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Blues is the owner of a local construction company that specializes in modernizing old buildings and repairing unsafe structures. His son died when an old building collapsed, so repairing buildings is very important to him. He considers it his duty, so he charges very low prices for his clients. He doesn’t get much money for himself, but he is fine with that. He just wants to do his part to improve the local community’s safety.


Blues is characters that excels on the ground. His B moves have excellent hitboxes on them, that allow him to control neutral. Once Blues gets you into a corner he can easily bully with his normals, which can confirm into TOD with meter. Has a very easy TOD grab in the corner on all 120-health characters without the use of meter. Use bombs to move forward and close in on your opponent.

Recommended Types: Stamina, Super, Demon


Input Damage Guard Notes
5A 5 Mid 1 frame startup. The reach is shorter than 2A. Might miss on crouching charters.
2A 5 Low 3 frame startup. Longer reach than 5A. Use this for punishing most crouching EX moves.
j.A 15 Overhead Very active, strong jump-in.
5B 25 Mid Blues' best normal. Use it advance on the opponent, and ending your normal combos. Best grounded AA without meter.
2B 20 Low Good for mixing it up with 5B if your opponent is looking to parry.
j.B 15 Overhead Best AA jumping normal, a slight refloat which can be used to avoid hazards and change your trajectory on the way down.
5X 25 Overhead Being able to move back and forward allows you to control space pretty well. Can combo into 5A when meaty.
2X 25 Mid Because it's so low, it will not collide with air projectiles. Good for advancing on your opponent.
j.X 14,15(27) Mid Very vulnarable to AA, but allows you to hit angles from the air that j.A and j.b can miss.
5EX 20*2(38) Overhead Kyanta cancel before the first hit for a invincible dash forward that gives you the option to block, or parry. Cancel after the first hit to hit them with 5B for a float.
2EX 30 Mid Completely invincible startup even after the bomb comes out, can be hit at the end. Cancel on the first few frames after bomb appears to be completely safe.
j.EX 15*7(63) Mid Better hitboxes than j.X.
Ultra 1 (Y) 100 Mid Seems to hit first frame after flash. Good punish and anti-air.
Ultra 2 (2Y) 100 Mid Summons a big bomb that you can detonate manually after a a second or so or explodes after a certain amount of times passes, moves when hit by a normal or projectile. Cannot K cancel startup as you are vulnarable on the first frame bomb appears. The bomb absorbs all projectiles except invincible ones, which will push and pass through the bomb. After the one second delay after startup, can be detonated in any hit state. Whether you are hitting the opponent, you are getting hit, in the air being juggled, or on the ground. Pretty wild, will make your opponent really think twice about attacking if bomb is nearby.
Throw 40 Grab Fantastic combo starter.
Taunt - - Next attack gets +20 damage.

Sample Combos


2A , 5A , 5B , Kyanta Cancel , 5B

5X , Demon Activate , 5EX , 2EX , 2EX , 2EX , 2EX , 2EX , 2EX


Throw , 5B , 5X , 5B , 5AA , 2EX , 5B

5A , 5A , 5A , 2EX , 5AA , 5B

meaty/late active 5X , 5A , 5X , 5B , 5AA , 5B

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