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Masao is a student at Inuneko Junior High School that’s always been a bit of a wimp. He is insecure, nervous, and lacks initiative. He shares a close relationship with Kyanta, and looks up to him as a role model. He’s been training under Kyanta to learn how to shoot a Kyantaro-ho for himself, but has a long way to go before he can master the Kyanta Force.


Masao may seem weak at first, but his EX Kyantarohou is extremely abusable. Lots of invulnerability, quick to start up, massive in size, safe on block, and high damage on hit make it a great move for any occasion. With proper meter management, his higher-than-average walk speed and three trajectory-altering air moves will allow him to compete in footsies with the best of the cast.

Since Masao needs meter to be at his best, you really shouldn't run him on point. Go for anchor or middle instead.

Recommended Types: Super.


Input Damage Guard Notes
5A 5 Mid 1 frame jab. Awful range. Extremely powerful step jab with Super Type, will crank Boko very quickly.
2A 5 Low 2 frame low. Better range than 5A, but still poor.
j.A 15 Overhead Halts vertical momentum, so can be used to short hop or extend the distance on a full-height jump.
5B 20-40 Mid Wind-up Punch. Average B attack. Can be charged for 5[B](lv2) which does 30 damage, or even longer for 5[B](lv3), which does 40 damage. Both charge versions will lunges forward, knocks down on hit, and can result in a combo in the corner.

If timed well 5[B](lv3) can be released before it comes out automatically for the same move, this is how you get his big damage in the corner.

2B 20 Low Slide. Doesn't make Masao any shorter than when he crouches.
j.B 20 Overhead Body press(?). Immediately propels Masao downwards. Good for crossups. Damages knocked down opponents.
5X 15*3(39) Mid Can't-arohou. Decent hitbox when you don't have the EX version available. Poor range for its startup, though.
2X 25 Mid Not-invincible pomeranian upper. In fact, it rises before it has a hitbox, making it an awful anti-air on reaction.
j.X 13*4(40) Overhead Tatsu. Moves Masao forward. It's hard to hit on average-sized crouchers, and it's not as threatening as Gyanta's. Kyanta Canceling it still isn't too bad.
5EX 20*3(54) Mid EX Kyantarohou. Masao's primary tool for everything. Effective even as an anti-air or crossup. Massive and fast, this is what you pick the character for.
2EX 20*3(54) Mid EX pomeranian upper. Perhaps a better anti-air than 5EX, and infinitely preferable to 2X.
j.EX 15*5(55) Overhead EX tatsu. Easier to use as an instant overhead. Knocks the opponent into the air.
Ultra 1 (Y) 20*9(108) Mid A larger version of Masao's 5X. Unfortunately not a larger version of Masao's 5EX, it makes more sense to use meter on 5EX unless you can combo into Ultra.
Ultra 2 (2Y) 30*5(115) Mid Pome-reppa. A lot of damage if you can get all the hits, but if it moves through your opponent they'll get a big punish. Combos from 2B in the corner.
Throw 15*3(45) Grab An average grab that used to do an insane amount of damage (60). It leads to massive damage in the corner.
Taunt - - Grants 1 EX Gauge. Useful for Masao's primary strategy.

Sample Combos


2B , 5A, 5[B], 5A, 2X

5EX , Kyanta Cancel, 5X

2B , Ultra 2

5[B] , 5A , 5[B] , 5A , 2X

Throw , 2B , 2X


5/2A * 3, 2B, j.B

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