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SP Gauge

SP is indispensable since it powers up your special moves for Supers and the Metaworld. You will need to rely on it to score big damage on your opponents most of the time. However, your own SP gauge does not increase the more you fight, only your partner's SP gauge does. This means that you will have to effectively utilize the tag system in order to build your own SP gauge and your partner's SP gauge up for its various uses.

Abilities that affect SP gain/usage:

Brimful - builds a slight amount of SP over time for both characters, up to 0.7SP
Silent Attack - makes the user's attacks build less meter for the opponent on block
Patience - makes the user build meter for himself on block, not just for his partner
Infinite SP - allows the user to perform an SP move (including SP2) for no cost, but only once
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