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PCSX2 (Emulator) Memcard File

For those of you that are using PCSX2, here is a memorycard file with all the unlocks:

To use it, copy it into your PCSX2/memcards folder. You will have to overwrite your old Mcd001.ps2 file, so back it up if you want to keep your scores!

Everything should be unlocked in this. That includes:

  • Seifuku Akiha
  • Neco Arc Chaos
  • Kohaku & Mech-Hisui
  • Mech-Hisui & Neco Arc
  • Archetype:Earth
  • All arcade mode story scenes
  • Boss Rush mode

There are entries in the scoreboards but I'm pretty terrible, so they shouldn't be too hard to beat.

Full PS2 Save File

These instructions are compiled from this link, with a savefile from UmaiCake. For this, we will assume you already have a working Free McBoot memory card hack. If not, refer to this site to get it working.

First, you will need several tools. These tools can all be found on the pages linked below.

1. Use mymc to convert the the .ps2 file into a workable format.
2. Open that file with PS2 Save Builder.
3. Create a folder with the same name as the game ID (the file with the long name starting with B).
4. Select all files, and extract them to the folder you created. Don't worry about the filename being "not used".
5. Copy that folder to a USB drive.
6. Start your PS2 and go into uLaunch ELF.
7. Browse to the USB drive (mass:/) and find the folder you copied.
8. Press R1 and select copy.
9. Browse to your memory card (mc0:/ and mc1:/ for the P1 and P2 memory cards).
10. Press R1 and select mcpaste.
11. Restart the PS2 and you're good to go.

MELTY BLOOD Actress Again

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