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Name:   Hisui (翡翠)  —  Nicknames:    Brainwasher Detective

Voiced by:   Matsuki Miyu (松来 未祐)  —  Type:   Human, Maid Synchronizer  —  Gender:   Female

Birthday:    March 12   —  Sizes:    B76/W58/H82   —  Height:    156cm   —  Weight:    43kg

Eye Color:   Jade  —  Hair Color:   Pink


Hisui is one of the two maids of the Tohno Mansion who serves under Shiki. She is an adept cleaner but is critically poor at cooking, which is the complete opposite of her twin sister, Kohaku. Hisui's naturally a kind and pleasant person, but acts cold and distant to preserve Kohaku's outer facade of happiness.

In Melty Blood she fights by beating people with furniture (where she keeps it all is still a mystery). People who pick Hisui will find a character with incredible okizeme options and many tools to lockdown an opponent.

Stage: Huge Library

Huge Library.PNG

BGM: Tenseness

Crescent Moon

If you played Hisui in MBAC, then you'll feel right at home playing C-Hisui with only minor adaptations (more notably the loss of the Dust loop combos and the replacement of 22Chair with EX Bento). Her tech punish game is phenomenal and her corner pressure is really strong. Her defense is severely lacking though, forcing her to depend on calculated risks to escape pressure.

Changes from MBAC to MBAA

  • Dust loop is gone.
  • 2nd hit of j.BB is now special cancellable into 236A/B/C
  • 6B has longer hitstun and can be followed with j.(C)
  • 236A/B>236A follow up causes an untechable knockdown
  • 236A/B>236B follow up can be jump canceled
  • 4B water can be stringed and Reversed Beat'd
  • 2nd hit of her 623A dust causes an untechable knockdown.
  • j6B added (Does an air dust cloud)

Normal Moves

5A [Mid] - Standing slap used mostly for whiff canceling. Hits relatively high off the ground. Dash 6A can be used as anti-air to punish jumpouts (not jumpins).

5B [Mid] - Hisui turns away and facepalms her opponent. Decent range and speed, but has less range than 2B. Beats low shield.

5C [Mid] - Hisui lurches forward and smashes her opponent with a chair. This move hits twice normally and has good range, can be held to hit three times and cover an even greater distance. This move makes an excellent meaty and can punish low shield and wakeup backdash when held. Punishable if dodged.

2A [Mid] - Standard crouching jab. It's fast and has a decent hitbox. Neutral on block.

2B [Low] - Leaning poke. Great wake-up move to beat high shields or mid-range poke.

2C [Low] - The bucket sweep. This move is surprisingly fast for a 2C and has good range.

j.A [Mid] - Standard air jab.

j.B [Overhead] - Book poke. This move has decent vertical range, comes out very fast (5 frames), and can be used effectively on enemies at the right angle above her 9 (top-right) area. Due to its high hitbox, it may whiff during combos or pokes against opponent's in front of her, and miss crouching opponents completely.

j.BB [Mid]- Follow-through that bounces the opponent off the ground. Mainly used for setting up C-Hisui's tech punishes and corner loops. Special and EX cancellable to her j236A/B/C on hit. Deceptively safe if she lands on the ground, which allows her to block, throw or shield immediately upon landing. Punishable otherwise if blocked.

j.6B [Mid] - Aerial dust. Creates a small cloud of dust that hits a short moment later. Can be used as a ghetto orb to set up interesting blockstrings.

j.C [Overhead] - The infamous table. This move has a huge hitbox but comes out somewhat slow. Can be charged for a knock-down, guard meter damage in Dust, or followed up after a 6B or 236A/B>236B. Good for meaty and mixups.

j.2C [Mid] - Hisui swoops out of the sky. Use this to land faster or to mix things up. Cannot be canceled into normals or specials

4B [Low] - Hisui sprinkles her opponent with a watering can. Causes an unblockable knockdown on the 1st tick if the opponent is standing, can be held to drain meter for 15 energy a tick for a maximum of 5 ticks (3 max on knockdown), and does a small amount of damage per tick if it touches them. The hit box for the knockdown & drain is about a character length in front of her.

6B [Mid] - Ladle Uppercut. Launcher. This move is usually follow up with a charged j.C. Clash frames exist above her head so it has potential as an antiair.

6C [Mid] - Hisui hits her opponent with a frying pan. Good vertical range, although its use as anti-air is uncommon. Mainly used to combo after her 5C or to setup her overhead/2C mixup.

6C > C [Mid/Overhead] - Follow-through that brings the frying pan down. Short range and is only cancellable to the 236C follow up. Can be charged to be an overhead.

6C > C > 236C [Mid] - Final frying pan follow-through that wallslams on hit. Can be followed up with 5A>6B/C if in the corner. If blocked, Hisui can EX dust upon recovery to make it safe.

6E/4E [Throw] - Hisui headbutts her opponent. As this throw is untechable, it gives you plenty of time to set up a bento or IAD.

j.6E/4E [Throw] - Hisui slams her opponent into the ground. Techable. Hisui will always end up behind her opponent, lowering its viability in corners without the use of the corner cross-up BnB.

Special Moves

236A [Mid] - Yayaya. Hisui moves forward and stabs at her opponent with a flurry of ladle attacks. Has some super armor to it. It can make a decent poke if you expect a ground rush in.

236B [Mid] - Unlike the A version, this one has noticeable startup. Does more hits & damage and moves Hisui farther.

236A/B > 236A [Mid] - Follow-through for the ladle stabbing moves. Causes knockdown. EX-cancelable.

236A/B > 236B [Mid] - Second follow-through for the ladle stabbing moves that launches the opponent. EX-Cancelable. Graphic is the same as her 6B and can be followed up with a charged j.(C). Generally more useful then 236A follow-through.

236C [Mid] - EX Yayaya. For those of you who can't get enough spoon-stabbing action. Launcher follow-through is automatic.

j.236A [Mid] - Aerial Yayaya. Great for zoning. Can be TK'd for ground pressure.

j.236B [Mid] - Has a lot more momentum than the A version counterpart and hits more. Overall superior in most situations.

j.236C [Mid] - EX Aerial Yayaya. Can be EX-canceled from j.236A/B. If this hits a grounded opponent, it will takes them off the ground and can be followed up with an air combo of your choice. This is useful as a hit confirm off a j.236A/B.

623A [Mid] - Dust. Hits twice, has good speed and more range than her 5B. Has potential as a combo-ender as the last hit causes an untechable knockdown. This move is best used after a 2C and is usually followed up with a bento.

623B [Mid] - Hisui dusts upwards. Hits twice. Godlike anti-air if you're a CPU or have the reflexes of a robot. This move can't be blocked in the air.

623C [Mid] - EX Dust. Creates a huge, advancing cloud used for pressure. Can also be used as a wake-up to stop an advancing opponent that is not right in front of her. There is a small start-up, however, so this will lose to meaty's or point blank throws. It hits four times before dissipating, otherwise it persists for a few seconds. Can trap a midair opponent for a free 5A Guard Break into your favorite air combo or setup. Effectively beats out every Half Moon and Full Moon shield counter. Will safety remove Aoko's orbs from a fair distance away. Note: Hisui lost her dust loop from MBAC to MBAA. To do it now is very situational (First hit of EX-dust is a High Counter, after a jump in j.6B, delayed hit after W.Lens teleport)

214A - Hisui randomly throws stuff at her opponent. The player can control which projectile is thrown by immediately holding the corresponding direction after the initial input. If this counter-hits in the air, run in and follow up with your favorite combo.

  • 0 - Random
  • 1 - A very slow lamp that flies straight.
  • 2 - A pot that that arcs upwards at a high angle. Good for counter-hits against air.
  • 3 - A vase that flies upwards slightly, but hits the floor about midscreen.
  • 6 - A book that goes about five feet before hitting the floor.
  • You can also get a coat hanger or a tray on random.
  • Tray is her fastest horizontal projectile. Half-moon Hisui gets tray only from her 214A.
  • Coat hanger moves slower than the tray but faster then the lamp.

214B - Hisui throws 1-2 of the same projectiles as the A version at the cost of a longer start-up time. Can be used at the end of blockstrings if you're lazy. Causes a ton of stun if two of the projectiles hit at the same time.

  • 0 - Random
  • 1 - Pot & Book
  • 2 - Vase & Lamp
  • 3 - Vase & Hanger
  • 6 - Tray & Book
  • Sometimes on random you'll just get book.

214C - Same Old Stuff-Fu. Throws 3-5 of the projectiles, barring a known case of getting just EX-Book. Causes more than enough stun to get a free combo if your opponent gets shotgun-blasted by it.

22A - Hisui places an explosive bento on the ground that disappears after about eight seconds. On a successful hit it'll launch the opponent upwards. Has long start-up, so use it when your opponent is knocked down. Bento is best used after a throw or the 2nd hit of a 623A.

22B - Same as above, except the bento moves forwards a bit before setting.

22C - EX Bento. About twice as large as the normal bento and has a quicker start-up. A successful hit will launch the opponent upward and has the added benefit being non-air techable. This is mainly used as an EX cancel from her 236A236B knockdown or as an alternative to her 22A/B.

214D [Mid] - Quite possibly the worst bunker in the game. If this reversal isn't used perfectly on hitstop, Hisui will stand there like a tool factory and eat shit from the opponent. Even when done successfully, the range is short as hell. However, it's still fast and wallslams on hit. Avoid using this unless you have no other options. Has the same animation as 5B when successful.

Arc Drive [Mid] - Saturday Night Fever. This attack launches a huge, air-unblockable hadouken that flies across the map at ridiculous speeds. This move can be charged to increase the number of hits / damage and, in the event that your opponent ends up behind you, can be turned around as it's fired. Hisui is completely invulnerable during the attack animation and has little recovery after it is released, but has no invincibility during the charge animation. This attack has minimal range, so Hisui will fly through opponents if they stand right next to her and miss them entirely.

Another Arc Drive [Mid] - Dark Hisui Punch. Same as above, except it's automatically fully charged, has an extended hitbox, and cannot be delayed or turned around.

Last Arc [Mindfuck] - Brainwasher Detective Hisui. It does irrelevant damage, but reverses the controls of the opponent for over ten seconds and causes break. If your opponent gets hit by this, they are going to lose.

Combos and Strategies

Hisui has a range advantage on half of the cast and is decent at zoning. Couple that with good movement speed, excellent jumps, and attacks like EX Dust to keep the pressure on her opponents, she doesn't really have the need (or desire) to play defensively. Her 22 Bentos further limit your opponent's wakeup game. Hisui is a Tech Punishing Machine with great corner pressure and should be played as such.

For zoning and netural game, a combination of projectiles, bento's, and EX-Dust are her best tools. As far as projectiles go, Pot & Book (214B > 1) is best for most situations, Pot (214 > 2) and Vase (214A > 3) are decent as Anti-airs, and Lamp (214A) and Tray & Book (214B > 6) are good for full screen. If you have meter to spare, or if you need quick protection, EX-Dust will do the job. Placing bento's is risky due to its long start-up, so it usually requires projectiles, EX-dust, or another bento to safely lay one out. When EX-Dust or bento is out, it is best to camp within the hitbox to safely throw out more items. Added to MBAA is her j.6B which, with conjunction with her backdash, can set up stationary floating "orbs" in the air for a moment, causing eager opponents air-dashing in to suddenly get counter hit.

Hisui's defense game is relatively weak due to her lack of a reversal so it is best to know her options. If she has the meter to burn and the opponent is not right in her face, use EX-Dust to stop the opponent from advancing. There is a minimum range and a small startup , however, and a well placed meaty attack against a wake-up EX-dust will stuff it completely. If you happen to have a bento or an EX-dust on the screen and you can ground recover within the hitbox, do so and she will be safe for the moment. If you land a held Shield, the best follow up is her 236A > 236B since it comes out quick and launches the opponent. Avoid using her Shield Bunker completely during stagger pressure, and use it only against multi-hit moves if it will connect. In most cases, it is best to block and wait it out.

Air combo enders


Airthrow is used mostly when it's not possible to get them in the corner with correct spacing. Since the opponent can recover and you land at about the same time as the opponent, laying out bento's isn't safe. However, It is possible to tech punish them with correct guessing.

  • Running forward works best to tech punish Backward recovery, or to push the opponent if they don't recover. Opponents who think they can run away by teching backward will do this first.
  • Standing still works best to react to Netural or Forward recovery.


In most cases, j.BB is the most superior choice due to its Tech Punishing potential, or to shoot the opponent to the corner. Learning to delay the second hit of j.BB can help you land in time to tech punish more effectively. The secret to tech punish spacing is in the jump directions you use.

  • Two forward jumps when you're a little more than half screen distance from the corner.
  • a neutral jump then a forward jump when you're a little less than half screen.
  • Forward then neutral when you're close to the corner.
  • Super double jumps can help you carry them longer distances.

Tech Punish

  • Neutral and No Tech: 5A2C 623A 22A
  • Forward and Back Tech: 2B > whatever


2B 2C 5C 6C [j.BC dj.BC Airthrow] or [j.BC dj.CBB Tech Punish]

※ Hisui's most basic combo. Beginners should begin here.

2B 5C 2C 6C [j.C airdash j.C dj.BC Airthrow] or [j.C airdash j.C dj.ACBB Tech Punish]

※ Used mostly when you've expired your use of 5C already. Damage is slightly better also.

2B 5C 2C 6B j.[C]AB land [j.BC dj.BC Airthrow] or [j.BC dj.CBB Tech Punish] or [j.BC sdj.AAABB Tech Punish]

※ Even more damage on this one although a little harder to do. The sdj.AAABB tech punish variant can be used to carry them to the other corner from full screen distance, very interesting follow up if you tag them with 2B after they teched forward from a previous tech punish as it resets them into the same situation.

2B 5C (236C) 2C 623A 22A/B

※ Bento setup for midscreen. 236C does a lot of damage and carries them pretty close far, so if you have extra meter or don't want to play tech punish games or make sure they get into the corner this is a good option.

Corner cross-up BnB

2B 2C 5C 6C j.BC airdash dj.AC Airthrow

※ This is a variant of the first BNB with one specific purpose which is to cross under them during the air combo to allow for a following crossup. Doesn't work if they ground tech after the airthrow.

Corner combos

2B 2C 6C j.C airdash j.B..B 236B land (neutral)j.AAC..BB 236B land 236A236A 22C

※ There's a few tricky parts to this one, most notable being the delays necessary (indicated as ..). Also the 236A236A at the end must be done very quickly or the 22C bento will be too far offscreen to have any effect. Cannot be ground teched. The 22C at the end assures her Bento mix-up game in the corner.

6C6[C]236C 5A j.C airdash j.BB 236B land (neutral)j.AACBB 236B land 236A236A 22C

※ Corner overhead frying pan combo. More fun ways to go into j.236 combo. 5A j.C timing is strict.

x...623C dash 5B 2B 5C 2C 623A

※ If you find yourself too far away from them to properly finish a combo into 2C > Aircombo you can use this instead.


  • 2B 5AAAB 2C [623C] or [22A] or [Whiff 2A]


j.BB is slightly unsafe on block, or at least highly disadvantageous. You can continue pressure off a j.BB by doing j.236S, j.236C will be the most advantageous on block. This also works as a hit confirm.

5B 2B 2C 5[C] (or some other normal string) > 236B236A/B 623C

※Pressure reset with meter, good if you have meter to blow or you think you can get a guard crush. Don't use 236B236B in the corner unless you are already spread out quite a bit, as it causes 623C to go off screen. For a high block damage string you can use j.[C] 5B 2B 2C 5[C] 6C6[C]236C. The last part makes it easy to confirm without paying too close of attention to guard bar, just don't charge a 6C if they've already been hit.

Half Moon

A more 'generic' variant of Hisui. Half Moon has better slightly superior air footsies when compared crescent. Her defensive game is vastly improved with stools to protect her and reliable, fast projectiles to abuse. Half Moon is for those people who want to play Hisui while forgoing the Tech Punishing shenanigans of crescent.

Normal Moves

5A [Mid] - Tiny little Poke that barely extends past her face. It has a tall enough hitbox to hit crouching opponents.

5A6AA [Mid] - Auto-combo. Hisui twirls and bashes the opponent with her ladle.

5B [Mid] - Same a crescent.

5C [Mid] - Same as crescent.

2A [Low] - Same as crescent.

2B [Low] - Same as crescent.

2C [Low] - Same as crescent.

j.A [Mid] - Same as crescent.

j.B [Overhead] - H-Hisui exchanges Crescent's j.BB tech punish for a bonafide air normal to use in air footsies. This move has surprising coverage and can be used as an effective cross up.

j.6B [Mid] - Same as crescent.

j.C [Overhead] - Same as crescent.

j.2C [Overhead] - Same as crescent.

4B [Mid] - Same as crescent.

6B [Mid] - Same as crescent.

6CC236C [Mid] - Same as crescent.

Special Moves

236A/B/C [Mid] - Same as crescent.

j.236A/B/C [Mid] - Same as crescent.

623A/B/C [Mid] - Same as crescent.

214A [Mid] - Half-Hisui always throws the tray. While she cannot chose which projectile she throws, it comes out even faster than the Crescent or Full Moon variants. Combined with the tray's incredibly fast movement speed, this is one of the best projectiles in the game.

214B - Like the A variant, you cannot pick anything but book and tray. The start-up time is similarly shorter than Crescent or Half's as well.

214C - Same as crescent.

22A/B - Same as crescent.

22C - Footstools. These are smaller than the MBAC chair, but 100% more reliable as they will always clash the opponent's attack. Two stools and two bentos can be placed on the screen at the same time. Footstools clash with one hit or last five seconds. Excellent for punishing crouching wake-up moves or stopping a blockstring in its tracks.

214D - Less useless than crescents due to Half-Moon's invulnerability.

5D - Standing auto-counter.

2D - Crouching auto-counter.

j.D - Jumping auto-counter. Same animation as crescent's j.B.

Combos and Strategies

Full Moon

Full Moon Hisui is very different from her other grooves. Full moon style takes a much more defensive approach to battle, which consists of employing her shield chairs, strong anti-air, and spammable projectiles. This version of Hisui is the only style that gives her a real reversal, and a pretty damn good one at that. (623C)

Normal Moves

5A [Mid] - A poke, literally. Hitbox extends about as far as her skirt. Comes out very quick.

2A [Low] - Low jab.

5B [Mid] - Forward poke with ladle. Moves Hisui forward, which makes it the poke of choice. Very good stagger move for blockstrings. Your standard combo starter.

BE5B [Mid] - Causes wallslam. Half charging this works well in blockstrings.

2B [Low] - Has little range. Omit from combos if your 5B hits with it's tip.

4B [Mid] - Watering can. Has 3 ticks. Removes 44 circuit from enemy and causes untechable knockdown on third tick.

5C [Mid] - Chair. 2 hits and has large pushback, unless charged.

BE5C [Mid] - Hisui dashes with the chair, causing 3 hits. Great for tech punishing. Can lead into air combos for decent damage.

2C [Low] - Standard sweep.

3C [Mid] - Hisui's old 6B. Acts as a launcher.

3CC [Mid] - Second ladle follow-up. Use this to launch enemies.

6C [Mid] - Frying pan smack. Causes untechable knockdown.

BE6C [Overhead] - Does same damage as normal 6C. Causes untechable knockdown, and comes out pretty fast.

J.A [Overhead] - Overhead in Full moon.

J.B [Overhead] - Inferior to H-Hisui's J.B, but has the same animation.

J.6B [Mid] - Little dust cloud. Does damage right before it disappears. Can set up tick-throws.

J.C [Overhead] - Lamp post attack. Has huge horizontal range. Whiffs at point-blank range.

BEJ.C [Overhead] - Causes untechable knockdown.

J.2C [Overhead] - Hisui's dive attack. Good crossup move.

(After 5D) 236D [Mid] - Shield counter. Same animation as 3C, causes untechable launch.

214D [Mid] - Shield bunker. Causes wallslam if timed right.

6E/4E [Throw] - Hisui headbutts her opponent. Causes untechable knockdown with plenty of time to IAD or set a chair down.

Special Moves

236A [Mid] - Quick ladle rush. 6 hits, can be followed up

236B [Mid] - Slightly longer ladle rush. 9 hits, can be followed up.

236A/B 236A [Mid] - Hisui swings the ladle forward, causing an untechable knockdown after the rush. Canceling 236A236A into her AD quickly will cause a crossup.

236A/B 236B [Mid] - Hisui launches her enemy with the ladle. Can follow up with an air combo.

236C [Mid] - EX ladle rush. 13 hits, causes untechable launch, which gives you an aerial reset.

623A - Anti-air... frying pan. Very small. You should always use 623B.

623B - Anti-air mop, that's more like it. Used in her combo, and is a good preemptive anti-air. Has great vertical range, but a little bit of start up time.

623C - Reversal latter. Air unblockable, and causes wallslam. Used in her corner combo as well. Doesn't hit directly in front of her on the ground, only up and above her. (Only setback of this move) Comes out very quick, great anti-air on reaction.

214A - Stuff-fu. Throws less stuff than 214B.

214B - Stuff-fu. You can hold inputs after inputting the initial 214B to manipulate what she throws, otherwise, it is random.

214B[1] - Hisui throws a pot and book. The pot goes HIGH, and is great for zoning and anti-air. The book will hit crouchers.

214B[6] - Hisui throws a metal tray and a book. The metal tray is a fullscreen projectile that travels very quickly. One of the quickest projectiles in the game.

214C - Hisui throws random junk. BE5C combos into this in the corner for about 4.6K damage.

22A - Hisui's MBAC 22C. Great to hide behind and throw stuff-fu/charge circuit. Absorbs 1 hit for you. Only one chair can be out at all times.

22B - Hisui's new office chair. If it is hit, it will roll back towards you. (It can only be hit once.) You can dash under the cover of this, but it's still not very useful. Only 1 office chair can be out at all times.

22C - EX throne. Absorbs 2 hits before disappearing. Really not worth the meter. Only one throne can be out at one time.

J.236A [Mid] - Quick ladle rush, doesn't move Hisui very much. 8 hits.

J.236B [Mid] - 12 hits. Air ladle rush that moves Hisui downward in a 45 degree angle. Cancel into J.236C if you have the meter. Decent meaty. Very good to IH.

J.236C [Mid] - EX air ladle rush. If done close to the ground, you can relaunch with 5B for a free air combo.

Arc Drive [Mid] - Can be charged for more hits/damage. Fullscreen air-unblockable projectile with invincible start up.

Another Arc Drive [Mid] - Same thing as a fully charged AD, but comes out instantly. Causes wallslam and has an extended hitbox.

Combos and Strategies

2A 5B 2B 2C 3CC 623B J.C J.BC Throw

Standard bread n butter. Sometimes, it is desirable to drop the air throw, land, and use 22A while the opponent air techs.

BE5C 236B 236B J.BC J.BC Throw

Off of tech punish BE5C. Nets over 4k.

J.236B J.236C land 5B 623B J.BC J.C Throw

Combo off of J.236B. Do it if you've got the meter to spend.

(In corner) 2A 5B 2B 2C 3CC 623C J.C J.BC Throw

Corner combo.

(Max mode) 2A 5B 2B 2C 3CC 623C J.[C] Initiative Heat J.C land J.ABC J.BC Throw

IH combo, nets around 5.6K. You can throw a 623C after the land and you'll have the famous 'ladder loop.' Doesn't add significant damage and is harder to input though.

(Max Mode) 2a 5b 2b 2c 3cc 623c j.[c] IH j.a 623c j.aac

Win Quotes

Vs. Kohaku:


...Nee-san, watashi nimo kanninbukuro no itoguchio to iu mono ga arimasu. Ii kikai dakara, chotto osekkyousuru to shimasho.

...Nee-san, I have alot of patience. Now is a good opportunity for a little lecture.

Vs Shiki:

...お許しください、志貴さま。 出過ぎた行為ですが、志貴さまをお部屋に連れ戻すにはこうする以外ないと思いまして...

...O yurushikudasai, Shiki-sama. Desugita koui desuga, Shiki-sama wo oheya ni tsure modosu niwa kousuru igainai to omoimashite....

...Please forgive me, Shiki-sama. My act was too forward of me, but I think Shiki-sama should accompany me back to his room, I don't think there is any other way...



No. 1 Default

MELTY BLOOD Actress Again

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