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In-Game Display

#1: FPS display. This is usually at 63-64 FPS.
#2: Lifebar. This will go down as you are hit, with "red" life denoting the life that can be recovered by declaring. After you lose a round, this bar becomes red.
#3: Spellcard meter. This meter has no bearing on your game before you declare, and is reset to 0 at the beginning of each round. You accumulate meter by grazing and connecting attacks, which causes the curved bar to fill gradually. Once it fills fully, the number increases by 1 and the meter empties. You cannot declare without at least 1 level, and you cannot declare again after you do so during a round.
#4: Bomb count. Each star is a bomb, and you can't get more than two.
#5: Spirit meter. Spirit is required to do bullets and certain specials. It will deplete as you do moves and gradually refill on its own. When you exhaust all spirit or get guard crushed, this bar will empty and turn red.
#6: This is some moonspeak indicating if you are on round one or two for your spellcard usage. It should be readily obvious by your lifebar color anyways.
Immaterial and Missing Power
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