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link C-Ci-Ci focuses on a high level rushdown game using his high speed and air mobility to close in on the opponent. Poseidon can also be used for setplay and traps that force the opponent into strike throw mix if used properly.
Pros Cons
  • Rushdown: C-Ci-Ci can use his puddles to airdash toward the opponent at extreme speeds, allowing him to get instant overheads.
  • Setplay: Has powerful setplay and traps, especially in the corner, thanks to Poseidon.
  • Mix-Ups His C-Tech is an 8 way airdash, which allow up to change his direction in the air at will. This becomes even more powerful when combined with 1 bar craze cancels.
  • Grabs: His grabs do normal damage, however they also set up his puddles.
  • Low Health: C-Ci-Ci has 75 less health than average.
  • Small Normals: Ci-Ci's normals are generally a little stubby, Mainly his jabs, Using and his other normals are the key to finishing combos in some situations
  • Low Damage: Without puddles Ci-Ci can struggle to get 300 damage.
  • Closing The Distance: This can be very difficult for Ci-Ci since he his approach options are telegraphed. Sometimes its best to be patient in neutral.


Trait "Poseidon": Certain moves will leave behind a puddle that Ci-Ci can consume to buff certain attacks or grant him access to better mobility while he’s standing on them.
Health 925
Mobility Run

Move Overview

Universal Mechanics

Craze Tech