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Health Data

The total health of a team is calculated by this formula: (Attacker + Reserve) x 3
- This assumes that the game's settings are set to three bars; if they're set to two, which is not usually recommended, multiply by 2 instead.
- Ex: [Attacker] -> Battler's 1400 + [Reserve] -> Beatrice's 1400 = 2800 x 3 = 8400 total health (or 5600 if set to two lifebars).

v2.31 (Steam)
Character Health
Ronove 1650
Shannon 1550
Dlanor, Rosa
Eva, Chiester 1450
Battler, Ange
Beatrice, Willard
Jessica, George
Erika 1300
Kanon, Lucifer
Bernkastel, LambdaDelta
B.Battler* 1000
v2.50 (PS4/Switch)
Character Health
Ronove 1650
Dlanor, Rosa
Eva, Shannon
Battler, Ange,
Beatrice, Willard,
Jessica, George
Erika 1300
Kanon, Lucifer
Bernkastel, LambdaDelta

* 1400 in Princess Mode

Break Limit

Break Limit/Guard Meter does not recover over time. It can only be recovered through use of the Touch mechanic.

Touch Break Limit Reduction
Normal Touch 50%
Attack Touch 25%
Guard Touch 50%
Damage Touch 50%
Assault Touch 50%
Guard Break 100% + 50% Guard damage reduction

Other factors that influence the Break Limit:
- LambdaDelta's ability, UltraPER, empties the Break Limit gauge.
- Chiester410's ability, Break Boost, doubles Break Limit damage.


There are a number of actions in this game that apply damage proration to attacks.

Situation Damage Modifier
A-button starter 90%
After a stun 50%
Dash Cancel 80%
Attack Touch 80%
Parry Touch 70%
16+ Hit Count Reduced by 2.14% per hit
Maxes out at 25% on the 50th hit
Repeating Moves 100% -> 90% -> 70% -> 50%
OTG hits 50%

Guard Break is a unique case, in that it applies the proration value of the move that caused the Guard Break state.

Note that proration modifiers are stackable.
- Ex: Parry Touch (70%) + Dash Cancel (80%) = 0.7 * 0.8 = 0.56, or 56% damage.


Hitting a character increases a hidden stun value. When this value reaches a certain threshold, the next time that character is launched they will be put in a special pre-stun state, easily identified by a unique sound cue and visual effects around them.
When in this state, hitting them again with any move that doesn't force a juggle launch (e.g. George 6C, Lucifer 3C) will make the character fully invulnerable until they hit the ground, where they can be hit OTG.
When the character gets up, they will finally be stunned for 3 seconds. This duration is fixed, and can not be reduced in any way.
- Stunning is a big part of Ougon's gameplay and as such, it is easier to inflict stuns in Ougon than in other games.
- All damage done on a stunned character is halved.

The exact values of each character's stun gauge are currently not known but this is the general rundown that was collected through testing:

Stun Character
High Stun Lambda Delta, Dlanor A. Knox
Average Stun Everyone not mentioned
Low Stun Lucifer, Eva Beatrice, Bernkastel
Very Low Stun George

Injury/Recoverable Health

The flashing portion of the health bar is recoverable health, much like red life in other fighting games. Recoverable health is generated in one of two ways:
- Being hit (25% of the damage sustained is converted into recoverable health)
- Blocking (10% of the blocked attack's damage is dealt to the health bar and converted into recoverable health)
Recoverable health decays slowly over time.

Executing a Normal Touch instantly restores all recoverable health. All other types of Touch deplete all recoverable health instead.
Generally speaking, if an attack causes enough damage to fully deplete a health bar, all recoverable health on that health bar is lost (some moves, e.g. command grabs, seem to not make this happen).

Abilities of note:
- Jessica's Shave Boost prevents the opponent from converting chip damage into recoverable health.

Counter Hits

Counter hits occur by attacking the opponent and hitting them during a move's startup. Counter hits increase the damage of the move itself and all subsequent hits by 10%.
Landing a counter hit on an airborne opponent allows an extra juggle, as opposed to only one under normal circumstances.

Example (without a Counter Hit):
- Erika hits the opponent in the air and performs an air combo.
- Erika lands on the ground, her opponent is out of hitstun but is still in the air.
- Erika attempts to get another juggle combo but it whiffs.

Example (with a Counter Hit):
- Erika hits the opponent in the air and air combos.
- Erika lands on the ground, her opponent is out of hitstun but is still in the air.
- Erika attempts to get another juggle combo and it hits, since the opponent is in a free juggle state.

Abilities of note:
- Ronove's Counter Boost greatly increases the effects of initial counter hits and doubles the subsequent damage boost.
- Erika's Force Counter forces counter hits.

Air Tech

Some moves and a lot of grabs can be air teched by pressing any attack button while in hitstun. However, while a player's Meta World is active, their opponent can not air tech.

Example (without Meta World):
- Chiester410 successfully grabs her opponent.
- After being thrown, the opponent can air tech normally.

Example (with Meta World):
- Chiester410 successfully grabs her opponent.
- After being thrown, she immediately declares Meta World - her opponent can not air tech, allowing her to safely set up her Meta Super.

Air teching makes a character completely invulnerable until they land whilst retaining some air options (normals and specials). Performing an air action ends the invulnerability window.
Landing without executing any air actions has one frame of recovery, during which they can not block. Being hit during this frame counts as a counter hit.


The number in bold is the total duration of the wake-up animation starting as soon as you knock them down, while the number in brackets shows the amount of frames where you can still hit them, be it a juggle or an OTG. Thus, the last 24 frames are invulnerable for every character

Character Face Up Face Down
Beatrice 105(81) 75(51)
Everyone else 97(73) 75(51)

It is worth noting that on wake-up, every character has a period of throw invincibility. For Dlanor, this will result in her command grab being counted as a hit rather than a grab, and for everyone else it will be a free whiff.




B. Battler
EVA Beatrice
Chiester 410