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link L-Tyrant is a grappler with the focus on attempting to close the gap with his opponent in order to deal devastating damage.
Pros Cons
  • High Health: L-Tyrant has 50 more health than average.
  • Damage: L-Tyrant's damage is exceptionally high whenever he has a super stocked, and is quite solid even without.
  • Range: Tyrant has long range on quite a few buttons which allow him to pressure opponents from quite far away.
  • 5 Framer: Tyrant's fastest normal is 5 frames.
  • Mobility: L-Tyrant does not have a great dash or any extra mobility.
  • Large: Pretty big compared to the rest of the cast, meaning moving around in neutral is more difficult and he gets mixed harder.


Trait "ENCROACHING RULE": TYRANT gains a buff after a certain amount of time has elapsed, reduced by hitting with various attacks. While buffed, his movement speed is increased, and his Craze Technique and Special Moves gain additional properties.
Health 1050
Mobility Dash

Move Overview

Universal Mechanics

Craze Tech