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Anna is the younger sister of Ruri, the owner of a popular pub named Hammer Spot. The pub has been operated by her family for over 100 years, but Anna isn’t really interested in helping. She hates drunk people, so she rarely spends time there. She would much rather go out shopping and put together new fashionable outfits. Occasionally, she gets angry with drunk customers at the pub and gets into fights. However, that has yet to hurt the business. In fact, some customers come to the pub just to see her fight. Ruri plans on setting up a ring in Hammer Spot for Anna to fight in, promising that as long as Anna fights, she’ll never have to help with anything else at the pub.


Anna's primary focus is using her fireball to safely approach and poke with her strong normals. Against zoners her slide kick and EX slide are a powerful counter and she can contest the air decently as well. She's a fairly well rounded character who becomes very oppressive once you have the opponent in the corner.

Recommended Types: Super
Anna can be played in almost any Type, however both of her supers are a bit lacking. While her EX moves are very strong they aren't quite spamable as they have their issues. This leads to Super being a common Type for her. Demon is also occasionally played for it's explosive damage output, and cheap EX fireballs.


Input Damage Guard Notes
5A 5 Mid 1 frame. Tied with Rare for longest-reaching 1f jab.
2A 5 Low 3 frames.
j.A 15 Overhead Air to air jab, a bit poor of a hitbox but fast, halts vertical movement. Mostly used in corner combos.
5B 15,15,18(42) Mid Triple hitting poke, a fairly safe mid range poke, can grind up Boko.
2B 20 Low TSUCHINOKO! Very strong, very safe, long distance low poke.
j.B 20 Overhead Can be used to instant overhead, as it stops vertical air movement and allows you to control your horizontal movement while it's out. Strong air to air poke as well.
5X 10 Mid Poison ball, very strong pressure/approach tool, it's so slow that if people EX/super out of pressure they will often get interrupted.
2X 20 Low Slide kick, very evasive goes under a lot of moves, punishable at mid/close range, can be plus at far range. Very devastating when combined with poison ball.
j.X 20 Overhead Divekick, punishable if done above the knees. Devastating when combined with poison ball.
5EX 20*2(38) Mid A big two-hit poison ball. It's even harder to EX around and stuffs single hit fireballs.
2EX 30 Low Very invulnerable, and longer distance slide. Be warned this move is still unsafe in the corner from about the same distance as 2X.
j.EX 30 Overhead Way better frame advantage than j.X, very little invulnerable, but unlike normal divekick, it launches and can be looped into itself until meter runs out.
Ultra 1 (Y) - - Genei Jin. Lets you cancel normals into normals, generally edged out by demon mode in most cases, but can be useful if you want to have the stamina life bar and don't mind losing the walk speed bonus in exchange.
Ultra 2 (Y) 75 Throw Instant invulnerable throw, does fairly low damage and short range, but makes up for it with its high speed.
Throw Grab
Taunt - - Anna hisses and her next attack does 20 bonus damage. Goes away on hit or block.

Sample Combos

5A , 2X/2B
2A , 2X

Throw , 5A , j.A , j.A , j.A , j.EX , 5AAAAA (105)
Throw , 5A , j.A , j.A , j.B , 5AAAAA (90)

  • You can delay the j.B to adjust height slightly.

2X(tip) , 2B , 5B , 5AAA

  • You can do the throw combos off 2X as well and it works from a bit closer range.
  • 2X should not be used as an ender as multiple 5As deals more damage, builds more meter, and sets up fireball spacing better.

Demon Midscreen
2X , Y , 2EX , 2A , j.EX*6 (165)

  • The 2A must be cornered.

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