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Basic Stuff

Chip Damage
This game has chip damage, only special moves deal chip damage. When your character is at about 5% health left, they enter a "Danger" state and your health bar begins to flash red. While in this state, you no longer take chip damage. However, it is still possible for chip damage to be fatal as long as this state is not active (so a single hit that does a LOT of damage).

4/6 + HS. 0F startup, meaning it becomes active on frame 1. Untechable, doesn't come out if you can't do it. Can be done in the air as well.

Just Break
6HS from outside of throw range or if the opponent has throw protection. Universal overhead for all characters. It is jump cancelable on hit only. Just Break also has throw invulnerability, even from command throws.

Projectiles can be hit just like a player could, so you can destroy projectiles with your melee attacks. This also means that projectiles destroy each others, and clusters of projectiles are harder to destroy.

Counterhits (CH)
120% damage on a counterhit, but has no effect on proration. Counterhit throws do not do extra damage.


Skill Gauge
Builds from moving forward and attacking (only on hit, though projectiles, S, and HS normals will build meter on wiff or block as well). Used for Skill Breaks and Finishing Skills (supers).

Skill Breaks (BRK)
Performed by pressing the SP button in a certain window during a special move. Whether or not the move can be BRK'd depends on the move, and whether or not it hit, wiffed, or was blocked, etc. Using a skill break will cause the Cooldown Meter to appear, which stops your Skill Gauge from regenerating for a period of time.

Counter Gauge
Builds whenever you are hit or block an attack. Used for defensive maneuvers.

Defensive Mechanics

You can airtech after moves that aren't untechable as well as OTGs. There's 6 different ways to airtech, most of them have some invulnerability right after teching.

5+ P/K/S - Tech neutrally, you float where you are for a moment.
4+ P/K/S - Tech backwards, away from the opponent. Very useful midscreen where it's hard to catch up.
6+ P/K/S - Tech forwards, towards the opponent. Very useful for going past attempt to dash and punish other techs.
2+ P/K/S - Tech towards the ground. Useful when your opponent is still airborne.
8+ P/K/S - Tech upwards. Useful in general and especially so when you're already fairly high, allows you to airdash out easily.
HS - Like the downwards tech, except for that it happens even faster and has no invulnerability. Useful for recovering in situations where you can't be punished fast enough.

Moment Attack (MA)
An automatic attack performed by doing P+K while in blockstun. Takes 3 Counter Meter. Deals (minor) fatal damage and is air techable.

Force Revival (FR)
SP plus an attack button as an attack hits you. Takes 5 Counter meter. Unlike traditional bursts, you are not invulnerable and it is not an attack, however it does have pushback and recovers very fast.

Fatal Switch (FS)
SP button while in blockstun. Takes 2 Counter meter. Has some hitstop and reduces the blockstun of whatever move you were blocking at the time.

Backdash Invulnerability

Each character's backdash (performed by pressing 44) is invulnerable from the first frame. Below is a list of the specific data for each character:

Character Invulnerable Frames Recovery
Ryuza Frames 1-15 Frames 16-44 (airborn frames 16-30)
Duna Frames 1-15 Frames 16-52 (airborn frames 16-36)
Lemius Frames 1-15 Frames 16-44 (airborn frames 16-30)
Aiwhen Frames 1-10 Frames 11-43 (airborn frames 11-29)
Corona Frames 1-10 Frames 11-53 (airborn frames 11-37)
Sasari Frames 1-10 Frames 11-47 (airborn frames 11-33)
Lunathia Frames 1-15 Frames 16-47 (airborn frames 16-33)
Orphe Frames 1-15 Frames 16-45 (airborn frames 16-31)
Cielo Frames 1-30 Frames 31-55 (airborn frames 31-39)
Alicephia Frames 1-18 Frames 19-20 (can cancel on the 21st frame)
Sabe Frames 1-10 Frames 11-44 (airborn frames 11-30)
Neva Frames 1-20 Frames 21-47 (airborn frames 11-33)
Lynia Frames 1-23 Frames 24-53 (airborn frames 24-37)

Air backdashes also have invulnerability (44 while in the air). For most characters, this invulnerability lasts until the point where the character can take action. The exceptions to this are Alicephia and Lunathia (maybe), who can both act before their invulnerability periods have finished, and Sasari, who cannot act for several frames after her invulnerability has worn off.

Character Invulnerable Frames Can take action on this frame
Ryuza Frames 1-13 Frame 14
Duna Frames 1-16 Frame 17
Lemius Frames 1-13 Frame 14
Aiwhen Frames 1-17 Frame 18
Corona Frames 1-13 Frame 14
Sasari Frames 1-23 Frame 34
Lunathia Frames 1-18 Frame 9*
Orphe Frames 1-15 Frame 16
Cielo Cielo cannot air backdash.
Alicephia Frames 1-19 Frame 16
Sabe Frames 1-23 Frame 24
Neva Frames 1-18 Frame 19
Lynia Frames 1-15 Frame 16
  • This might be incorrect - it certainly doesn't seem like Lunathia can actually act this quickly.

Character Hitboxes


Ryuza, Sabe


Duna, Lemius, Corona, Orphe*, Alicephia, Neva


Aiwhen, Sasari, Lunathia, Cielo

*Orphe's hitbox is "skinnier" than others while juggled, which may or may not affect your combos.

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