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Spin-to-win lookin' ass

The owner of Tsukinami Ranch, which has been owned by her family for many generations. All the food produced at the ranch is cooked and sold at a restaurant on the ranch that’s open to the public. It’s become a bit of a tourist spot in recent years thanks to Tsukinami’s masterful cooking skills, so she’s become quite a proficient hunter and butcher to keep up with the demand for meat. By some miracle, she manages to get nearly all the work done on her own, with the only other help at the ranch being an elf named Rogue, who is tasked with some of the less difficult activities. Tsukinami would love to become good friends with her and learn to be a bit more relaxed, but they’ve both got a long way to go.


Tsukinami's primary tool is how strong 5EX is, otherwise she just has a fairly basic tool kit of buttons with good speed for their range. She can also use a kyanta cancel to add on an impressive 53 damage using j.B, and if opponents arn't confident in red parry can force boko's fairly easily.

Recommended Types: Super, Stamina
Super plays a more basic game using the high walk speed to try to force a guard break or land the unblockable web.


Input Damage Guard Notes
5A 5 Mid Technically a 2 hit normal, but it only does so on airborne or juggled opponents and even then only sometimes. Otherwise a fairly good normal.
2A 5 Low Standard low poke.
j.A 15 Overhead Long lasting jumping kick, your primary air to air and air to ground.
5B 25 Mid Very fast decently ranged poke.
2B 20 Low Fast low launcher, unsafe on block but so fast rarely punished.
j.B 7*11(39) Overhead 11 hit move mostly used as combo fodder and with Kyanta cancel for it's insane 33 minimum damage.
5X 9*9(39) Mid Spin, very unsafe, rarely used outside of a few combos and even then j.B outperforms it by 6 damage when possible.
2X 25 Overhead A useful leaping strike that covers alot of distance and leads into a combo. Sometimes also useful as an antiair.
j.X 0 Unblock-able Unblock-able that stuns the opponent and forces them to crouch. Only hits grounded opponents.
5EX 13*12(40 only 4 hits will combo) Mid Super invulnerable, full control over X-axis movement while active. Spin to win.
2EX 40 Overhead Fast invulnerable gap closer that leads to a combo, great anti zoning tool in general, and a good punish for certain moves. Also launches.
j.EX 20*9(108) Overhead Quick invulnerable move, sometimes used for high risk high reward anti air. Can control X-axis movement through-out.
Ultra 1 (Y) 25*9(158) Overhead
Ultra 2 (2Y) N/A N/A Genei-Jin, lets you cancel your normals into each other, can let you spam 5B/2B basically.
Throw 40 Grab
Taunt Gain 1 meter.

Sample Combos

A , 5X
A, j.B
A, j.EX
Anything , K-Cancel , j.B (+53, +86 on crouch)
j.X , A , j.B (76)
2B , 2A , 2EX , 5A , 5X(89-92)
2B , 2A , 5B , 5A , 5X/j.B (74-80)
2EX , 2A , 5B , 5A , 5X/j.B (94-100)

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