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link L-Bernie is an up close fighter who has to move his way using his long normals and is rewarded with multiple mixup opportunities.
Pros Cons
  • Powerful Projectile: L-Bernie gets one of the most powerful projectiles in the game. It wins against other projectiles, and has a bunch of hit and blockstun for easy pressure and combos. It's limited to offset its oppressiveness.
  • Command Grabs: L-Bernie gets a 2 command grabs and a command grab super, giving him some nice mixups.
  • OTG Grab: L-Bernie can pick up people up off the ground which allows him to add damage onto sweep, counter hits, or opponents who do not tech.
  • Long Range: L-Bernie has long pokes, which can allow him to contest opponents in neutral.
  • 5 Framer: Quickest button is 5 frame startup. (Technically he has a close normal with 4 frame startup but it has low range.)
  • Reversals: C-tech is a dodge which doesn't often land a punish and his only reversal super is his grab super or level 3.


Trait "Streetwise": A knockdown caused by or following a Counter Hit will cause the opponent to be unable to quickly recover, opening them up for off-the-ground follow ups. Bernie also has access to a unique throw specifically against vulnerable grounded opponents.
Health 1000
Mobility Run

Move Overview

Universal Mechanics

Craze Tech