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Keith Wayne


Ground Combos

cl.C > C > 6.D xx 236.B
23P/46R 41M 236.B will not combo if you put a 2.B in at the start

2.B ~> cl.C > C > 6.D xx (charge)4~6.A
23P/46R 49M

cl.C > C > 6.D xx 214.D
25P/49R 49M

2.B ~> cl.C > C > 6.D xx 214-1236.C
32P/64R 68M

2.B ~> cl.C > C > 6.D xx 214-1236.C(5hit) xx 214-1236.C
33P/66R 71M

j9.D >> 2.B > 2.B > 2.B > 2.B xx (charge)4~6.A
23P/45R 42M

j9.D >> 2.C > C > 6.D xx 236.B
26P/52R 42M

j9.D >> cl.C(2hit) > C > 6.D xx 236.B
27P/54R 49M special doesn't combo well outside of cross up

j9.D >> cl.C(2hit) > C > 6.D xx (charge)4~6.A
27P/54R 51M

(crossup) j9.D >> 2.B ~> cl.C(2hit) > C > 6.D xx (charge)4~6.A
29P/57R 57M

(crossup) j9.D >> cl.B > D > 6.B xx 236-236.C >> air throw
40P/79R 70M 2 Meter

Juggle Combos

(juggle) cl.D xx 214.D
18P/36R 24M good for anti-crossup

(juggle) cl.C(2hit) > C xx (charge)4~6.A
20P/39R 35M

(juggle) cl.C(2hit) > C xx 214.D
22P/44R 41M

(juggle) cl.C(2nd hit only) > C > 6.D xx 214.D
22P/43R 46M Chinnen Poochy and Saizo Only

Guard Crush Strings

Need to check these out, I think Keith particularly does huge Guard Damage.

Normal Moves

Normal Damage Guard Meter Notes
Far Stand Normals
5.A 2P/4R 2G 4M Self Cancel
5.B 5P/10R 5G 4M
5.C 9P/18R 10G 8M
5.D 10P/20R 20G 10M
Close Stand Normals
cl.A 3P/5R 3G 4M Self Cancel
cl.B 4P/8R 4G 4M Chains to D on Hit
cl.C 9P/18R 13G 15M 2 Hits; Chains to C on Hit
cl.D 9P/18R 10G 8M
Crouch Normals
2.A 3P/5R 3G 5M Self Cancel
2.B 4P/8R 4G 6M Hits Low; Self Cancel
2.C 8P/16R 8G 8M Chains to C on Hit
2.D 10P/20R 15G 10M Hits Low; Knockdown
Neutral Jump Normals
j8.A 4P/8R 6G 6M
j8.B 5P/10R 8G 6M Hitbox behaves strangely
j8.C 7P/14R 12G 10M Disjointed Hitbox?
j8.D 8P/16R 12G 10M
Back/Forward Jump Normals
j7/9.A 4P/8R 6G 6M Same Hitbox and Animation as j8.A
j7/9.B 5P/10R 8G 6M Same Hitbox and Animation as j8.B
j7/9.C 7P/14R 12G 8M Same Hitbox and Animation as j8.C
j7/9.D 8P/16R 12G 8M Strong Cross Up
Command Normals
6.B 8P/15R 12G 8M Hits High
6.D 8P/15R 12G 8M
Dash Normals
66.P 9P/18R 10G 10M
66.K 13P/25R 16G 10M Knockdown; Lower Body Invincibility
CD Attacks
5.CD 25P 20G 10M Hard Wall Slam
2.CD 9P/18R 12G 10M Hits Low; Launches
CD Counter 8P 0G 20M Costs 1 Meter; Hard Wall Slam
Natural Chain Combos
cl.B > D 8P/16R 8G 14M 2 Hits
cl.C > C 13P/26R 17G 25M 3 Hits
2.C > C 12P/24R 12G 18M 2 Hits
Throw 10P/20R ~ 0M Unsafe on most characters if they tech roll.
Only Anny, Chinnen, Elias, Hikaru, Kanji, and Saizo CANNOT punish.
j.Throw 10P/20R ~ 0M
Stress Scream 3P/6R 2G 0M Launches

Special Moves

Special Moves

Special Damage Chip Guard Meter Notes
Rolling Cannon
Rolling Cannon B
9P/18R 2P/3R 12G 10M Startup Invincibility(?); 1 Hit
Rolling Cannon D
12P/24R 5P/9R
Starup Invincibility(?); 3 Hits
Second info is for against crouching opponents
Super Rolling Cannon
dash 41236.B/D
16P/31R 17M Startup Invincibility(?); 5 Hits
Knuckle Bomber
Knuckle Bomber A
9P/18R 2P/4R 12G 10M 2 Hits; Air Unblockable
Knuckle Bomber C
13P/25R 3P/6R 12G 15M 3 Hits; Air Unblockable
Lightning Slash
Lightning Slash A
8P/16R 2P/3R 8G 10M
Lightning Slash C
8P/16R 2P/3R 8G 10M
Spiral Kick
Spiral Kick B
9P/18R 1P/2R 12G 8M
Spiral Kick D
5P/10R 1P/2R 12G 5M 1 Hit; Has Follow Ups
Spiral Kick D
236.D -> 236.D
9P/18R 3P/6R 36G 11M 3 Hits
Spiral Kick D
236.D -> 236.D -> 236.D
13P/25R 4P/8R 48G 21M 4 Hits
Spiral Kick D
236.D -> 236.D -> 236.B
5P/10R 4P/8R 48G 10M Hits High; Does not combo into
Air Spiral Kick
Air Spiral Kick B
9P/18R 2P/3R 5G 10M
Air Spiral Kick D
11P/21R 3P/6R 15G 18M 3 Hits; Unsafe on both hit and block.

Super Moves

Super Damage Chip Guard Meter Notes
STRESS SHOT: Final Crash Bomber
Final Crash Bomber
17P/33R 8P/16R 40G 29M Costs 1 Meter; 6 Hits; Air Unblockable; Cancels into another Super on Hit/Block
Rolling Bomber
214-1236.C -> 214-1236.C
~ ~ ~ ~ Costs 2 Meter; Damage is variable depending on when you cancel Final Crash Bomber.
The first hit and last two hits of FCB cannot be canceled.
Usually does 1 or 2 points more or less damage as FCB, this is a waste of meter.
If canceled on the last possible hit, it can do 20P/39R and 28M at 11 Hits. Somewhat hard to time this.
Canceled on just the hit before is only 1P/2R more than just FCB.
IPPATSU OUGI: Rising Volcano
Rising Volcano
25P/50R 3P/6R 36G 40M Costs 2 Meters; 2 Hits; Air Unblockable

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