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Name:   Michael Roa Valdamjong (ミハイル・ロア・バルダムヨォン )  —  Nicknames:    Serpent of Akasha

Voiced by:   Ken Narita (成田 剣)  —  Type:   Dead Apostle Ancestor   —  Gender:   Male

Birthday:   Sept 29   —  Height:   178cm  —  Weight:   65kg

Eye Color:   Red  —  Hair Color:   Black


Roa is the main villain of Tsukihime. Roa devised a method to transmigrate everytime his current incarnation is destroyed, allowing him to "live" indefinitely. However, Shiki destroyed His soul once and for all. In Melty Blood Actress Again, Roa has been brought back from the memory of the surrounding earth due the the recast of the original Night of Wallachia.

Roa's has a very different set moon styles. Each one brings something new to the table, but people that like frame traps and interesting pressure strings will find this character to be right up their alley.

Stage: Spiral Uroboros

Spiral Uroboros.PNG

BGM: Dimension Theory

Crescent Moon

Normal Moves

5A [Mid]

A quick jab, comes out in 5 frames, good for whiff cancelling. Air unblockable

5B [Mid]

A downwards knife hand comes out in 9 frames, has a relatively long recovery so don't use it for poking. Useful as a meaty attack or combo fodder as you can chain into most of Roa's normals from it. Air unblockable

5C [Mid]

Two-hit kick wheel-kick of doom. Moves you forward quite a bit, The first kick comes out in 10 frames and has a good forward and downward hitbox; the second hit comes out on frame 25 and has a good upward and forward hitbox. Can be cancelled on either the first or second hit (which is important because if they are far enough out the second hit can whiff leaving you wide open). Air unblockable.

2A [Mid]

A quick hand-swipe at shin level. Comes out in 5 frames and is your go to normal. Useful for poking, meaties, tick throw setups and OTG strings. Air unblockable

2B [Low]

A fast low kick to the shin. Comes out in 8 frames making this your fastest low attack. Use it for meaty attacks and high/low mixups. Air unblockable.

2C [Low]

A sliding kick. Comes out in 9 frames, has long reach, moves you forward quite a bit, and trips on hit. Great for catching falling enemies from air counter hits or a level 4+ lightning hit. You can punish neutral and forward tech with this mid-screen, and punish all tech options in the corner. Air unblockable

j.A [Mid]

A fast knife hand jab. Comes put in 6 frames, hits mid and has no hitbox above or below, only directly in front of Roa. Don't use this, it's bad.

j.B [High]

A quick flipping stomp attack. Comes out in 7 frames (only one frame slower than j.A) and stays active for a staggering 6 frames. This move is great for air to air and should be your go to aerial for up close situations. Hits only in front and slightly below, has barely any pixels which could hit crossup, so don't bother.

j.C [High]

A jumping kick. Comes out in only 8 frames making it surprisingly fast. The hitbox for this move is along Roa's outstretched leg, but oddly enough has no hitbox at his shoe. The tip of his pants is a disjointed hitbox, allowing this move to beat out a surprising number of other moves.

6C [Mid]

A far reaching knife hand strike, Roa's only command normal. Hit's along and slightly below Roa's arm, with a disjointed hitbox at Roa's hand. Has a long recovery so don't poke with this. Air unblockable.

Special Moves



A decent lightning strike. Chargable. Comes out quick and has good range, and charging it increases range. +frames on block if it is charged. Works well at a decent range to catch jumpers. Also, it's EX cancellable. This move also cancels into 214A/B/C or 22A/B/C. Charged cancels into 623A/B/C as well, and 236[A] 623C does not have the ex cancel penalty.


A similar lightning strike. Also chargable. Not quite so quick, and it hits twice. +frames on block if charged. This also cancels into 214A/B/C or 22A/B/C


Three lightning strikes in front of him. Wallslams, extremely useful in his corner combos. Huge damage opportunities off of this. Takes 100% meter. Enormous range, will punish Nero setting off the zoo, F-W.Len planting ice, and random zoning tricks. Air unblockable, use this to punish jumping and IAD's at a distance. Extremely dangerous for the opponent, this is where you should spend the bulk of you meter.


All of these can be done in the air.


A two hit anti-air move. Moves diagonally up. No invincibility at all.


A four hit anti-air move. Moves in the same manner. Has some invincibility on startup.


A seven hit anti-air move, final hit wallslams and is air unblockable. Has a lot of invincibility on startup. Takes 100% meter.


These can be done in the air.

Each of these moves just plants an orb at a different location on the ground, A being the closest, and C being the farthest. Doing this move in the air will have the orb be horizontal in front of him, no matter what button is used. Executing the command again with the same button will shoot lightning from the orb, and you can combo from this. The air version is extraordinarily useful and will disappear when you are hit. A blocked orb gives enormous frame advantage and will allow you to dash in and tick-throw or do a blockstring guaranteed; and sometimes let you setup a fuzzy guard.

Planting the orb cancels into 22A/B/C.



Charges lightning meter one at a time, can be held to charge more. This is the useful version, don't use 22B.


Charges the lightning meter 3 at a time, not holdable. Don't use it until you have four 22A charges, it doesn't count towards the four charge bounce. Use only to boost 22C damage.


Releases the stored lightning in a bolt in front of Roa. Different charge amounts do different things, However with the exeception of 6 charge to circuit break, 22B charges do not count towards 22C properties.

Charge Effects

0-3: Untechable knockdown, gives enough time to do okizeme.
4-5: High untechable launch, allows you to do crazy combos.
06 : High untechable Launch. The only charge level that circuit breaks; odd in that 22B charges count for circuit break properties, but not untechable float.
7-9: High untechable launch.
10 : Auto lightning; sets off a lightning bolt wherever your opponent is standing and sets off all your orbs. High untechable launch. Automatically occurs when you reach 10 charge.

Higher charge levels do more damage. You only get the untechable launch if you have charged 4 charges with 22A, 22B does not count towards untechable launch.

Special Chains

Cresent Moon Roa can cancel his specials into certain other specials during their recovery following this chain:

236A/B xx 214A/B/C xx 22A/B/C OR 236C / 623A/B/C / 41236C

You can omit any part of the chain so long as you go down it, you cannot cancel back up the chain. The main use of this is to get free charge or orbs off of specials in combos and okizeme.

Some useful cancel chains:

Blockstring into 236[A] xx 22A
Nets you a safe 22A as a blockstring ender.

Combo in corner into 236A xx 214B/C xx 236C 6C 22C
Very hard, but it net's you untechable knowdown and okizeme with you opponent waking up right ontop of an orb.

After netting a knockdown 214A/B/C xx 22A
Allows you to get a free charge off an okizeme ground orb, not bad to do fullsceen either.

Arc Drive

Roa strikes with a lightning bolt similar to 236A/B, and if it hits, the enemy is gradually pulled into a large cross, where they are hit by a lightning bolt. Large damage, combos off of 6C. Useful, not really punishable on block.

Last Arc

Some long boring animation, then it does damage. Ground shield, don't try for this in a serious match unless you are the god of shielding, but you probably aren't.

  • info from Benny1

Combos and Strategies

Resourceless BnB

2Axn 2B 5B 5C(2) 2C 6C j.C dc j.C dj.BC throw

Meter, midscreen/corner

2A 5B 2B 5C(2) 6C 236C 2C 6C j.BC dj.BC throw

Works on Aoko, Tohno, Nanaya, Kouma, Miyako, Riesbyfe, Wara, Len, W.Len, Ryougi, Nero, and Kohaku. Remember those, knowing if 236C 2C connects is important to Roa's more advanced combos.

2A 5B 2B 5C(2) 6C 236C 6C j.BC dj.BC throw

Corner combo for: Sion, V.Sion, Roa, Ciel, Akiha, Arc, Warc, V.Akiha, M.Hisui, Sacchin, and Hisui; but will work on all characters anyways, if you can't remember if 236C 2C connects, use this combo.

If you're in max and really need that extra 500 damage, you can also do this on a character that 2C will hit on

2A 5B 2B 5C (2) 6C 236C 2C delay 236C 6C j.BC dj.BC throw.
5.5k on Riesbyfe, which is respectable damage, but at the cost of 200 meter, it's rarely useful.

Which Way Corner Combo

2A 2B 5B 5C(2) 6C 236C 6C 22C ender

  • Crossup: IAD *land* 2A/2B/5B -> combo
  • Non-Crossup: *slight delay* IAD j.B/j.C -> combo

Orb Setup Combos

Combos which end with your opponent ontop of, or near an orb.

2A 2B 5B 5C(2) 2C xx 214A/B/C
Meterless, chargeless, orb setup. Use 214A to place the orb infront of them, 214B to place it on them, and 214C to place it behind them. 214B is good for setting off a meaty orb from a safe distance for completely safe okizeme. 214C orbs are good for pushing opponents into the corner: if you get them to block a meaty on wakeup you can push them to the orb with a block sting, set it off and reset your blockstring to push them further or go for a tickthrow.

2A 2B 5B 5C(2) 236A xx 214B/C xx 236C (2C) 6C j.BC dj.BC throw

This combo airthrows the opponent onto an orb in the corner, you can then set the orb off and rush back in; or combine it with the corner trap and rushback in with an orb to spare.

  • Corner only, requires 100% meter

2A 2B 5B 5C(2) 2C 5AA 6C 22C(4L+) 214B/C 22C

Orb setup from anywhere on the screen. 214B drops them slightly infront of/on the orb; 214C drops the orb behind them.

  • Requires at least four 22A charges

2A 2B 5B 5C(2) 2C *delay* 6C 214A(!) 214B(!) 22C 214A/B/C

Pretty useless as it requires the opponent to be overtop of two orbs when you do the combo; and having them be ontop off an orb is what we were trying to accomplish to begin with.

  • Requires the enemy to be over two orbs when you sweep them with 2C
  • A and B are used as an example, the actual orbs used don't matter


Special notations:
(!) : Set off layed orb
(xL): x number of 22A charges in guage

~2C 5AA 6C 22C(4L) 214B 2C (pick up) 6C delay 214B(!) sj8.BC dj.BC throw

~2C 6C (slight delay) j.C dc j.C delay 214A/B/C(!) 22C

Best for and orb set on the ground in the corner on the ground or the highest possibe point above. After the jump cancel, even if you hit with a charge of 4 or above, the follow up is sensitive. If you are at the end of the screen, ~236C JC dc JC (delay explosion) 22C, leaving out a jump cancel.

214C 2C 2B j.C dc j.C delay 214C(!) 22C

Use on V Sion, Mecha, Kishima, and Arc ※If you don't delay 2C -> 2B, you may whiff 2B so be careful. If you do hit its the basic speed for the rest, only need to delay the explosion.

~2C 5C(2)214B(!) 214C(!) 22C 2A (pick up)

Hit confirm requires that you have at least 2 orbs and a charge of 1.

Also ~236C (2C) 5C(2) 214B(!) 214C(!)~ is good too. The above areal example can be used. Is there any meaning to setting 2 orbs in the corner?

2A 5B 2B 5C(2) 2C 5AA 6C 22C (4L) -> 214B 2B j8.C (dc) j.C delayed 214B(!) 22C

Use on Roa, Shiki, Ries, Wara, Akiha Ciel, Ren, Vakiha, and Miyako

214C 2B j.C (dc) j.C delayed 214C(!) 22C

Use on Sion and Ciel

214C 2C 2B NJC (dc) delay 214C(!) 22C

Use on Satsuki, Kohaku, and Aoko. ※ All omitted but 2C -> 2B

This combo is hard to do on some characters. Especially on Satsuki, Miyako, Ciel and Aoko. You'll need to devise various timings for the 2C -> 5A delay depedning on the distance.

~ 2C 5AA 6C 22C 214C 2C (pick up) 6C j.C (dc) j.C Delayed 214C(!) 22C


Crescent Roa's gameplay revolves around how well you can manage his resources, if you can accuire level 4 charge easily and get orbs in usefull places for free, then you shouldn't have too hard a time playing him. However, if you cannot manage these resources well then he is soul-crushingly hard to play and you will feel just how low-tier he is (some japanese players even go so far as to put him on neco tier).

Lightning Charge

Having level 4 lightning charge is the key to getting big damage or setups from anywhere on the screen with C-Roa, you can employ a number of methods to get charge easily:

2A 2B 5B 5C(2) 2C xx 214A/B/C xx 22A

  • Nets you an orb and a charge, but leaves you at neutral with no time to dash in for a meaty; you can set the orb off for safe okizeme however

Ending blockstrings with 236[A] xx 22A

  • This is safe and will allow you to get a charge and then back away

Charging 22A after an airthrow

  • This is fairly safe (barring characters with long range EX moves like Warc's teleport grab, or longrange moves like H-Roa's 236A/B/C soko darou lightning tackle) and will goad the enemy out of the corner.

At fullscreen

  • You can use this similar to Fullmoon meter charging; charge up to get the enemy to rush in at you.

With orbs everywhere

  • If you have a lot of orbs covering you and the opponent; they will often hesitate allowing you to get a charge or two in

After 236C Wallslam

  • If you hit them with a midscreen random 236C; then you can charge 3-4 levels safely

After Heat Activation Wallslam

  • You can charge up a bit after heat depending on how far from the corner they were

Tech Punish Option Select

C-Roa can punish neutral, forward, and no tech ground techs with a properally timed 2C; but in the corner he can punish all ground techs with the option select. This allows C-Roa to capatilize on his throws as he gets gets a free combo off of a tech, and an OTG into orb off of no tech.


If you can get your opponent ontop of an orb in (especially in the corner) you can start C-Roa's orb mixup game. A blocked orb explosion is +18 frames, so that gives you plenty of timeto dash back in and do whatever you want.

214X(!) 66 2A stagger 2A

  • Basic option, if they block it go into a blockstring, if it hits do the combo of your choice (I suggest doing an orb setup combo as it will reset them into the orb mixup)

214X(!) 66 2A *tick throw*

  • Forms a 50/50 with 2A stagger, you can followup on the throw with the 2C option select ground tech punish
  • On Tech: 2C 6C -> air combo or 2C xx 214X to reset the mixup
  • No Tech: 2C 2AA 5AA xx 214X to reset the mixup, if they tech out you can just 2C them again

214X(!) 668 -> fuzzy guard

  • Not airtight, but if you get them to respect your orbs you can go for this easily

214X(!) 66 Heat

  • Safe heat / unblockable wallslam setup; you can follow up with either getting orbs/tk orbs/ charging, or the corner trap

Corner Trap

214C xx meaty 236C 214C(!)

This input has a number of uses, the main one being that you can use it to keep the opponent in the corner when you are a fair distance away from it:

  • You can follow an airthrow with this to prevent the enemy from leaving the corner / getting back in to reset pressure.
  • The opponent must EX shield both 236C and the Orb (if you decide to set it off after they shield, I suggust either not using it or delaying it to throw off thier timing in this case) to prevent you from rushing back in fully
  • Against opponents with teleports they can escape the meaty 236C by teleporting on wakeup; however you can 2A or dash in -> punish most of them for it
  • Dodging on wakeup will get them out of the meaty 236C, but they will get pegged by the orb
  • If they have a move that gets them out, they will use it until you start baiting/punishing it; use this to mindgame them if you can find a punish to the escape

Half Moon

Normal Moves

5A - A moderately fast, short-ranged shinkick. Sort of annoying, and useless for starting combos (since his BnBs both have 6AAA in them, if you use a 5A to hitconfirm...)

2A - A really, really shortranged shinswipe.

5B - A downwards knifehand. Moves you forward (and has deceptively long range).

2B - A longer shinkick. Roa likes those shins! Similar to 5B in that it moves you forward and also has pretty good range.

5C - A two-hit kick. Moves you forward and abuses Roa's long legs! Can be cancelled after the first hit.

6C - An arcing double knifehand. Moves you forward and has respectable range - also cancels into 214A/B/C and 236 A/B/C.

jA - Roa's longest range A attack.... Which isn't saying much. A generic jA.

jB - An upwards kick. Not very impressive horizontal range...

jC - A toe poke. Sounds pointless, but actually has some pretty good horizontal range.

Special Moves


236A - Fast startup, moderate range. Untechable knockdown. Generally unsafe on block.
236B - Delayed startup, same range as A. Also untechable knockdown! Frame advantage on block.
236C - Roa starts the attack just like 236A, but the screen turns black and he attacks from multiple directions for a total of 21 hits. Very unsafe on block.

Interesting notes about 236C: It can chain into itself once for low damage - might be useful to finish an opponent off, I guess. Also, even if the opponent is in an unhittable state (recovering from something, etc) Roa will still start the attacks as if they had a hitbox.

214A/B/C - LAZAS

214A - Pretty fast startup, moderate range. Angled slightly downard. Floats the enemy.
214B - Same startup, longer range. Angles horizontally. Floats the enemy.
214C - Quick startup, long range. Moves forward and hits 7 times, if every hit connects.

Interesting notes about 214A: If you are point blank and throw out a 214A, you can followup with either just an air grab or an air combo, depending on your level of execution. Also, the attack is +frames on block, so at point blank range it can be used to tick throw.

Interesting notes about 214C: If you hit an opponent from mid-max range with this skill, you can super jump forward and air combo them.

623A/B/C - Get dat lightning

623A - fast startup, floats enemy (and takes you into the air, though you can't do anything with it). 2hits.
623B - Same as above, only 4hits.
623C - Same as above, only 7 hits and the final hit wallslams. Final hit air-unblockable

imo, this is the worst of the Roa's dps. FMoon's at least gets an untechable knockdown after 623B.

j236A/B/C - More lightning lawlz

236A - a single hit. If used close to the ground, you can follow up the float.
236B - same as above, but 3 hits, and no followups.
236C - Same as above, but 7 hits. unsure about followups.

Combos and Strategies

2A 5B 2B 5C(1hit) 6AAA 2C 6C jBC djBC throw: 4278 damage on VSion
Notes: You can't open this combo with 5A (or at least I can't get it to work). If you open the combo with 5A it will NOT let you do the 6AAA sequence (again, prove me wrong...). You have to wait a second after the 6AAA to 2C.

2A 5B 2B 5C(1hit) 6AAA 6[C] 214A jBC djBC throw: 4851 damage on VSion
Notes: Same note about opening with 5A as before. The timing after 214A is strict. There is a miniscule pause between the 6[C] and the 214A - if you don't put it there, you MAY need to sjc to get high enough to air combo.

Combos with oki
2A 5B 2B 5C(1hit) 6AAA 6[C] 236A/C

2A 5B 2B 5C(1hit) 6AAA 6[C] 41236C (Requires Heat)

2A 5B 2B 5C(1hit) 6AAA 6[C] 236A 214C(otg) 41236C (Midscreen, requires Heat)

Basically, if 214C hits otg while you're in heat mode, you've just won a free AD.

Aerial Counterhit
2C 6C j.BC dj.BC airthrow

Tech Punishing
Roa's ground throw is ground techable, which means if you want to sustain any sort of pressure, you'll want to punish it. If they tech away from you midscreen they are safe, but in any other situation you can tech punish with 5B and go into your regular combos. In the corner on forward tech, walk back slightly before doing 5B.

As an amusing mixup, you can try to OTG super with 214C AD on no tech. Probably the only time you will find this practical though is on throw into corner at a distance such that they can't tech safely, and that forward teching is very high risk. If they neutral or backtech in that situation the 214C will punish them anyways and you can go for an IAD j.C rejump combo.

Full Moon

Normal Moves

A – standard standing jab. Does hit crouching opponents.

B – hits mid moves Roa forward a bit. I mostly use this in combos or frame traps off of 2a.

C – 2 hits, great range, moves Roa forward, some application as anti-air as well as tech punishing.

6C – Long arm strike, great range and moves forward.

2A – hits low. fast, but short range

2B – a f-Roa exclusive, good ranged low poke with pretty solid active frames for tech punishing.

2C – a short slide. Hits low. Can combo a 6C after for an air combo. Catches after air counter hits pretty well.

  • All of Roa’s ground normals cannot be blocked in the air or are “air-unblockable”*

j.A – quick hand jab, fast with poor range, decent for a quick air-to-air

j.B – good range kick that hits slightly above Roa

j.C – Roa attempts storm’s jump fierce. This is a great air normal, if a bit slow. Can be charged for more range/stun/damage. Can hit as a cross up if charged. Beats a lot of things once fully charged.

Special Moves

236A/B/C – An upward ground slash - All versions are air-unblockable. - A and B versions can be canceled by any EX move or Arc Drive. - B version can be held for a command dash that can cross up through a grounded opponent. Also, somewhat useful for continuing pressure. - C version hits twice, wall bounces, and can be combo’d after in the corner. - All versions jump cancel-able on hit.

623A/B/C – Dragon punch. Goes off the ground at a 45 degree angle. - A version is air-unblockable with no invincibility. - B version is air-BLOCKABLE with some invincibility. - C version is air-unblockable only on the last hit, Has the most invincibility I believe. - All DPs end in an untechable knockdown.

214A/B/C – Lightning bolt strikes in a vertical column in front of Roa. - A and B version do the same amount of damage. - A version hits close, but not directly in front of Roa, B hits a little further out. - Lightning floats on grounded hit and is an untechable knockdown on air hit. - C version is air-unblockable, invincible, and punishable on block. - A and B versions can both be air blocked. - C version can set up for air tech traps, as the lightning hits in a larger vertical column over Roa’s head for a little less then 2k damage.

236A/B/C (in air) – Electricity surrounds Roa in the air. - All versions air-blockable with some utility as anti air. - All versions can be canceled before the hit by landing on the ground. - All versions are safe on block. - A version gives advantage if TK’ed close to the ground. - A and C versions allow for a follow up combo with float on counter hit. - B versions hits three times and cannot be combo’d after - C version hits with a greater range then A or B. - C version has invincibility on start-up. - C version can add some damage to air combos if used instead of air throw finisher. (about 200 dmg.) - All versions can hit on both sides allowing for cross ups. - On block the move has some short of vacuum effect.

41236C (Arc Drive) – Quick horizontal lightning bolt crosses the screen. - This move is Very fast and has VERY long range. - Can be used to punish any tech from a ground throw. - Easily combo-able from basic strings. - Air-unblockable - Deceptively large vertical hitbox.

Throw – Roa has a very solid ground throw. - In the corner can connect a 2A > A > 6C to air combo - Teachable throw, but all techs are punishable from mid-screen. - Arc drive and dash 214 B lightning punish back techs. - Closer techs punished by dashing 2B or 214 A or B lightning - His air throw resets the game to neutral with a knock down, but no advantage.

Combos and Strategies

Basic Bread and Butter Combos *dmg based off of crescent v-sion

1) 2A > B > 2B > C > 6C > 214A > 6C > 214A (2.7-3.7k)

- ends in untechable knockdown. - depending on range both hits of standing C might not hit (just go from one hit of standing C to 6C). - allows for an OTG follow up. - get different oki options depending on if you let standing C hit once or twice.

2) 2A > B > 2B > C > 6C > 214A > 6C > 623B (2.9-4k)

- ends in untechable knockdown. - other 623 attacks can be substituted for the 623B

3) 2A > B > 2B > C > 6C > 214A > 236A > j.B > j.C > jc. j.B > j.C > Air Throw/236C (3.6-5k)

- ends in neutral state with no advantage on the opponent if ended in air throw - possible air tech punish if you finish with an air 236 move with lightning super. - 236C ender only does SLIGHTLY more than just a normal air throw.

- Alternatively, you may use another 6C instead of 236A

4) 2A > B > 2B > C > 6C > 236A > 41236C (3.5-4.8k)

- This one is not worth the meter and leaves no real advantage after the knockdown. - You'll see why it's not worth the meter when I get through posting damage amounts for these combos.

5) Air counter hit > catch with normal of choice [B, C(1-hit), 6C, 2C, 236A] or 41236C. (2.5k-3.5k)

  • normals followed with DP, lightning, or air combo of choice.

- The catch of choice is going to be the 2C > 6C > etc.

6) Corner throw > 2A > A > 6C > j.B > j.C > jc. j.B > j.C > Air Throw/236C (2.4-3.4k)

- The player has a real choice here on whether or not to do this combo as Roa is more then capable of punishing any tech attempts for more damage. -OTG string does about 1.5k damage

[[ Oki or Knockdown that is the Question!]]

As you may have noticed F-Roa is capable of scoring a strong knockdown from his basic BnB combos with his 214A/B enders. This knockdown is great, but comes at a price. That price is usually somewhere between 700~1200 points of damage. That is significant FREE damage to lose for just getting to mix-up/continue pressure. Now I'm not trying to suggest that I think going for oki is always a bad thing, but you need to use balance and understand the situation you are in currently to make the right choice. Here are some things to consider when making your combo choice:

  - Do you need to maintain the advantage? (life lead, meter, time limit)
  - What does your opponents character want? (to zone/keep away, rushdown, etc.)
  - How well does your opponent (and their character) deal with F-Roa's zoning and pressure?
  - Keep in mind character specific combos, where 6C won't hit after a 214a launch, will take off even less damage.  (Nero, Warc...)

Also, let me make one thing clear. After a combo ending in air throw or j.236x you are now at NEUTRAL. This means attempting to maintain the advantage through regular means won't work and will probably cost you a match (aka trying to dash 214 lightening after an air throw can get you killed). You do get space though and get to charge meter or start your own zoning game.

Oki Setups

  1. 1 214 ender -> safe jump j.[C]

For those unfamiliar with safe jump setups, it basically is used as a means to force an opponent to block and if they try to get away through reversals they can be punished. F-Roa has a setup that achieves this by timing a charged jump C just as the opponent is getting up. If the move hits go into a combo, if they try to reverse out with something like a dragon you can block before the move can hit you, if they block they are now in charged jump C block stun and you are at massive advantage. You can even punish back dashes if you are quick enough with 2C into full combo (or maybe something better?). The one way for characters to beat this is to reversal parry your jump c. Given this is very hard timing and you can alter your setup in many ways to adjust for wake up parries. If your opponent has resorted to that then the setup had done its job and you should start mixing in jump charge C wiffs into lows and throws or run different setups for a while.

2) 214 ender -> IAD falling j.236a

This is an interesting setup that plays off the properties of j.236a. Basically you get a knockdown and immediately air dash over the opponent and activate j.236a just as your about to reach the ground (but don't cancel the move). This setup does a couple pretty cool things, 1) reverses your opponents inputs, meaning they have to dp the other direction to get the move out. 2) the back of j.236a/b/c sucks the opponent towards you pulling them right next to you as you land. 3) Done correctly this setup is meaty and leaves you at frame advantage on block (only a and c versions) 4) if you hit you get to follow up with an air combo for 2.5-3.5k 5) sometimes if the opponent crouch blocks they actually cross back in front of you before you land.

  • B version may have some utility as a ghetto shield setup as you are at disadvantage but not punishable

All in all I'm really liking this setup right now. Its main weakness is that a well timed back dash will avoid this setup completely and of course a wake up shield will beat it as well. The trick is to vary the timing and use this one sparingly mixed with other IAD setups.

3) 214 ender -> IAD j.B (wiff) -> land 2a/2b

This one is just a basic IAD setup. If you play around with the timing on the j.B you can make the landing low cross-up or not and it can be very ambiguous. Obviously, this one can play off the IAD j.236a trap as well.

4) 214 ender -> 236[ B] (ground cross-up)

If you hold down the B button after F-Roa's 236B on the ground you get a command dash that can pass through opponents. Using this property we can setup another very ambiguous cross-up after 214a/b and adjust the range to make the dash cross-up or not. This one is all about how tight you are with the spacing as it can be very hard to see or very easy depending on how lazy you get with it. Also, you can do a similar cross-up by canceling a mid-screen OTG string into the 236B. Cool stuff.

5) any ender -> meaty normals

This is about as simple as it gets. However, given the properties of F-Roa's grounded B normals, he is quite good at this one. Both standing and crouching B normals have good active frames, are decently fast, and most importantly leave you at advantage on block. This can lead to some pretty good pressure where it is really dangerous for the opponent to press any buttons at all. Mix in these great normals with his advantage specials (214a and 236b) and now you have some potent pressure with frame traps galore!

  • note- all info on F-Roa from PacStrife :D

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