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Costume Colors
Q-Bee (Queen Bee)


Q-Bee (キュービィ), the Collector of Souls. Q-Bee is easily one of the best characters in the game and one of the four characters to have an airdash. Her airdash pretty much defines her as a character since it auto-targets the opponent, allowing her to do extremely fast triangle jumps against grounded opponents which result in ridiculously fast mixups. Still, her other strengths include some of the best normal moves in the game, both ground/air and even anti-air, and excellent command throws. If you enjoy rushing your opponent down with insanely fast IADs and poking with really long range normals then this is the character for you.

Primary objective: IAD a lot, c.LK xx ES CR > Bubble okizeme.

Normal Moves


Qb sLP.png

[ Startup: 6 | Hit:+8 | Block:+7 | Renda: H:+11 B:+10 ]

Elbow. Whiffs small crouching characters, but has more frame advantage than her other light attacks. Thus, when applicable, is preferred. Uses include walk-under anti-air, chicken block punish, and as a tick-throw setup on tall crouching characters from either the neutral version or while-dashing version.

Qb sMP.png

[ Startup: 7 | Hit:+5 | Block:+4 ]

Chun punch. Extremely fast and long range, though not as long as it would appear. Whiffs over small crouchers, but it's primary use is to stuff jump-outs on their way up and for poking standing characters. In general it's a good mid-range weapon when you're able to out-range your opponent.

Qb sHP01.png
Qb sHP02.png

[ Startup: 13(10) | Hit:-3 | Block:-4 ]

Bees. Kind of a useless attack since it's disadvantageous on hit/block, not very damaging, and can be airblocked. Still, the bees aren't part of her so they can't be hit, which makes it possible to meaty with without the risk of getting hit by a short range DP that would otherwise stuff her normals.

Qb sLK.png

[ Startup: 5 | Hit:+4 | Block:+3 ]

Shin kick. The hitbox on this is much lower than her LP which makes it preferable against small crouching characters. It is frame advantageous on block/hit so it makes a pretty good while-dashing attack. Such as d.LK 624MP for a throw/anti-jump option select.

Qb sMK.png

[ Startup: 6 | Hit:+4 | Block:+3 ]

Kneebutt. Primarily used as an anti-air at close range. Also good while dashing to anti-air a chicken blocking opponent, particularly during bubble setups. Unfortunately it whiffs small crouching characters so it doesn't have much use against a grounded opponent.

Qb sHK01.png
Qb sHK02.png
Qb sHK03.png
Qb sHK04.png

[ Startup: 9 | Hit: 0 | Block:-1 ]

Cartwheel, it's best used from a dash as it can punish player jumping in scenarios which would otherwise whiff.


Qb cLP.png

[ Startup: 6 | Hit:+4 | Block:+3 | Renda: H:+7 B:+6 ]

Low jab. A bit longer than a standard jab and hits low. It's 1F slower and 1F less advantageous than c.LK, though it gains a renda bonus where as c.LK does not, but other than that it has identical uses to c.LK.

Qb cMP.png

[ Startup: 7 | Hit:+2 | Block:+1 ]

Low claw. Good range and speed for a low, but not nearly as advantageous on hit/block as c.MK. In other words it's primary use is as a low poke, but would ideally be chained into c.MK for frame advantage or c.HK for a knockdown, or canceled into C-R if point blank.

Qb cHP01.png
Qb cHP02.png
Qb cHP03.png

[ Startup: 11 | Hit:+9 | Block:+8 ]

Stingers. This is a rather odd move, but also a very good anti-air at mid/far range. The needles are autonomous of her and so they are counted as projectiles, which means they can be airblocked but they are also persistent and will continue to hit even if she is hit. What this means is if you're too far away for MK anti-air then this is the move to use, since the opponent will be forced to airblock it or otherwise they will trade/lose to it, since they won't be able to flat out beat it. The other interesting property to this move is it's ridiculous amount of frame advantage, making it a possible meaty or close-range attack that links into c.MP/c.MK. Since it's a crouch attack, even if the opponent GC's against it there's a chance that QB will simply crouch under it or recover first, depending on the opponent. As an anti-air this move will also set up a good IAD position, since the opponent will land soon enough that your IAD will aim downwards instead of upwards.

Qb cLK.png

[ Startup: 5 | Hit:+6 | Block:+5 ]

Low short. Pretty standard for a low short in terms of use, good advantage and combos into C-R at point blank, but does not gain a renda bonus. Because of negative edge, it's generally preferred when comboing into C-R off an IAD, such as IAD j.LP, c.LK xx C-R.

Qb cMK.png

[ Startup: 7 | Hit:+5 | Block:+4 ]

Reverse splits. Great range and good advantage, though it does not hit low. Generally this is used as a mid-range poke when outside of range for c.MP c.MK, or to poke against crouching characters when MP would whiff them. On block this is the move you want to chain into, stopping here instead of using any of her heavies.

Qb cHK.png

[ Startup: 8 | Hit: Knockdown | Block:-7 ]

Slide. For a sliding sweep this isn't particularly great compared to others of it's kind, but it's not a bad move either. However, since it's disadvantageous on block it's best to hit-confirm into it from a normal chain, rather than sticking it out randomly. Good for a knockdown, but not much else


Qb jLP.png

[ Startup: 5 ]

Nails. Decent speed and range for a jump jab. The hitbox is somewhat the same as j.LK so it's difficult to say which is better. Good for IADs or airchain starter.

Qb jMP.png

[ Startup: 8 ]

Downward claws. A great jumping attack with a ton of downward range, stuffs a lot of anti-airs. This is the preferred move when normal jumping or floating in. It's possible on late airdashes as well, but because the forward reach isn't great it isn't commonly used for that.

Qb jHP.png

[ Startup: 15 ]

Air bees. This changes QB's air trajectory, as it forces her to hop back a little in the air when firing and then float straight down regardless of what her previous trajectory was. The use of this move is arguable, as it can stuff anti-airs and avoid other bad situations. However, it can be blocked low and will whiff most crouching characters. The recovery on it is also rather poor since it can't be canceled or chained, and the opponent will generally recover about 14 frames before QB on block (-14F), making it a rather risky move.

Qb jLK.png

[ Startup: 5 ]

Air kneebutt. Good range and speed. Has slightly more horizontal reach than j.LP so is better at a distance.

Qb jMK.png

[ Startup: 8 ]

Mid Stinger. This has better horizontal reach than most of her jumping attacks, which means it's good for air-to-air battles and late IAD. Also good in air chains against tall standing characters or chicken blocking opponents.

Qb jHK.png

[ Startup: 10 ]

Heavy Stinger. Very similar to the mid stringer, slower startup and not cancelable, but with a slightly better hitbox and more advantage.

Command Normal Moves

P Throw: Stinger into backflip. Pretty standard for a throw, usually an ideal optionselect to use MP in order to stuff jump-outs, in lieu of HP which sucks point blank and is air blockable. QB recovers very quickly regardless if the opponent techs or not, allowing for okizeme and mixups. Though since the opponent bounces into the air, an early IAD could result in her flying horizontally or even upwards instead of the preferred diagonally downward path, so a normal groundash or late airdash is preferred.

Air Throw: Literally identical to her ground throw, controllable just the same. Average range and height properties.

Pursuit: Butt bounce. Good speed, good recovery. Not a bad move to whiff on purpose when across the screen (such as off a cmd throw). Or to hit with for meter and/or stall for time. The downside to this is that if the pursuit hits then Q-Bee will return to her original position, so when using it to transverse the screen one must time it rather well to avoid accidentally hitting with it, otherwise you'll be sent back to your starting point.


Walk: Fast walk speed, tall hitbox.

Dash: A ground-based dash. Good movement speed, though there is an uncancelable startup window and an uncancelable dash-cool if not canceled in time. Attacking during a dash will result in a while-dashing attack. The dash will retain momentum on while-dashing attacks, making it good for tick throw setups (typically d.LK or when applicable d.LP into O.M.). Due to the uncancellable startup and limited while-dashing attacks (they all hit mid) it's not as commonly used as her airdash, but is still very useful in certain situations, such as chasing the opponent or running away from the opponent, and sometimes as a meaty off an anti-air reset when an airdash would result in an upwards airdash.

Jump: Wide forward jump arc, very narrow backward jump arc. Somewhat floaty, though average speed. Holding up allows you to float for a period of time. Neutral and forward jumps can float longer than a backwards jump. You can also get a short float after chicken guarding. There are some chains/situations where holding up-back to block instead of just back will cause Q-Bee's guard to drop.

Air Dash: Arguably the best in the game, though definitely one of her most defining features. Since it auto-targets it comes with it's own set of pros and cons. The great thing about auto-target is if the opponent is grounded QB will usually airdash downwards towards the ground, which lets you do some insanely fast high/low mixups. The downside being that if the opponent is airborne or reset then QB might accidentally airdash upwards into the sky, leaving her rather vulnerable and curbing her rushdown. Although newer players tend to spam the hell out of it just about any time and any where, it's better used when up close or a couple character lengths away. A good sense of space, timing, and footsies will very dramatically help a QB player land airdashes, since having a bad sense of these things will make you very prone to getting abused and whiffing all over the place. Keep in mind that airdashing is possible after airblocking, which is extremely useful after chicken blocking, as well as after floating.


Qb 426P.png
Qb 426ES.png
C->R (grab) – 4123P (air):

Pronounced "See arr". A blockable airborne rush. If this hits she will grab the opponent. This goes over some low attacks and even Felicia's ball roll, and will grab quite a lot of normal moves, beating their hitboxes clean. Despite having some recovery on block it's a fairly safe move, making it not entirely necessary to hitconfirm. Really, because of the outstanding hitbox and good recovery, it's not a bad poking move either, though not something you want to spam all the time since if it fails you lose initiative/pressure. There are scenarios where the ground version will hit, but fail to grab. The air/TK version is more consistent in this respect.

  • (LP Version): Short range, slow speed.
  • (MP Version): Mid range, mid speed.
  • (HP Version): Far range, fast speed. Best for combos.
  • (ES Version): Cocoon's the opponet. This is the best setup up a bubble okizeme since QB recovers extremely fast after the knockdown. Typically one would IAD j.P/j.K, c.LP/c.LK xx 426PP, then immediatelp 623PP on recovery and go for more IAD mixups or anti-air while the opponent is blocking the bubble. If the opponent is hit on the ground by the bubble the best follow up is another C->R.
Qb 624.png
Delta A (dive) – 214K (air):

Not an especially useful move, though it can be used for running away in some situations due to the nature of the move. QB will always fly to the wall behind her and then dive. Thus, if she's really far away from the wall behind her then the LK version can be used to get her quickly across the screen, in lieu of a backdash. On the other hand, if she has her back to the wall she can use the HK version to first get into the air and then quickly fly across the screen, in lieu of a forward dash. The problem with this move is it's punishability and predictability, making it very rarely used.

  • (LK Version): Dives almost vertically.
  • (MK Version): Midrange dive.
  • (HK Version): Very far dive.
  • (ES Version): Slightly shorter range than HK version, but it will poison the opponent on hit. This move would probably be a lot more useful if it had a bit more range or it autotargeted the opponent, but since it has neither it's really not particularly useful. If you somehow manage to hit the opponent on the ground with the QJ bubble and you happen to be at the right range for this, then this would be the best followup since it poisons the opponent allowing for an additional ground-based followup (or even another QJ). But don't expect to be using this often, if at all.
Qb KXN01.png
Qb KXN02.png
Qb KXN03.png
Qb KXN04.png
SxP (mash) – rapidly tap K (air):

Pronounced "Ess by Pee". QB's Lightning Legs type move. Most good QB players only do this move by accident, as it doesn't really have much to offer. You can mash for more hits, and you can alternate which version she is doing by mashing a different button during the move. The nice thing about it is it has a ton of frame advantage on hit/block, but other than that you won't be using it much. Four single-button inputs (i.e., MK,MK,MK,MK) are required, but any kick button (or mashing all three) can be used to sustain it beyond the initial four.

  • (LK Version): Slow stabs.
  • (MK Version): Mid stabs. Best frame advantage.
  • (HK Version): Fastest stabs.
Qb gc02.png
R.M. (uppercut) - 623K (GC only):

Upper-butt. The first part is very short-ranged, and the second part is angled very high upwards. Thus, it's difficult to hit with this move. It can be used as an anti-air, or against long ranged laggy moves. However, the situations in which it's likely to hit are few and far between. All versions have the same invulnerability, startup, hit advantage, and block advantage. Only the ES version differs in any way, and solely by doing slightly more damage.

  • (GC Version): The invulnerability window lasts longer than the startup, but due to it's angle it's only ever used when the situation calls for it.
  • (ES Version): Basically identical to the normal version, not worth the meter.
O.M. (throw) - 624P (close):

QB's command grab is one of the best in the game. Good bubble setup. It's fully invulnerable, and it's 2F startup makes it so that it almost never whiffs. Either she grabs the opponent or she does MP/HP when she can't grab the opponent. Because of the poorness of HP it's a good idea to use MP instead, because a failed cmd grab resulting in a MP is preferable to an accidental HP.

  • (MP Version): The ideal version to use in case the grab fails, resulting in a MP. Shoots the opponent across the screen. Good setup for bubble.
  • (HP Version): Same as MP, but an accidental HP makes this less often used.
  • (ES Version): Not really worth the meter since the damage increase is very small, though technically it does do a bit more damage. Only use it if you just happen to be overflowing with meter.
Float (hover) - hold up:

Holding any upwards direction (7, 8, 9) results in QB floating briefly during the apex of her normal jump. She can float longer during a forward jump than neutral or back. The direction of the float input does not have to match the direction of the jump, so jumping forwards with 9 can float with 7, allowing you to jump forwards, airblock, and float as an option select. Pretty good maneuver for baiting anti-airs. The float does not change QB's normal jump properties at all, so it is possible to airblock during it, attack during and after it, and even airdash during or after a float. A typical use for it is to jump forwards and float over the opponent, then airdash towards them from behind. Be wary of slower/delayed enemy airchains on chickenblock, as the transition from normal jump to float has a few vulnerable frames, and QBee has a unique airblock pushback trajectory that can be exploited for enemy ground-to-air unblockables.


Qb 623PP.png
QJ (Bubble) - 623PP (air):

Queen Jelly. QB's bubble move. This move will be neutralized if QB is hit during it. It will coat the opponent in jelly (honey/wax) if they are hit on the ground, allowing a follow up. The opponent is considered partially airborne when coated, so any single hit attack will reset them (if it isn't a natural knockdown), if no attack is made they will be knocked down for no additional damage. Because of the one-hit rule, the best followups are her C->R, ES Delta A, or +B EX moves. If the opponent is hit while airborne they will not be coated and simply knocked down instead. This move makes for a great okizeme move, but only in certain situations. A normal C->R and normal throw are not good setups because the opponent can tech forward and punish her. However, her ES C->R and O.M. moves make great setups because she won't be punishable during the bubble startup. Typically once used the QB player will rush the opponent down and attempt to anti-air a chicken blocking opponent, or do IAD mixups against a ground blocking opponent.

Qb 426KK.png
+B (Bees) - 426KK (air):

Plus Bee. This move is mostly for the sake of novelty, since the opponent will have a unique damage pose when hit with this. Although it does good damage and goes over lows, it's hitbox and startup speed are not particularly great. You'd have to be kind of psychic to land it randomly while midrange, and the only good setup for it is off a QJ that hits on the ground or ES Delta A, so it's almost never used except as a sandbag move or by accident.

Dark Force

Flight: I^2 - Same strength P + K:

  • (Any Version): Q-Bee flies into the air and is allowed normal flight for the duration. Very short deactivation recovery. while in flight mode, j,hk is special cancel enabled & can be special canceled from a chain. Use this overwhelming offense to cheese Anakaris.


The core to QB's gameplay is poking and IAD mixups. Though only novice players will mash out IADs at the start of the round and continually mash them until some one dies (usually, them). Novice and advanced players will rely more on pokes, footsies, and patience to open up opportunities to IAD at closer range. Good QB players will also master the use of double IADs at point blank or a character length's away from the opponent, as well as empty IADs into lows, and the staple (IAD) c.LK xx ES C->R which leads to bubble okizeme.
QB's anti-airs and poke range allow her to take things slow as well as take things fast, she can be played highly aggressively or a hybrid between rushdown and footsies. Though most QB players prefer not to run away since her defensive options are quite limited due to a lack of DP and having a unreliable/slow/awkward GC.
Her command throw O.M. is surprisingly good, nearly instant startup and complete invulnerability make it something rather formidable, perhaps especially because it's a setup for bubble that doesn't cost meter (unlike ES C->R). Though it's fished for rather sparingly since many QB players prefer not to use her ground dash or attempt tick throws at all. A great setup for the O.M. is simply an empty ground dash into O.M., or d.LK into O.M. tick, though d.LP is preferred against tall crouching character since it provides better frame advantage than d.LK.
When ground chaining it's usually a good idea to chain into c.HK on hit or c.MK on block, since c.MK has wonderful frame advantage. After a blocked c.MK QB has a decent pressure game of using MP as anti-jump, c.MK to poke again, or C->R to catch counter-pokes, or even IAD if it's assumed the opponent might go for a low poke.
After an EX QJ okizeme setup it's typical to attempt high/low mixups using her airdash against a grounded opponent, or anti-air a chicken blocking opponent. Although it sometimes seems like a waste of meter, QB doesn't really use meter for much else other than ES C->R, and even in a worst case scenario it at least provides some initiative and prevents reversals.
Though Q-Bee has solid anti-airs like MK and c.HP she can also chicken block low to the ground and immediately airdash after airblocking for good retaliation against characters that are difficult to anti-air normally (like Victor).
Because QB's cmd throw has invulnerable startup it can be used as a reversal in situations where the opponent is at point blank distance. For example, if Demitri attempts a meaty grab super or a grab super off a tick then QB's cmd throw will actually win, grabbing him clean out of the super.



  • c.LK xx 426P
A staple off any jump-in or IAD. ES version is preferred for damage and 623PP okizeme.
  • c.LP c.LK c.MP c.MK
Typical hit/block string. The c.MK has good frame advantage. It's preferred to end on c.MK on block.
  • c.LP c.LK c.MK c.HK
Good for a knockdown at point blank if you confirm the hit.
  • c.LK c.MP c.MK c.HK
Better damage than the previous, though identical in use.


  • c.HP c.MP c.MK
A fairly easy link off c.HP for situations when c.HP might seem like a good idea (such as a meaty).
  • 214K c.MP c.MK
Very easy link off a hit Delta A. Assuming your opponent is ever hit by Delta A for whatever reason.
  • 623PP 426P / 426KK
Assuming QJ hits on the ground and traps the opponent, the ideal followup is C->R or +B EX, or the below:
  • Midscreen 623PP 214KK > anything
If your opponent is hit by QJ on the ground mid-screen it's possible to connect ES Delta A which will also poison the opponent, allowing an additional followup like another QJ into another ES Delta A, or a jump-in combo.


Matchup Notes from the VSAV discord

Frame Data


Move Startup Hit






Guard Cancel Notes
LP 6 +8 +7 0/ 3/ 6 Mid Yes/Rapid Renda+: H:+11 G:+10
MP 7 +5 +4 3/ 9/15 Mid ×
HP 13(10) -3 -4 6/ 8+2*4/10+4*4 Mid/Air ×
LK 5 +4 +3 0/ 3/ 6 Mid Yes
MK 6 +4 +3 3/ 9/15 Mid Yes
HK 9 0 -1 6/ 8+2*3/11+5+4+4 Mid ×

Move Startup Hit






Guard Cancel Notes
c.LP 6 +4 +3 0/ 3/ 6 Low Yes/Rapid Renda+: H:+7 G:+6
c.MP 7 +2 +1 3/ 9/15 Low Yes
c.HP 11 +9 +8 6/ 9+3+3/12+6+6 Mid/Air ×
c.LK 5 +6 +5 0/ 3/ 6 Low Yes
c.MK 7 +5 +4 3/ 9/15 Mid Yes
c.HK 8 Down -7 6/15/24 Low ×

Move Startup Meter


Guard Cancel Notes
j.LP 5 0/ 3/ 6 High Yes
j.MP 8 3/ 9/15 High Yes
j.HP 15 3/ 8+2x6/10+4x3 Mid ×
j.LK 5 0/ 3/ 6 High Yes
j.MK 8 3/ 9/15 High Yes
j.HK 10 6/15/24 High ×


Move Startup Hit






Guard Notes
(j.)LK*4 12(10) +11 +10 9/ 9+3*n/ 9+6*n Mid Downs Airborne Opponents
(j.)MK*4 13 +14 +13 9/ 9+3*n/ 9+6*n Mid
(j.)HK*4 15 +12 +11 9/ 9+3*n/ 9+6*n Mid
(j.)214LK 45 ? ? 12/16/21 Mid Downs Airborne Opponents
(j.)214MK 45 ? ? 12/16/21 Mid
(j.)214HK 45 ? ? 12/16/21 Mid
(j.)214KK 45 ? ? 0/ 0/ 0 Mid Adds 31F-Poison
(j.)426LP 13 Down -7 18/18/22 Mid Landing Suki: 1F
(j.)426MP 13 Down -7 18/18/22 Mid
(j.)426HP 13 Down -7 18/18/22 Mid
(j.)426PP 13 Down -7 0/ 0/ 0 Mid
(GC)623LK 10 Down -14 18/21+3/24 Mid Inv: 13F
(GC)623MK 10 Down -14 18/21+3/24 Mid
(GC)623HK 10 Down -14 18/21+3/24 Mid
(GC)623KK 10 Down -14 0/ 0/ 0 Mid
624MP 2 Down - 12/21 Throw Inv: 28F
624HP 2 Down - 12/21 Throw
624PP 2 Down - 0/ 0 Throw Inv: 37F.


Move Gauge Startup Hit




Guard Notes
623PP 1 34 Down -1 Mid (*1)
426KK 1 25 Down +11 Mid Landing Suki: 1F
1: Stuns grounded opponent on hit (honey/wax), hit followup causes knockdown, airborne hit causes knockdown but does not add stun (no honey/wax on airborne hit), landing suki. ES-Delta A or ES-C>R will fully connect.: 1F

Q-Bee Memos

  • Character highlights from Twitter
  • Osaka Combo Video
  • 1998 Combo Video
  • It's considered a strong technique to use Quick Jelly such that is keeps the opponent in proximity block at the corner.
  • is considered applicably impossible to punish Gallon from jumping at mid-screen. It's also considered unrealistically hard to punish Zabel or Jedah in the same situation.
  • Use as an option select for OM-Throw with:6324+mk~hp
  • IAD trajectory is tied to the distance & the frame at which the dash was complete, 4th 5th or 6th.
  • SxP Cheap-Kill setup
  • She cannot special cancel or from a 7-jump.
  • Q-bee can chicken-block then homing dash off-screen, recover into an ES-C>R (or a QuickJelly) then recover into SxP & indefinitely remain off-screen.
  • While in Dark Force, J.hp has no push-back
  • Certain air attack sequences always beat hover. Here is the chart:
  • If Q-bee forward rolls, she wakes up invulnerable & has forced turn around frames...Delayed wake-up.
  • This is only a partial translation, when the opponent guards against Bubble or CR from short range, the push-back is different.
  • Hosokaka made a punish compilation video for C>R blocked in the corner
  • While In Dark Force she can special or J.hp even from a chain
  • Q-Bee recovers backwards with ESΔA, ΔA, OM & C>R.
  • CPU can use ES-Delta for 0-meter cost.
  • CPU can GC without being attacked.
  • (6) QJ's on the screen
Active boxes were negated by Pharaohs Magic
  • Punishing her Dark Force is best with a standing-only normal as she wakes up. If the punish is on frame-1, she can block it.
  • Disable-Roll Bug - Okizeme Examples
  • The Dizzy-Bug is not possible w/ Q-Bee.
It's confirmed that the throw-tech must not knockdown the opponent;both Q-Bee's ground & air-throw cause a knockdown on Tech-hit. It's also confirmed that the ES-Delta is not tied to a timer, such that the value cannot improperly underflow.

Q-Bee Bugs

  • Q-Bee has an additional proximity block animation while in hover state.
  • Mini SxP between Rounds
  • Delay Dark Force Deactivation
  • Delta-A & No Wall
  • Quick Jelly x Dark Force = Graphical Bug
  • Disable-Roll Bug
Q-Bee ES-Delta A into +B
Q-Bee ES-Delta A into QJ
Q-Bee ES-Delta A into QJ into +B
  • No Push-back Bug
  • Tech-Hit happens post a Quick Jelly
  • Turn-Around Priority - ES-C>R x Quick Jelly
  • Turn around priority - ESΔA recovers backwards
Split the execution of +B to combo - Example is player-2 side notation
  • Guard-Lock Unblock w/ Quick Jelly
Video is required
  • Unblock ES-Guard Cancel Frames
See The first chart here - Q-Bee is at frame# 07
  • This is only a partial translation, but, Q-Bee's Dark Force only has 1-frame landing recover. Q-bee can purposefully whiff attacks to avoid the 1-frame vulnerability.

  • OM recovers backwards & a just-frame perfectly timed dash can avoid the turn-around frames. Additionally, if you OM from a dash, the original orientation is retained & your perfectly-timed dash has to be input differently.
  • +B with another +B causes the "Cryptic Needle bug" meaning one cannot complete recovery until the other sprite is unloaded

Notable Japan Players

Japanese Player Index:

Name (English) Name (Japanese) Color Location Contact Notes
Sakamoto さかもと HP Qbee color hp small.png Kanto region
One of the primary T.O.'s of JP-VSAV
#01 Q-Bee
Tokyo Community Leader.
OraOra おらQ MP Qbee color mp small.png Kanto region Used to be a GGPO regular under the name PPPPP.
Saito 不能 ->
佐伯 ->
KK Qbee color kk small.png Kanto region
Rookie champion is now a pro
Saito is a popular JP family name
SIN SIN HP Qbee color hp small.png Kansai Region Old-School
Panpiina パンピーナ LP Qbee color lp small.png Kyushu Region
Gyu-Bee 牛-Bee KK Qbee color kk small.png Kansai Region
Yankii ヤンキー KK Qbee color kk small.png Retired
Vampire Savior
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