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link S-Goliath is a brawler who's entire purpose is to try to get you into the corner and keep you there.
Pros Cons
  • High Health: S-Goliath has 50 more health than average.
  • Corner Game: S-Goliath's damage whenever the opponent is in the corner can skyrocket.
  • Anti-Zoning: 214SP and CT go right through projectiles while still being able to move forward. Also has a full screen sweep to get Dire Counters off an opponent throwing fireballs too predictably.
  • Very good armored special: 214SP can armor through one hit and can be held to move around while you use it.
  • Funny: has a bunch of silly tools.
  • 5 Framer: Goliath's fastest button is 5 frames.
  • Mobility: Has a dash and lacks any unique non-committal mobility options unlike C/L Goliath.
  • Bad disadvantage: Just like how putting the opponent in the corner raises your damage, you take more damage when you're in the corner. Add this on top of the fact that Goliath is a little bit of a wide bodied character and you get a really bad situation to be in. Has a reversal that alleviates this a little bit though.

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