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Akatsuki Blitzkampf/Wei

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A brilliant professional assassin who has risen to the highest ranks of the Black Hand. He is a master of Xīn​yì Liù​hé Quán. After the assassination of his patron, the Big Boss, he searches for the murderer. (from character selection screen) Read the translation of his arcade mode!


Wei is a boxer-type brawler who excels at close quarters and can use his charge special moves to check the opponent in neutral. His 22EX acts as a roman cancel that gives him plus frames and stat boosts, which increases his offensive potential as well.

Similar to: Balrog (Boxer), Wagner

Strengths Weaknesses
  • High Damage: Wei's combos, even meterless, have good damage and corner carry, which only gets exponentially better when meter and buffs are added. Even his throw hits hard with a damage buff.
  • "Roman Cancel": 22B+C cancels out of any attack which gives him all 3 buffs and leaves him plus on block.
  • Great Midrange Pokes: Wei's normals are solid and his charge attacks are fairly safe on block while having a lot of implied space control, making them great tools for contesting the opponent in neutral.
  • Untechable Knockdowns: [4]3X followups cause hard knockdown which leads to strong oki.
  • Great Anti-Air: 2B is possibly the best anti-air in the game and his [2]8X series isn't bad either.
  • Best Movement in the game with Speed Boost: By using 22A or 22BC, Wei gets the speed boost, turning him into the fastest character in the game. Things like dashing across the screen are completely viable while it's active.
  • Slow Movement: Outside of using charge moves and speed boost, Wei has the worst movement speeds in the game.
  • Tall Hurtbox: Wei's the tallest character in the game, leaving him open to fuzzy overheads and getting hit by anti-air projectiles while standing.

All damage values below were tested on Akatsuki with 1.000 armor ratio and full life on both sides (remember about "Health difference" and "Guts" systems)

Character Summary

Move list

Special Moves
[4]6A/B/C (EX OK) - Ugyuu Haitou: Dashing shoulder bash
[4]3A/B/C (EX OK) - Kosonzan: Dashing low kick
[2]8A/B/C (EX OK) - Zanshu: Anti-air punch
22A/B/C (EX OK) - Rensei Kaki: Stat boost install
Level 3 Super
A+B+C - Renshin Kankyo: Hypercharges all 3 stat boosts, giving high damage, speed, and super armor
Unique Attacks
Stats & vitals

  • Armor Ratio = 0.950, 0.750 during 22A/22+B+C, 0.500 during A+B+C
  • Forward Speed = 3.5 dots/f, 7.0 sped up
  • Backward Speed = 3.0 dots/f, 6.0 sped up
  • Jump Startup = 4F, 1F sped up
  • Backdash Duration = 20F
Quick combo reference

Basic BNB: 2A > 5B > [4]3A~6C

Metered BNB: 2A > 5B > [4]6B > [4]3EX

Notes on Ausf. Achse

Universal Changes

His reflector combos were hit fairly hard. Besides that, there's nothing of note.

Character Changes

The effect time of every version of 22X has been reduced by a second. This does not apply to his level 3.

Forward dash has a new animation and for some reason it's harder to do an option out of.

Complete Changelog

Universal Mechanics


Grounded Throw
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
982 N/A 5 KD --

Wei holds the opponent in place and delivers an overhead blow, followed by elbow and forearm strikes. Throws the opponent further away from him.

Air Throw
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
2000 N/A 3 KD --

Wei grabs onto the opponent, then kicks them away. No followups possible.


Standing Reflector
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
500 High/Low 7 KD -2

Wei performs his Chouryou uppercut.

Crouching Reflector
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
400 Low 7 KD +3

Wei performs his signature russian squat kick.

Aerial Reflector
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
500 N/A? 6 KD +3

Double palm strike. Wei can combo afterwards.

Normal Moves

Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
550 High/Low 4 -4 -4

A very short-ranged gut punch. Refrain from using this in footsie of any sort. 5A should typically be used in corner EX Boost combos as it prorates far less than 2A.

Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
1050 High/Low 9 -3 -5

Wei steps forward with a single, open palm thrust then returns to his original position. 5B does fairly well in footsies when used at its max-range (esp. vs mid-level pokes) but loses to lengthy lows. Unfortunately, 5B can be reflected at any level so one should only abuse it if you know the opponent is going to engage in a poke war.

Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
1550 High/Low 13 KD -4

Moves Wei forward with a double-palm strike that launches victim to the wall allowing extended juggles when near the corner. At mid screen, Wei can take the opportunity to sneak in a Boost (22x) without fear of reprisal. On block, 5C deals significant guard damage and creates some distance between Wei and the defender. The range exceeds slightly beyond 5B giving it similar uses when applied to footsies but it's also similar in that it will ultimately lose to lengthly low hits (in fact, 5C appears to be more vulnerable lows). The best ways to incorporate 5C is from a backstep (when previously hovering over a downed opponent) or if your reflexes are sharp 5C can punish the recovery of laggy moves when not charged for a shoulder rush.

Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
450 High/Low 4 0 0

Crouching, short-ranged, single-palm thrust. 2A is Wei's primary tool for confirming into a series of bread & butters. Although the startup is average it can still prove to be effective in close-quarters combat and for tick-throwing.

Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
850 High/Low 6 0 -2

...GDLK. His best anti-air.

Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
1250 Low 11 KD -9

Wei leans back on one hand and kicks one leg outward (ala Chun-Li's crouching roundhouse). Much like every other 2C in Blitzkampf, Wei's too produces a sweep that downs the opponent. Its distance is slightly above average and can be used (sparingly) in footsie. Oddly enough, 2C can be used as a far anti-air as it often trades or in some cases beats out jumping attacks. In either case, the knockdown gives Wei the opportunity to yet again activate the Boost of your choice.

Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
500 High 4 -4 -4

Jumping, horizontal, palm attack. Good for air-to-air and extending jumping combo loops. J.A will recover in time upon landing when reflected allowing a counter-reflect option. The downside is that it will whiff crouching opponents making it far less useful than his other jumping attacks when aiming to start a B&B.

Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
1000 High 7 VB VB

An aerial split kick. The huge hitbox on the rear leg makes it ideal for cross ups. J.B is angled too far down, mitigating its use as an air-to-air.

Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
1500 High 9 VB VB

A jumping elbow. Instantly sends an airborne opponent to floor making it somewhat difficult for them to recover. Has the ability to "crush" limbs in an air-to-air battle if thrown out during the ascension of the jump. J.C should primarily be used to punish anticipated projectiles (evaded or reflected) and whiffed moves with heavy recovery.

Command Moves

Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
1200 High VB KD VB

Launches grounded opponent. Pushes Wei back in the air.

Special moves

烏牛擺頭 -Ugyuu Haitou
- - - - -
  • Rushing shoulder attack. Button strength determines distance traveled and damage output.
  • A and B versions are good for confirms into EX specials.
Version Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
A 1400 High/Low 9 -2 -6
  • Good for close range punishment and a good way for way to take his turn back if he has meter (cancel into 22B+C).
B 1500 High/Low 13 -2 -6
  • Has good combo stability and possible whiff punish toolfor anything a bit out of sweep range.
C 1600 High/Low 43 +0 -4
  • Should be used sparingly, it's the safest on guard but has the most startup this is more used if you read and keeping the opponent from being comfortable full screen.
EX 2800 High/Low 9 KD -17
  • Having the same startup as A version also makes it useful as a punishment tool. EX Ugyuuhaitou wall bounces, so you can followup with a combo from pretty much anywhere on the screen.
虎蹲山 - Kosonzan
[4]3+A/B/C/B+C (> 6+A/B/C)
It almost looks like those cool russian squat dances
It almost looks like those cool russian squat dances
- - - - -

Rushing low attack with a mid followup. Button strength determines travel distance and damage (for 挑領 - Chouryou, button strength determines startup speed and damage).

Version Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
A 800 (1243) Low 15 (3) KD -5 (-16)

A Kosonzan is your go-to meterless combo tool in most cases, not as useful in neutral as Ugyuuhaitou due to it's slower startup speed. When used as an ender, always followup with chouryou for untechable knockdown (very important for Wei's setplay). Kosonzan itself isn't too bad on guard, but it will end your turn in most cases. You can RPS with A Chouryou since it has very fast startup, but don't rely on this too much since it's very unsafe on guard.

B 900 (1416) Low 19 (5) KD -5 (-16)

Useful for surprise attacks or whiff punishment.

C 1000 (1590) Low 27 (7) KD -5 (-16)

Same as B version.

EX 3215 Low 11 KD -20

EX Kosonzan is good combo filler for an easy ender and good damage.

斬手 - Zanshu
[2]8+A/B/C/B+C (> 6+A/B/C)
- - - - -

Numbers in parenthesis refer to 鷂子栽肩 - Youshi Saiken followups respective to each button. Unless specified, Youshi Saiken followups are all mids (high/low block).

  • Zanshu is a useful anti-air attack since it has fast startup, but you won't see much use out of it as a reversal due to it having no invul frames.
  • You'll mostly be using Zanshu as a combo tool (canceled into 22B+C for juggles).
  • Youshisaiken followup is meterless combo filler, can also be used sparingly as an rps tool if Zanshu is blocked and you have no meter to cover yourself.
  • You can use Youshisaiken if Zanshu whiffs, it causes soft knockdown.
Version Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
A 1391 (1781) High/Low 5 (5) KD -14 (-13)
B 1477 (1915) High/Low 7 (9) KD -14 (-13)
C 1564 (2050) High/Low 9 (13) KD -14 (-13)
EX 3080 High/Low 5 KD -21
EX version is fully invincible on startup, making it his only true reversal.
練精化気 - Rensei Kaki
- - - - -
  • Stat boost technique. Can reapply and reset stat boost timer, cannot increase time. Can apply multiple stat boosts.
  • Normal versions last 6 seconds, EX lasts 8.
  • Normal versions are 55 frames, EX version is 10.
Version Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
A -- -- -- -- --
  • Speed up.
    • Movement speed and Dash speed/distance increases. Jump startup decreases from 4f to 1.
  • This is the power up you will use most. Increased movement speed and decreased jump start up will improve Wei's neutral game

and open up more combo routes. This is move is a match up changer.

B -- -- -- -- --
  • Super Armor.
    • Wei gets a 25% defense increase, and super armor versus projectile attacks.
C -- -- -- -- --
  • Power up
    • Wei's attack increases 30%, also does more damage to guard guage.
EX -- -- -- -- --
  • Grants all three attack boosts for 8 seconds. Main draw to this version is it's ability to cancel any normal or special while on the ground (almost like a roman cancel from Guilty Gear).
  • This will strengthen your combo routes greatly. It's also very good in neutral, the freeze frame lets you see what your opponent is doing and you can react accordingly.
  • The only downside to this technique is that you cannot build meter for it's duration.


練神還虚 - Renshin Kankyo
"Hamon Overdrive!"
"Hamon Overdrive!"
Damage Guard Startup Adv Hit Adv Block
-- -- -- -- --

Attack increased 50%, Damage decreased 50%, Movement speed increased. Super armor is available for both projectiles and some normal attacks (there are some exceptions) Invul lasts from startup until the screen goes back to normal. Wei can start moving a frame before the screen turns back to normal, making it a strong reversal tool. Most times you will opt for 22B+C for stat boosting, but A+B+C can be used if you have the opponent in an advantageous position and the next decision is decisive. This will be a match ending option, due to it's expensive meter cost.

General Strategy

Wei Tutorial Video One version behind, but pretty much all of it is still applicable. Doesn't have information on a lot of things like neutral and defense, but definitely still worth watching. Not all combos in the video are actually the optimal options.

Using Boosts (22+X)

Wei's most unique mechanic is his boosts system on his 22+X. Each version buffs him in a different way for a period of time, which is useful for different situations. Generally you should mainly be going for boosts after a knockdown that gives you some distance from the opponent, such as after throw, 2C, 5C, j.6C, or a combo. Just using them in neutral can be done but is obviously very dangerous. 22+A, the speed boost, is the best boost in a large majority of situations. This boost makes all his movement significantly better, including not only his walk and dash speed but also air speed and jump startup. This makes his neutral game and pressure a lot more threatening and powerful, as well as making his combo game stronger under specific situations. The second boost, 22+B, is the armor boost. This boost buffs his armor rating to 0.750 (from 0.950) and gives him super armor similar to albeit slightly weaker than Blitztank's. This boost is decent, but generally there's not many situations where you want it over the speed boost. It's especially useful at the end of the match when you have the life lead and time is running out, since it makes it even harder for the opponent to make a comeback than otherwise. It can also be good in neutral since the armor is useful, but it's not amazing and it's certainly not as abusable as with Blitztank. 22+C is his final boost, and is the damage boost. It buffs his damage output on all his moves x1.30, making his already huge damage output even stronger. However, this is easily his least useful boost, since Wei is not in need of a damage buff, and unlike the other two, it does nothing to help him in neutral or pressure. There's pretty much no situations where you should be using this boost over the other two. 22+B+C gives you all the buffs at once while also functioning as a rapid cancel. This gives it an incredible amount of utility beyond just buffing oneself in neutral. Since it's an EX move, it can be super canceled from other specials. This means you can cancel into it from [4]6+X and [2]8+X. When either of these hit, canceling them into 22+B+C allows for powerful combo extensions, made even stronger due to the damage buff from the move. In addition, canceling into EX Boost on block, with [4]6+B in particular, lets you stay plus on block, even from a shoulder rush in neutral, and gives you an easy hit throw mixup. This is one of Wei's strongest tools and is important to mastering Wei. Wei's A+B+C is effectively an extra strong 22+B+C, so it will be described here too. Wei's A+B+C straight up gives him Blitztank armor along with an even bigger defense and damage boost (the speed boost is unchanged). Most importantly though, unlike 22+B+C which has some recovery, A+B+C has frame 0 startup and only 1 frame of recovery. This allows for some tricky cancels and otherwise impossible conversions, and also for things like wake up A+B+C, react to what the opponent is doing, then act accordingly. Still though, A+B+C is not really worth using since Wei generally prefers to use his EX moves, and is generally a meter hungry character in the first place.


Wei has to play neutral at a slow pace and generally wants the opponent to approach him rather than the other way around. His normals are great for poking, 5B being the best for footsies in most situations. 5C can also be good a poke but it's a bit too slow and easy to whiff punish to be used much. 2C is also a decent tool in footsies since it's a very long ranged sweep, but it too is slow with long recovery. Besides using his normals, similar to Boxer, Wei can make use of his rush attacks in neutral. [4]6+A/B comes out quickly and while not especially long, they cover a decent distance. They are both -6 on block, which means they're unsafe, but just safe enough that it's hard to punish with most moves. Making them more of a threat though is that when you have meter, on hit or block they can be canceled into 22+B+C to either extend it into a combo or get a mixup. [4]6+C goes a longer distance than the other two and is -4 on block, making it (mostly) safe, but is so incredibly slow that its rare you can use it without getting hit during startup, so it should be used sparingly. [4]3+X go the near same distances as their mid hitting counterparts, but are slower while hitting low. They're good for catch opponents off guard with an unexpected low check, and have good meterless options on hit. They're all also -5 on block so they're fairly safe to use, and once again 22+B+C is always an option. However, they are fairly slow and don't have the biggest hitboxes, so it's not uncommon for them to be interrupted or whiff punished. Still they are a strong tool to throw out on occasion. When Wei gains the speed boost (22+A), then his neutral game becomes a lot stronger. His ridiculously fast movement lets him dash in and out very quickly and it's fairly easy to just walk up on the opponent with the speed boost active. This is a main part of why the speed boost is the one you want the most, since it makes Wei's neutral a lot more powerful.


Wei is possibly the best character at anti-airing in the game. Wei's main anti-air is of course his 2B. While it may not look like much when you first see it, it's probably the best anti-air in the game. It hits higher than it appears, has very good hitbox to hurtbox ratio, beats pretty much every aerial, and will beat every air reflector but Tank's as long as it's decently spaced. On block it leads to an air reset, which if canceled into 22+B+C can let you air throw the opponent (this can be teched). The same can be done on hit but if done fast enough the throw will be a true combo. Additionally, if you were crouching long enough, on hit it can be canceled into [2]8+X for extra damage. Besides just 2B, [2]8+X can also be used as an anti-air. It will hit higher and does decent damage, and if it weren't for 2B it'd definitely be his go to anti-air. [2]8+X can lead to huge combos if canceled into 22+B+C, but this requires it to hit. Overall 2B is just the better option.

Air Game

Without speed boost, Wei's air game is mediocre. His jump isn't floaty but it also doesn't go very far, and having a longer jump startup than average doesn't help. His j.A is a decent air to air, j.B is solely useful for landing with a crossup, and j.C is also a strong air to air and landing option. He also has j.6C, which is a good air to air but is mostly used to change his air momentum. This has a few uses, some of which will be described in offense, but also can catch air throw and air to air happy opponents off guard. j.6C also can lead to a juggle in corner but that's a rare situation. Once Wei has a speed boost, his jump startup is reduced to 1 frame and his jump goes significantly farther and faster. This makes it a lot easier for him to jump in on opponents and air to air.


Wei doesn't have much for high low mixup, so his mixups rely on frame traps, throws, and crossups. Wei gets a free boost off his throw so it's good to go for fairly often. In addition, dash up throw is especially good with Wei when he has speed boost since his dash is so fast. He can even do dash back dash forward throw with speed boost to bait options from the opponent. He also can get a strong hit throw mix off a [4]6+X by canceling it into 22+B+C, and it's very easy to get from even neutral. Once the opponent starts trying to tech the throw, Wei can punish it with the typical options like 2A, but an interesting way to bait it is with speed boost. Walk up then immediately back dash then immediately do 5C. This is especially potent in corner where he can combo off 5C, and can also be used if the opponent attempts to chicken block. This will additionally punish mashing, making it a useful technique. Another key aspect is his frame traps. Wei has ways to punish opponents who don't pay enough attention to his blockstrings. In particular, he can use the followups from [4]3+X and [2]8+X. End a block string with [4]3+A or [2]8+A. Normally the opponent will take this opportunity to take their turn or punish if they have a fast enough move. However, if you follow the move with a delayed 6+A, then if the opponent is attempt to punish they get hit by the followup instead. Once the opponent is aware of this, they may choose to respect you after seeing these options end a block string. From there you can take back your turn, or even throw the opponent. Wei also has strong crossup mixups. j.B is a pretty big crossup aerial, and as a result it's pretty easy to use it from many distances and doesn't require much setup. Adding further to this though is that he can fake a crossup. From a knockdown in crossup distance, jump forward and immediately whiff a j.A. From there, whiff cancel it into j.6C to launch yourself back, and if spaced correctly you will fly back into the opponent without actually hitting them. If the opponent respects you here, which they likely will, you can throw the opponent. Additionally, if they learn to recognize the j.6C, if they don't act fast enough to try and punish it then you can 2A to catch them and start a combo. Putting all these mixups together can make him a threat to defend against, especially since his damage output means he only needs a few openings to end a round, but overall his mixup isn't quite as strong as some other members of the cast.


While Wei would rather have the opponent come to him than the other way around, that's because he's great at punishing jumping and reckless approaches. In terms of actual defensive options, he doesn't have a lot. His only invincible option is [2]8+B+C, and while not the worst reversal, it's nothing special. Besides that though, he only really has universal options (reflector, 2A mash, throw) and A+B+C. A+B+C can be a good wakeup option, since it's frame 0 activation means you'll be able to see what the opponent is doing and react accordingly, but three bars for a somewhat gimmicky reversal is not worth it under most situations. This means that a lot of the time defense with Wei is just weathering the storm. In addition, his extra large hurtbox leaves him open to some unique mixups such as instant overheads.


Wei is a powerful character with strong neutral presence, good normals, unique pressure tools, and a frightening damage output that when pushed to their max potential creates and incredibly powerful character. Despite this though, he lacks traditional ways to mix the opponent and relies on a lot of tricks, and is very lacking when it comes to defense.


The tutorial video lists more combos than the ones shown here, but these are all the routes that you NEED to know with Wei. Additionally, some of the combos listed in the video aren't actually the optimal routes, or are routes you won't be able to use frequently in a match.

Meterless Midscreen

2A -> 5B -> [4]3+A -> 6+C (-> 2C)

Easy bnb combo route. Since the launch from 6+C is untechable, you can add 2C for bonus damage, although it's generally better to use the time to buff instead.

2A -> 5B -> [4]3+A -> 2A -> [4]3+B -> 6+C

Harder bnb route that deals more damage and has a good bit more corner carry. Doesn't have as much time for a buff but is generally the preferred route once you have it down.

5C > [4]6+B

Midscreen 5C combo route. Basically just bonus damage.

Meter Midscreen

2A -> 5B -> [4]6+B -> [4]3+B+C

Basic and easy 1 bar route, does decent damage.

2A -> 5B -> [4]6+B -> [4]6+B+C -> [4]6+A (-> [4]6+B+C -> [4]3+A > 6+C)

Basic wall bounce route. Use when you're too far from the corner to combo it into anything else. Can be extended with another wall bounce although this isn't recommended unless it will kill or carry the opponent to the corner.

2A -> 5B -> [4]6+B -> [4]6+B+C -> j.A -> j.B -> 2B -> 5A -> 2B -> [4]3+B -> 6+C

Wall bounce route when you're near but not too close to the corner. Deals very good damage.

2A -> 5B -> [4]6+B -> [4]6+B+C -> 2B -> [4]6+B -> 2A -> 2A -> 5B -> [4]3+A -> 6+A

Wall bounce for being even closer to the corner but still not in it. Deals good damage too but not as much as the above route.

[2]8+C (1) -> 22+B+C -> j.A -> j.A -> Land -> j.A -> j.B -> 2A -> 5B -> [4]3+A -> 6+C

Combo for when you get anti-air [2]8+C or just landing it raw. Very high damage combo and also just cool to look at, but you rarely will get a chance to do it.

2A -> 5B -> [[4]6+B -> 22+B+C -> 2A -> 5B] x 1-3 -> [4]3+A -> 2A > [4]3+B -> 6+C

22+B+C loop. Does very good damage with even one rep, and can be combined with other supers. [4]6+B+C in particular, for even more damage. Very important combo to know for to push Wei's damage to its max.

2A -> 5B -> [4]6+B -> A+B+C -> dash -> 5A x 3 -> 5B -> [4]3A -> 2B -> [4]3+B -> 6+C

Level 3 route. Wei's level 3 isn't really worth spending the meter to do since the 22+B+C loop will do more damage, but this is an option.

5C -> [4]6+B -> [4]6+B+C -> [4]3+A -> 6+C

Meter route for the 5C combo. Adds a good amount of damage so it's worth doing, and makes getting hit by his 5C traps more deadly.

2A -> 5B -> [4]6+B -> 22+B+C -> 5B -> [4]6+B -> 22+B+C -> 5B -> [4]6+B -> [4]6+B+C -> j.A -> j.A -> land -> j.A -> j.B -> 5A -> 5A -> 5B -> [4]3+A -> 6+C

Max damage route. Very difficult and requires specific spacing but will deal massive damage. Among the highest damaging combos in the game.

Meterless Corner

2A -> 5B -> [4]3+A -> 2A -> 5B -> [4]6+B -> 2A -> 5A -> 5B -> [4]3+A -> 6+C

Main meterless corner route. Deals incredibly good damage for a meterless combo, almost match some other characters' meter routes in damage, but is high difficulty. The 6+C at the end can be replaced with 6+A to make it slightly easier.

5C -> 5B -> [4]6+B -> 2A -> 2A -> 2A -> 5B -> [4]3+A -> 6+C

Meterless 5C corner route. Also deals huge damage for a meterless combo, will make your opponent fear 5C.

j.6C -> 2A -> 5B -> [4]6+B -> 2A -> 2A -> 2A -> 5B -> [4]3+A -> 6+A

Combo for the rare situation you get landing j.6C. Effectively the same as the 5C combo but slightly harder.

Meter Corner

2A -> 5B -> [4]3+A -> 2A -> 2B -> [2]8+C -> [2]8+B+C

Easy corner one bar route, does decent damage. Requires good timing on the [2]8+C and [2]8+B+C to land all the hits.

2A -> 5B -> [[4]6+B -> 22+B+C -> 2A -> 5B] x 1-3 -> [4]3+A -> 2A > 5B -> [4]6+B -> 2A -> 5A -> 5B -> [4]3+A -> 6+C

Corner version of the 22+B+C loop. Same deal as before, just you can do the corner route for better damage.

2A -> 5B -> [[4]6+B -> 22+B+C -> 5A -> 5A -> 5A -> 2A -> 5B] x 1-3 -> [4]3+A -> 2A > 5B -> [4]6+B -> 2A -> 5A -> 5B -> [4]3+A -> 6+C

Even further optimized version of the 22+B+C loop for corner.

5C -> 5B -> [4]6+B -> 2A -> 2B -> [2]8+C -> [2]8+B+C

Corner meter version of the 5C combo. Adds a decent bit of damage. It can be difficult to get the timing good enough to land all the hits, in which case you can swap [2]8+B+C for [4]6+B+C.

5C -> 5B -> [4]6+B -> 22+B+C -> 2A -> 2B -> [2]8+C -> [2]8+B+C

2 bar version of the above combo. Done to add extra damage, although also having the boost is useful. Still, not exactly worth using too often.

[2]8+C (1) -> 22+B+C -> j.A -> j.A -> Land -> j.A -> j.B -> 5A -> 5A -> 5B -> [4]3+A -> 6+C

Corner version of the [2]8+C combo. Adds just a little more damage.

Reflector Combos

Reflector -> 2B -> [4]3+B -> 6+C

Basic and easy reflector combo.

Crouch Reflector -> [2]8+C -> [2]8+B+C

High damage crouch only reflector combo. Go for it when you get the opportunity.

Reflector -> [4]6+B -> [4]6+B+C -> [4]3+A -> 6+C

Reflector combo when you have back charge. Deals very good damage and has good corner carry, so it's a good option when you get the chance.

Reflector -> 5A -> 5B -> [4]6+B -> 2A -> 5A -> 5B -> [4]3+A -> 6+C

Corner only meterless reflector combo. Does very good damage.

Reflector -> [4]6+B -> 22+B+C -> 5B -> [4]6+B -> 2A -> 5A -> 5B -> [4]3+A -> 6+C

Corner only meter combo. Deals incredible damage for a reflector, but is very difficult.

Ausf Achse Combos

This will only lists combos that changed.

  • Reflector Combos

Reflector -> [4]6+B -> 2A -> 2B -> [2]8+A -> 6+A

Corner only meterless reflector combo. Less damage than what you used to be able to do.

Reflector -> [4]6+B -> 22+B+C -> 2A -> 2B -> [2]8+A -> 6+A

Corner meter reflector combo. The same combo but with 22+B+C thrown in.

Frame Data

KD - Knockdown
VB - Variable
*UV - value(s) marked with "?" in the table is/are unverified
x~yF - a period from frame "x" till frame "y"

                       |     Frames      |  Frame Advantage  |
               Attack  | Total | Startup | On Hit | On Block | Notes
Throws and Reflectors  ---------------------------------------
            4/5/6+A+B  |  24   |    5    |   KD   |    --    |
          j.4/5/6+A+B  |  20   |    3    |   KD   |    --    |
                5+B+C  |  22   |    7    |   KD   |    -2    |
                c.B+C  |  17   |    7    |   KD   |    +3    |
                j.B+C  |  16   |    6    |   KD   |    +3    |
              Normals  ---------------------------------------
                   5A  |  19   |    4    |   -4   |    -4    |
                   5B  |  27   |    9    |   -3   |    -5    |
                   5C  |  32   |   13    |   KD   |    -4    |
                  c.A  |  15   |    4    |   +0   |    +0    |
                  c.B  |  21   |    6    |   +0   |    -2    |
                  c.C  |  35   |   11    |   KD   |    -9    |
                  j.A  |  19   |    4    |   -4   |    -4    |
                  j.B  |  22   |    7    |   VB   |    VB    |
                  j.C  |  28   |    9    |   VB   |    VB    |
           c./5A > 5A  |  19   |    4    |   -4   |    -4    |
           c./5A > 2A  |  15   |    4    |   +0   |    +0    |
      Command Normals  ---------------------------------------
                 j.6C  |  VB   |    9    |   KD   |    VB    | landing recovery is the same as usual jump's
             Specials  ---------------------------------------
               [4]6+A  |  30?  |    9    |   -2?  |    -6?   | *UV
               [4]6+B  |  34?  |   13    |   -2?  |    -6?   | *UV
               [4]6+C  |  42   |   43    |   +0   |    -4    |
               [4]3+A  |  35   |   15    |   KD   |    -5    |
               [4]3+B  |  39   |   19    |   KD   |    -5    |
               [4]3+C  |  47   |   27    |   KD   |    -5    |
           [4]3 > 6+A  |  34   |    3    |   KD   |   -16    |
           [4]3 > 6+B  |  36   |    5    |   KD   |   -16    |
           [4]3 > 6+C  |  38   |    7    |   KD   |   -16    |
               [2]8+A  |  36   |    5    |   KD   |   -14    |
               [2]8+B  |  40   |    7    |   KD   |   -14    |
               [2]8+C  |  44   |    9    |   KD   |   -14    |
           [2]8 > 6+A  |  33   |    5    |   KD   |   -13    |
           [2]8 > 6+B  |  37   |    9    |   KD   |   -13    |
           [2]8 > 6+C  |  41   |   13    |   KD   |   -13    |
                 22+A  |  55   |   --    |   --   |    --    |
                 22+B  |  55   |   --    |   --   |    --    |
                 22+C  |  55   |   --    |   --   |    --    |
       EX and Level 3  ---------------------------------------
             [4]6+B+C  |  41   |    9    |   KD   |   -17    | 1~4F invincible
             [4]3+B+C  | 105   |   11    |   KD   |   -20    | 1~8F invincible
             [2]8+B+C  |  68   |    5    |   KD   |   -21    | 1~6F invincible
               22+B+C  |  10   |   --    |   --   |    --    | 1F invincible? *UV
                A+B+C  |   1   |   --    |   --   |    --    | Superflash 60F, all frames invincible,
                                                               Wei can start moving 1F before superflash ends


Wei's Ending
  • His fighting style as stated in his background information is 心意六合拳 (xīn​yì liù​hé quán) - Xinyi Liuhe Quan literally "Fist of Mind, Intention and Six Harmonies" [1]

Marilyn Sue
System Specifics