou)

No. 17 Emiya Shirou (Fate/Stay Night)

No. 22 SHIKI Tohno (Tsukihime)

No. 24: Iori Yagami (King Of Fighters)

No. 27 Gilgamesh (Fate/Stay Night)

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