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The leader of the secret organization, MS, which aims for world domination. His motivations are as mysterious as his methods. He must carefully observe Kyanta, who poses a serious threat to his plans. Involved with the framing of Detective Azuma.


Michelle seems to be a shoto character at first but with sub par reversals that's not really the case, and while his fireball is strong, his real standouts are his strong pokes and his infamous fast fork ultra.

Recommended Types: Stamina/EX/Super
Both of Michelle's ultra are quite strong, but Fast Fork is up there for one of the best ultras in the game, this combined with his fireball being simple to walk behind makes his a strong candidate for either Stamina or EX style.

Super Michelle forgoes the strengths of fast fork and just uses his toolkit combined with the increased walk speed to bully at the tip of his sword. and relies on his easy corner damage to suffice.


Input Damage Guard Notes
5A 5 Mid Standard A poke.
2A 5 Low Standard low poke.
j.A 15 Overhead Standard long-lasting kick, but has a slow startup. Often used to mixup with j.B.
5B 15*2(28) Mid 2 hit fairly fast long range poke with, Disjointed hitbox. Can be used as situational anti air.
2B 25 Low Very good long range low poke. Disjointed hitbox.
j.B 20 Overhead Cuts upwards momentum and can be used immediately after jump like a KOF hyper hop. Mix in with j.A and 2X to approach. Hitbox only exists around Michelle's legs, so not useful as anti-air.
5X 10 Mid Basic fireball.
2X 10*4(28) Mid Strong approach tool, final hit is plus on block. Also combo fodder in the corner.
j.X 10 Mid Air Fireball.
5EX 20*2(38) Mid Standard ex fireball, useful reversal.
2EX 14*5(50) Mid Very powerful combo tool in the corner, can be a frustrating reversal to punish, and anti airs well.
j.EX 20*2(38) Mid Air ex fireball.
Ultra 1 (Y) 100 Mid Super fast long range super can be used to punish lots of things on reaction.
Ultra 2 (2Y) 25*11(165) Mid Insanely high damage super, sadly it often does less damage mid combo than ultra 1.
Throw 30,15(45) Grab 2 hit throw, can kyanta cancel to followup.
Taunt Next hit will deal 20 bonus damage, goes away on next hit or block.

Sample Combos

5A/2A , 2B
5A/2A , 2EX , U1
5A/2A , 2B > K Cancel , U1
2X, 5A, 2B
(opponent in air) 2X, 2X, U1, 2B
5A , 2EX , 2X , 2EX , 2X , 5AAA / U1 / U2
Throw(1) > K Cancel , 2B , 2X , 5AA / U1 / U2

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