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link C-Boundary is a neutral based mid range fighter who controls space effectively.
Pros Cons
  • Long Range: Boundary has a wide array of amazing pokes for neutral.
  • Space Control: C-Boundary's portal and Distortion allows him to restrict his opponents movement significantly.
  • Portal Gameplay: C-Boundary's portal opens up his entire gameplan. It makes every aspect of his zoning, mixups, pressure, and combos better.
  • 5 Framer: Boundary's fastest button is 5 frames.
  • Mixups: Boundary's potential to mix up opponents is highly limited without portals due to his lack of overheads and his crossup hitting high up.
  • Damage: C-Boundary cannot break 250 damage with a normal ground confirm, something most other characters can do.
  • Block Frame Data: C-Boundary does not have many good moves to end his blockstrings with without portal, as all the options are quite minus.


Trait "Portal Magic": Boundary can create portals that stay in one place until consumed or replaced. Moves with an eye icon require and consume a portal upon use. Using a Craze Cancel without a set portal will automatically create one between Boundary and his opponent.
Health 1000
Mobility Dash

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