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Recommended Keyboard/Stick Layout

Basic Controls

A: Weak Attack.

B: Strong Attack. Also used for throws.

X: Special Attack.

Y: Ultra EX. Costs 1 meter. Also used for Demon Mode's activation, which costs 1 meter.

Back: Taunt. Every Character (Except Masako, as of Patch 1.05) has a functional taunt. Many of them award a whole bar of meter!

Button Combinations

X+Y: EX Attack. Uses half a bar of meter. All EX moves are invulnerable, so they're a very important part of Kyanta 2!

B+Y: Kyanta Cancel. Cancels any action at the cost of 1 meter. Adds 20 damage to the next attack.

A+B: Throw Storage. Holding A and B will allow you to throw your opponent, or tech their throw, as soon as you are in range. You can't block while using Throw Storage, but you can still move and parry.

Ultra Fight Da! Kyanta 2

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