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Shintaro Kuno




Ground Combos

j.D >> 2.A > 2.A > C xx 236.C(x3)

(cross up)j.D >> cl.C > C xx 236.C(x3)
48P 44M

j.D > 6.A >> 2.A > 2.A > C xx 236.C(x3)
52P 58M

j.D > 6.A >> 66.P >> 2.C xx 236.C(x3)
62P 56M

j.D > 6.A >> j.D > 6.A >> 2.A > 2.A > C xx 236.C(x3)
69P 76M

j.D > 6.A >> j.D > 6.A >> cl.C > C xx 236.C(x3)
72P 72M The jump loop puts you close enough to combo from cl.C > C into rekka

j.D > 6.A >> j.C > 6.A >> 2.A > C > 6.A xx 236.C(x3)
74P 81M (builds 1 meter)

j.D > 6.A >> j.C > 6.A >> 2.A > C xx 632.C
39P/77R 78M

  • there are longer jump loop combos but I can't do them

j.D > 6.A >> j.C > 6.A >> cl.C > C xx 236-236.C
43P/86R 92M (costs 1 meter; builds 1 meter)

j.D > 6.A >> j.D > 6.A >> cl.C > C xx 4(hold)C-A-C-A
48P/95R 82M (costs 2 meter; builds 1 meter)

Juggle Combos

(juggle) 66.P xx 623.K
18P/36R 22M

(juggle) cl.C > C xx 623.D
20P/40R 29M

(juggle) cl.C > C xx 236.C(x3)
40P 36M

(juggle) cl.C > C > 6.A 236.A/C(x3)
49P 46M Somewhat inconsistant. Be inside of your falling opponent as much as possible.

(juggle) cl.C > C xx 632.A
25P/49R 35M Chinnen, Saizo and Poochy only

(juggle) cl.D xx 632.C
27P/53R 35M Chinnen, Saizo and Poochy only

(juggle; corner) cl.C > C > 6.A 632.C
31P/61R 53M Chinnen, Saizo and Poochy only

(juggle) cl.C > C > 6.A xx 236-236.C
33P/66R 66M Chinnen, Saizo and Poochy only; having 6.A makes the Super juggle a bit more consistantly, though poochy has a small air hurtbox while being hit so its harder to combo the 6.A on him.

(juggle) cl.C > C xx 236-236.C
34P/68R 56M Chinnen, Saizo and Poochy only; must juggle low;6.A does 2 less damage.

(juggle) cl.C > C xx 4(hold)C-A-C-A
41P/81R 46M Chinnen, Saizo and Poochy only; Adding 6.A does less damage.

Guard Crush Strings

Normal Moves

Normal Damage Guard Meter Notes
Far Stand Normals
5.A 3P/5R 2G 5M Self Cancel
5.B 5P/9R 5G 5M
5.C 10P/20R 10G 8M
5.D 9P/18R 20G 10M
Close Stand Normals
cl.A 3P/5R 3G 5M Self Cancel
cl.B 4P/8R 4G 5M
cl.C 9P/17R 8G 6M Chains into C
cl.D 9P/17R 10G 8M
Crouch Normals
2.A 3P/6R 3G 5M Chains into C (does it self cancel?)
2.B 4P/8R 4G 6M Hits Low
2.C 9P/18R 8G 8M
2.D 9P/18R 15G 10M Hits Low; Knockdown; Slide; Short profile
Neutral Jump Normals
j8.A 4P/8R 6G 6M
j8.B 4P/8R 8G 6M
j8.C 8P/16R 12G 10M
j8.D 8P/15R 12G 10M
Back/Forward Jump Normals
j7/9.A 4P/8R 6G 6M Same Animation and Hitbox as j8.A
j7/9.B 4P/8R 8G 6M Same Animation and Hitbox as j8.B
j7/9.C 8P/16R 12G 8M
j7/9.D 8P/15R 12G 8M
Command Normals
6.A 8P/16R 12G 10M Hits High
j6.A 8P/16R 12G 10M Causes massive stun
Dash Normals
66.P 9P/18R 10G 10M Links into 2.B; pint blank links into 2.C
66.K 13P/25R 16G 10M Knockdown
CD Attacks
5.CD 25P 20G 10M Hard Wall Slam
2.CD 9P/18R 12G 10M Hits Low; Launches
CD Counter 8P 0G 20M Costs 1 Meter; Hard Wall Slam
Natural Chain Combos
cl.C > C 13P/25R 12G 16M 2 Hits
2.A > C 7P/14R 7G 15M 2 Hits
Throw 10P/20R 0M
j.Throw 10P/20R 0M
Stress Scream 3P/6R 2G 0M Launches

Special Moves

Special Moves

Special Damage Chip Guard Meter Notes
Zudadada Ki~ck
Zudadada Ki~ck B
8P/16R 3P/5R
9M 3 Hits; Second numbers are for against crouchers; (check for Startup Invincibility)
Zudadada Ki~ck D
10P/20R 0P/1R 12G 13M 5 Hits; (check for Startup Invincibility)
Super Zudadada Ki~ck
dash 623.K
12P/24R 2P/3R
12M 6 Hits; Technically 7 hits but last hit whiffs; (check for Startup Invincibility)
Power Dunk
Power Dunk A
9P/18R 2P/3R 12G 10M Hits High
Power Dunk C
12P/24R 3P/5R 17G 20M 2 Hits; 2nd Hit is High
Super Power Dunk
dash 63214.P
14P/28R 3P/6R 16G 30M 3 Hits; 3rd Hit is High
Air Power Dunk
Air Power Dunk A
9P/18R 2P/3R 12G 10M Hits High
Air Power Dunk C
9P/18R 2P/3R 12G 10M Hits High
Atatatatata~ A
16P/32R 2P/3R 3G 19M Low Autoguard; Air Unblockable
Atatatatata~ C
12P/24R 3P/5R 3G 20M High Autoguard; Air Unblockable
Double Hammer
Double Hammer
6P/12R 2P/3R 12G 5M Air Unblockable; Rekka Move
Double Hammer 2nd Hit
236.A/C -> 236.A/C
9P/18R 3P/5R 20G 10M Air Unblockable
Double Hammer 3rd Hit
236.A/C -> 236.A/C -> 236.A/C
11P/22R 4P/7R 25G 20M Hard Wall Slam; Air Unblockable

Super Moves

Super Damage Chip Guard Meter Notes
STRESS SHOT: Oryarya Upper
Oryarya Upper
29P/58R 2P/3R 12G 40M 1 Meter; Hits High; Air Unblockable; 20M if Blocked
IPPATSU OUGI: Shin-chan no "The End"
Shin-chan no "The End"
39P/78R 3P/5R 0G 30M 2 Meters; Air Unblockable; Unsafe on hit against characters with fast tech rolls
KINJITE: Shin-chan Final
Shin-chan Final
50P/100R ~ ~ 64M 3 Meters; Unblockable; Cannot hit opponents in the air
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