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Name:   Shiki Tohno (遠野 志貴)  —  Nicknames:    Satsujinki

Voiced by:   Kenji Noshima (野島 健児)  —  Type:   Human, Demon-Hunter   —  Gender:   Male

Birthday:   Oct 15   —  Height:   169cm  —  Weight:   57kg

Eye Color:   Black  —  Hair Color:   Black


Shiki is the main hero of Tsukihime and Akiha's older brother. Due to a series of events when he was younger and his bloodline as a demon hunter, Shiki became able to see 'lines' superimposed on all things. When traced, it would instantly "kill" the thing in question, this ability is known as the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception. In Melty Blood, Shiki assists Sion in destroying the Night of Wallachia.

This character is very basic and easy for beginners to pick up, though there are many things for advanced players as well. Shiki, across all moon styles, displays decent speed and range, making it easy to get in on opponents.

Stage: Classic


BGM: Wonderful Boy

Crescent Moon

Normal Moves

5A [Mid]

Shin kick that hits mid. Doesn't hit very high.

5B [Mid]

An elbow poke that has some clash frames on it. This is not a reliable anti-air unless you can time the clash part perfect, even then its still not as good as shielding into 623A.

5B>B [Mid]

An upward slash follow-up after 5B. It can cancel into specials on hit or block.

5B>[B] [Overhead]

Charged up version of the follow-up. Also can be special canceled on hit or block. Very slow, and very noticeable, means you shouldnt use it too often as an overhead, it's main purpose is combos.

5C [Mid]

A rather slow knife thrust that moves far and can be canceled at any point when it hits or is blocked.

5[C] [Unblockable]

Charged up version that is an unblockable and does about 2k damage alone. Throw this out along with partial charge to keep the opponent guessing.

2A [Mid]

A crouching poke that has a hitbox big enough to beat out most lower body invincibility moves.

2B [Low]

A low two part slash. This move will sweep the opponent if they are crouching.

2C [Low]

Leg sweep that will be used almost everywhere. It is one of the fastest and farthest sweeps.

6B [Mid]

Shiki's new normal move which looks like an overhead punch. This can be used as a filler in combos for more damage. Only special-cancellable on block. It will cause a reverse beat if cancelled into a B attack!

6[B] [Overhead]

The charged up version where it actually will hit overhead. Only special-cancellable on block. It will cause a reverse beat if cancelled into a B attack!

jA [Mid]

A reliable air poke but will still be beaten out by anti-A-armor.

jB [Overhead]

A downward slash that will hit twice. A reliable jump-in move.

jC [Overhead]

A kick in the air with a lot of reach. The move that will be used in most of your zoning due to a good hitbox and comes out rather fast.

j[C] [Overhead]

Charged version that will cause an untechable knockdown hit instead against an air opponent. The untechable time is long enough for you to follow up with okizeme. Will launch the opponent if they were hit while on the ground.

Special Moves

236 + button - Shiki dashes forward and does an upward slash. All versions are air unblockable.

  • (A version) - Very quick and does one hit. Can be used to anti-air at far ranges while getting close. Watch for those air counter hits and confirm off them. Has an EX cancel point to confirm into 214C if it hits a grounded opponent.
  • (B version) - A delayed dash and does two hits. Confirm into 214C or 623C depending on ground or air hit respectively,you can hold down the B button to fake the slash after the dash.
  • (C version) - Has a follow-up slash that may crossup midscreen. Safer than it was back in MBAC but you can still be punished by throw after being blocked.

623 + button [Also in air] - Shiki does a shoryuken like kick upwards. Ground versions have a follow-up afterwards by holding the button, he will do a kick like j.C and cause an untechable knockdown. All ground versions are air unblockable on the first hit only. All air versions are blockable any way, can not be canceled, and EX version is only one with invincibility.

  • (A version) - Basic shoryuken. Has lower body invincibility and has an EX cancel point on the first hit.
  • (B version) - Goes a bit higher than A version and has upper body invincibility instead. No cancels on this version.
  • (C version) - Full body invincibility.

214 + button - Shiki does a slide kick. Can go under certain moves.

  • (A version) - Short slide. Safe on block
  • (B version) - Longer slide and also safe on block. It also has a followup that looks like 5BB after it on hit or block by hitting B again. The follow-up launches on hit and can be delayed a bit to catch counter hits.
  • (C version) - Does the slide then the 5BB follow-up but instead it will wallslam. Can combo with in the corner for massive damage or a good okizeme. Can follow up with 236A midscreen. 214C 5A whiff to activation for safe heat.

22 + button - Shiki does a crouching stance with a follow-up depending on which button was used.

  • (A version) - Follows up with a donkey kick. It can be charged to be overhead. Links into normals in the corner for a full BnB.
  • (B version) - Follows up with a dash forward (similar to Nanaya's 22A). You may hit D anytime after he disappears to make him reappear early which if done close to the opponent may cause ambiguous crossups.
  • (C version) - Follows up with a dash forward (looks like B version). If Shiki dashes past the opponent midscreen then he will do a command throw that throws the same direction he was going into. In the corner, it can be comboed into 2C 5BB. On certain characters 2C will connect midscreen but will not get a full launcher.
  • (D version) - Follows up with nothing as it is his feint.

j22 + button - Shiki thrusts his knife downward. May whiff if TK'd.

  • (A version) - Quick and can be used in a corner combo for a really good okizeme.
  • (B version) - Slower startup but hits overhead. Can't be used during combos.
  • (C version) - Quick like A version and hits overhead like B version. Launches on hit. Can be used during combos to look flashy.

Arc Drive

41236 + C [In Heat or MAX]

Shiki makes everything slow-mo and jumps over a certain distance. On hit, the screen will look like it has been cut and you will have a bit of time to dash up to your opponent to throw your offence on. It is unblockable before his feet are lifted off the ground, otherwise it can be blocked any way or standing shielded. It is possible for the opponent to just jump on reaction to avoid getting hit.

Another Arc Drive

41236 + C [In Blood Heat]

Pretty much the same thing as the normal version but is shorter and has less recovery on whiff. It will do 17 hits instead of one also.

Last Arc

Standing or crouching EX shield [In Blood Heat]

This Last Arc will circuit break on hit. The Last Arc now attacks fullscreen on activation.

Combos and Strategies

Universal Combos

2A 2B(1) 2C 5C j.BC dj.BC

2A 2A 5C 2C 5BB air combo

5B[B] 214A 2C 5BB air combo

2A 5C 2C 5B 9 j.B22C land hj.BC dj.BC throw

Corner Combos

2A 2A 5C 2C 5BB 9 j.[C]22A land 623[B]

Doesn't work on Kouma, Arc, Warc, Len, WLen, Wara, and both Necos.

236A/B 214C 22D 2C 5BB air combo

22A/[A] 5BB air combo

22A/[A] (5A) 5B 623[B]

2A 2B(1) 5B 6B 5C 2C 214C 22D 2C 5BB air combo

2A 2A 2B(2) 6B 5C 2C 214C 5A whiff 5B whiff [B] 22D 2C 5BB air combo

Air Combo Variations after 2C 5BB

[8] j.BC sdj.BC throw/623C

Basic air combo, also the staple.

[8] j.CB dj.BC throw/623C

Does like 30 more damage than the one above. Take a pick.

9 j.[C]

Okizeme ender. You can safe heat activation after this too. Must delay a bit for Kouma, Arc, Warc, Len, WLen, Wara, and both Necos.

Half Moon

Normal Moves

5A [Mid]

A low kick. The standard "looks like a low but is not" kind of 5A. It hits crouching opponents and now with half moon you can add 6A, so it is usefulness has risen. Great for reverse beats, fuzzy set ups and beating mashes.

2A [Mid]

A low and somewhat long punch with a high hitbox. Generally used as a combo starter. In MBAC, it could kind of be used as an anti air but how that there are attack level, you can't do that anymore. Using this instead of 5A after a C move seems to result in more frame advantage.

6A [Mid]

An elbow strike that can come after 5A. Even if it is guard you can still normal and special cancel it, you don't, you'll be at a slight disadvantage to even. If you try to use it from 5C or 6C, 5A may whiff but 6A will still come out. Can also be used in combos.

6A Follow up [Mid]

A follow up from 6A that moves Shiki forward and hits at the same time. You are at a small disadvantage when it is guarded and you can only special cancel it. The forward distance is long, so that if 6A comes out 6AA is pretty much guaranteed to hit. When it hits, the opponent is floated and they cannot tech. This move is primary for combos. Also, if you use it when you are really close to the opponents, you may cross over. 5A 6A 6A is called the "one two three."

JA [Mid]

Shiki does a knife hand in a low direction. You can't really use this aggressively, but it is fine for sudden charges. Because of the attack level now, it will just lose out in instances of clash so be careful. This move is primary for adding more damage to combos and regulation of height during them.

5B [Mid]

The same 5B from MBAC. The clash frames seem to be gone but ending blockstrings with this is still good. Its also good for combos and reading shields. Also for starting combos where you know you will hit for a counter.

5B Follow up [Mid]

Just for combos. Because of the changes to the 8 (direction) input, it is more stable for combos when it connects. Even if this is guarded, you can special cancel it so could do half charge 5B{B} > 236C or 214C > 2A for a guard break.

Charge 5B Follow up [Overhead]

A slow overhead, slow enough that you can shield it on sight. You can get decent damage off of it but if it is guarded, you cannot special cancel it what so ever (you could in version A though). Looks like its become quite a pain in the ass to use to be honest.

2B [Low]

It would seem that this move has be powered up a bit from MBAC. When this move is guarded you recover so fast that opponent can't tell if you are canceling the move or not when you link moves together for blockstrings, This makes creating block strings for this version of Shiki very easy if you use this move. And, if you hit a crouching opponent with this, you will not be moved back so far so you can throw it into combos and links without hesitation. This is probably one of the biggest to some one whom has been playing Shiki from MBAC. This is your move for getting around standing shields and starting combos where you know the first hit will connect.

JB [Overhead]

A long, slightly diagonal up kick (Think: It's hit box seems to extend to the side of Shiki as well, making the move some what hard to specifically determine its hit area. It also seems to be usable for crossups. Its hit box is quite strong so its ok to use this move for air to air. Also, because it is mainly a combo move, if you hit an opponent at a low height then land, you can pick it up and continue with another JB. The release of the move has become a bit bit slower in the PS2 version, so he can't do Ciel-esque (MBAC) Fuzzies anymore.

5C [Mid]

5c is basically the same in terms of usage and how it looks from MBAC, however it is not chargeable here. Use able as a quick aerial combo started and if you make good use of its reach, its also good for beating mashes. Because of its prorate, its go to stick it into combos early for big damage.

6C [Mid]

The NFL tackle. Not only does it move him forward quite a bit, it's active frames are also long. Good for when the opponent might think "ah it might not hit," then body them for a CH when the try to poke. Its hitbox is pretty strong as use can use it as an anti air at times as well. It might be a pain to hit confirm that so canceling into 5B in advance isn't a bad a idea. Its a pretty strong move... maybe about half of the people that pick H-Shiki pick him because of this 6C. However, it is just a matter of course that they nerfed it in the PS2 version. They weakened the hitbox, shortened the duration and increased the recovery... but as long as you hit with it ,it is still a good move.

Charge 6C [Overhead]

I heard you like a mean ass 6C, so we added charge and made it an overhead, quite fast at that. It does not prorate too much so it can score nice damage as well. Not only is it good for overheads but you can mix it up well with half charged 6C and go for lows, using both of these tactics make charge 6C for great for guard crushes. You can also make use of this after the 1 - 2 - 3 when the opponent can not tech for ambiguous overheads. From ver.A, you can no longer cancel this with normal moves so you can't just toss it around anymore.

2C [Low]

Looks pretty much the same as the MBAC version but it looks like a whiffed 2C is not as bad as before. But even so, if you whiff this next to the opponent you will be heavily punished for it. This move has a wide range of uses mid-screen from tagging an opponent trying to rush in, going for a low, to anti airs with the tip of it and etc. In terms of block strings this is good for punishing mashes and baiting.

JC [Overhead]

Looks the same from MBAC. It would seem that its hit box was strengthened so instances were you would completely lose are much less when you are above the opponent. Its no longer chargeable so it is much harder to fake a low JC and go for a grab. You will probably still be using this for your jump ins, and the damage is good so please go for low JC as mash punishes.

Ground Throw

His throw is pretty much unchanged but it looks like you can choose the direction, and it has become 1 hit. Unlike Nanaya, the + frames after his throw is short so you can not do much for okizeme but since H Tohno's pressure is strong you can be more aggressive.

Air Throw

Pretty the much the same as MBAC's, however, since you are in recovery until you land if you miss, you'd better get it right or you'll die. Like always your + frames are skim after the throw so you can't really setup good okizeme but, this is still useful for opponents that like to chickenblock or come at you with low jump in attacks.

Special Moves

Trump Card No. 1 (Slasher)

236 + Button


A step forward and a rising slash. This move is mostly for when you want to stop reverse beating and go for a potential mash punish. You come out about even on block. This move is very effective at counter hitting opponents trying to jump in or low air dash towards you, also, this move is special cancellable on hit or whiff. If you are at a range where 5C to 214C will not reach, you can throw this in to help complete the combo.


A three hit, slower version of A. But because it it slower, you can cancel into it after C moves for some easy mash punishes. It is also special cancellable on hit for follow up combos. Also, they made it bunker cancellable again so go ahead and use it. But, if this is read or dodged you will be heavily punished for it so do not use this too much.


A move that looks like 236B then a slash downwards. You get a guaranteed down that is long enough to do a decent OTG string afterward. When blocked you come out about even so you would possibly use this to force your self onto the opponent. This move has also been strengthened in its uses as a reversal. You move far enough forward with this move that even if you completely whiff, you may not take a hit. In the PS2 version, they took out its invincible frame and made it at a slight disadvantage at block

A Kick Even I Don't Understand (Sensou・Rikugyo)

623 + Button


Dragon punch. The release is fast, and if you counter with someone its easy to pick that up for a combo, just like in MBAC. This is good for is you spot IADs or as an anti air. The first hit is super cancellable so you can use the DP somewhat like Nanaya's (you get very little damage though). If you whiff, unless you were completely read, you probably won't take a huge reprisal.


A DP that is slower than A but with more invincibility. This one is better for reversal and is super cancellable on the first hit,


After the superflash, 2 rising hits then a knockdown. The invincibility is so long that you can use it as a reversal against supers but, if you are just going reversal just use the B version. The damage on it is pretty good, so you could use it to end a combo then take okizeme from there. The top of the moves hitbox was strengthened so, if you land an anti air 236A, you could hitconfirm it to 623C and for a guaranteed down.

Trump Card No. 2 (Sweep)

214 + Button


A low slide. Shiki's posture becomes very low, so you could use it as an anti air (aiming at their landing recovery) for punishing mashes. A simple but important move. It is super cancel and you can OTG on hit. You have a slight frame advantage in the corner on block.


A low slide part 2. Slower than A but the movement is long. There honestly are not a lot of uses for this move but it might hit some people. It is special cancel about and you can OTG on hit just like the A version.


A low slide part 3 into a rising slash. You get countered if this is blocked. If you combo into this in the corner, because the opponent will not be able to tech it's good to burn meter with. You can cancel this move anyway you want on hit.

Serious Stance (Sensou・Meigetsu)

22 + Button


A short charge then a roundhouse kick. Its hit box its pretty strong and its reach is long. If you hit with this in the corner, you can follow it up. Because its reach is pretty long, you could use it after a 2C that hits the opponent with the very tip of it to keep them blocking. It is also cancellable from the 1-2-3.


Charge it up and it becomes an overhead. Again, if it hit the opponent in the corner you can follow it up. Its slow but if you mix this up with the other 22 moves, it will probably hit. Seems that this move's recovery was increased in the new version.


Much like Nanaya's Suigetsu A (22A), but its slower and a bit harder to use. Before the move comes out, if you press the move, you can apply "brakes" on the move for ambiguous cross ups as okizeme.


Teleport to the opponents back, grab them and fling them forward. If you are not in range for this move, it will not start up. You might be mashed out because its pretty easy to read but, if you do manage to get them, you can follow up with 2C depending on the distance to the corner for a big damage. Even at midscreen you can OTG. If you don't OTG they still cannot tech (Depend on the character, it seems that you could dash -> 2C as OTG).


Like Nanaya's Suigetsu C (22C), but the recovery is so long for it that its pretty useless. You can use it to fill the gap after 214C.

Arc Drive: Eye's of Death Perception

41236 + C

Same as MBAC. Good as a super reversal. The rise up is unblockable but the fall is the same as any offensive hitbox. Its fine to be aware of when you can use this during heat, but you can't just spam this at will.

Combos and Strategies


(2A x n) 5B 5C 6AAA 6[C] j.BC dj.BC AT

  • Damage - 4760 Lazy combo. Delay 6AAA after 5C slightly to allow Shiki to move close enough to connect.

(2A x n) 5B 5C 6AAA 6[C] IAD j.C land 5BB 5A(whiff) j.CB dj.BC AT

  • Damage - 5372 High Damage meterless midscreen BnB, harder to pull off than first combo. You can add a j.C before the 5B for more damage.

5C 6C 6AAA 2C (2B) 5BB j.BC dj.BC AT

  • Damage - ~5400 High Damage meterless any screen BnB, easier than the IAD BnB above. Hard to actually confirm off 2As it might be better used on punish or j.C starter.

5C 6C 6AAA 2C (2B) 623B

  • Damage - 4300~ Oki variation on the above combo

5B 5C *delay* 6AA 6[C] iad j.C land 5B 623B

  • Does about 4.5k damage. Use this off a successful mixup. Resets the mixup situation. You can also start this with 2B (to deal with people who like shielding).

(Random Air CH) Dash 2C 6{C} j.BCA dj j.BC airthrow

  • Hit confirm off a random air CH.

(Random AIr CH) Dash 2C 6{C} j.CAB dj j.BC airthrow

  • Another way to get proper height.


(2A x n) 5B 5C 6AAA 6[C] 22[A] 5B 623B

  • Damage - 4658 Gives better Oki

(IAD j.C/ 2A xn) 5B 5C 6AAA 6[C] 22[A] 5BB j.CB dj.BC AT

  • Damage - 5372 but goes to 5951 with IAD j.C starter.

Corner EX Slide Combos

5B 5C 6C 5A 6A 2B 2C 214C iadb j.C(whiffs) 2C 5A(whiffs) 6AA 6[C] 22A aerial

  • Huge damage, do this whenever you can. Difficult on loli's and Nero. Keep in mind that you just need to do a lot of normals into 2C, it doesn't need to be in this specific order.

5B 5C 6C 5A 6A 2B 2C 214C iadB j.C(whiffs) 2C 214A(Whiffs)

  • Gives teleport oki. Does about 4.4K. If you teleport in the corner do 5B 5C *delay* 6AA 6[C] iad j.C land 5B 623B. If not, do another 214C combo if you have the meter. Also places you perfectly for the occasional 22C (which you can combo off of).

5B 5C 6C 5A 6A 2B 2C 214C 22D 2C 214C 214A(whiffs) 2C 214A(whiffs)

  • 200 meter combo. Pretty much used only when you're in Heat. Make sure to do the 2C after 22D as late as possible, or else the combo will go invalid. Gives teleport mixup, outside of 22C.

5B 5C 6C 5A 6A 2B 2C 214C 22D 2C 6{C} (optional 5BB) Aerial

  • Use this on Nero and loli's.

(Jump-in) 5C 6C 5A6AA 22{A} 214C 5B(whiffs)[B] 214A (Input as 236A) 2C 5A(whiffs) 6AA 6[C] aerial

  • Highest damage 214C combo. Very variable in between characters. The slide will take you out of the corner. Slightly delay the 5B in order to actually hit the [B] follow up.

Full Moon

Normal Moves

5A [Mid] Elbow poke like F-Nanaya. Horrible range, whiffs on crouching characters.

2A [Low] Fast, similarly horribly ranged crouched elbow poke that hits low. Very fast.

5B [Mid] Backhand that moves Shiki forward very slightly. Speed and range makes it good for poking with, abuse it against characters that can't fight the range. Hits mid.

2B [Mid] Lunging elbow strike that hits mid, + frames on block and moves you forward. Range is relatively short.

6B [Mid] Anti-Air punch, launches opponent very high. Moves you a decent amount forward. Hits mid. Can get some nice damage off air CH.

5C [Mid] Spinning roundhouse kick, hits mid. Moves you forward.

2C [Low] Legendary Extendo-Leg (Same as Crescent Moon). Hits low. When in doubt, just whip it out.

2[C] [Low] Charged version of Extendo-Leg. Becomes jump cancelable on block, opponent will fall to the ground faster on hit.

j.A [High] Jumping knee strike. Fast and hits overhead, don't expect too much from it though.

j.B [High] Jumping donkey punch. Decent hitstun, hits overhead.

j.C [High] Shiki slices out horizontally with his knife. Massive horizontal range, but not so much for the vertical aspect of the move. Standard air to air. Hits overhead. Can tack up to 1000 additional damage if used as a combo starter.

Special Moves


  • A - Like Nanaya's 236. Shiki lunges forward and slices 7 times.(CHEESESLICER)
  • B - Same but 11 hits and slower startup. Is EX cancellable on any frame.
  • C [EX] - Same but 13 hits.


  • A - Sliding kick along the ground. Hits low. Knocks down. EX cancellable.
  • B - More startup, goes further.
  • C [EX] - Goes further. Launches in the corner, wallslams otherwise. Last hit can


  • A - Crouches and then goes into a high kick with a lot of range. Hits high, will throw the opponent 2/3 of the way across the stage if it hits. Wallslams if they hit the wall. Lots of startup.
  • B - Crouches and then teleports. Invincible for a few frames in the middle of the teleport. Goes through the opponent. Lots of startup. Does not work against opponents in corners. Hitting D anytime after the white dash animation cancels it.
  • C - Same as 22B, except that Shiki throws if he lands on the other side of the opponent. Does not work against opponents in corners
  • D - Feints with the crouching start-up.


  • A - Flying knee to the face.
  • B - Goes further, not as high.
  • C - Different style of kick, wallslams.

Combos and Strategies

2a 5b 2b 5c > 236b (10-11 hits) > 623c > 5a j.(a)bc

  • Midscreen to corner carrying combo.

2A 5B 2B 5C > 623BB > j.A j.B > dj.B dj.C > air throw

  • for the 623BB, delay the second B ever so slightly

2A 5B 2B 5C >623BC *land* >j.BC dj.BC >airthrow

  • Delay the jC as much as possible to be able to connect the jb,works midscreen.

2A 5B 2B 5C 623C 5B 5C j.BC j.BC j.throw

  • It does more.

5C 623B totally whiffs on crouching Miyako, and probably Len, Neco Arc, NAC, and Half WLen. Do the 623C combo or one of these instead on them:

2A 5B 2B 2C 623BC land j.ABC j.BC j.throw

  • Do only on crouching characters.

2A 5B 6B j.BC j.BC j.throw

  • Really easy noob combo that does shitty damage.

(2/5A x n) 5B 2B 5C 623B jC land 5C jB jC dj jB jC

  • Harder but stronger version of 623 bnb utilizing an extra 5C. Delay the first jC a bit but use the second 5C as soon as possible. If you're doing it without any 2/5AAA start then you'll have to delay the jump cancel after the second 5C as much as possible to get the upcoming jC to hit, otherwise gravity will help you.

(2a/5a) 5b 2b 5c 623b IAD j.c (5b) 5c j.bc dj.bc air throw

  • Standing opponents only and high crouching hitboxes (Warakia, Nero, W.Len, Tohno, Nanaya, etc.). Highest damage bnb.

(2AA) 5b (2b) 5c 623b land 5abc j.bc dj.bc airthrow

  • More or less his highest damage combo (other than the one directly above with a jC and 5C), although much easier to do. You can also omit the 5a link, but the 5b link is pretty difficult. Nets high reward and can be done from max range 5b for not too much work/execution, so use liberally against characters who can't fight against the range of your 5b.

(2a) 5b (2b) 5c 214a 214c 214a(whiff) 2c 214a (whiff)

  • Corner only, basic setup for 22 mixups. (Needs to be improved)

Win Quotes

Sorry, but I can`t afford to die here. I held back as much as I could, so let`s call it a day here.

Now do you understand? That was what it meant to kill something.

If I run around too much my anemia acts up. You`ll have to excuse me.

A black cat, crows, a hearse... oh, and walking under a willow tree. I guess everyone gets hit with some bad luck.

I hope you learnt your lesson. I don`t like using these eyes too much.

You don`t look `sleep deprived` to me. Why don`t you go home and take a nap or something?

I think you and I need to be more careful on clear nights like these. As you can see, Victim A ends up being a little stronger than he appears.

Eh? You got your powers back already so why are you looking so weak, Arcueid? Ah... don`t tell me that you played all day, so now you`re sleepy...?

Ah, I have to get going, Senpai! I`ll treat you to a meal at the Messian, so please wait till then for an explanation!

That was a close one... is Akiha doing secret training, or something? Every day is more frightening than the last...

Sorry, you two! I`ll go home when I`m done here, so I`ll treat you to something then!

So there`s a fake Hisui too. Sorry, Hisui. Even if it is a fake, I feel bad hitting you.

That was... a fake Kohaku, right? Ah, if I meet the real Kohaku I`ll apologize just to be safe, so can you forgive me for now?

That person just now... looked like Yumizuka-san. She moved so quickly, but who was that just now?

By the way, Sion. I`m glad you`re getting along with Akiha and the others, but I think you should limit those secret experiments in the basement...

Are you okay with this now, Len? I can protect myself. I`m glad you`re worried about me, but take it easy.

It`s over, Kishima. Let`s both go our seperate ways. I don`t think we shall meet again.

Yeah, I`d definitely call that a bad dream. He`s just like a vampire... one of these days, I`ll get sick of looking in a mirror.

See, that`s how far I`ve come in ten years. Don`t worry about me, Sensei. I make mistakes sometimes, but I try my best everyday.

You could say I`m accustomed to killing you... But this time, returning is impossible for you.

Death has no exceptions, bloodsucker. As long as it has a shape, everything shall vanish someday.



No. 1 Default

No. 2 Gilgamesh (Fate/Stay Night)

No. 5 Banana Shiki

No. 17 The Joker (DC Comics)

MELTY BLOOD Actress Again

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