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Saki Tsuzura

廿楽 冴姫

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Saki Tsuzura, known throughout the series for her iconic fantastic flashkick and her j.3C (formerly j.2B) overhead divekick. She's also the charge character of the series, with charge motions you probably didn't even know existed! Saki is a solid, well-rounded character whose biggest weakness is her inability to win by simply pressing good buttons. Is she the right character for you? Here are some pros and cons to choosing Saki out of the 23 characters in the game:


  • Flashkick.
  • Most combos are easy and universal.
  • Meterless BnBs deal good damage.
  • High/low and left/right mixup options.
  • Meterless pressure reset options.
  • No terrible matchups.
  • Works well with almost any Arcana.


  • Average health and damage.
  • Below average normals.
  • Combos don't end in hard knockdown.
  • Most mixups are reactable, not "50/50".

Additional Resources



Arcana Selection

(TODO: update this section and the sections below for LOVEMAX)

As a well-rounded character, Saki has no large weaknesses that must be covered by her Arcana. You can probably make almost any Arcana work with her. A valid strategy is to pick Love or Flower and use it primarily for its fast burst recharge and other passive abilities.

That said, there are gaps that can be filled by an appropriate Arcana. Below is a brief list of common reasons for Saki's most popular Arcana picks:

  • Better combos.
  • Better mixup options.
  • Fast burst recharge time.
  • Projectiles and other long-range attacks.

Recommended Picks


Arguably Saki's most popular Arcana (especially in LOVE MAX), Love offers a combination of great passive abilities and useful Arcana moves. Saki doesn't rely on Extend Force for her combos, so she can take full advantage of Love's fast burst recharge time. Love is also the overall best Arcana for meter-building and recharge. Although Saki doesn't rely heavily on meter, she can always make use of it. With 2 bars, she can guard cancel forwards, flashkick, and homing cancel afterwards to make it safe and even continue pressure on block. She can also convert any flashkick on hit in any situation into good damage. Love gives Saki two long-range zoning tools: Love ball (236E) and Love laser (623E). While she doesn't have many setups using Love's triple-ball super (236236E), she can sometimes use the super Love laser (641236E) after Ar Eadbair (236A+B) for significantly more damage.

A great general-purpose Arcana; there's really no downside to Love!

Japanese players who frequently use Love include:

  • Tanukichi 「たぬきち」 (AH3) - always
  • Anan 「アナン」 (AH3LM) - always(?)
  • RANTAMA (AH3LM) - always(?)



While Love and Wind are both strong, well-rounded picks, Wind requires a greater commitment than Love. Wind's unique triple-jump, fast-fall, and pushblock abilities lead to different combos, hit-confirms, and offensive and defensive tactics compared to Love and other Arcanas. If you're going to choose Wind, don't plan to use other Arcanas as counterpicks: stick with Wind and master it!

Japanese players who frequently use Wind include:

  • Zyaku (AH3, AH3LM) - always


Flower provides very useful passive abilities and some extra mixup potential. Like Love, Saki can burst liberally with Flower: it has the fastest burst recharge time, and Saki doesn't suffer much from not having Extend Force. Flower's unique no-counter-hits ability prevents Saki from taking extra damage when she would otherwise be counter-hit. This is not uncommon due to Saki's low-tier air normals and the cases where she can be counter-hit out of 5C when attempting to clash with a jump-in. Vs Scharlachrot, Saki has the option to plant flowers in a corner and just sit on them to build meter. (Note that with the Flower Arcana, you gain ZERO meter from blocking attacks!) In some situations, Saki can use Flower's multilayer super (236236E) to lock-down opponents and force them to block a high/low mixup.

Although it lacks some of the advantages of Love, Flower offers different advantages to make up for it. Whether they actually make up for it or not is debateable. E.g. instead of using Flower's no-counter-hits ability, a Saki player could be more careful with their button-presses. And while a forced high/low mixup using multilayer (236236E) sounds great, like the triple Love ball super (236236E), Saki's combos usually don't leave her in a good position to use these supers to full effect.

Flower is definitely a top pick for starters, but a more experienced player may choose it only in some matchups.

Japanese players who frequently use Flower include:

  • Shiro Aran 「白アラン」 (AH3) - matchup-dependent



Plant can be your main Arcana, or it can be a counterpick for specific matchups. However, it can be difficult to switch between Plant and Love or Flower because of their different combo routes. With Plant, you always want to use 2A 2B 5C so that you can get meterless vine (236E) combos or Ground EFC combos. With Love or Flower, you'll often be using 2A 2B 2C instead since you frequently won't have Extend Force available. If you use the wrong combo route with either Plant or Love/Flower, you can end up wasting meter, getting less damage, and/or getting a worse mixup after the combo is over. In short, being a Plant specialist pays off.

Japanese players who frequently use Plant include:

  • Shiro Aran 「白アラン」 (AH3) - matchup-dependent

Move List

Note: Saki's complete frame data can be found here: Saki's Frame Data

Normal Moves


5A 4F.png
  • Jump-cancellable.
  • Whiffs crouching characters.

Hits on frame 4. -1 on block. Useful for hitting opponents out of instant air dashes, jump-homing in your face, or in the Saki mirror, Saki's own j.2B. In combos, modifies hitstun% by -6 rather than -2 like other A normals.


  • Has clash frames during start-up.
  • Hits low.
  • Jump-cancellable.

Standing low. Moves Saki forward a bit but has deceptively short horizontal reach: her foot tends to miss the wider "feet hurtbox" of the opponent. On block, you can jump-cancel it and j.2C, airdash, or homing to reset pressure. The start-up clash frames aren't very reliable.


6B 9F.png
  • Best combo starter.
  • Jump-cancellable.

Like 5B, but moves Saki farther forward and has much more horizontal reach. If the opponent whiffs a DP/super, start your punish combo with 6B if you can. Leads to Saki's highest-damage combos.


  • Has clash frames during start-up.
  • Superjump-cancellable.

Multi-purpose normal. Airborne during frames 2-13. Can be used as an anti-air clash box (cancel clash into airthrow), although the clash box does not completely cover Saki's head. Cross-ups and deep/low jump-ins are likely to hit Saki without touching the clash box, unfortunately. Can also be used to clash most projectiles. You can mash 5C/j.C to clash multiple hits. On block, 5C superjump-cancel j.2C is a frame trap and 5C 214A EFC 2A is also a frame-trap if you can do it as quickly as possible. Unsafe if they 4GC your previous move and 5C whiffs.


6C 12F.png
  • Air-unblockable.
  • Jump-cancellable.
  • Whiffs crouching characters.

Not a good anti-air! Most often used in combos and to air-unblockable falling opponents.


  • Air-unblockable.
  • Cannot cancel into non-Arcana specials and supers.
  • Guard-breaks if fully charged.
  • Has projectile-reflection frames during start-up.

Rarely used. Moves Saki forward. Guard-breaking the opponent deals no damage on its own. After a guard-break at midscreen, the opponent can shake out before they hit the wall. A guard-break in the corner causes an untechable wall-slam. Some Arcanas such as Punishment guarantee you can combo after a fully-charged 5[E] anywhere.


2A 5F.png
  • Hits low.

Typical 2A. Hits on frame 5. -1 on block. Short horizontal range compared to many other characters.


2B 8F.png
  • 2nd-best combo starter.
  • Hits low.
  • Superjump-cancellable.

Better horizontal reach than 5B but slightly less than 6B. Can be superjump-cancelled to reset pressure, but this leaves a bigger gap compared to jump-cancelling 5B or 6B.


2C 16F.png
  • Hits low.
  • Low profile.

Can be used as a somewhat long-range poke to go under some attacks. Should always be special-cancelled or homing-cancelled on block, otherwise it is unsafe. 2C 214A EFC 2A is a frame-trap if you can do it as quickly as possible. Unsafe if they 4GC your previous move and 2C whiffs.


  • Air-unblockable.
  • Cannot cancel into non-Arcana specials and supers.
  • Guard-breaks if fully charged.
  • Has projectile-reflection frames during active frames.

Rarely used. Can be used instead of 6C to air-unblockable falling opponents. Guard-breaking the opponent deals no damage on its own. After a guard-break, the opponent can shake out before you can catch them with homing. Some Arcanas such as Fire, Punishment, and Halo guarantee you can combo after a fully-charged 2[E].


JA 6F.png
  • Hits overhead.
  • Jump-cancellable.

Hits on frame 6, slower than almost every other character's j.A. If you and the opponent clash in mid-air, do not mash j.A! Has 6 active frames. Frequently used as a jump-in followed by j.2B or 2A for a high/low mixup. Useful as an air-to-air by jumping up or towards the opponent.


JB 7F.png
  • Can cross-up.
  • Hits overhead.
  • Jump-cancellable.
  • Very good combo starter.

Useful jump-in and air-to-air if the opponent is approaching from a lower angle. Useful as a cross-up jump-in, especially in the corner, although it can be difficult to combo off of it midscreen. In combos, reduces hitstun% by -6 rather than -4 like other B normals.


J4B 8F.png
  • Has clash frames during active frames.
  • Hits overhead.
  • Jump-cancellable.
  • Whiffs crouching characters.

Very useful as a defensive air-to-air against an approaching opponent. Can be used in mixups where you cross-up, whiff j.4B land 2A.


J2B 21F.png
  • Cannot cancel into non-Arcana specials and supers.
  • Hits overhead.

Vertical divekick. Saki's primary overhead. Hits on frame 21. Has little or no landing recovery. In combos, reduces hitstun% by -6 rather than -4 like other B normals.


JC .png
  • Has clash frames during start-up.
  • Hits overhead.

Can be used as an offensive air-to-air but j.4B is a better air-to-air in every way. Clashes on frames 1-2 only. The clash frames are mainly there to allow you to mash 5C/j.C to clash multiple hits. After an air-to-air clash, it is very difficult to continue to clash using j.C since most other attacks are not active until frame 3 or later. Has a lot of blockstun and can be used to set up a fuzzy guard.


J2C 15F.png
  • Cannot cancel into non-Arcana specials and supers.

Diagonal divekick. Not an overhead. Has little or no landing recovery. Useful for resetting pressure since it has less start-up than neutral homing and j.2C 2A is a tight blockstring. Can cross-up in the corner. Is a Level B attack so it will not beat Catherine's armor on her spin. In combos, reduces hitstun% by -6 rather than -8 like other C normals.


JE .png
  • Has projectile-reflection during and after active frames.
  • Hits overhead.

Has 6 active frames and even more projectile-reflection frames. Difficult to use air-to-air due to its long start-up and you don't get much damage or oki on hit. Has a lot of blockstun and can be used to set up a fuzzy guard.

Special Moves

Claimh Solais

AH3 Saki 28X.png
A version
  • Air-unblockable.
  • Hits in the directions 6, 9, 8, and 7 relative to Saki.
  • Upper body invul including first active frame.
  • Unclashable.
B version
  • Full body invul until first active frame.
  • Hits in the directions 2, 3, 6, and 9 relative to Saki.
  • Lower body invul during active frames.
  • Unclashable.
C version
  • Full body invul including first active frame.
  • Hits in the directions 2, 3, and 6 relative to Saki.


The A version is Saki's best air-unblockable move, although you often need 2 bars to get decent damage from it. It has upper body invul but can be hit by deep jump-ins. Its hitboxes and fast start-up (hits on frame 5) make it great for hitting cross-up attempts.

The B version is Saki's best general-purpose reversal, but it can trade with high attacks and jump-ins. Up close, you get better damage from [2]8B than from [2]8C using 1 or 2 bars.

The C version has the longest start-up (hits on frame 9) and invulnerability. It can beat other characters' DPs and it is difficult to evade with 4D. It can be crossed-up very easily by jump-ins and many attacks will clash with it, so it is best used in situations where the long start-up and/or complete invulnerability are required.

If any version is blocked on the ground, j.5HC j.A and j.3HC 2A both yield tight blockstrings if done as early as possible. If the opponent is close enough, these also combo on hit and on counter-hit, respectively.


AH3 Saki 46X.png
A version
  • +1 on block.
  • Can be EFC'd on landing.
  • Disadvantage on hit.
B version
  • +2 on block.
  • Can be EFC'd on landing.
  • Has clash frames during start-up (16~17F).
  • Neutral on hit.
C version
  • -3 on block.
  • Air-unblockable.
  • Can be EFC'd on landing.
  • Has clash frames during start-up (14~23F).
  • Unclashable.
  • Wall-slams on hit.

Horizontal rush kick. The A and B versions can be used to reset pressure, though not as well as j.2C. If the opponent 4GCs the previous hit, [4]6A will whiff and be punished but [4]6B can hit them during the recovery of 4GC.

Notice that the opponent actually recovers faster if they get hit than if they block this move. On hit or block, you can EFC upon landing to recover much earlier and possibly even continue a combo.

(in air) Brionac

A version
  • Can be EFC'd on landing if used close to ground.
  • Has landing recovery (7F).
B version
  • Can be EFC'd on landing if used close to ground.
  • Has clash frames during start-up (12~13F).
  • Has landing recovery (7F).
C version
  • Can be EFC'd on landing if used close to ground.
  • Has clash frames during start-up (13~22F).
  • Has landing recovery (8F).
  • Unclashable.
  • Wall-slams on hit.

Air horizontal rush kick. Surprisingly, its frame data is significantly different from the ground version. E.g. all of the air versions start up 1 to 4 frames faster than their respective ground versions.

The A version hits on frame 12 and is Saki's best special-cancel after a 4GC. However, 4GC j.[4]6A leaves Saki at frame disadvantage on hit and on block unless you HC or EFC it. Oddly, this move can be EFC'd only if it is done just above the ground, e.g. at 4GC height.

All versions can be used as an air movement option and can possibly surprise someone air-to-air. In particular, characters who fly at you with clash frames (Heart, Kira, etc.) won't be able to clash with air-to-air j.[4]6C.

Gorm Glas

AH3 Saki 64X.png
A version
  • Can homing cancel only after last hit.
  • Cannot cancel on block.
  • Hits on frame 9.
  • Lower body invul before active frames (1~7F).
B version
  • Can homing cancel only after last hit.
  • Cannot cancel on block.
  • Hits on frame 7.
C version
  • Can homing cancel only after last hit.
  • Cannot cancel on block.
  • Hits on frame 5.

Yes, you have to hold forwards to charge this move! Fortunately, there is enough time to charge this move if you start holding forwards between 2B and 2C, then late-cancel 2C into [6]4C. This move is used in most of Saki's best combos: learning to hold forward on hit will reward you with better damage and meter gain.

You will almost always use the C version because it starts up the fastest. The lower body invul on the A version seems like it'd be useful, but sadly, the invul ends 1 frame before the active frames begin, so Saki can still be hit out of the A version by an unfortunately-timed low attack. You might think 6GC clash [6]4A would be useful since it will (probably) beat the opponent's 2A, but the opponent will usually get 5A or 2B after a clash in this situation, both of which will likely beat Saki's [6]4A.

This move is -10 and completely uncancellable on block! Although many players won't punish it (some characters can't punish it without guard cancelling), it is actually less safe on block than a flashkick with meter to homing cancel it. So make sure you use this move only after a hit-confirm. E.g. after hitting the opponent with j.2B, the long hitstun actually gives you enough time to wait and hit-confirm before comboing into [6]4C: you don't need to do it right away!


AH3 Saki 82X.png
All versions
  • Can be EFC'd on landing.
  • Hits on frame 22.
  • Hits overhead.

Yup, an up charge. Fortunately, the game allows you to do ground normals while holding up to charge this move. E.g. to execute combos like [6]4C 5C [8]2C, you hold up during the animation of [6]4C and continue holding up during 5C: you won't jump as long as you press 5C at roughly the right time.

There are many ways to hide your up-charge and surprise the opponent with this overhead. For example: during 5B 5C, during [4]6B, while falling after an air combo, during neutral homing, during a high enough divekick, during an Arcana special, etc. Be creative!

The different versions of this move travel different horizontal distances before the kick. The A version hits opponents just in front of Saki. The B and C versions travel farther and can be used as a cross-up overheads at very specific distances.

It is surprisingly difficult to cross-up with this move. Often when it looks like a cross-up, it is actually omni-blockable, i.e. it can be blocked both left and right. You can test your cross-up overhead setups by recording the training dummy executing a setup, then playing it back and attempting to block it yourself to see if it is indeed a cross-up.

On block, after you recover in the air, you will be at a -5 frame disadvantage. However, on hit or block, you can EFC this move as it hits the ground.

(in air) Fragarach

AH3 Saki j623X.png
A version
  • Has landing recovery (11F).
  • Hits on frame 13.
  • Hits overhead.
B and C versions
  • Has landing recovery (11F).
  • Hits on frame 17.
  • Hits overhead.

Saki's air combo ender. All versions do the same damage: the only differences are the start-up times and the distances they travel forward. You will usually end combos with the A version, never the B version, and sometimes the C version. The C version is useful for 3 reasons: it's more likely to hit in the corner, it's more likely to combo into j.214A+B in the corner, and it (and the B version) recover 2 frames faster than the A version.

Because this move does so much damage and knocks down, you should always end Saki's air combos with it (and optionally cancel into j.214A+B for extra damage). Only some Arcana-specific air combos have better enders.

All versions of this move leave you at frame advantage if blocked air-to-air. However, if you land before you recover, then you will end up at a large disadvantage.

You can "tiger-knee" this move on the ground for a fast overhead, but it will be unsafe on hit (if they neutral tech immediately) and on block unless you homing cancel it. You can input 62369A/B/C or 6412369A/B/C to do this move as close to the ground as possible.

Unlike Saki's flashkicks, the hitboxes on this move are deceptively small. Vertically they extend to the bottom of Saki's foot, but horizontally they extend about one third through the blue crescent. There are no hitboxes at her feet or behind her.


AH3 Saki 214X.png
All versions
  • Homing and EF cancellable on frame 18 and later.
  • Throw invul (3~20F).
  • Upper body invul (3~20F).

Saki's command roll (technically a judo forward ukemi). It won't escape meaty attacks or throws, but from frame 3 on, it will evade most air attacks and can't be thrown: only low attacks will hit it.


Brionac 「ブリューナク」 - [4]6ABC
  • (Description) - A rush kick in the direction that Saki is facing, think of it as Joe Higashi's Slash Kick. All versions hit only once. Depending on what button that you use, you'll charge farther forward.
  • (A version) - Least forward movement; Even on block
  • (B version) - Moderate forward movement
  • (C version) - Most forward movement; Blows the opponent way horizontally; Air unblockable
Claimh Solais 「クラウ・ソラス」 - [2]8ABC
  • (Description) - A flash kick. Saki does a somersault into the air and kicks the opponent. This is a good move for reversal'ing out of blockstrings, so make sure you always remember that you have the option of letting this move out while you are crouch guarding. Also, don't forget how to follow it up for hit confirms or when it gets blocked.
  • (A version) - Has no clash, so it usually completely beat jump ins. You could follow it for for a combo with a HC, but this is usually unnecessarily difficult.
  • (B version) - The B version has invincibility, but also clash attached to it.
  • (C version) - Two hits. The best course of action upon having this blocked, is to immediately HC it. If it whiffs, you're completely up until you land after all.
Orna 「オルナ」 - [8]2ABC
  • (Description) - Of all things an "up" charge... This move is pretty much a special version of J2B. Saki jumps up and forward a little bit and does a dive kick. This is an overhead and rather quick too. Saki just further out depending on what button you use. You have air movement afterward regardless of if it was a clean hit or blocked. Because of AH3's relaxed command interpreter, this is easy to put in combos.
Gorm Glas 「ゴームグラス」 - [6]4ABC
  • (Description) - Another interesting input, a "forward" charge. After the first hit, Saki showers the opponents with kicks, the floats them with a rising flip. Your follow up changes depending on how many hits you used before using this move. If you only used a few, about up to 3, then you can simply follow up with a 6C. If you have more than that then you'll have to use meter and follow up with a 2D homing cancel. You can use this move after a Neutral Throw for a follow up as well.
Fragarach 「フラガラッハ」 - J623ABC
  • (Description) - A reverse somersault in the air, ground slams the opponent. The different versions change the start up and the (very) slight forward movement from this move. The C version has a tendency to not hit when you combo hit number is high. This can also function as an overhead from an IAD as well.
La'a 「ルァハ」 - 214ABC
  • (Description) - An elegantly preformed judo forward ukemi. Your collision hitbox disappears for a moment, so you can actually slip through the opponent if you use it well. However your hitbox persists and can be nit with normal attacks so be careful. Still useful for left/right mixups when you can do them safely.

Super Moves

Liath Fail 「リア・ファイル」 - 214A+B
  • (Description) - Somersault justice. The last hit of the ground version high launches the opponent, you can follow that up with a HC. The last hit of the air version groundslams the opponent. The air version is usually just a combo finisher, but the ground version could be used for cutting into the opponent after a 6D guard cancel. A clash battle with this could go the wrong way though, so be careful
Ar Eadbair 「エル・イードヴァル」 - 236A+B
  • (Description) - A five hit, super version of Brionac. The last hit will blow the opponent away horizontally. Fast start up (0+7), so you technically mash out with it, but there is no invincibility.

Critical Heart

Gulff・Dagda 「ガルフ・ダグザ」 - 632146A+B [+] 2A 2B 5B 5C 5E 2E 5D 5B 5C 8C 2C 5E
  • (Description) - In short, a manual rondo. After the first hit, you use the follow up inputs to get the full effects of this XH. Strictly speaking, this does not actually lock the opponent, so even if you hit an airborne opponent with this you cannot get the rest of the XH. You can usually land this off a 5C.
The normal version has one hit per input, but the EF version has extra hits during the air part, making the timing a bit different: 5B, 5C, and 8C have 2 hits each, while 2C has 4 hits. It's possible to get only one hit from 5B if you time it incorrectly after 5D.
You can input the first 5 inputs, 2A 2B 5B 5C 5E, pretty fast. Find a consistent rythym: the time between each input is about the same. After 5E, there's a long pause before 2E and then a short pause before 5D. After you fly up to the opponent, in the normal version, the last 5 inputs are pretty fast and have a consistent rythym again. In the EF version, the timing of 5B 5C 8C 2C is about half as fast, but the rythym is still consistent, and then there's a long pause before the final 5E.
The timing of the whole thing isn't too bad for the most part, but for people that just can't get it down, this move doesn't stop even after you input something extra. In other words you could just mash all the buttons and just remember where you need to change directional inputs. However, for the most part, the inputs during this move, and what they look like normally look pretty much the same, making it easier on you. You do need to be quick with the all the inputs for the most part though. Don't expect to go over 10,000 damage in AH3 with this move off a 2A starter, and it's not like you're in a good position after the move (since you can't use homing because you've put all your meter in to this move). Consider using this move a gamble.

  • (Supplement: How to Gulff・Dagda - The Ignoble Version)
   Conditions: In EF or almost charged. 
   1. After the superflash and rush, leave the stick at [2] and mash every button but D.
   2. After confirming that 2E hit (The vertical kick) press D. 
      After this, keep the stick buffered at [8].
   3. If you followed the opponent, leave the stick up and mash BCE.
   4. When you confirm that 8C hit, jam the stick down to 2 and resume mashing BCE.
   5. If the E finisher hits, congratulations, you've just Gulff・Dagda'd


General Notes

  • Generally, Saki's combos are not character-specific and they will work with any Arcana except Earth and Time. The combos below are not character-specific unless otherwise specified.
  • When you're practicing combos, I recommend practicing against the following characters:
  • Akane: j.4B whiffs against her more easily than other characters. You also get consistent damage numbers because her guts don't start until she's down to 20% health. (Besides, it's more fun to beat up the top tiers!)
  • Dorothy: corner combos whiff against her more easily than other characters.
  • Fiona: attacks whiff under airborne Fiona that won't whiff against other characters. If you make your own combo, be sure to test it against Fiona!
  • All damage numbers below were found vs Earth Akane, whose guts do not reduce the damage dealt. All non-Arcana-specific EF damage numbers were found using the Love Arcana.
  • Can't find the combos you're looking for? Looking for optimal combos? Check out the combo threads on the Saki forum! Saki Forum

Notation Notes

If you don't know numpad notation, you should look it up first!

  • > - Doesn't mean anything! I use these to make combos easier to read.
  • [2]8C - Hold 2 (or 1, or 3) before this part of the combo, then input 8C here to flashkick!
  • EFC - Extend Force cancel: input A+B+C on the ground during a combo.
  • 6HC - Forward homing cancel: input 6D during a combo.
  • 5HC~[9] - Input 5D then hold 9 immediately AFTER pressing D.
  • j9 - Jump cancel by inputting 9.
  • sj9 - Super jump cancel with 9, e.g. input 529.
  • j.A j.B dj.A dj.B dj.C - Input A B while airborne, double jump cancel by inputting 9, and input A B C.
  • j.623C - Input 623C while airborne.
  • dj.623C - Same as above. The "dj" just reminds you that you've used your double jump.
  • (nothing / dj.214A+B) - Optional input: either do nothing, or input the 214A+B super.
  • 1 bar 6598 dmg / 2 bars 7838 dmg - Meter consumption and damage dealt depend on which option you chose, e.g. nothing or 214A+B super.

Easiest Combos To Learn

First time playing Saki? Use these combos!

A B C Flashkick Super - 1 bar 6210 dmg

2A 2B 2C [2]8C (2 hits) j.214A+B

  • The first Saki combo everyone does.

A B C Brionac Super - 1 bar 6049 dmg

2A 2B 2C [4]6B j.214A+B

  • Less damage, but [4]6B is frame advantage on block. Also, if they 4GC after blocking your 2C, [4]6B will hit them after the guard cancel invincibility ends.

5C Brionac Super - 1 bar 6274 dmg

2A 2B 5C [4]6B j.236A+B

  • Why 5C instead of 2C? 5C is super jump cancellable on block, 5C sj9 j.2C is a frame trap, and j.2C 2A is a tight blockstring. So you can repeat 2A 2B 5C j.2C over and over until they guard cancel or reversal.

Bad Homing Cancel Combo - 1 bar 6485 dmg / 2 bars 7725 dmg

2A 2B 2C 6HC > 5A 6C j9 > j.A j.B j.4B dj.A dj.B dj.C dj.623C (nothing / dj.214A+B)

  • Trick to make this easier: input 6HC 6A 6C instead of 6HC 5A 6C. Saki's 6A and 5A are the same, so you can keep holding 6 after you homing cancel.

Bad Extend Force Cancel Combo - 0 bars 6634 dmg / 1 bar 7660 dmg

2A 2B 2C EFC > 5A 6B 6C j9 > j.C j.A j.B dj.A dj.B dj.C dj.623C (nothing / dj.214A+B)

  • You should use EFC combos (and meterless [6]4C combos) as often as possible to raise your max meter as much as possible.

Basic Combos Without [6]4C And EFC

Saki's best combos use [6]4C and EFC. In fact, you might want to just skip this section and go straight to the bread-and-butters below! But sometimes you just don't have forward charge and don't have EFC either. That's where these basic combos are useful.

Basic Brionac HC Combo - 1 bar 7244 dmg / 2 bar 8484 dmg

2A 2B 2C [4]6B 5HC~[9] > j.B j.C land j9 > j.A j.4B dj.B dj.C dj.623C (nothing / dj.214A+B)

Meterless Brionac Combo - 0 bars 6983 dmg

2A 2B 2C [4]6B land > 5A 6C j9 > (short delay) j.B j.4B dj.B dj.C dj.623A

  • Doesn't work if you start the combo with 2A 2A.
  • You get better meterless combos with [6]4C instead.

Basic 2C HC Combo - 1 bar 7626 dmg

2A 2B 2C 6HC > 6B 6C j9 > short delay j.2C land > 5A 6C j9 > j.A j.B j.4B dj.B dj.C dj.623A

  • Trick to make this easier: input 6HC 6B 6C j9 j.3C land 6A 6C, holding forward the whole time.
  • This combo is not universal. It can whiff on Kamui if she's too far away. It doesn't work in the corner.
  • Universal corner ender:
... 5A 6C j9 > j.A j.C j.623C - 7010 dmg

Oops, I Pressed 5C Without EFC Or Charge! - 1 bar 6318 dmg / 2 bars 7826 dmg

2A 5B 5C 6HC > 2A 2B 2C [6]4C (land [2]8A / j.8HC j.B j.4B dj.A dj.B dj.C dj.623C)

  • Notation clarification: after [6]4C, you either land and flashkick, or you homing cancel and do an air combo.
  • After [2]8A, you can chase their air recovery on the ground with 3D and air-unblockable them with another [2]8A.

Optimal 5C No EFC Combo - 1 bar 6758 dmg / 2 bars 8584 dmg

2A 5B 5C [4]6B land 214A+B (nothing / j.5HC~8 j.A j.B j.4B dj.A dj.B dj.C dj.623A)

  • Cancel [4]6B into 214A+B after you land.
  • The Plant Arcana gives you a much better meterless combo from 5C without EFC.

High-Damage, Easy-To-Learn Bread And Butters

These combos are the most training-mode-time-efficient combos to learn. They deal high, often close-to-optimal damage. They always end with knockdown. They are generally universal and work regardless of character and screen position (unless otherwise noted). They are simplified somewhat so that you can learn a smaller # of combo routes.

Meterless ABC BnB - 0 bars 7450 dmg / 1 bar 8700 dmg

2A 2B 2C [6]4C > land 6C j9 > j.A j.4B dj.B dj.C dj.623C (nothing / dj.214A+B)

  • If you add any extra hits to the start of this combo, you won't be able to link [6]4C 6C without meter.
  • Alternative starters:
j.2B land 2A [6]4C ... - 8221 dmg / 9561 dmg

AAABC BnB - 1 bar 7551 dmg / 2 bars 8791 dmg

2A 2A 2A 2B 2C [6]4C j.3HC land 6C j9 > j.A j.4B dj.B dj.C dj.623C (nothing / dj.214A+B)

  • Same as above, except you homing cancel [6]4C.
  • Alternative starters:
j.2B land 2A 2B 2C [6]4C ... - 8389 dmg / 9629 dmg

BnB Starting From Many Hits - 1 bar 8199 dmg / 2 bars 9439 dmg

j.2B land 2A 2A 2B 2C [6]4C j.8HC > j.B j.4B dj.A dj.B dj.C dj.623C (nothing / dj.214A+B)

  • This combo will work from almost any starter. If you're not sure how much hitstun you've lost, do this combo.
  • Alternative starters:
j.B j.C land 2A 2B 2C [6]4C ... - 10355 dmg / 11620 dmg

EFC Ground BnB - 0 bars 7630 dmg

2A 5B 5C EFC dash > 6B 5C sj9 j.2C j.B land dash > 6B 5C 2C short delay [4]6C (OTG)

  • This combo corner carries from anywhere on the screen!
  • You can add almost anything to the start of this combo and it will still work. However, it will become more difficult since the pushback will be greater.
  • Depending on your Arcana, you may want to use a different ender so that you can set up oki with an Arcana special or super. For example, 5[E] 236236E with the Flower Arcana.
  • Alternative enders:
... 2C short delay 5[E] (OTG) - 7609 dmg
... 2C delay [2]8B (OTG) - 7504 dmg
... 2C short delay [6]4C j.214A+B - 1 bar 8816 dmg

High Damage Meterless BnB - 0 bars 11991 dmg

6B [6]4C > land 5C [8]2C airdash j.B j.4B land 6C j9 > j.A j.4B dj.B dj.C dj.623A

  • 6B is Saki's best combo starter. 2B and j.B are also very good starters.
  • Use this as your combo for punishing whiffed reversals.
  • This combo works on all characters, including Fiona.
  • In the corner, you may have to delay the last j.B a bit.
  • Alternative starters:
2AAA [6]4C ... - 8793 dmg
j.2B [6]4C ... - 9746 dmg

High Damage EFC BnB With Super - 1 bar 13322 dmg

6B [6]4C > land 5C [8]2C EFC dash > delay 6B 6C j9 > j.C j.4B j.C j.623C j.214A+B

  • Alternative starters:
2AAA [6]4C ... - 9671 dmg
j.2B [6]4C ... - 10851 dmg

Neutral Throw BnB - 1 bar 6818 dmg / 2 bar 8058 dmg

5A+D (3 hits) 6HC [6]4C > land 6C j9 > j.A j.4B dj.B dj.C dj.623C (nothing / dj.214A+B)

Claimh Solais (Flashkick) Starter BnB - 1 bar 7460 dmg / 2 bars 9870 dmg

[2]8B j.5HC~8 > j.A j.4B dj.B dj.C dj.623C (nothing / dj.214A+B)

  • If the opponent is hit in the air at max range, you may not be able to link j.A. In this situation, you have to use j.214A+B.
  • Alternative starters:
[2]8A ... - 7260 dmg / 9670 dmg
[2]8C (1 hit) ... - 6634 dmg / 9379 dmg

Claimh Solais Liath Fail Starter BnB - 2 bars 8991 dmg / 3 bars 10786 dmg

[2]8C (2 hits) j.214A+B (6 hits) j.5HC~8 > short delay j.A j.4B dj.A dj.B dj.C dj.623C (nothing / dj.214A+B)

  • If the opponent is too high or too far away, you must HC j.214A+B after fewer hits.
  • Alternative starters:
[2]8A ... - 8600 dmg / 10525 dmg
[2]8B ... - 8800 dmg / 10725 dmg

Orna Starter BnB - 0 bars 8446 dmg / 1 bar 9786 dmg

[8]2x > delay j.4B land 6C sj9 > j.A j.B j.4B dj.A dj.B dj.C dj.623C (nothing / dj.214A+B)

  • This combo can start from [8]2A, [8]2B, or [8]2C.
  • Input j.4B based on the direction Saki is facing, NOT the direction of the opponent.
  • If the opponent is behind Saki in the air, j.4B will still hit them.

Advanced, Alternative Combo Routes

(NOTE: this section is under renovation.)

Optimal EFC Ground Combo Starting From EF 5B - 0 bars 10067 dmg

214C EFC 5B 5C sj9 j.2C j.B land dash > 6B 5C sj9 j.2C j.B land dash > 6B 5C 2C short delay [4]6C (OTG)

  • This combo is useful after you mix up your opponent with 214C EFC. 5B is a few frames slower than 2A, but it leads to a lot more damage.
  • Alternative ender:
... 2C short delay [6]4C j.236A+B - 1 bar 11203 dmg

Optimal 5C Brionac EFC Combo - 0 bars 9055 dmg

2A 5B 5C [4]6B land EFC [6]4C land 6C sj9 > j.C j.A j.C j.4B dj.A dj.B dj.C dj.623A

  • This is optimal damage from an ABC combo starter.
  • The EFC [6]4C link is difficult, especially since you have to tap C twice. Mapping an A+B+C button macro may make it easier.

Max Damage Meterless Combo - 0 bars 12166 dmg

6B [6]4C > land 5C [8]2C airdash j.A j.C land sj9 > j.A j.B j.4B dj.B dj.C dj.623A

  • Does not work on Fiona: the first j.C whiffs.

High Damage Midscreen EFC BnB - 0 bars 12903 dmg

6B [6]4C > land 5C [8]2C EFC dash > 6B 6C j9 > j.C j.E j.4B dj.A dj.B dj.C dj.623A

  • Alternative starters:
2AAA [6]4C ... - 9418 dmg
j.2B [6]4C ... - 10405 dmg

Max Damage Midscreen EFC Combo - 0 bars 13541 dmg

6B [6]4C > land 5C [8]2C EFC 2[E] land > j8 j.5D~D > j.C j.E j.A j.C j.A dj.A dj.B dj.C dj.623A

  • It's difficult to time the speed-homing j.C correctly to get all of the hits. However, you can simplify the air combo to get a near-optimal combo that's much easier and more consistent.
  • This combo, and the other max damage combos below, probably won't work from a 2AAA or j.2B starter. Starting from 2AAA or j.2B, you'll probably have to omit one attack, such as a j.A.
  • A downside of this combo, and [8]2C EFC 2[E] combos in general, is that they do not cause knockdown.
  • This combo was tested against Akane and may not work against all characters. Simpler combos should work against all characters, though.

Max Damage Midscreen EFC Combo With Super - 1 bar 13912 dmg

6B [6]4C > land 5C [8]2C EFC 2[E] land > j8 j.5D~D > j.C j.E j.A j.C j.623C j.214A+B

  • This combo is a lot more difficult than the EFC 6B variation, but does almost the same damage.

Orna Starter EFC BnB - 0 bars 9784 dmg / 1 bar 10949 dmg

[8]2x EFC 6B 5C > short delay [8]2C airdash j.B j.4B land 6C sj9 > j.C j.4B j.C j.623C (nothing / j.214A+B)

Air-Unblockable 6C BnB - 0 bars 9126 dmg / 1 bar 10411 dmg

(vs low airborne) 6C j9 > short delay j.2C land > delay [6]4C land > 6C j9 > j.A j.4B dj.B dj.C dj.623C (nothing / dj.214A+B)

  • This combo is useful when you air-unblockable a low airborne opponent with 5A (blocked) 6C.

Arcana-Specific Combos (OLD)

The combos below are from the OLD Combos section. This section needs to be updated.

Plant Arcana

  • 2A > 5B > 5C > 236E > 5B > 6B > 6C > [jc] > jA > jB > j4B > [jc] > jB > jC > j623A
7745 dmg.
Easy, meterless target combo with Vine.
Against Fiona, omit the 5B after Vine.
  • 236E > [6]4A > 6C > [jc] > jA > j4B > [jc] > jB > jC > j623X (> j214A+B)
9323 dmg.
10988 dmg with Liath Fail.
Easy, good-damage combo after Vine.
  • 236E > 6B > 6C > [jc] > j2C > land > 5B > 6B > 6C > jA > jB > j4B > [jc] > jB > jC > j623A
10290 dmg.
Harder combo after Vine. If Vine hits the opponent at max range, then you need to 6HC/EFC it.
  • 2A > 5B > 5C > EFC > dash > 6B > 5C > [sjc] > instant-air j2C > jB > land > dash > 6B > 5C > 2C > delay [2]8B (OTG) j214214E
7398 dmg.
Ground EFC combo that can lead to a high+low unblockable with a plant seed in the corner.
If you start this combo near your own corner, end it with [4]6C (OTG) j214214E instead.
Delay the [2]8B until you see them bounce off the ground.
If you replace [2]8B with 5C [sjc], you are pushed farther back and you will get 2 seeds on the ground instead of 1.


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