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Immaterial and Missing Power/th075booster

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What is th075Booster?

th075booster, from now on referred to as "Booster", is a program that develops the IaMP computer AI according to replays and gameplay that have gone through a boosted instance of IaMP. Previously a separate program, Booster is now included by default in the Caster netplay application and RollCaster client.

It is much better practice than the built-in AI since it plays more similarly to how a human does and can even do some quality pressure strings. However, its defense is rather weak and should not be indicative of a good human player.

Fighting against Booster

Booster needs gameplay data to work with in order to fight back. You can generate your own, but this takes forever when starting from scratch, so it is recommended to use data that has been already created instead. To do this...

  • Make sure you have a recent th075Caster or RollCaster netplay client.
  • Download a premade data pack.
    • Currently, the most extensive data pack is ArmandoXIII's and it may be found here. This contains data from a great deal of playing.
    • Simply uncompress this package directly to the IaMP directory.
  • Run Caster, and pick option 9 to play against it.

Making Booster learn

  • Set up a Caster client, as above.
  • Edit config_caster.ini and set the "th075Booster" option to 1.
  • Option 9 in Caster should now read "vs th075Booster (always on)"
  • Run Caster, and pick option 9 to initialize the data. This step is unnecessary if you have already installed a package.
  • Now, whenever Caster and IaMP are running at the same time, even when IaMP itself is not being run through Caster, Booster will learn from any playing that happens in IaMP.
  • This can even be used to learn from replays. The replay watcher can play them back at an accelerated pace in order to make Booster learn faster.
    • Note: It is not recommended to play them back at the maximum possible speed that your system is capable of. This will cause Booster to lose frames and incorrectly learn things, as well as learn bad timing. RollCaster can tell you when this happens by editing config_rollcaster.ini and setting the "boosterWarnings" option to 1.
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