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Name:   Corona Mileena (コロナ=ミリーナ) <br\><br\> Age:   18  —  Occupation:   Knight - Assistant Chief <br\><br\> Height:   156cm  —  Weight:   45kg <br\><br\> 3 Sizes:   B77 W59 H83 <br\><br\> Interests:   Helping to lead, long baths <br\><br\> Dislikes:   Bad Guys <br\><br\> Values:   Lemius <br\><br\> Weapon:   Sword and Light Magic


A member of Ryuza's band of knights. Incredibly skilled, but at the same time quite clumsy. Tends to be very cautious and unreasonable when meeting someone for the first time.


エイメル騎士団団長補佐。 誰からも好かれるタイプの優等生で、何事にも一生懸命取り組む。 しかし押しが弱く、気づいたら周りに流されていることもしばしば。 強力な光の魔力を持ち、自己治癒と封印の魔法を得意とする。 元来、自己治癒の魔法とは、かすり傷を癒す程度が限界だが、彼女の魔法は切断された部位すら縫合、治癒できるほど強力。。 能力を欲しがったどこぞの組織に誘拐され監禁されていた過去がある。 その時たまたま現れたリュウザに助けられ、そのまま騎士団に入団した。 恩人であるリュウザを非常に慕っており、彼のために必死で事務の仕事をこなす毎日。 レミウスとは相部屋で親友となっており、よく料理を教わったり、一緒に買い物に出かけたりしている。 騎士団内では特に後輩に人気がある。 どうにも身体が貧相なのを気にしているご様子。

使用武器の名は「ゼフェリア」。 普段は刀身がなく、使用者の魔力に反応して刃を創る魔法剣の一種。 魔力の刃なため、相手を斬っても傷を負わせないこともできるが、刃の維持には魔力を消費するため、振る度に鞘に納めて扱うことが多い。 剣を振るときに、刃を構成しながら鞘から抜いているだけで、居合いって訳ではない。 ジャンク屋にてタダ同然で置いてあったものだが、特殊ながら、非常に強力な魔道具。 普通に人が使おうとしても、刃を創ることすら難しいが、コロナの綺麗な魔力を通すことで名剣となる。

Game Play

Corona is a well balanced character who can handle many situations. In addition to standard skills, she also has a set of spells she can access from a "Chanting" state that do various things such as give buffs or debuffs.

Any move where she sheaths her sword (other than her throw) can be back step canceled on either hit or whiff. She can also use her chant to cancel her normals, giving her some more aggressive options.

She's a good character to play if you want variety.

Character Specific Data

Total Life - 750
Combo Hits Before Damage Reduction -

Move List

Special Skill
Chant / 詠唱 O.png (O.png or P.png to cancel)
Shine Planet / シャインプラネット 2.png3.png6.png+.pngP.png
Open Sky Smash / アークスマッシュ 2.png1.png4.png+.pngP.png (Air Usable)
Aura Burst / オーラバースト 2.png1.png4.png+.pngS.png
Blade Gust / ブレイドガスト 4.png(hold)6.png+.pngS.png (Air Usable)
Cross Slash / クロススタンプ 6.png3.png2.png1.png4.png+.pngHS.png
Light Heal / ライトヒール (During Chant) 2.png2.png
Requiem Heal / レクイエムヒール (During Chant) 2.png1.png4.png+.pngK.png
Magic Shield / アブソリュートエリア (During Chant) 8.png8.png
Spirit Song / スピリットソング (During Chant) 2.png3.png6.png+.pngK.png
Divine Weapon / ディバインウェポン (During Chant) 6.png3.png2.png1.png4.png+.pngHS.png
Finishing Moves
Punishment / パニッシュメント 2.png1.png4.png6.png+.pngS.png
Seal Breaker / シールブレイカー (During Chant) 2.png3.png6.png4.png+.pngHS.png

Notation Key
7.png8.png9.png 7 8 9
4.png N 6.png 4 5 6
1.png2.png3.png 1 2 3
P.pngK.pngS.pngHS.pngO.pngSP.png P K S HS O SP
BRK Skill Break, used on the previous move.
xx Some suitable chain or lead-in to the rest of the combo.
> A link or cancel into something other than a normal.
~ Input move 2 quickly after move 1, actual timing may vary.
X > Y / Z X goes into Y OR Z.
(<move>) Possible to omit some move.
<move>(X) Some move hits X times.
j(X)., dj(X). Jump or double jump. May or may not specify a direction (X).
cl., f. Close and far version of a move, respectively.


Neutral Game



Note CC = Chant Cancel. CC can be performed either by inputting O~O or O~P, O~P will probably be considerably easier for most people. Note that you have 10F to do the second input, but after that you have instantly recovered and should do the next input after the CC immediately.



Corona actually has a lot of lenience when it comes to 50% meter BnBs. What you go for is generally up to preference / situation, but there's a few that stand out more than the others.

Meterless, Anywhere xx > 214S / [4]6S (CC) / 214P
•214S gives the best knockdown / carry. [4]6S is useful in the corner because it bounces them out a little bit, but doesn't knockdown midscreen. 214P is nice for when you're out of range for 214S. •214S sets up an OTG.

50% Meter, Anywhere xx > 236P BRK > Dash > (cl.5S) f.5S 5HS(2) > 214S
•Adds significant damage, and retains knockdown. Good in matchups where Corona has a hard time getting in because she still gets good oki.
•Also useful because sometimes you're too far out to go into any other special after 5HS / 2HS.

50% Meter, Anywhere xx > 236P BRK > 6HS > IAD > j.P S > j9.S > dj9.S HS > j.214P
•Works anywhere, the IAD gives a little extra corner carry.

50% Meter, Anywhere xx > 236P BRK > 6HS > j9.P K S > dj9.S HS > j.214P
•Easier variation with less sword attacks and corner carry. Can use a j.K instead of j.P if you want.

50% Meter, Anywhere xx > 236P BRK > 6HS > 5O - 214K > j9.K P K S > dj9.HS > j.214P
•Combo into poison, really worthwhile but requires you to be really close on chars like Duna. On other chars the effective range is pretty lenient but won't work from further out still.

50% Meter, Midscreen xx > 214S BRK > Dash > 2S 5HS(1) 6HS > j9.S > dj9.S HS > j.214P

50% Meter, Corner xx > 214S BRK > Dash > cl.5S f.5S 5HS(1) 6HS > j9.S > dj9.(S) HS > j.214P
•Generally the best 50% confirm in the corner along with poison BnB.

50% Meter, Corner xx > 214S BRK > Dash > cl.5S f.5S (CC) > 2S 5HS(1) 6HS > dj9.(S) HS > j.214P
•Previous combo but with a chant cancel extender. Really not worth the effort at first but once you get good at chant canceling it's not too hard.
•This method of chant canceling to add an extra hit to combos applies in just about anything where you are using a launcher that's multiple hits. (i.e. not just 6HS)
50% Meter, Anywhere xx > 214P(1) BRK > Delay j.HS > Land, Dash > cl.5S 5HS(1) 6HS > j9.S > dj9.S HS > j.214P
•Generally the best 50% confirm midscreen after the poison BnB.

150% Meter, Midscreen xx > 236P > 6HS > IAD > j.P S > Land > 2146S > Dash > 2S 5S 6HS > j9.S > dj9.HS > j.214P
•Cool midscreen only combo that does a lot of damage and brings them to the corner.

100% Meter, super extender 214S BRK or 214P BRK starter > cl.5S f.5S 5HS(1) 6HS (CC) > Dash > 2146S (CC) > Long Dash > 2S 5HS(1) 6HS > j9.S > dj9.(S) HS > j.214P •More universal super setup but much more difficult. This combo like most of Corona's BRK combos can be extended with a CC link.

150% Meter, Corner xx > 2146S BRK > Dash > cl.5S f.5S 5HS(1) 6HS > j9.S > dj9.HS > j.214P
•Not really worth it unless it will kill.


50% Meter, Corner xx > 214S BRK > 5O > 236K
•Sets up a garunteed Spirit Song. However the opponent has a chance to jump before the debuff goes active (if they jump the debuff will not activate). This can be tech trapped with 2S. Meaning the opponent will either be slowed or reset for garunteed damage.
•In theory you can confirm that the opponent has blocked, then CC and IAD or jump during the extended blockstun to go for a high/low mixup - depending on how long it takes to hit the opponent changes the combo options available.
•A juggled 2HS may also be a sufficient setup, i.e. xx > 214S BRK > Dash > cl.5S f.5S 2HS > 5O - 236K

Spirit Song Active xx > [cl.5S f.5S 5HS(2) > CC]x0-3 > cl.5S f.5S 5HS(2) > 214S

Spirit Song Active xx > [cl.5S f.5S 5HS(2) > CC]x0-3 > 6HS > IAD > j.K S > j9.S > dj9.S HS > j.214P

Spirit Song Active xx > [cl.5S f.5S 5HS(2) > CC]x0-2 > cl.5S f.5S 5HS(2) > 214S
•Drops early to give another Spirit Song setup without using meter.


<Meter Cost, Location <notation>
•<description(if needed)>


Post OTG Game




<please indent descriptions>














Move Details

Special Skills

Any move with the [ Sheathing ] property can be Chant or Back Step canceled during the sheathing animation in the recovery. Ground normals can be Chant Canceled as well (when they connect, hit or block), the exception being 6HS (on block).


Blade Gust
Corona 46S 1.PNG
Corona 46S 2.PNG
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Attack Level Grounded Frame Advantage Aerial Frame Advantage
- - 17 5 44 2 -49 (-33) -54 (-38)

Corona takes 2 steps forward and does 2 magically extended slashes. This move has a lot of range, about half the screen, and will wall-slam anywhere near the wall. AFA and GFA in brackets correspond to earliest possible Chant Cancel points.

Corona 236P.PNG
Shine Planet - 236P [ Projectile, BRK ]
A white ball of light that travels the whole screen. It's pretty fast on both travel speed and recovery which makes it useful, but it only counts as one projectile so clusters of projectiles destroy it. Because of that it's use as a zoning tool depends on the matchup, but it's good in pressure and combos when you BRK it.
Corona 214P 1.PNG
Corona 214P 2.PNG
Open Sky Smash - 214P [ Overhead, BRK ]
The ground version has a rising hit that launches (SP Cancelable), and then Corona shoots an explosion out of her hand that hit's overhead (also BRK-able).
Corona j.214P.PNG
Open Sky Smash (Air) - j.214P [ Overhead, BRK ]
The air version is just the explosion, making it a viable mixup option. The explosion causes untechable ground slam on counterhit.
Corona 214S 1.PNG
Corona 214S 2.PNG
Aura Burst - 214S [ Projectile, Invulnerable, BRK ]
Corona focuses her energy, then sends it flying out in all directions (hits on all sides). It's invulnerable all the way up to where the projectile comes out, which means it's guaranteed to at least trade, and if timed well should generally win cleanly against most moves. However, your opponent can throw you out of this move, so be aware of that.
Corona 63214HS.PNG
Cross Slash - 63214HS [ BRK, Command Grab ]
Screen goes black and 2 giant slashes cross the screen. It's a command grab, range is a bit better than normal grab, also more damage. Knockdown is the same, you can still followup with an OTG. BRK lets you combo after it (depending on how it's timed you may hit them grounded, generally you do not want to hit them grounded so you can go into a bigger combo).

Chanting Specials

These moves all need to be inputted while Corona is in a chanting state (performed by pressing O).

Corona O 22.PNG
Light Heal - 22 [ Buff ]
Has a tiny bit of recovery. After she recovers, Corona will recover up to about 10% health slowly over about 8 seconds. Buff goes away if you get hit.
Corona O 214K.PNG
Requiem Heal - 214K [ Projectile, Debuff ]
A slow moving projectile. If it hits the opponent, their health will slowly drain over time (about 10%, or a bit less, over about 5 seconds) until you are hit or the effect wears off. Disappears if you are hit, debuff also goes away on hit.
Corona O 88.PNG
Magic Shield - 88 [ Projectile ]
Corona places a shield out in front of her that stays in place for a few seconds and will absorb one hit. It can also hit the opponent. On counterhit, it will wallslam if they are near the edge of the screen (running forward moves the edge of the screen). This move does not stop or get canceled by projectiles, they pass right through it.
Corona O 236K.PNG
Spirit Song - 236K [ Projectile, Unblockable, Debuff ]
Corona sends a small, slow traveling shockwave across the ground. When it hits, the opponents movement is slowed for a brief period of time. Can use this right after a throw to hit them with it or provoke a jumpout. Debuff goes away if you are hit.
Corona O 63214HS.PNG
Divine Weapon - 63214HS [ Buff ]
Corona holds her sword out and casts a spell, increasing the power of her sword moves for a period of time, indicated by the meter that appears below her health bar. It lasts a long time, but be careful because the initial casting is quite slow.

Sword Moves: Any S or HS normal, [4]6S, 63214HS, 2146S.

There was a glitch where if you connect with a Spirit Song debuff while this is active, it will remain for the rest of the match (or until you cast another Sword Buff and let it wear off).
Simple demonstration: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NonPWJRH2A0 As of .6t the glitch seems to be removed only for the Corona that is on the left side. It has since been removed completely.

Finishing Moves

Corona 2146S.PNG
Punishment - 2146S [ Projectile, BRK ]
Corona sends out a giant wave of energy from her sword that travels the whole screen. Wallslams on hit.
Seal Breaker- 2364HS [ Projectile? ]
Corona focuses light to a point in front of her. If it connects with the opponent, it traps them in a sphere of light, dealing damage until Corona cuts the sphere. Must be done out of chant. If added onto the end of an OTG string it will not go into the followup, but does knock down (but does negligible damage and 2146HS would be better in this regard).

Command Normals

Corona 6HS.PNG
Just Break - 6HS [ Overhead, Sheathing ]
Like most Just Breaks, it is jump cancelable on hit only. In addition to being JC on hit, Corona can also only Chant Cancel the attack on hit, or not until the sheathing animation if blocked. She can still backdash cancel at any time (during the sheathing animation).


Corona 5P.PNG
5P [ Mid, Jump ] 5P > 5K, 2K, cl.5S, f.5S, 2S, 5HS, 2HS, 6HS
Quick high jab. You can do TK.214P off this move as a legit overhead, and use a slightly delayed 2K as a low threat.
Corona 2P.PNG
2P [ Mid ] 2P > 5K, 2K, cl.5S, f.5S, 2S, 5HS, 2HS, 6HS
Quick low jab. Good for tick throws, or as a linker off jump-ins that aren't that deep.
Corona 5K.PNG
5K [ Mid ] 5K > cl.5S, f.5S, 2S, 5HS, 2HS, 6HS
Nothing spectacular about this move.
Corona 2K.PNG
2K [ Low, Jump ] 2K > cl.5S, f.5S, 2S, 5HS, 2HS, 6HS
Corona's only low hitting move, but it's pretty good. Somewhat disappointing reach is made up for by good recovery and jump cancel-ability.
Corona cl.5S.PNG
cl.5S [ Mid, Jump ] cl.5S > f.5S, 2S, 5HS, 2HS, 6HS
Really nice move - fast startup, frame advantage, good chaining options, and jump cancelable. You can use the frame advantage to go into overhead TK.214P, low 2K, or throw 63214HS if you are close enough.
Corona f.5S.PNG
f.5S [ Mid, Jump, Sheathing ] f.5S > 5HS, 2HS, 6HS
Not a bad move, generally overshadowed by 2S outside of combos and blockstrings. In blockstrings it's better to use than 2S because it's jump cancelable, which is useful for baiting and such.
Corona 2S.PNG
2S [ Mid, Sheathing, Air Unblockable ] 2S > 5HS, 2HS, 6HS
Strong disjoint hitbox makes this move an amazing anti air at the right distance, and also good for catching people trying to jump from a ways away. Easy confirm into air combo on success. The main weakness is that that it covers a pretty specific distance, but it can still be an effective anti air when combined with her various zoning tools.
Corona 5HS 1.PNG
Corona 5HS 2.PNG
5HS [ Mid, Jump, Sheathing ]
2 hits, the second hit pulls the opponent towards you unless it hits them airborne, where it will knock them down. Full cancelability for chants and jumps on both hits, but can still only be backdashed during the sheathing animation. Chant canceling on either the first or second hit is a basic "mixup" for continuing pressure and building respect. The pullback makes it great for extending blockstrings and makes Corona's combos much less spacing dependant.

However since it hits twice, using this as a poke from neutral is not generally a good idea. You have to wait for both attacks to finish before you can backdash or chant cancel the sheathing animation when whiffed.

Corona 2HS.PNG
2HS [ Mid, Sheathing ]
Stronger anti air box than 2S, but air blockable and knocks down on aerial hit. Probably a good idea to use this move over 2S in many situations, even if it's less rewarding.

Air Normals

Corona j.P.PNG
j.P [ High ] j.P > j.K, j.S, j.HS
Hits high, not much use outside of confirming off an air counterhit j.S.
Corona j.K.PNG
j.K [ High, Jump ] j.K > j.P, j.S, j.HS
An alright move, you can do IAD j.K P for 2 overheads. The main use for this outside of combos is a quick air poke against opponents who are too close for comfort, hopefully a situation that doesn't come up too much.
Corona j.S.PNG
j.S [ High, Jump ] j.S > j.HS
AMAZING, upwards hitbox, this move makes Corona almost unapproachable from higher up. Plays into her zoning game since most characters will need to jump to get over her 236P. Wiffs crouchers.
Corona j.HS.PNG
j.HS [ High ]
A strong downwards hitbox, can crossup when you are close enough. This is a great spacing tool against opponents that are below you, and also corona's primary jump-in move.

Frame Data

  • GFA = Grounded Frame Advantage
  • AFA = Aerial Frame Advantage
  • EPCC = Earliest Possible Chant Cancel


Move Startup Duration Recovery Total Attack Level GFA AFA GFA with EPCC AFA with EPCC
5P 7 5 20 32 1 0 0 - -
5K 8 5 22 35 1 -2 -2 - -
cl.5S 8 5 29 42 2 1 -4 - -
f.5S 10 5 14 *1 29 2 -19 -24 +6 +2
5HS 16 20 *5 30 *1 66 2 -35 *13 -40 *13 6 *14 1 *14
2P 7 5 20 32 1 0 0 - -
2K 9 10 17 36 1 -2 -2 - -
2S 10 5 20 *2 35 2 -15 - 6 -
2HS 14 5 25 *2 44 2 -20 -25 +6 +2
j.P 7 5 25 37 1 -5 -5 - -
j.K 8 5 22 35 1 -2 -2 - -
j.S 11 5 40 56 2 -10 -15 - -
j.HS 15 5 35 55 2 -5 -10 - -
5O 10 *3 - 10 + α *4 - - - - -


Move Startup Duration Recovery Total Attack Level GFA AFA GFA with EPCC AFA with EPCC
Shine Planet 21 - 47 68 2 -12 -17 - -
Open Sky Smash 20 5 *7 35 60 2 -5 -10 - -
Open Sky Smash (Air) 18 5 23 2 +30 +25 - -
Aura Burst 21 5 *8 62 88 2 -32 -37 - -
Blade Gust 17 5 *6 44 *1 66 2 -49 -54 -33 -38
Cross Slash 6 5 36 47 - - - - -
Light Heal 5 - *9 60 65 - - - - -
Requiem Heal 28 - *10 31 59 1 -6 -6 - -
Magic Shield 53 - *11 30 83 1 -5 -5 - -
Spirit Song 27 - 40 67 - - - - -
Divine Weapon 85 - *12 27 122 - - - - -

Finishing Skills

Move Startup Duration Recovery Total Attack Level GFA AFA GFA with EPCC AFA with EPCC
Punishment 17 - 43 *1 120 2 -43 -48 -32 -36
Seal Breaker ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Misc Recovery

Action Recovery
Cast Cancel 13
Standing Sheath 35
Crouching Sheath 25


  • 1 - The actual value of her recovery includes stand-sheathing, so this value does not reflect sheathing.
  • 2 - The actual value of her recovery includes crouch-sheathing, so this value does not reflect sheathing.
  • 3 - This is the duration until you cancel it or use a move.
  • 4 - 10 plus the time until you cancel it
  • 5 - 2 Hits. The first hit has a duration of 5 frames, then after 10 frames the second has a duration of 5 frames.
  • 6 - Duration of the first hit from the beginning. Second hit is -1F, 6 on the ground, 1 in the air.
  • 7 - 2 Hits. The first hit has a duration of 7 frames, then after 24 frames the second has a duration of 5 frames.
  • 8 - 2 Hits. The first hit has a duration of 3 frames, then after 13 frames the second has a duration of 5 frames.
  • 9 - Recovers 1HP at first, then 1 every 15 frames for up to 75 times (1125 frames). Stops if you get hit.
  • 10 - Comes out up to 7 times ever 25 frames. Disappears if it hits
  • 11 - 270 as long as it is not hit or hits an opponent
  • 12 - 2000F duration (20 sec)
  • 13 - If only the first hit reached, -50, -55
  • 14 - If only the first hit reached, -28, -33

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