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Full Name: Eldio Gajral (エルディオ・ガジュラール)
Age: 20
Profession: Assassin
Height: 172cm
Weight: 59kg
Likes: Torture
Dislikes: Tough opponents
Values: His goggles
Weapon: The dagger "Psycho Edge"


Eldio offers some of the best mix-up capability in the game, being able to quickly alternate hits between low, high, left and right, while deceiving his opponent with fake images of himself.

His fake images give him good space control, which he compliments with his big, quick pokes. His mobility is not bad, and although he has a step-type of ground dash, it's pretty quick and can be used to switch sides with the opponent.

Eldio has low health and poor reversals, so he can't afford to take many hits. His damage is also overall pretty low, especially from ground normal starters.

Move List

Special Skill
Fake Vision (フェイクビジョン) Any direction+.pngO.png
Assassination (暗殺術) His actions may move him or look like hes moving in separate directions. When using BRK, no natural BRK effects occur.
Command Normals
Eagle (イーグル) 2.png+.pngHS.png (In air)
*Shadow Move (シャドウムーブ) 2.png3.png6.png+.pngP.png
*Silent Killer (サイレントキラー) 2.png2.png+.pngP.png
Raven (レイブン) S.png (*Followup)
Albatross (アルバトロス) 6.png+.pngS.png (*Followup)
Owl (アウル) 2.png+.pngS.png (*Followup)
Vulture (ヴァルチャー) 4.png+.pngS.png (*Followup)
Liar Pain (ライアーペイン) 2.png1.png4.png+.pngK.png
Finish Skill
Genocide Carnival (ジェノサイドカーニバル) 2.png3.png6.png2.png3.png6.png+.pngK.png

Notation Key
7.png8.png9.png 7 8 9
4.png N 6.png 4 5 6
1.png2.png3.png 1 2 3
P.pngK.pngS.pngHS.pngO.pngSP.png P K S HS O SP
BRK Skill Break, used on the previous move.
xx Some suitable chain or lead-in to the rest of the combo.
> A link or cancel into something other than a normal.
~ Input move 2 quickly after move 1, actual timing may vary.
X > Y / Z X goes into Y OR Z.
(<move>) Possible to omit some move.
<move>(X) Some move hits X times.
j(X)., dj(X). Jump or double jump. May or may not specify a direction (X).
cl., f. Close and far version of a move, respectively.


Neutral Game

Pressure Game


Three-part Eldio mixup guide by Sukato, with rankings for every mixup:


Meterless, Anywhere: 2P 2K 5SS 5HS 2HS (54 damage)

  • Your main combo off a regular ground hit. Damage is pitiful, but Eldio's more powerful combos do not start with ground normals.

100% meter, anywhere: 2P 2K 5SS 5HS 236236K (274 damage)

  • Needs to start at point blank for the super to connect. Only recommended if it wins you the round, as his super is unblockable and therefore usually meant for opening the opponent up instead.

50% meter, anywhere: (236P/214P/22P)~2S BRK 2S 5HS 9j j.S j.HS 9dj j.S j.HS j.2HS (182 damage)

  • BRK combo from a 2S follow-up to his fake image specials.

Meterless, anti-air hit: (236P/214P/22P)~S j.S 9dj j.S j.HS j.2HS (181 damage)

  • Good damage for no meter. His S follow-up is air-unblockable, so it's more reliable than it looks as a starter.

Meterless, counter-hit: (236P/214P/22P)~4S 2S 5HS 9j j.S j.HS 9dj j.S j.HS j.2HS (173 damage)

  • Counter-hit combo to catch opponents trying to mash through your mix-up.
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