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Blast System

Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax is a game heavily focused on resource management, and this is where the three types of blasts have great importance. All three blasts are activated by pressing DFC-A.png+DFC-B.png+DFC-C.png when the blast icon at the bottom of the health bar says 'BLAST OK' either on the ground or in the air.

Power Blast

Startup: 16F
Active: 9F
Frame Advantage: ±0F
Total: 44F *When activated on the ground
Invulnerable: 1F-34F
Powered up version receives a larger hitbox

Activated when pressing DFC-A.png+DFC-B.png+DFC-C.png in a neutral position. It is a fuchsia-colored blast. While this blast is active the blast icon displays 'POWER BLAST' and you gain 1 gauge automatically, and during the Power Blast state you gain an additional gauge and 15% health. Additionally, it will give a small extension to the duration of Trump if it is currently active.

If you hit the opponent with a Power Blast and they are not blocking/knocked down, you gain an additional gauge for a total of 2 gauges plus all the benefits of Power Blast. This is very important in maintaining a healthy amount of meter.

Power Blast also increases damage output by 15% while active. The blast icon also recovers quickly when Power Blast is used.

Power Blast is ±0 on block (however in the rare case that the opponent is pushed towards you instead of away, Power Blast is -1). The blast is initially invincible but is vulnerable during its recovery, making it dangerous if used recklessly in the air. When activated, you gain 1 gauge automatically.

Combo Blast

Startup: 10F
Active: 9F
Frame Advantage: +10F
Total: 28F *When activated on the ground
Invulnerable: 1F-18F
Powered up version receives a larger hitbox
※Outside of the opponent being in blockstun, he cannot Blast after 9F (WAIT is displayed)

Activated when pressing DFC-A.png+DFC-B.png+DFC-C.png while using an attack move (any point during an attack's animation and cancel window). It is a blue-colored blast.

If you hit the opponent with a Combo Blast and they are not blocking/knocked down, your opponent will be sent flying and their blast icon is locked until the next hit, meaning it usually is done to guarantee a KO.

Your opponent can be sent in two directions: diagonally away if you hold 6, or upward if any other direction is held.

Your blast icon will not begin to recover until your combo is over. It recovers as quickly as a Power Blast.

Combo Blast can be used on block to make certain attacks such as Impact Skills to become safe on block, as Combo Blast is also +10 on block. If done against an Escape Blast, Combo Blast recovers first, allowing you to punish the escapee.

Escape Blast

Startup: 5F
Active: 9F (16F for powered up version)
Total: 55F *When activated on the ground
Invulnerable: 1F-47F
Powered up version receives a larger hitbox
※Cannot Blast after 3F (WAIT is displayed)

Activated when pressing DFC-A.png+DFC-B.png+DFC-C.png while in hitstun/blockstun from an attack (or even if being in the process of being thrown). It is a green-colored blast.

The blast is initially invincible but has much more recovery than the other two blasts. As the name suggests, it's a blast to escape from an otherwise hopeless situation. Escape Blast recovers roughly 2.5x slower compared to Power and Combo Blasts, meaning you won't have access to blasts (and therefore much of your meter) for the rest of the round and a good portion of the next round.

In general, the game punishes Escape Blasts very harshly.

The rate at which blast is recovered is proportionate to your remaining health (values rated for when Power or Combo Blast is used, Escape Blast is generally 2.5x slower than this):
Health is below 100% - 51 seconds to recover
Health is below 74% - 34 seconds to recover
Health is below 49% - 23 seconds to recover
Health is below 24% - 17 seconds to recover

Gauge Meter System

This is the super meter. There are up to five gauges, denoted by a number and color.

0 - Orange / 1 - Green / 2 - Yellow / 3 - Blue / 4 - Purple / 5 - Purple

You gain meter from attacking, standing up, and moving forward in any fashion (walking/running/jumping/super jumping). Much of your meter gain will be from Power Blasts. Passive effects from your Trump Card (character specific) and certain assists also give you additional meter.

If you are behind a round or if you have the universal Potential activated when your health bar is orange, meter gain increases from normal.

Blast Character

Aside from the Support Character, it is now possible to choose a separate character who will strengthen the Blast. At first, Power, Combo, or Escape Blast will be displayed for a character, but it is possible to change Blast type by pressing Start. The strengthened Blast type has a greatly increased range (in addition to a bigger hitbox Escape Blast also has the ability to beat Combo Blast when used at the same time, without an Escape Blast Character, Escape Blast will always lose to Combo Blast). When the Blast recovers, a cut-in of the selected character will appear. Essentially, the player’s preferred character will inform him when the Blast gauge has recovered (characters are purely superficial and have no effect on gameplay, it’s the Blast type that is important)


At the end of every round, both players choose between Player, Support, and Blast, and for the remaining rounds the selected type will be strengthened

Player Character

  • Attack damage increased by 3%
  • Defense increased by 7%
  • White damage restoration speed increased

Support Character

  • Support gauge restoration speed increased
  • Support call recovery reduced

Blast Character

  • The Blast gauge will automatically be recovered by 50% and continue to recover at a faster rate
  • If still recovering from an Escape Blast or use an Escape Blast afterwards, the restoration speed will return to its normal rate

Double Ignition

If the same Ignition type is selected 2 times, Double Ignition will occur. This is indicated by the Ignition icon turning from blue to red. In addition to the previous buffs, the player will receive even more buffs as well as the ability to strengthen his Climax Arts [outside of using Trump Cards]

Player Character

  • Attack damage increased by 7%
  • Defense increased by 10%
  • All normal attacks become jump cancellable
  • During the start-up of a Climax Arts, press and hold A+C to strengthen the attack
    • Costs 1 Trump Card

Support Character

  • Possible to call Support Characters even while in the air
    • Costs 1 meter
  • During the start-up of a Climax Arts, press S to strengthen the attack
    • Costs 1 meter and Support Gauge

Blast Character

  • During the start-up of a Climax Arts, press A+B+C to strengthen the attack
    • Costs Blast Gauge
    • Places character in Power Blast state

EX Specials

All specials have an EX version, performed by using A+B rather than A or B or C. EX Specials take 1 gauge of meter. More importantly, using a EX Special allows you to gain back 10% of your blast meter on hit or whiff.

Climax Arts

Climax Arts refers to a character's ultimate attacks. Each character has two versions. Both versions use 2 gauges of meter.

A Ranbu Climax Arts is performed with 63214BC. Ranbu supers generally have start-up invincibility and are faster. They sacrifice damage but tend to be easier to connect with. Furthermore, Ranbu restores 20% of your Blast Gauge, making them extremely important for resource management.

The "normal" Climax Arts is performed with 41236BC. These have no start-up invincibility and are roughly twice as slow as the Ranbu. They provide the largest amount of damage and are generally for what your meter is used.

During the start-up of your Climax Arts, you can sacrifice a Trump Card icon using A+C to power up your Climax Arts. Your character will flash red and this is generally used to guarantee a KO.

Trump Card

Above your meter gauge are two Dengeki icons called Trump Cards, activated by pressing A+C when at least one icon is available. When a trump card is used, you do not regain the trump card unless you lose the round. You can only have a maximum of two trump cards at any given time (but you can possibly use Trump Card three times per match).

There are two types of Trump Cards: Red and Blue. Which type you have depends on the character.

Red ones mean the trump card is an attack. The attack is generally an overhead with start-up invincibility that sends the foe flying away even if they successfully block it (the notable exception to these guidelines is Selveria's trump card). The attack generally deals roughly 3,000 damage. Since you fly away even if you block the Trump Card, you need a fast projectile or assist to punish these moves on block (they are minus on block).

Blue ones are passive effects with super flash and strike invincibility (they act almost like Chain Shifts in Under Night In-Birth). You can throw the the user during the super flash. The effects vary between character but are always some sort of boost to their fighting ability by temporarily altering the character's moveset and possibly their movement.

It's important to note that even if you successfully counter either Trump Card type, the activation will always occur.

When Trump Card is activated, the Dengeki icon disappears and a blue bar slowly drains away in its place. This denotes your Trump Card state, which bestows upon you important temporary effects:

- All ground normals become jump cancelable on hit and block
- You can Reverse Beat normals (i.e. go from 5C to 5B, etc.)
- Cancel Supports no longer cost meter
- Calling your assist has no animation, meaning you can instantly call them on the ground or air
- Red Trump Card characters gain a 5% damage increase
- Blue Trump Card characters gain a 10% damage increase (Kuroyukihime and Rentaro being the exceptions)

You can also use a Trump Card to power up your Climax Arts, but you will not enter Trump Card mode. In addition if you were already in Trump Card state prior to using one during your Climax Arts, you will no longer be in Trump Card state after the Climax Arts.

Impact Skill

Every character has universal attacks mapped to 5A+B and 2A+B. These skills have guard point but have high recovery on whiff or block and are not cancelable into anything but Trump Card or Combo Blast on block.

Since Impact Skills are not invincible reversals, the opponent can throw you out of them.

If an opponent hits you during the guard point frames, you will take 'white damage' health that recovers over time and your attack will prevail unless they Impact Skill or Impact Break back at you! This is possible if the opponent uses a ground move and then cancels into his own 5A+B or 2A+B, which allows his guard point to prevail over yours.

As hitting the opponent during his guard point counts as a hit, you can also use Trump Cards, Combo Blast, and/or Ranbu Climax Arts to punish their Impact Skill.

The guard point frames for all Impact Skills (excluding Shizuo and Kuroyukihime 2AB) are 1-8F.

Impact Break

The universal overhead is performed by using 4A+B and then any attack button for the follow-up. 4A+B is relatively safe on block but has a moderate amount of recovery on whiff, while the follow-up has high recovery frames and can only cancel on hit.

Immediately going into a successful follow-up will cause the game to zoom in on your character and automatically cause you to go airborne for an air combo. The zoom in rewards you with much better proration on your combo.

Delayed follow-ups do not have the zoom in effect but allows you to create a frame trap game with the overhead. In exchange, the follow-up combo does much less damage.

The overhead has guard point during during the leap and can be dealt with in a similar fashion to Impact Skills.

It is possible to cancel the follow-up before the jump frames into a super or Climax Arts.

The guard point frames for Impact Break is 11-21F.


Perform a throw using 4.gifDFC-C.png or 6.gifDFC-C.png. To throw from a dash, you must first stop your dash by pressing 4.gif.

You cannot tech a throw while crouching. You have 10 frames to tech a throw.

The player who techs the throw is left at a frame advantage of +3

When both players initiate a throw on the same frame, whoever hit the opponent last (regardless of hit, block, or assist) will initiate the throw. The player being thrown will be in CH state and flash red, but will still tech the throw.


Backdash is invulnerable from 1-8F

Total 40F (Airborne until 27F)
Total 32F (Airborne until 23F)
Total 35F (Airborne until 23F)
Total 28F (Grounded)
Total 35F (Airborne until 23F)
Total 32F (Airborne until 23F)
Total 37F (Airborne until 24F)
Total 37F (Grounded)
Total 43F (Airborne until 28F)
Total 36F (Airborne until 24F)
Total 33F (Airborne until 24F)
Total 29F (Airborne until 20F) ※During Trump
Total 28F (Grounded)
Total 34F (Airborne until 24F)
Total 39F (Airborne until 27F)
Total 30F (Airborne until 20F)
Total 34F (Airborne until 24F)
Total 20F (Grounded)
Total 43F (Airborne until 27F)
Total 41F (Airborne until 29F)

Reflection Guard

During blockstun, press any two-button combination with DFC-A.png/DFC-B.png/DFC-C.png to Reflection Guard. If you have equal or more health than your opponent, this costs half a gauge of meter (or none if you have no meter) per Reflection Guard. If you have less health then Reflection Guard costs no meter.

This technique pushes your opponent away a set distance. This is crucial in forcing your opponent to whiff during highly committed blockstrings or canned moves (like Kirino's Athlete's Dash) to punish them and seize back momentum in your favor.

Also of interest is that Reflection Guard causes you to "suffer" more blockstun, allowing you to mitigate tick throw set-ups, left/right mix-ups, etc.

Reflection Guarding immediately before an air unblockable attack causes it to become air blockable (i.e. Miyuki's 236X -> Trump Card becomes air blockable)

Cancel Support

On normals and specials on hit and block, or Impact Skills/Break on hit, you can spend a gauge of meter to call your assist during your move, allowing for extended combos, safer blockstrings, etc. provided your assist is free to be called.

In Trump Card mode, Cancel Support costs no meter.


Potential is where you temporarily gain status effects after fulfilling certain requirements. It is indicated by both a small cut-in upon activation and that character's portrait will flash while Potential is active. Every character has two Potential abilities, an universal one and a character specific one.

Universal Potential: Increases damage dealt by 10% for 20 seconds when health falls under 30%. If behind in rounds won, increases damage dealt by 20% instead. (In addition to the character portrait flashing white, Universal Potential is also denoted by the health bar turning purple. When the health bar returns to yellow, Universal Potential has run out)
Character Potential: Located on each character's individual page.

Support Potentials

Only certain assists have Support Potential, which is activated when you see a cut-in of your assist, and the activation requirement varies per assist. Maou, Asama, and other assists also have cut-ins, but do not give any specific Status Effects unlike the characters listed. Also unlike any other Potential there is no limit on how many times a Support Potential can be activated

  • Tatsuya 6S (Strengthens Climax Arts automatically when 6S connects on either hit or block)
  • Boogiepop 6S (Gives about 65% of 1 meter during the startup)
  • Ilya 5S (2 bowls of food give Status Up Lv. 1 for 10 seconds, 3 bowls gives Status Up Lv. 3 for 10 seconds)
  • Ryuuji 5S (Obtain 3 items, Status Up Lv. 1 for 10 seconds)
  • Holo 6S (Standing within the circle gives Status Up Lv. 1 for 10 seconds)

Status Effects

There are many status effects in the game that are indicated during Potential cut-ins. They include the following:

Status Up Lv. 1 = 6% damage increase and reduce damage taken by 6%
Status Up Lv. 2 = 12% damage increase and reduce damage taken by 12%
Status Up Lv. 3 = 18% damage increase and reduce damage taken by 18%
Attack Lv. 1 = 10% damage increase
Attack Lv. 2 = 20% damage increase
Support Cast Lv. 2 = Assist recharge rate is 2x faster
Support Cast Lv. 3 = Assist recharge rate is 3x faster
EX Gauge Lv. 2 = Restores one bar of the Climax Gauge
Trump Card Gauge Lv. 1 = Restores one fourth of the Trump Card Gauge
Reflection Guard Break Lv. 2 = The pushback effect of Reflection Guard is negated

It is possible to have multiple Status Effects concurrently active, however in the case of damage buffs only the highest buff will take priority (i.e. Asuna's Character Potential which gives a 10% damage buff stacked with the 10% damage buff from the Universal Potential will result in only a 10% damage increase and not 20%. However in that same situation with Tatsuya, his 12% damage and defense buff from his Character Potential will take priority over the smaller 10% Universal Potential buff. In addition if Power Blast was used, then the 15% damage increase from it will take priority over the 12% damage buff but will not erase the defense buff). Defense buffs do stack, for example KYH with Double Player Ignition (10% defense buff), Mode Green Trump (15% defense buff), and Status Up Lv. 3 (18% defense buff) from Iriya totals up to a defense buff of 43%!

When two or more Status Effects are concurrently active, when one runs out the game does not signify that the Status Effect has run out.


Every character in the game has 10,000 health, however you do not lose until you reach a negative value (ie. it's possible to have 0 health and not lose)

Health Deficit

If one player has less health than the other, the "health deficit" light turns on next to their health bar. While this light is on, a 90% damage modifier is applied to all incoming damage after the combo that put the player in a health deficit. Simply put, the player with less health takes 90% damage until they regain the advantage.

If neither player has the health deficit and one of the players takes damage, the 90% damage modifier will only kick in for any attacks after the combo that put the player in deficit. Even if the combo counter turns red, indicating the defending player could tech out of the combo, the damage modifier will not activate until the combo counter disappears and the player with deficit is no longer in hitstun.

Button Priority

The C button has the most priority, followed by B then A. The S (assist/support) button has equal priority to C. Then the button combinations: A+B then B+C follow next. A+B+C (Blast) is a notable exception to the pattern, as it has higher priority than A+C (trump card).

Landing Recovery

There is a variable amount of recovery after landing from a jump, depending on the action done in the air (or no action at all). Special moves in the air also have individual landing recoveries which you can locate in the character pages.

2f: landing from j.A's
3f: landing from j.B's
4f: landing from j.C's

Jump Startup

Jump startup is 4F and is not airborne until 5F

Cannot block 10F after jumping (4F of jump startup + 6F post startup)

However it is possible to double jump at 7F to mitigate 3F of not being able to block

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