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link L-Ikue exists
Pros Cons
  • Range: L-Ikue has long range normals and a non low profilable projectile.
  • Air Mobility: Ikue can air dash and double jump.
  • Charging: L-Ikue can charge up to level 3, which impacts her special moves. Leveled specials give her access to a safe invincible reversal, a high damage combo ender, and a multihit disjoint.
  • Ground Mobility: Ikue's dash moves slower during startup.
  • Slow Reversal: Ikue's main invincible reversal is extremely slow, making it unreliable.


Trait "Piercing Blade": Normals that utilize Ikue’s sword deal chip damage.
Health 1000
Mobility Run

Move Overview

Universal Mechanics

Craze Tech