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Like all good ninja, Hatoyan Hattori is a master of hiding in plain sight. She is the most proficient user of camouflage ninjutsu in all of Japan. When sent out by the Hattori clan for a mission, she ensures that no one will ever know a ninja was there. Despite being in her mid 20s, she appears much younger, so she can quite easily play the part of an innocent girl.

The master of the Hattori clan received an unmarked letter from a carrier pigeon. It claimed the location of Gyanta, who has killed many ninja of the Hattori clan in the past. It was thought that no one outside the village knew of its location, so who could have sent this letter? Hatoyan is sent to investigate this letter and to be mindful of a trap. She prepares her disguises and heads to Inuneko Jr High School in Ikebukuro, where she will pose as a transfer student.


Hatoyan is a footsies monster, with three different angles of diagonal projectile in her j.X and an above-average walk speed. Her command grab, 2X, allows her to net huge damage in the corner and is way more evasive than it should be. She works well anywhere on a team and only struggles against characters that can circumvent her Shuriken and threaten her from the air.

Recommended Types: Stamina, Super.
Hatoyan's EX moves do not allow follow-ups so there doesn't seem to be a reason to choose Demon Type. Stamina is without drawbacks, and the extra speed from Super can help her follow her Shuriken. Her Ultras are not so strong that EX Type should be regularly chosen, but perhaps you could try to force Boko using EX Type Ultra 2.


Input Damage Guard Notes
5A 5 Mid Slow, at 4 frames, but long range. Good tool for footsies.
2A 5 Low 2 frames, but shorter. Preferred move for meterless mashing.
j.A 15 Overhead Super active kick. Good for stuffing air approaches that Shuriken doesn’t.
5B 25 Overhead Jumping overhead. Useful for beating lows and in combos.
2B 15*2 (28) Mid Unreliable two-hit anti-air. Don't expect this move to beat out stronger jump-ins.
j.B 13*4 (40) Overhead Multi-hitting jump-in. Use it with Shuriken to apply pressure. Hits as many as four times.
5X - - Invincible teleport. Move with 6 or 4. Use to avoid projectile spam.
2X 30 Grab Jumping command grab. Leads to massive damage in the corner. Surprisingly evasive. Like other grabs, combos after will retain the crouching damage bonus.
j.X 10 Mid Shuriken. The basis of Hatoyan’s kit. You can angle the projectile with 3 or 2. Follow it up with a j.B, 5B, or 2X.
5EX 15*4 (48) Mid A very invincible rush attack with Hatoyan’s knife. It starts up very quickly, so it’s great to use against ground pressure.
2EX 20*4 (68) Mid A beefed-up version of 2B. Much better, but still finicky. Huge damage if you can land all the hits.
j.EX 20*2 (38) Mid A larger, multi-hit shuriken that can be directed like her normal j.X. Extremely advantageous on block.
Ultra 1 (Y) 20*11 (114) Mid Huge damage, quite invulnerable, decent Boko. Very unsafe on block.
Ultra 2 (2Y) 50 Mid Instant fullscreen hitbox. It starts a little far away from Hatoyan, so don’t use it point blank. Deals substantial Boko damage even on regular hit.
Throw 40 Grab Hatoyan throws the enemy at a low angle, making even metered follow-ups impossible except in the corner.
Taunt - - Hatoyan becomes invisible for 600 frames, or until she is hit. Does not conceal her shadow. 01100.01101.00001.01111.

Sample Combos

5A , 5A , 5A , 5EX
2X , 5B , 5B , Ultra 1, 2B
2X , 5B , 5B , 2EX
2X , 5B , 5B , 2B , K-Cancel , 5A(Flash Bonus) , 2B

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